Chapter 28

05/03/2012 17:24

We wake up bright and early in the morning, well, at least I do. It’s no surprise that Bruno’s asleep. I guess I’m kinda excited to get married, I’m excited to go down and plan it too but I need Bruno to be awake! “Baby, wake up, we’ve got a lot of planning to do today” “Mmmmm, just 1 more hour” he says as he turns the other way from me. “Ok, it doesn’t matter; we can postpone the wedding even longer, it’s not that important anyway….” “Ok then, fine with me” Ugh, what a baby! “Get up!!” “Nooo, just give me one more hour!” “Fine. Whatever. I’m going for a shower; if you were awake then maybe you could’ve joined me…” “Ok, I’m up!” He says as he rolls on top of me, I knew that would’ve gotten his attention. “Why is sex the only thing that makes you get out of bed in the morning!?” “Oh, you were offering sex? I thought you just wanted a shower. Jeez Lex, look who’s horny now…” I kiss him on the lips. “I love you” he says. “I know” I reply as I kiss down his neck, which is difficult seen as he’s on top of me. He catches my lips in a kiss and this time he starts kissing down my neck. I sit up in his lap so he can reach me better. He rubs his hands up and down my back before he eventually removes my shirt, no need to remove his seen as he sleeps shirtless. His lips move down my neck going lower until-“Yo Bro!” Instantly I feel Bruno roll me over so he’s on top of me and covering me. He whips his head round “Ryan! You fucker! You could’ve fucking knocked!” I look round Bruno and see Ryan has his back to us. I squirm to get free and put my top back on but Bruno’s got me held tight “Don’t you dare move, I’m finishing this off” he says quietly. I just laugh at how desperate he is. “You gotta get up anyway, Bernie’s made breakfast, hey Lex, your dress came” “It did!? What about your tuxes?” “Yupp, they’re all downstairs, now get up and let’s go! There’ll be time for this on the honeymoon” he says as he leaves. “Baby where we going on the honeymoon!?” “It’s a surprise” he says as he gets off me. I look up at him. “What?” he says confused. Fuck I just love his hair in the morning; it always gets so damn messy. “What!” he says again whilst smiling. “I’ll race you to the shower” “It’s on!”

As we go downstairs, after a good hour in the shower might I say, I see that the house is PACKED. Wow… “Come come and eat you two!” Bernie says as she pulls us over to the table. Oh God, everything looks so damn good, I pile whatever I can fit on to my plate and just go for it. I fucking love food. “That’s my girl” Bruno says as he watches me eat. “Shut up” I reply shoving bread in to his mouth. “Hey guys did I leave my phone in here?” Someone says, that voice is familiar. “Hey Lucy! Come eat” Bruno says as she walks in the room. “Hey whatsup? Damn, everything looks so good…” she says as she sits down. “Hey, no hat today” she says as she reaches to touch his hair. Bitch. Don’t touch my man. Why is Bruno letting her touch it? “Yeah no hat cuz I just washed it” He says with a smirk because we didn’t really get round to washing in the shower…. “It’s nice to see you’re not going on some manic diet before you wear your dress, what dress size are you? Like a 4? 2?” What the hell? I just look up at her and say “I’ve made the dress to fit me. Not the other way round” “Ignore her Lex, she’s always been a health freak. LIKE SOMEONE ELSE I KNOW” Bruno says as he stares at Ryan. At that moment Presley walks in the room. Looks at Lucy, and walks straight back out again. What the fuck… I look round to where she is and see her arguing with Jamie, I wonder what they’re saying. “Isn’t that right baby” “What?” I snap back round to Bruno. “You love the place where we’re gonna get married” “Oh yeah, it’s so beautiful” “Did you love the water fountain?” “You’ve been there before too?” “Yeah! Me and Bruno used to hang out there all the time, it’s so peaceful” Now I seem to like this place a lot less since she’s been there before me… “What are you guys doing tomorrow night then?” she casually asks. “Being all excited to get married the next day” Bruno says, how fucking cute is he, I peck him on the lips. “No, I’m serious! What are you doing tomorrow?” She says again. “Erm, nothing I don’t think” “Perfect! You both are coming round and I’m cooking!” Great… Just what I want to do the night before my wedding. I don’t know why I feel like this towards her, I just don’t like the way she acts around Bruno, I guess its jealousy? I don’t even know. “Right! Time to try everything on!” Pres says all excited. “Yeah, I better leave, I’ll see you both tomorrow at 8” Lucy says as she leaves. Her and Pres don’t make eye contact, why does she hate her so much? Next thing I know I’m being pulled by my arm and dragged upstairs. I get pulled in to Jamie’s old room and on the bed I see this huge white bag. Oh my God, it’s here. I freeze. “Well open it!! I wanna see it so bad!” Tiara yells. Slowly I walk up to the bag and unzip the dress, as soon as I do, I see all this lace and sparkles, and they must be the crystals. They all help me to gently take the huge dress out of the bag, I place it back on the bed and just stare at it. “Wow” They all breath together. Wow indeed, this dress is too good for me, it’s too beautiful for me to wear I know I’ll just end up making it look awful. “Come on! Let’s try on all our dresses!” Someone says, I don’t know because I’m too mesmerised by this dress. It takes me a good 15 minutes to get in to the dress, but I eventually get it on. I walk over to the mirror and just stare at myself. The way the dress hugs me in all the right places is amazing, the crystals all along the corset have all been places individually on allowing the light to hit it at all angles. The bright white of the dress contrasts perfectly against my now tanned skin, and will also contrast against Bruno’s might I say. I feel someone tug my hair band out of my hair and ruffle my long hair down my shoulders “Beautiful” I hear someone say as they hold back tears. Wait, that voice. I know that voice, as I snap out and look round. “Mom!” I yell as I attempt to hug her, the dress is quite restricting. “Lexii, you look stunning, I can’t believe you’re getting married” she says as the tears roll down her face. “Mom, if you cry then I’ll cry too” I say as I look away. “Holy shit you guys look amazing!” I say as I notice that his sisters have all changed in to their bridesmaids dresses too. The deep read looks stunning on them. Actually, I think any colour would look perfect on them; they’ve got good genes… Good genes for babies too… I wonder what Bruno looks like in his tux, “I just saw, oh my God girl, you’re gonna have to contain yourself and try not to jump on him at the altar” Of course she’s here, it wouldn’t be the same without her. “Wow Lex, you look hot” “I know, now get your dress on! I need to see how hot my maid of honour looks!” I say as I give Mid a huge hug. “Who knew white was really your colour Lex?” She says sarcastically. Fool. “Yeah you won’t be able to wear white after your wedding night…” My mom says. Oh God, shut up! “Oh my God they’re so loud!” Pres says and everyone bursts out laughing. “Ok, Lex, I never hear you, but Bruno, oh God, it’s disgusting!” “Just because I can make my man scream like that” I joke. “EW LEX SHUT UP!!! HE’S MY BROTHER!” Oh God, I love these girls, I can’t wait until we’re all one big family. Wow, I never thought I’d actually ever say that. I really do love Bruno and I miss him, we’ve been in this room for over an hour and I just wanna know how sexy he looks in his tux, but I don’t wanna ruin it so I force myself to stay in this room. “So, the big day is in two days, you ready?” my mom says. I just smile and nod. “Good, because I want lots of grandkids, we both do” Bernie says as she walks in. “Oh Lexii, you look stunning, Katie, you ready to go?” “Sure” “Where are you going?” “Well I gotta see where you’re getting married! I’ll be back tonight” and they leave. “Sooooooooo,bachelorette party tonight!?” Mid says. Of course she’d be thinking about that. “Well, we were thinking, that if it was ok with you Lex, we’d take you out when we come down to LA, I mean if you wanna go out here then that’s fine and we’ll take you, but there’s not really any, night clubs like that in Hawaii” Jamie says apologetically. “And Bruno won’t go on a bachelor night either, we made sure of it” Tahiti says. “Guys its cool, don’t freak out” “Thank God, we were worried about telling you all this” and they all smile and laugh. I eventually get out of my dress and go downstairs. “Hey Eric, where’s Bruno?” “Uhh…. he’s out with Lucy” Fuck.