Chapter 29-31

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Chapter 29

“Why is he out with her? Where have they gone?” Eric anxiously shrugs and walks away. I instantly take my phone out and text him *Baby, where are you?* instantly he replies with *Out for a walk, heading back now* I reply again with *Who are you with?* a good 5 minutes later he replies with *No one xxxx* Fuck, as if he just lied to me, and why is he putting kisses at the end? “Eric, you sure he went off with Lucy?” “Uhuh” He says casually walking away. Ok, what the fuck is going on with those two. About 20 minutes later he finally walks back in the house. Alone. “So where were you then?” “Oh no where important, hey listen, you busy today?” “Uhh, the day before our wedding? I think so” “Damn, I wanted to take you out today” “Well how about tonight?” “Can’t, we said we’d go round to Lucy’s, man Lex, she can cook” “Who’s better me or her?” “You, always you” He says as he looks in to my eyes. I just smile and pull him in to the other room where everyone else is sitting. “So when’s everyone else getting here?” I ask as Bruno lays his head in my lap. “Uhhh, I think Phil said that their flight gets in in about 2 hours or something, I dunno. I wasn’t paying attention” “Lex, you gotta get up at 5 tomorrow, so no going to be late ok?” My mom says. “5!? Damn… That’s early” “Yeah well we’re all getting up at 4! We just thought the bride should get some extra sleep” As soon as Jamie said bride I feel Bruno’s eyes shoot up at look at me, I just smile and ignore him. “Oh. And separate beds for you both tonight too” “I think it’s a little late for that Bernie…” My mom jokes. I throw a pillow at her and everyone laughs. “Awwwhh I think separate beds are cute!” Mid says. “What time are we actually getting married may I ask” “5pm, exactly, that’s when the sun starts to set perfectly, I know it’s late, we can get married during the day if you wanna fry in your dress?” Bruno says. “Sounds perfect” “Right, why are we all sitting around!? We’ve got a wedding to plan!” Tahiti says and everyone gets up and rushes around. I attempt to get up but Bruno’s on me so I can’t. I look down at him attempting to text on his phone. Wow, I can’t believe that this man is actually going to be all mine in under 24 hours. I actually can’t believe how he’s turned my world around. I still can’t believe just how much I love him and I can’t believe just how much he loves me back. He stops what he’s doing and looks up at me “What?” he says confused. “What?” I reply. He just smiles and get’s up off of me “Man Lex, I will never understand you” He pushes me back on the couch and gets on top of me. Looks me in the eyes and says “But I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life trying to figure you out” And he kisses me. He stops the kiss halfway and pulls back. “What?” I ask again. “The rest of my life….” What’s wrong with him? Sounds like he’s having doubts.”Hey that could be a good idea for a song…” and he gets up and runs to the piano. “Baby come here!” he tells after me “No! I wanted to make out on your moms couch” “I’ll fuck you on it later, now just come here” Wow Bruno…. I get up and go find him sitting at the keys playing a few chords. I sit next to him and watch; he hums something, and then sings “Oh How Could I Be So Lucky. I must’ve Done Something Right. And I Promise to Love her for the Rest of My Life….” he stops. Then looks at me “Actually Lex, don’t you have some wedding stuff you need to do?” “Huh?” I say confused. “Yeah I think you should leave and let me write this on my own…. Go on. Go… I want it to be a surprise” “you say how you’ll never understand me. Well Mr Hernandez. I will never understand you” and I peck him on the lips and go find something to do. What can I do? They’ve not really let me do much for the wedding, I mean I know I said that I didn’t wanna do much and that I’d be happy if they did most of the planning, but still, and where have they all gone anyway!? And where has Ryan and Mid gone off too… Maybe I should go and see what they’ve done to the altar then, if I can remember where it is… Fuck, oh well. If I get lost then I’ll just call Bruno to come find me. Yeah, I think it was this way.

About 10 minutes of pointless walking I finally realise that I’m lost. Fuck, better call Bruno then, as I take my phone out to dial my phone starts to ring. It’s Jaq… do I really want to speak to him now? Fuck it, I might as well. “Hello?” “Lexii, how’re you?” “I’m fine. What do you want” “You’re getting married right?” “Jaq, I don’t have time for this, what do you want” “Lex, I can’t take it anymore, I need you, we all need you back, our sales have gone down and the standard of work we’re producing now is nowhere near the same since you left, I’m begging you, please Lex, please come back, we’ll work something new and better out” Wait… what did he just say to me!? “Huh?” “I am begging you, we’re all begging you to come back, both of you, you and Mid, we all need you here! Please say you’ll come back” Uhhh. I don’t say anything; I try to take everything in. “Please just say you’ll be back!” “Yes?” I say still confused. “FUCK YES! I gotta go, talk later!” What the hell just happened? “Lex?” I turn around. “Oh hey Lucy how’re you?” I say dazed “I’m good, what are you doing? Looks like you’re lost” “Uhh yeah… I was trying to find the altar but I’ve only been once” “Come, I’ll show you where it is” “Oh thanks” That’s nice of her; I guess she really isn’t that bad. We start walking until she asks “So, how did you two actually meet and fall so hard for each other then?”  “Uhh, do you not know?” “Well I know what Bruno told me, but I still wanna hear it from you” “Bruno told you?” “Yeah Lex, I know we haven’t seen each other in a while, but we’re still pretty close” “Did he tell you when you were with him earlier?” She looks shocked that I knew they were together “Eric told me you were together” I say, not that I need to justify myself to her. “Yeah, I mean we just went for a walk together and you know when old friends get to talking… so, you were saying about how you met him” “Well basically, uhh, I’m a producer right and I dunno if you’ve heard of them. But ‘m part of the Stereotypes, well, I’m the head of that production team, so what I do is I sometimes listen to peoples demo tapes and if I like them then I’ll give them a week to come in the studio with us and work on a few things, obviously I fell in love with his voice and I invited him, Phil and Ari to come work with us and that’s how we met” “How did you both get together then? Did he just ask you and that was it?” “I wish! Man he made it so difficult” “How?” “Well, he was with this other girl Emma. Wow I hated her, and I had just gotten out of a difficult relationship with this guy Jake who is an asshole, so I was pretty messed up from this guy. And when I said that I would never fall for a guy like I did for Jake, but when I met Bruno everything changed. So like I said, he was with this girl Emma, but he wouldn’t dump her for me, and I could not understand why, I mean he really messed me around, and it was obvious we had a connection, but nope, he never dumped her” “So what happened then?” “An incident happened that made him realize who he wanted more” “What happened?” “Uhh, Emma was being a bitch basically then for no reason she slapped me so I slapped that skank back and she fell to the floor!” “No way! What did Bruno do!?” “I don’t know, he went to got help Emma up off the floor and I ran outside to my car to get away, he managed to catch up to me though before I drove off and that’s when he told me he broke up with her” “Wow, eventful” she says as we come up to the familiar alleyway where Bruno bought me yesterday. “Lex I’ll see you tonight ok?” “You not coming in to see what they’ve done to the place?” “I better not, I’ve got a lot off cooking to do bye” She says as she runs off. That’s weird; she could’ve just taken a quick look. I walk in and look around, wow, if it’s even more possible then they’ve actually made it more stunning than it was the other day. Although the lights aren’t correct. Pres comes running up to me “Lex, was that Lucy you were with?” “Yeah, why? Hey what is the deal with her and Bruno anyway?” “Uhh, I’ll tell you later…. maybe…” she says as she walks off. Strange. “IT’S NOT RIGHT! RYAN YOU FUCKED IT ALL UP!” I hear Mid yell. “I DIDN’T MEAN TOO!” “WELL I’M NOT HAVING LEX WALK DOWN THE ISLE HAVING IT LOOK LIKE THIS!” “IT’S OK, I’LL FIX IT!!” Wow, I love watching them fight. I walk up to them, “Yeah Ryan. The lights really are awful, they’re not positioned correctly either” “Yeah I know, look I’ll fix it” “It’ll take you too long to do it yourself, we’ll help” “You can’t you’ve gotta go to that Lucy’s house” “Uhh, you’re going to Lucy’s house?” Ryan says. “Yeah, well I probably won’t go now, we gotta fix these, hey what is the deal with her and Bruno?” I ask. “Just old friends, hey listen, you two start trying to fix this mess and I gotta speak to Bruno about something….” and he runs off. I wish people would stop running away from me like that. I take my phone out to dial Bruno. “Hey hot stuff” he answers, just hearing his voice on the phone gives me chills, “Hey baby, look, I can’t go with you to Lucy’s tonight, Ryan made a mess of all the lights so we gotta stay and fix it” “Awwhh that’s a shame, and she made all that food…..” He sounds, uhm, depressed? “I mean, you can still go if you want? And I’ll see you when you get back” “You’re amazing Lex, how’s the place looking” “Amazing, I can’t even describe it, I can’t wait to see it in the day time tomorrow” “Yeah it’s gonna be beau*Bruno, get off the fucking phone now*” I hear Ryan yell in the back, he must’ve ran back to the house. “Baby I gotta go… I’ll see you tonight” and he puts the phone down. Ok, what the fuck is going on!? “Wow, everything looks amazing” I hear someone say. That voice, I’d recognise that voice anywhere, I turn around and I see Phred standing in front of me looking around. I run up and give him a huge hug. I really do love Phred. “It looks good huh!” I say. “Yeah it does! But, uh, Lex, what is up with those lights!?” “Hmmmm, someone let Ryan lose on them” Mid says still trying to fix them. “Help us?” “Sure”

About an hour later we’re almost finished. “Lex where’s Bruno?” Tiara asks. “Uhh, right now he should be at Lucy’s house eating, she said she’d cook for him or something” “WHAT!?” “TAHITI!!” Jamie yells. “OH NO, I’M FUCKING TELLING HER!” “Don’t you dare!” “Tell me what!?” “Lex, what do you know about Lucy?” “Just that they’re really good friends” “Psshht they’re more than that” “TAHITI!” Jamie hisses. “Look, don’t you think she has a right to know!?” “KNOW WHAT!?” “Lex, Lucy was Bruno’s old girlfriend, before he moved to LA and before he even met Emma” Jamie says “What!? But he just told me they were just friends” “Yeah that jackass probably didn’t want you knowing the truth” Presley says disgusted. “How long were they dating for?” “Well she was his first long term girlfriend, I think they dated for about three years on and off” “Three!?” “Yeah and I think she was his first too, you know, his first first….” Eric says. I did not need to know that piece of information. I can’t handle all this right now. “But he’s round hers right now! Alone” “You let him go!?” Jamie says. “I didn’t want too, but he wanted to..” “Right, come on Eric, you’re driving us over there” Tiara says. “I’m on it. Let’s go!” “No! Wait. I don’t wanna go over there and force him to come back *I place my head on the wall* He should come back because he wants too. Not because I made him” “Lex, do you trust him?” Eric asks. I shake my head. I don’t trust him. I can’t trust him.


Chapter 30

I can’t trust him…

Man. I have missed Lucy, as much as it hurts to say it; she was a BIG part of my life before I met Lex. You don’t ever forget your first real girlfriend do you? I know I should’ve told Lex who she really is, but she’s just so stressed out with all the wedding planning right now that I don’t want to make her even more worried. Besides, she doesn’t trust me anyway, it’s been over a year now since that whole London thing happened, I know what I did was wrong, and I’ll always regret it, but she’s got to learn to trust me again. For the sake of our marriage she needs to. I don’t know what’s gonna happen tonight at Lucy’s. It pains me to see her like this, begging for my attention when she can clearly see that I’m happy with Lex, I owe her one night to show what could’ve been right? Like I said, I’m not going to regret anything that happens tonight.

As I walk up the familiar road to her house I can’t help think about what might happen tonight, she didn’t seem upset when I told her earlier that Lex couldn’t come, but I wouldn’t expect her too. I know I love Lex, and that’s all that matters. Just as I’m about to ring the doorbell “Hey Bruno! Come in” Wow, she looks stunning tonight. “Wow Lucy, you look amazing” she just looks up and me and smiles. I walk in and realise I haven’t been in here in what seems like years. “You never moved out of your parents’ house!?” “Well actually, they moved out and left me the house! I mean, I’m sure it’s not as big as the one you’ve got at home, but its home” “Oh shit! You never changed the carpet either?” I point down to a burn mark on the floor. “Why would I? It’s got all these memories attached to it! Man you thought you were so cool that night” “Yeah, until I dropped my cigarette and burnt the carpet and my pants!” “Good times Bruno. Good times” “Ahh the food smells delicious, you always knew how to cook” “Does Lex cook for you at home?” She asks casually. “Yeah, she’s a fantastic cook, well, I only get to eat her cooking when she has time to cook for me, we’re always so damn busy all the time” “Do you two spend much time with each other?” “Not as much as I’d like, I can’t even remember the last time we had an evening in with each other” “That sucks” “Yeah, it really does” “You know, every day I regret not going with you to LA, I always wonder what could’ve been, what could’ve been with us” “I begged you to come, I wanted nothing more than for you to come with me” “I always thought that you’d come back to me” “Yeah that’s what I thought too, but, then I met someone else to try and get over you, then I met Lex and everything changed” “Do you not think, that maybe you love her so much because of what she did?” “What?” “I spoke with Bernie and she told me how you both met, and how she got you your record deal, don’t you think that maybe you just love her that little bit more because she helped you achieve your dream? And maybe you wouldn’t love her as much if she hadn’t had helped you” She blurts out. Most people would be angered by this comment, but I can see how much it hurt her to get it out. I just shake my head and say “No, I would’ve loved her even if she hadn’t had helped me get where I am now, I love her for who she is, not for what she’s done for me” “But Bruno I was the first one who loved you! I loved you when no one else did, when no one else knew who you were! How do you know that she doesn’t just love you because you’re *Bruno Mars*” “But that’s the thing! She met me when I was nothing! The day I met her, I had like, $20 in my pocket, if that! I asked her to be my girlfriend and that same night I took her to my tiny apartment, and I told her, that I don’t have the money to be with her and I’m not famous enough to be with her, she still didn’t leave me. I’ve done, wow, I’ve done some terrible things that have really hurt her in the past, and again, she still hasn’t left me or said one bad thing about me. Luc, she loves me and I love her just as much” I take her hand and look in to her eyes and say “It pains me that everything has ended this way it has, I love you, I do, just not in the same way that I did” I see tears rolling down her face, what do I do now? Why have things ended up like this? She looks up at me. “Lex is perfect for you, don’t let her go like how you let me go, she doesn’t deserve to go through what I went through” she whispers. Before I know it I feel myself being pulled in to a kiss, she gently moves her face closer to mine and I do the same. Our lips touch ever so slightly, I feel her kiss me, but I don’t move my lips. “God damnit Bruno! Kiss me back! Please. Just one kiss goodbye. I love you” she says through her tears. I gently kiss back…


Chapter 31

He walks in at 11 o’clock, the night before our wedding, the night he should be spending alone thinking about tomorrow. I can’t believe him. I can’t believe he’s done this. I just wait in his room for him to come upstairs. Eventually he does, but he walks in and just looks at me. He knows I know something. “Have fun tonight?” I ask. He just looks at me and shakes his head. Fuck it, I can’t keep this in anymore, slowly I ask “Bruno why didn’t you tell me she was your ex girlfriend?” “What? Who told you!?” “What does it fucking matter who told me!? Why didn’t you tell me?” “Lex, baby, I didn’t think you needed to know that, I didn’t want you worrying” “So you’ve been going off with your ex girlfriend all this time and I’ve been sitting at home trying to plan our wedding! So you might as well tell me why she’s so important to you that you’re spending more time with her then you are with me!” “She’s just an old girlfriend, that’s all, and I dunno, just being with her, it just brought back all these old memories” “Good memories?” “Yeah, some were good, some were bad. That doesn’t matter though does it, she was my past. You’re my future!” “So why did you break up with her then if she means so much to you?” He turns around and speaks. “We never really broke up. That’s the thing” “What?” “I mean. We broke up because I was leaving for LA, I told her to come with me but she didn’t want to, and I feel bad because of how I left it. She wanted a long distance relationship and I didn’t. So I just left, I mean we’ve spoken since then. Not recently or anything, but I just l felt bad for her”  “So you’ve already taken her to the place where we’re gonna get married. Have you had sex with her in there!?” “No! Of course not, baby, look it’s not like that” “Then what did you use to do in there with her then? Just sit behind her, serenade her and look up at the stars whilst you give her jewellery and then go off and fuck her!?” “Baby, look, yes I’ve had sex with her, before I met you, yes, she’s still important to me, but not like that! You have to trust me” “I don’t believe this. Why have I not hard any of this before!? Why do you wait till the night before our wedding to tell me? Bruno what the fuck happened tonight?” “Baby nothing happened!” “I don’t believe you. Look me in the eyes and tell me” He looks me in the eyes and nothing comes out. As I try to hold back the tears, I slowly say “Tell me” “She kissed me” “Did you kiss back?” after a few seconds he nods. Fuck, I feel faint. Before I know it I’m sitting on the floor and Bruno is rubbing my shoulders. I shrug him off “Don’t touch me. I can’t believe this. I can’t believe what kind of a lying, deceitful man you are! What the fuck is wrong with you Bruno!? Is it me? Do I not satisfy you or something!? I’m sick of having this fucking argument with you! Being in a relationship means that you only kiss ONE person, that you only have sex with ONE person, that you only wanna be with ONE person. And if the night before our wedding you still don’t know this, then I don’t think I can marry you” I manage to get out. “Baby don’t say that” he reaches for my hand, I move it away before he has the chance to touch me. “Just go away? Please? Just leave me the fuck alone, I can’t believe you’ve done this” “Baby, ask me anything you wanna know about her! Ask me about tonight! Anything! Just don’t say you don’t wanna marry me” “I am asking you to leave!! God I can’t take it anymore! Do you understand what you’ve done!? Has it processed through your brilliant mind that you lied to me about this girl. You went round to her house. And on top of that you FUCKING KISSED HER!! So don’t you dare tell me what not to say right now! I can’t even look at you!” “Lexii will you just listen to me!? IM SORRY! BUT YOU DIDN’T EVEN ASK MY WHY I KISSED HER BACK TONIGHT!!!” “OH I FUCKING KNOW WHY YOU DID!! YOU’RE GONNA SAY *I kissed her to see if we still had anything between us* THAT’S NOT A FUCKING GOOD ANSWER!!! I love you. You know this. I would never NEVER do anything like this. I am sick of feeling this way. I am sick of being let down by you. I’m just sick of you right now…” “I kissed her back because I can see she still wants to be with me. You think I don’t see it either? Lex she threw herself on me. And when she kissed me I felt bad for her. I used to love her too, nowhere near as much as I love you. But I still loved her and I can’t help think that if I didn’t leave for LA then we’d still be together” is he really saying all this to me? “But I’m fucking happy I did because then I would’ve never have met you! You need to fucking trust me more! I know I’ve done some fucked up shit in the past and you know how sorry I am. I don’t regret tonight I regret London. But not tonight. I know it’s wrong and I shouldn’t go around doing that. But I only kissed her back because it breaks my heart to see her act like that. It meant nothing! And she has nothing against you Lex, in fact she told me how much she likes you, and for me not to let you go like how I let her go, but it’s not her fault that she’s still in love with me. Yes. I loved her. But not anymore. I love you! Baby, I’m just repeating myself here, but you gotta trust me more” Uhhhh I can’t fucking take this anymore. This is too much to handle in one go! I get up and make my way to the door to get some air; before I get a chance to leave he turns me around and pushes me against the door trapping me. He pushes his body hard against me and kisses me. I kiss back before I realise what’s happening and pull back. “Don’t kiss me” I say as the tears roll. “Lex, do you know what she said to me tonight?” “Let me guess, kiss me” I guess. “She asked me if you really love me for me, or if you only love me because of who I’ve become, I told her that you’ve loved me since before everything, you loved me the first day we met. You remember when our eyes first locked when I was in the studio and you were standing outside with Phred? THAT’S when you started to love me. You KNEW you loved me when that same day we were standing outside in the rain all wet and almost kissed, you know how I know? Because that’s when I felt it too. Baby I’ve loved you from day one and I know you feel the same, so don’t ruin it all now, please” “But Bruno, you still kissed her! Why don’t you understand how much this is killing me right now, to think that your lips have been on some other girl. I only want these lips on me, I only want them all over me doing things that no other man can do for me” I place my head on his shoulder because I’m sick of arguing. “I love you” he says. “But you kissed her…” I whisper. “Not like this I didn’t” he says before he grabs me and gives me the most intense, steamy, passionate, breathtaking, hot, raunchy, sexual kiss he’s ever given me. As I expect his hands to be all over me, they’re not, he takes them and places them on the side of my face and kisses me harder. He gently pulls away and I feel faint, we both gasp for air before he eventually says. “I have never, ever, kissed anyone like that before, In fact, I have never kissed anyone like how I kiss you before. And I’m not just talking about now Lex, our first kiss we had, that was my first time kissing anyone like that before, it’s always been you that I’ve loved, no one else…” I close my eyes and just think.

I love him. I love this man too much to let him go. I still can’t believe what’s happened. But I love him too much and I can see how much he loves me. I wrap my arms around him and he does the same to me. “I am so so sorry that again I’ve made you feel this way, I know I promised that I’d never d-“ “Shhhhh” I say as I cut him off with a kiss. He pulls back and says “Do you wanna have sex with Dre to feel better?” I laugh and shake my head. “Do you still wanna marry me?” He asks seriously. I nod “Yeah, I do” I kiss him again and push him out the room. “Separate rooms remember?” He smiles and I forget why I just pushed him out. “I’ll see you at the altar tomorrow, I’ll try not to pounce on you” “Weird, I was thinking the same” and I watch him walk away…. So I’m actually getting married to Bruno tomorrow. How much more perfect can life get?