Chapter 2

28/04/2011 15:28

I turned around and saw Kaden Staring at me. "Are you falling in love with Bruno?" he asks me in a calm voice. "Why would you care anyway?" I say. "Veronica..." he says, "I want you back!" "Kaden" I say, "Just because you broke up with me dosnt mean i cant date again!" I yell to him "Whatever!" He yells back, and before i knew it Kaden was gone. When i tryed to run off and cry, Bruno caught me "Hey Baby, Whats wrong?" He says as he wraps me in his arms. "Its nothing you need to worry about!" I tell him. "Well..." Bruno starts to say, "I just wanted to invite you to dinner, you know so we can talk about your carrer!" He says happily. "Do you mean...?" I think for a momment, Bruno Mars is acctually telling me I have a possibility of becoming famous. "Ok" I say, "That sounds nice!" "Ok call me!" Bruno says. "Trust me I will"


I got home that night and I couln't get the thought out of my head about my date with Bruno. The following morning, when I woke up, I got dressed in my lucky purple poka dot shirt, my ripped up jeans, and my Black converse. I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, and then I did my make up.  Since i wanted to look extra good for Bruno, Instead of curling my hair I straightened it, and instead of putting my bangs to the side, I decided to leave them in my eyes. When i was done it was about 2 in the afternoon. I knew i still had until 6 p.m, So i picked up my car keys and drove until i came accross the New York City mall.


I wanted to get an outfit that would make me look beautiful but not too desperate, and then i found the perfect blue and white dress. I dug through my purse until i found my cell phone. I tryed calling Bruno to tell him what i found, and there was no answer. Maybe he was busy i thought, so i tryede to call again, still no answer. I finnaly decided to leave a voice mail..... "Hey Bruno, this is Veronica Garcia, call me back ok?" I felt devistated. I ran crying to my bright red ferarri. As i buried my face in my hands, my cell phone started ringing, I looked at the time 8:30 p.m. and then i looked at the coller ID............... It was Bruno, I drove away as i silanced my phone...