Chapter 29

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“Alicia No!” Bruno said.

Bru grabbed me and held me against the wall. I looked at Adele with only one thought: Murder. I was going to kill her even with my last breath. She stood there red eyed & runny nosed like she had been crying way before she came here. She was shaking a bit and the tears kept rolling, but I eased up a bit. I remember her saying she wanted to talk to me, not Bruno. I took a deep breath, I need hear what the hell she had to say.

“Alicia, please. I...I..I Know that what you seen...What happened that night...I'm so sorry Alicia, so so sorry.” Adele said.

“Fuck your apology Adele!” I said


“No, I though you were my friend Adele. I thought that I could trust you around him without worrying about anything and then you go pull that bullshit causing me to go into labor you fucking bitch.”

“Alicia, I think you should let me explain before you call me names.”


The wind was blowing & it was getting dark. Adele started shivering and the neighbors were looking out the window to see what was going on. Nosy Fucks.

“Babe the neighbors are looking.” Bru said.

“I know of this Bruno.” I said.

“Let's let her in.”


“Babe, she's shivering and it's starting to get cold.”



I rubbed my head. I didn't want this bitch in my house but I didn't want the fucking neighbors in my business either. I looked at Adele and she looked at me with pleading eyes and shivering like a new born puppy. I grinded my teeth together and bit my lip and opened the door up wider but she just stood there like an idiot.

“Well, are you coming in or not.” I said.

She just shook her head and came in. She walked over to the dining table and me and Bruno sat down. She just stood there looking at the floor, I'm tired of waiting.

“Well? I'm tired of waiting.” I said.

“...I really didn't want to do it, I really didn't.” Adele said.

“yeah right.” I said folding my arms.

“Alicia, let her explain.” Bru said.

“How about you shut the fuck up & let her explain.”

“Don't fucking tell me to shut the fuck up, you need to lose the attitude and listen to what she has to say!” Bru said.

“First you hold me back from beating her into pieces and now your telling me to shut up, damn peter why don't you just...”





“I QUIT EMM RECORDS!” Adele screamed.

“What?” Bru & I both said.

“It was either, kiss Bruno or kiss my Dream Goodbye.” Adele said.

“What? Are you making this up?” I asked.

“No, I would never, ever kiss Bruno knowing that he had a wife & kids & I want you to know that from the bottom of my heart.”

“What did you mean, kiss Bruno or kiss you Dream goodbye.” I asked.

“Em, told me that you were in the way & that I had to do something to make to you leave Bruno for good.”

“What, Em set this whole thing up?”

“Yes, he suggested sex but I couldn't do that so he said I better do something & it had to be in front of his face so I talked to Bruno about it &...”

“You knew about this?”

I looked at Bruno and he just looked at me not saying anything. He was bouncing his leg up and down and had his arms folded. I rolled my eyes and turned towards Adele. I guess he's not saying anything until she's finished.

“Well when I told Bruno, he said he would do it because he didn't want my dreams to come to an end but then after we talked more about it, he didn't want to do it anymore. He said he would just feel to guilty even though you wouldn't see it but I had to do it, my dream was in jeopardy.”

“You know, i'd never try & break your heart.” Bru said to me.

“Whatever.” I said.

“No, it's unfair.”

“How is it unfair when you were kissing her even when you said you wasn't going to do it.”

“I was just standing there.”

“So what you could of pushed her away.”

“Well there's no need for us to fall apart.”

“Fall Apart! You were the one all over her.”

“She grabbed my hand!”

“You could of yanked it away!”

“I'd thought you understand.”

“Understand what? You were kissing her!”

“I was going to tell you everything but in your pretty eyes, I saw your heart drop but no, it's not what it looked like because I was only dancing...”

“It looked like fuckin kissing to me Peter.”

“LISTEN!, Damn.”

“.....I'm listening.”

“We were dancing like I said but then Em came around and was watching us. I got this drop of guilt in my stomach because I thought of Adele losing her chance because of me so I had to make it real. I told her to turn her head and put her fingers in my hair put her lips on my cheek but real close to my lips to make it seem like we were kissing.” Bru said.

“I told Bruno that Em was looking and smiling.” Adele said.

“And that's when you walked in, dressed in one of my favorite dresses with this shock of horror on your face so I pulled my head away...and you know the story from there.” Bru said.

“...So it was all a fake kissing?” I asked.

“Yes, Alicia you should know that I would never cheat on you. You just pissed me off so much that you called Eric after I wanted you to stay away from him.” Bru said.

“Well, I was alone Bruno. You were out all the time, performing and partying knowing damn well that I couldn’t do any of those things.”

I wasn't ready to tell Bruno the story of Eric and I becoming “friends” again. Right now this was about them two. I would tell him later after all of this.

“But what I don't understand is why did you quit? You did what you had to do.” I said.

“Well...after you left and Bruno came running after you, Em came over and helped me up then told me I did the right thing. But when Bruno came back from where he was, he didn't talk to anyone. The only time his lips moved was when he was singing.”

Bruno put his hand up like he wanted Adele to stop. She just looked at him and shook her head. Even though I didn't want her to stop, I did. To know that I was the reason why he was so down makes me upset and guilty that I didn't even give Bru a chance to tell me all of what went down but if I knew, Adele would have been let go. Even though I hate to say it, I would of felt guilty she did.

“Well after the very last show, I couldn't take it anymore. I called Eric and told him all that went down and he told me he already knew.” Adele said.

So that was her on the phone! Eric can knew about it all....along. I balled my fist up. That bastard, he planned it. I know he did, he always talks about how he want us to be together officially. The bastard sabotaged my relationship with Bruno so that he could try to move in with my emotions. He took me in and played to be my friend...

“Babe, Babe!” Bru said.

“Yeah?” I said.

“You OK?”

“Yeah I'm fine why?”

“You’re gripping the table pretty hard.”

I looked at my hand and seen that it was red. I pulled my hand away and stood up, walked to the sink and washed my hands.

“So now that you know now Alicia, do you forgive me?” Adele asked.

I turned towards her while drying my hands and looked at her. Yeah I forgave her but deep down inside, I still hated her and I don't know why. I smirked at her and put my hand up.

“i'll forgive you on one condition.” I said.

“Sure.” Adele said.

“I want a copy of all your records.” I said with a smile.

“Oh sure!” She said with a clap of her hands and a smile.

“Well, I'm going to be making Dinner soon.” Bru said.

“You? Dinner?” I said with a laugh.

“Yeah, Bruno. All you can make is toast & eggs.” Adele said.

“Yeah, that's a good healthy Dinner right.” Bru said.

We all started bursting out laughing. After a while the laughing slowed down and I grabbed some Chicken, skinned it, de-boned it and put it in a pot, filled it up with water & put seasoning in it. Pulled out another pot and filled that with water, pulled out some Green & Red Bell peppers, Broccoli, Onions & Celery and started to dice them all up. I heard the radio come on and felt a hand wrapped around my waist. I looked down and smiled. I knew those hands anywhere and I also know that bulge anywhere too.

“Mmm babe what's for dinner?” Bruno asked.

“Dinner.” I said with a smirk.

“Dinner then you for dessert?”

“Sound good.”

“Can we just skip dinner tonight?”

“Babe, we have a guest”

“That never stopped us before.”

“Yeah, that's true but the longer you wait the better it'll be.”

He pressed up against me, his man hood screaming to come out and pleasure. Just the though of that made me moist. He licked my neck and that send a shock down my spine. Biting my lip, I put my knife down.

“Bruno if you keep at this up....” I said.

“What?” Bru said pressing his self closer to me.

“Bruno...” I moaned low.

“Yes, say my name again.” He whispered into my ear.


He licked my ear and I tingled all the way down to my feet. With all my might that I had I pushed him back with my butt.

“Oooh, I like this aggressiveness.” Bruno said.

“Stay away from the kitchen.” I said.

“I can stay away from the kitchen but I can't stay away from you.”

“Awh Mr. Romantic.”

“No Mr. In Love.”

I turned around and looked at him, he wrapped him arms around my waist and we kissed. When he pulled away, we both had the biggest smile on our faces. I love Bruno so much and he loved me & that's what made it perfect.

“Aw, I wish I was in love.” Adele.

“You'll find your prince someday Adele.” I said.

“Yeah someday. I just hope he didn't walk by me and I missed him.”

“Don't think that way.”

“Well I can't help it, the guy I love is an Cheating Lying asshole.”

I nudged Bruno out of the way and walked over to the couch and sat next to her. I grabbed her hand and look at her. She is a very pretty women with green hazel eyes and pouty lips but I knew why she was alone. Her confidence was shot.

“Adele, you must have confidence in yourself.” I said.

“Oh I am very confident.” She said.

“No, hun in yourself.”

“I do.”

“No, in the regular Adele not the singer Adele.”

“Well...the regular Adele is lonely.”

“Keep faith and one day a guy will cure you of your lonesomeness, I'm sure of it.”

“I believe so but...”

“You just got to believe so.”

She just shook her head and I gave her a hug. No matter how much I hated or disliked someone, it could all go away once they are in distress. I guess you can say that I like to help people, even my enemies. I get that from my dad, because mama......Mama. Where is she?.

“Well, I'm going to get going.” Adele said.

“You’re not staying for dinner?” I asked.

“No, I just want to go home and sleep in my real bed.”

“Oh, I hear ya on that one.”

“Well...I'm glad that we’re OK now.”

“Yeah, me too.”

“I didn't mean to bombard your house, it's just that I couldn't hold it in much longer and I knew it would be better to hear it from my mouth than Bruno's.”

“Yeah I understand and I'm glad that you did.”

She walked over and gave me a hug and I hugged her back. I pulled back and looked at her, she was still red eyed but still beautiful. I smiled at her and she smiled back.

“Everything is going to be ok.” I said.

“I believe?” Adele said.

“Yess I believe.” I said.

“You take care of this woman Bruno?!”

“Yeah, yeah, I'll try to tame the beast.” Bru said.

We all laughed and I punched him in his shoulder. We all hugged and Adele walked out the door, as soon as Bru closed it and turned around I jumped on him and he caught me. We were kissing like two teenagers in love. Having my fingers run all though his curly hair and legs wrapped around him, he carried me upstairs into our bedroom.

Thank GOD I only had a robe on and he only had his boxers on because I wanted him. Now. Throwing off my robe and Bru stepping out of his boxers, I arched my back. Bru slammed me into the wall but I still had my legs around him. My nails into his back and holding him close as we grinded together passionately. His mouth on my neck and mine in his ear moaning the pleasure that we both feel. Faster and faster as we went but then things started to slow down, with both of his singing the love song he laid me down onto the bed....

With one last slow grind, I hit my peak and soon afterwords Bruno did too. Rolling off of me but pulling me close. We look at each other with smiles on our faces so wide, we could have been mistaken for clowns. He moved my hair from my sweaty face and rubbed his thumb across my cheek like he always does. Inhaling, I smell his cinnamon smell & love in the air and damn does it smell so wonderful.

“You're amazing, you know that?” Bru said.

“How?” I asked.

“Your eyes make the stars look like they're not shining.”

“Awh, when did you become a poet?”

“When I fell in love with a strong, loving, smart, passionate, sexy, beautiful women.”

“Awh Babe you are my Strong, Loving. Talented, passionate, sexy, beautiful, man.”

“You know what else amazed me about you babe?”


“How you dealt with the whole Adele situation, I'm proud of you.”

“You know, I'm proud of me too.”

Bru kissed my forehead and then of my lips. He lifted up my hand and kissed each of my fingers. I don't know why he does that but, I like it. It makes me feel....special. Like he loves every part of me and I love feeling that way.

“Babe can you sing to me?” I asked.

“I thought you'd never asked.” Bru said.

When I see your face, there's not a thing that I would change, coz you're amazing, just the way you are, and when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for a while, coz girl your amazing, just the way you are.

I kissed him as a single tear fell from my eye. I never would of thought that I could be this happy. I think back to where I was trying to get with Eric and smiled. I'm glad things didn't work out because I would of missed out on the most amazing man that I’ve ever been in love with. The only man that I’ve ever been in love with. Bru intertwined his hand with mine and we just stared at each other for a while because sometimes no words, are the best words.


I heard a ringing going off. I opened my eyes to realize that we both fell asleep. Bruno was sleeping still. I closed my eyes to go back to sleep but there was that ringing again. Shit, it's the phone! Damn, the twins are at dad's. They are probably causing all types of crazy right now. I sit up to look at the clock says 4am...4am? Who the hell could be calling at 4 in the morning. I pick up the phone.

“Hello?” I say.


“Yeah it's me, who is this?”

“Phil, hey is Bruno up?”

“No he's still sleeping why?”

“*exhales* There's something I got to tell him.”

“Why can't you tell me?”

“I want to tell him first so that he can tell you in his own way.”

“What Is it Phil? Is...Maria pregnant?”

“Oh God no!”

“Is Maria OK?”

“Yes...Alicia...we...we found Phred.”


I drop the phone.