Chapter 28

17/03/2012 15:30

Okay so there's german in this chapter again. Caroline's niece Isabella comes to LA with her, so from time to time they will talk german with each other. But Isabella can speak english, she only has to improve it. So when she talks there will be purposely mistakes in it, just saying lol ... Enjoy!


"Oh my god, are you serious?" I hug him and we both jump up and down a bit. "This is fantastic, amazing, incredible, awesome, so fuckin great!!!" I say not too loud that the guys in the other room can't hear me.

"Yeah I can't believe it myself! He wants me on his song, MY voice, MY face gonna be out there, seen by thousands of people... oh god that so unreal... finally, baby, finally!" He grins from ear to ear. I'm so happy for him. "I mean it's already great enough that I'm gonna be on his album and he wants us to write another song for it too. But that 'Billionaire' gonna be the first single from it, is just hfuohvbjklkhhfbjkhiwej... We gonna do a music video and interviews and TV shows and maybe I can come on tour with them... As opener... God so many possibilities..."

I hug him again to calm him down. "Well you got enough time to prepare. He said the album wouldn't come out before spring next year, right?"

He nods. "Yeah they just have like 5 or 6 songs til now... I'm so happy, baby... They are all so cool and laid-back... so different to all the other artists we worked with the last months. You know they all just treated me like the dumb songwriter, but these guys in there they treat me like a friend, a fellow artist, a real musician. They dig on my ideas and not only tell me what I should write... I love them!"

I giggle a bit. "Are you fanboying now?"

He sticks out his tongue and pulls me close. Then kisses me. "You know the only one I'm fanboying over is you! And I bet soon you gonna be fangirling all over me!"

"I'll always be your number one fan!" We kiss and part smiling to each other.

"I love you! But now let's get back inside I wanna play you what they made with 'Billionaire', it's so dope now!"

"A'right. You think I can ask for an autograph for my sister and maybe a pic?" 

He grins at me. "Sure! They're my homies now!"


I don't know why but I love flying, maybe because I don't do it often. Anyways I'm really tired. We stayed almost the whole night in the studio chilling, talking, drinking and smoking. I didn't want to smoke ever again but somehow I missed it. So I took some drags too. You can't deny it always calms you and let you forget your worries. Bruno, Phil and Travie cracked me up with all their joking and freestyling. I love to see him so happy and free, just being himself. It's not that he wasn't himself the last weeks but I felt that he's not fully happy and appreciated the way he wanted to be. He always said he's so lucky to be able to work with so many artists but he never told me except yesterday that they treated him like shit. Fuck them all. His time will come soon and then he gonna show them how good he is. After they served the breakfast I start to watch a movie but I fall asleep soon. 

The next 2 weeks are full of emotions happy, sad and kind of stressfull. My mom bought this nice 3 room apartment and my sister and Isabella moved to Martin. He's really a nice guy and makes my sister happy. Isabella likes him as well so it's all good. The hardest part is to empty our house or rather ex-house. My mom literally cries with every thing we decide to throw away. It kills me to see her like this, but I know she gonna make it. She's a strong woman and can look after herself. We talk about how we gonna spend Christmas and I tell her that me and Bruno will go to Hawaii and we want her to come with us. She says she will think about it but looking into her eyes I know she will come. It's fucking Hawaii and she's dying to meet Bruno. I tell her a lot about him, his backgrounds, us. Even she's worried about the similarities to Tony she's happy to see me being in love again. 

Luckily this time I could show Bruno before I left how skype works, so we skyped a couple of times. That way my mom, my sis and Isabella could see him too beside the photos I showed them. He is all excited about working with Travie. They've already almost done with another song, it's called We'll be alright and maybe they even do a third song for his album. Through Travie the guys met another production team. The Stereotypes. They got along with them from the first second on. He seems so motivated and happy that all his creativity just flows and flows. I can't wait to be back and meet them and listen to all the new songs. Isabella is all hyped about going to LA. She asks me every day what we gonna do and if she will see all the stars and so on and on. I just laugh and tell her to be patient. I hope she's not disappointed, I myself only met 3 times a celebrity coincidently. But when she hears that Bruno works with Travie she's even more hyped. Oh god I start to have a light feeling that the 6 weeks gonna be very exhausting.

With all the moving and emptying the house the 2 weeks fly by so fast and before I know it's only an hour left until we land in LA. Bruno and Ryan pick us up and we straight drive to my apartment. 

"Gott Tante Caro du hast mir nich gesagt, dass deine Freunde so heiß sind." Isabella says while looking at Ryan. He's wearing a black muscle shirt and blue jeans and sun glasses. He sure looks hot. I just glance at her with a light smile.

"Hey du bist erst 16, Kleine! Jungs sind tabu! Das hab ich deiner Ma versprochen!" I say back.

"Ach Tantchen, ich verrat ihr schon nix... Komm ich bin hier, um Spaß zu haben..." She says blinking at me.

"Ich glaub, du brauchst ne kalte Dusche!" I say jokingly ruffling her hair. "Und nix is mit Spaß haben! Du bist hier, um dein Englisch zu verbessern! Also ab jetz nur noch Englisch!" 

"Okay auntiiiieeeee." She responses sassy and I start tickling her. She squeakes and we both laugh so much.

"Hey girls back there calm down." Bruno grins and we try to get ourselves together. The traffic is not so bad, so we soon arrive and Bruno parks the car. We get out and bring the bags up to my apartment. Well Bruno and Ryan carry them and we go behind them whisper secretly about their nice butts. Unfortunately they leave soon, because Bruno has to go to the studio again. But we plan to go eating all together in the evening. Isabella and I unpack and afterwards chill on the couch, before we know we fall asleep. I set my alarm so we wake up just in time and get ready. When I see what she's wearing my eyes pop out. Her dress is more than short and her boobs are pushed up so that they just jump in my face.

"No girl you won't wear that!" I say strongly. 

"Oh com'on auntie it's so hot outside..."

"I don't care, at least put on a pair of leggings." 

"Okay." She does so and while putting it on she asks me if she can ask me a question.


"Aber ich sags auf Deutsch..."

"Okay..." Now I'm curious.

"Tut das erste Mal eigentlich sehr weh?"

I swallow. Oh god. "Ähm... also bei mir wars nich so schlimm. Mein Freund damals hatte nich so n Großen..." She giggles a bit. "Süße, aber wichtig is nur, dass du den mit dem dus machst, wirklich sehr gern hast und er soll dich auch als etwas Besonderes ansehen. Nicht mit irgendjemandem!"

"Ja ich weiß. Mama hat dasselbe gesagt. Nur... alle meine Freundinnen ham schon alle... und ich möcht auch. Ich mein, ich will nich mit irgendeinem, aber ich werd mit ihm eh nich mein ganzes Leben zusammen sein. Also muss ich ihn ja nich total lieben, oder? Ich möcht nur, dass ich es nie vergessen werde... dass es an einem schönen Ort ist... und irgendwie wärs doch hier in LA total cool... Wenn ich meinen Freundinnen erzähl, dass ich hier in LA mit nem coolen Surfer oder so mein erstes Mal hatte... am Strand oder so... das wär so geil!"

I chuckle. She's just like her mom. But I doubt she knows how her mom's first time was and I won't tell her. Although I understand her, I can't let her do that. My sis will kill me. "Süße, du weißt, dass ich sowas nich zulassen kann. Ich hab deiner Ma versprochen, dass ich auf dich aufpass, nich dass ich dir helfe n Typen und n Ort für dein erstes Mal zu finden..." She looks disappointed and sad at me. "Schau mich nich so an! Heute is dein erster Tag hier... Es gibt so viel hier zu sehen und zu machen... Da wirst du gar keine Augen für Jungs haben." She still looks disappointed and lets her head hang down. I put my arm around her shoulder and pull her towards me. "Versprich mir bitte, dass du nichts machst ohne mit mir vorher zu reden, ja?!" She nods lightly. "Good. And now English again! Let's go! And smiiiiiiiilllleeeee." I say trying to cheer her up and pull up the corners of her mouth. Gosh being like a parent is really hard.

Finally she smiles lightly and we head out. Her mood changes in a second when she sees all the unfamiliar things. This reminds me so much of when I went here for the first time. All the big cars, broad roads and flashing lights amaze her. I drive through downtown so she sees all the skyscrapers and she's even more astonished. We arrive at the studio and walk in. When she sees the drums she instantly runs up to it. 

"Can I play?" She asks Bruno with big eyes.

"Of course." He answers kissing me hello. She doesn't wait a second and grabs 2 sticks. Then she puts down a solo that all of us surprises a lot.

"Wow gurl that was dope!" Bruno walks over clapping enthusiastically. 

"I had no idea she was so good." I say still surprised.

"Yo she can play instead of Eric. She looks better tho." Ryan throws in sitting on the couch.

I glance at him when I see how Isabella smiles proudly over to him. I turn back to Bruno. "So baby, I wanna hear the new songs now."

He nods and walks over to the mix desk. I follow him and Isabella sits down next to Ryan smiling like a fool. I don't like that at all knowing Ryan doesn't miss out on anything. But I trust him that he won't do something with my 16-year-old niece. But somehow I don't trust Isabella. Hm I think I have to talk to her once again about this... Bruno pushes some buttons and the beats come out of the loud speakers. I love all of the new songs and Isabella wanna hear all the other songs too. I'm so proud to hear his voice and Isabella seems to like it too. After a while we're starving, so we leave and drive to In'n'Out, they have the best burgers and Isabella has to eat them. 

She bites in it and smiles. "Oh my god they're so good!!!" She mumbles with her mouth full.

We all laugh and and Bruno says. "Yeah... Welcome to Cali!"