Chapter 28

22/03/2012 20:30

Ok as we progress onto the next phase of the story, I want there to be extensive character development.  I want characters to have multiple sides so...bear with me as we go through some pretty shocking, unexpected changes and nuances that some may catch and some may not ;) 


Bruno Mars bid his friends goodnight as they returned to their respective homes in order to prepare to leave for Tokyo in the morning.  It was a long flight, and they would arrive by evening; so he entrusted Phil with his special flying accommodations.

He had been hard a work, and tended to be a perfectionist when it came to his art; but he felt confident in his first show.  So far, the response had been majorly positive from his recently re-opened Twitter account.  Well...he lost about half a million followers but that was majorly positive to him seeing as how he still had approximately ten million.

After discovering his had psychokinetic abilities; he agreed to hone them, just to please Orielle, but he knew from Jason’s teachings that the Elitists were hungry for power and wanted him to help them in their ultimate conquest...whatever that was, he didn’t know.  He didn’t want to know.  He didn’t want to be a part of it.  He didn’t even mess with his so-called “gift” afterwards.  It was practically non-existent to him.

As he pulled his fitted cap down and walked down Sunset Blvd, he noticed the heartbeats of the people around him were a tad louder than they were supposed to be.  He shook his head of the feeling and continued down the sidewalk to his car; but someone stopped him.

Oh my God, are you Bruno Mars!?” A young woman asked, her eyes shining brightly with excitement.

Her heart was racing and he swallowed and closed his eyes briefly to try to ignore the thud in his ears.

He realized it was his incessant hunger.

He really wanted to exclusively feed from Roxanne; it only felt right with her, he had grown accustomed to the taste of her blood, and she didn’t do it out of sick masochistic fantasies like many of the women he fed from in vampire lounges, she just wanted his thirst quenched.

“Yes,” He replied with a smile.  “Yes, I am, and what’s your name?”

“Oh my God I love you so much, my name is Sarah.  Can I take a picture with you please?” She clasped her hands together hopefully.

Of course you can, anything for a pretty girl like yourself.” He charmed.  She blushed and smiled widely as she dug through her purse frantically for her digital camera.  She pulled it out, her hands shaking.

He noticed the veins in her wrist; and he could see the direction of her bloodflow within her capillaries.  It was as though he had some dysfunctional form of x-ray vision when he was this blood deprived.  When he blinked, the redness clouding his judgement was pushed away; but he wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold out.

Sarah quickly snuggled up underneath his arm and held out her camera.  However, all he could think about was the warmth of her body, the beat of her heart loud as timpani drums in his ears.  It was all he could do to keep from extending his fangs as he smiled for the photograph.

“Oh thank you so much.  Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure.” He crossed his arms, wondering what she could come up with.  She would probably ask what it’s like to be a vampire; or what the name of his next album would be, maybe even if he had a girlfriend...some fans refused to believe it, no matter how much it was confirmed in the press.

“Can me?”

His first reaction was to nearly choke at the request that he hadn’t been expecting.  But he covered it by coughing, “Oh...I--uh--” He rubbed the back of his neck, “I can’t, sorry.”

She looked a little sad, “Oh come on, just a little one? I think vampires are the coolest, I really love you guys.”

Bruno glanced around briefly, “Come on.” He hesitantly agreed.  He would glamour her into forgetting it later.

“Thank you Moscow! Goodnight!” I blew kisses at the crowd as I was lowered beneath the stage while the band continued my finale.  Backstage assistants rushed to help me down and I waddled on my hurting feet in sky high heels to my dressing room, where I collapsed onto the couch, completely exhausted.

“Excuse me, Roxanne, there is someone here to see you.” An attendant knocked softly from the other side of the door.

“Who?” I asked, not wanting to be bothered as I sat up and kicked my obnoxious glittering heels off.

“She goes by Orielle?”

“Are you sure it’s not a fan sneaking backstage?” I asked.

“, it isn’t.”

I sighed, “Let her in.”

I pulled a bathrobe out of the nearby closet and pulled it over my body, bringing my hair back in a ponytail as a tall, graceful woman came in who made my heart stop.

Literally, I thought I had died right then and there.

This was, undoubtedly, the woman who had killed Robyn’s grandmother.  Her lethal beauty was far too unique to mistake.  But why was she here? And did she know who I was?

“Roxanne, correct?” She asked.  I noticed her unusually long hair was up in a braided bun.

“Yes, can I help you?” I bluffed, trying to convincingly act as though I had no idea who she was.

“My name is Orielle, I’m a member of the league that governs all vampires.” She explained.  Great, she was one of the Elitists...and I guess a pretty powerful member seeing as how she snatched that poor old woman’s heart out like she was picking flower petals.

“Pleasure to meet you Orielle, but I’m not a vampire.”

“I know you aren’t.  If you were, I wouldn’t be here; although Moscow is lovely.” Orielle took it upon herself to sit on the empty couch adjacent to where I was seated.  “I’ll explain this in the most simple terms I can find; we want your little 'boyfriend', he’s very powerful.  Yet I see hesitation in him because he is chasing something he will never obtain, humanity.”

“That’s unfortunate.”

Quite.” She nodded, “To be frank, Roxanne, you’re standing in the way of vampire affairs.  We usually let human companions slide, they are a rarity amongst us anyway, but when it interferes with someone as high up as I am...well, we need to step in.  I would have sent my second-in-command, but I wanted to have this conversation with you woman to woman.”

“I appreciate that, Orielle.” I narrowed my eyes, “But what exactly are you asking of me?”

She laughed airily, “I’m not asking anything of you.  I’m ordering you to either end your affairs with him, or allow yourself to be turned so that he may embrace his true nature and our society can further progress.”

It was my turn to laugh.  “I’m sure I’m not holding up the progression of your society.  I’m the reason he’s even a part of it.”

“Oh?” Orielle’s brows raised.

“Yes.  He died saving me from an oncoming tractor trailer.  We’ve been together three and a half years now, unless you count the two and half he was dead.  Your world thrived before my existence, and you’ll continue to thrive whether or not I’m fucking Bruno Mars.” I was snippy and arrogant about it, but honestly who was she to come toMY show, into MY dressing room and order me around like she knew me?  It was foolish to talk wrecklessly to a dangerously powerful being like her, but I was feeling a bit brave after fighting Robyn’s demon anyway.

Her upper lip twitched.  “Listen, you incompetent, inferior human.  Once I catch word of you blocking our progression in society again, I will off you myself--”

“You do that and Bruno will have no parts of your ‘progression’.” I challenged.  With a gush of wind, she appeared inches away from my face and I jumped back.

“I will tell you this, and tell you only once; for my breath is too precious to waste on a sub-species as yourself.  You are to be turned, or end your affairs; otherwise, I will rip your ribcage out through your throat and wear it as a hat.

Eyes wide, I nodded in agreement.

She stepped back and smiled.  “I’m glad we have an understanding.  Have an excellent rest of your tour.”

With that, she snapped her fingers and vanished in a rush of violet smoke.  I had never seen a vampire do that before.

My hands came up to my throat, where she had me just moments prior.

Looks like I didn’t have the ten to fifteen years to decide that Ashley had told me after all.

Bruno knocked on Robyn’s door, stepping back and glancing at himself in her glossy gold mailbox.  He wiped away the smudge of blood on the corner of his lip and re-adjusted his fitted cap.

She answered it, in a robe with her hair pulled back into a ponytail.  “Bruno? Hey, what’s up?”

“Hey Rih, I just came through to check on you.” He said.  Jason had told him, after a few weeks passed, that he was allowed to be around Robyn again.  Everything on that spectrum was back to normal.

“Aw midget, thanks.  Come on in.” She stepped aside and allowed him to come through.  She closed the door and hugged her bathrobe around her waist as they sat down in her living room.  “How are things with you? I hear you’re touring soon.”

“Yeah, I leave in the morning actually.”

She clapped, “Congratulations, you’re back in the game.”

“More like congrats to you, you’re back in the game Rih.  Did you have any idea that you had that kind of past in your family?” He sat back on her couch.

She shook her head.  “I knew my family practiced Obeah; but I didn’t know anything about being possessed.  I feel horrible about what I put you, Roxanne, and Chris through.  I owe you guys my life for saving me.”

“Yeah you do.  That flat screen is lookin’ pretty sweet right now.” He joked and she laughed.

“Yeah right.” She rolled her eyes.  “I bet Roxanne hates me, huh?” She pondered softly.

“Nah, she doesn’t hate you.  She’s just been busy lately and doesn’t know how to start talkin to you, I’m sure.”

“Well,” Robyn looked down at her hands in her lap, “She was right when she said those things about me.  I think I only went back to Chris because I saw how good things were for you guys and I wanted that.”

“I’m hell in a handbasket Rih, you don’t want me.” He lightened the mood.

“Yes I do.” She said, and silence fell between them.  “I--I mean, I want a guy like you, Bruno.”

He reached out and placed his hand on her forearm soothingly.  “I’m not perfect, I thought you of all people could see that.  I don’t know why everyone thinks I am; especially now that I’m a vampire.”

She couldn’t help a tiny tear that she had to wipe away.  “Anyone who has as much love as you do for her is perfect.”

“Rih, stop it.” He said quietly, moving closer so that he could embrace her.  “I didn’t come here to talk about Roxanne with you, I didn’t come here to make you cry.  I came here to make sure my girl was alright after that catastrophe.  I love you, you know that.  I’m always here for you to make you feel loved.” He stopped himself and backtracked, “As much as I can, as a friend.”

He didn’t know why this felt so out of place all of a sudden.  Maybe because things got emotional and since he had her blood months ago in Italy, remnants of her feelings were still detectable in his mind.  Robyn was normally a tough, non-vulnerable woman; especially after the incident with Chris.  It seemed her shell had only grown tougher and here she was, crying in his arms.

“Thank you Bruno, that’s all I need.” She sniffled, holding him.

I didn’t have a show in Tokyo for another three days, so as soon as we landed and arrived at the hotel in Shibuya, I got underneath the sheets and curled into the plush, soft mattress and was asleep in minutes.  I was left undisturbed by any nightmares, which was surprising after my ordeal the other evening with Orielle.  I felt my sore muscles soothed, my anxiety lessened, and my mind was afloat in some paradise that only a dream can create.

But my dream faded quickly when I felt a presence.  I felt something, or someone, around my waist, against my body.  Cold and frightening at first, until a scent that reminded me of warmth and happiness filled my nose.  I blinked slowly, the room coming into focus, the dim lighting providing proper illumination of the hotel room while the Shibuya city lights shone through my window brightly.

Good evening, beautiful.” Bruno whispered.  I turned around and looked up at him, still wondering if this was a dream or not.

“Is that you?” I asked with a smile.  He pinched my arm gently.

“I don’t know, is it?”

I tackled him excitedly, hugging him and kissing him all over as we rolled across the bed playfully and happily; enthralled to be reunited again.  My heart nearly exploded with happiness, I was completely raptured by his presence.

“That was the longest month of my life.” I said as he hovered atop my body, resting on his elbow.  “I need to talk to you.”

Uh oh...” He sat up, and I did too...sitting across from him, indian style.  “What did I do?”

“I’m serious Bruno, I haven’t been able to talk to you properly.  But I was paid a visit at my Moscow show by a lovelybitch by the name of Orielle.” I saw his expression drop, “I assume you know her?”

“Yeah...she’s the commander of the Elitists.”

“Perfect.” I threw my hands up in despair.  “She’s the commander, she just told me she was a member.”

“Wait baby, what did she say to you?” He gave me a serious expression, not the slightest hint of a smile, or joke.

I paused, we hadn’t really talked about a conversation this serious.  I wondered if this was the right time, the right place to divulge my insecurities.  Plus, the way Ashley explained things to me, I had nothing to worry about; except Orielle.  So maybe I should just talk to him about that and not veer off into unchartered territory.

“You’re worrying, so don’t try to lie to me now.” He eyed me cautiously, already sensing that I was thinking too hard about how to tell him.  “Did she hurt you?” He perked up, on the verge of getting upset now.

“No, no...of course not.” I lied...well grabbing me by my throat didn’t leave any marks, so I suppose I wasn’t really hurt.  “Bruno, she told me I was in the way of you embracing your nature as a vampire.  She said I’m in the way of the vampire society progressing or some shit because you’re so powerful and they want you.”

He sighed and ran his hands through his hair, knocking his fitted off as he let out a growl of frustration.  “I just want them to leave us the fuck alone!” He punched the mattress and I gasped.  I wasn’t used to him getting angry.  He noticed my fear and retracted instantly.  “I-I’m sorry babygirl, I just--she came to me first and I didn’t think she would come to you.  I didn’t even think they knew who you were.”

“What were they talking about? You being powerful?” I asked, looking over at him in worry.

He glanced down at the tangle of sheets between us and moved them out of his lap as he stood up and paced slowly around the room.  “I...really...I can’t Roxanne, I can’t.”

Mmm...when he called me by my full name, it was never a good thing.  And I heard something broken in his voice.  I watched as the man who was always smiling, always happy, always determined and unfazed by the deepest of issues...fell apart before my eyes.  The more he walked from one side of the room to the other, the more I felt him through our blood connection

“Baby, you can tell me...what are they talking about?”

“You don’t understand Roxanne, I really can’t.

“Bruno, they said I have to be turned or Orielle will kill me.” I stood up.

He continued to pace and clasped his hands over his face before stopping in his tracks and leaning against the nearby dresser.  All those times he’s consoled me through my hardships; it was my turn to hold him down.  I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him, I just held him.  The silence spoke volumes.

“Bruno, you can tell me anything.  Please, don’t keep things from me.” I whispered.  I pulled back and saw the blood streaks down his cheeks and oh God did I hate it when he was hurting.  Someone like him should never have to hurt.

“I don’t want you to leave me, Roxanne.  I can’t live this life without you.” He took my hands in his own.  “I know you’re at the end of your rope, and I feel like the next thing that happens can make you just walk away from this.”

“You honestly...believe...that I would leave you?” I asked in disbelief.

“You’d have to be crazy not to.”

“Well, I was checked into a psychiatric hospital, remember?” To this he couldn’t help but to look down and smile.  “I’m batshit cuckoo, I’m not leaving.  I mean that.  We made a promise, to fight until the end, remember?” I held out my pinky and he wrapped his around mine.

He took a moment, his eyes searching my face as though what he was going to say was etched into my skin before he spoke, “Orielle told me, she showed me, that I have the power of psychokinesis.”

“Psychokinesis...that’s can move stuff with your mind?” I asked, crossing my arms, my brow furrowing.

“I don’t think it’s just that, the first thing she had me do was destroy a piece of paper.  She didn’t tell me how to do it; but for some reason I made it burst into flames.” He explained, looking traumatized by just explaining it.

“Ok so you can make a paper burst into flames, why do they want you so bad?”

“Think about it babe...if I can make a paper burst into flames, if I try hard enough, I can do the same thing to a person.  Who knows what else this shit goin’ on in my head is capable of?  She sent me on my way, telling me to‘hone my craft’, but I’m not fuckin’ with it again.”

“So that’s why she said you sounded I see what she’s talking about.” Everything began to connect together to make sense.  Clearly the Elitists had some ulterior motives going on and they needed power for it.  Maybe Ray was right when he told me they wanted to take over.  Here they were, tracking down vampires and forcing them into their warped league no matter the consequences involved.  Bruno’s newfound abilities would surely be valuable in terms of torture and extermination.  But he didn’t want anything to do with it, and tonight I see why, he thought I was going to leave him if things got too heavy.

“Look, I won’t let them touch you babygirl, I swear I will protect you for the rest of your life.” He moved forward, laying his hand atop mine.

“Yeah, but...” I pulled away and turned from him, walking back over to the bed.  “I’ve been thinking about that.”

“About what?”

“ you.” I said quietly.

“You being a vampire isn’t going to make me any more of a killer than I am now; so they’ll still be unsatisfied...don’t let them make your decisions for you, love.”

“I was thinking about it way before Orielle even came into the picture, Bru.” I countered.  “If I were it...what would happen?”

He sighed, albeit he didn’t have to; as he grasped his fitted that was thrown aside on the bed.  He turned it backwards and placed it atop his head.  “Jason explained it to me, the process would damn near kill me girl.” He laid against the headboard.  “Because you’re already alive, I would have to drain you until you’re heartbeat is almost gone.  Then I would have to force my blood down your throat, because you won’t be able to drink properly.  Your heart will stop beating and you’ll be dead.  Then I need to find a safe place to keep you away from sunlight...the blood has to travel through your system and it’ll be painful for you, it was painful for me.  You’ll wake me.”

I listened carefully, hugging my knees to my chest.  “That doesn’t sound nice.”

“And also, I’ll be your Creator.  I can command you to do things and you’ll have no choice but to that I think about it...”

I reached for the nearby pillow and slammed him with it.  “Don’t even ponder it!”

He laughed, “Relax baby, I’m kidding.” He smiled, and I was happy to see him smile again.  “Won’t that be weird? I’ll be your Dad.”

“I will never call you Dad.”

“C’mere.” He reached for me but I dodged him and jumped off the bed.  “WHO’S YOUR DADDY?!”

NOT YOU!” I shrieked in laughter as he chased me around the hotel suite.  Just when I thought he was going to play fair, he zipped in front of me so quickly that I nearly tripped, had he not caught me properly.

“Who’s your Daddy? You can’t run from a vampire, c’mon now...I would think you know better by now! Now say it...”

I tried to dodge him but he appeared in front of me again.  I eyed him and then pivoted like a basketball player but he was in front of me...yet again.  “Guess I gotta do this the hard way.” He lifted me over his shoulder and slapped my ass.


“I’m sorry, who’s this Bruno guy? That’s a nice name, he sounds sexy; but that’s not me!” He laughed loudly as he ran, vampire speed, throughout the suite with me over his shoulder.

“OK FINE, DADDY.  THERE, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!” I shouted.  He body slammed me onto the bed, literally body slammed me!  He had no sympathy for my fragile human body!  “You fucking jerk, I think you broke my back.” I moaned, kicking at him; but of course he dodged it.

“I can break your back legit if that’s what kinda thing you into.” He growled as he crawled atop my body and kissed me.  There was a knock at the door that disrupted us.

“Hey Bru, it’s me.” Phredley said from the other side of the door.  “I needed to talk to you....about the show.”

“We rehearsed it a million times, I know it’s gonna be fine Preesh.” He whined while I ran my hands down his back and kissed his neck.

“ we really need to talk about it.  I don’t know if someone’s pranking or what but...uhh, is Roxanne in there?”

“Why would I be in her hotel room alone?” He asked in irritation.

“Go see about your show babe...I need to rest anyway.” I pushed him gently and he reluctantly went to speak with Phredley.

I took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, turning to curl up in my sheets that smelled like him.  “Mmm...” My thoughts drifted to what my life would be like if I decided to undergo the painful process of becoming one of the undead.