Chapter 29

15/04/2012 14:31

Bruno’s POV

After what seemed like an eternity, I slowly got up from the bed. I carefully took out my hands from my pants and grabbed an old shirt from the floor; I used it to open the guest bathroom. I quickly turned on the shower and undressed myself.

After my shower, I carefully exited the bathroom to make sure the guys weren’t waiting for me. The bedroom was empty. I heard noises coming from the kitchen and smelled pancakes. I sighed while my empty stomach rumbled. How can I face them and my family after they witnessed a very personal situation. I slowly walk out of my room and into the dining room. 
The guys were enjoying breakfast with the family.Jamie, Tiana, Tahiti and Presley were seated by mom while the guys were on their own side of the table. My mom was the first to see me walk in. “Well good morning sleepyhead!” she smiled while the guys turned in their seats. Phil almost gagged on a piece of toast while Ari and Brody had their heads down on the table, hiding their snickers and laughter. “Fix yourself a plate, Brunito.” Mom said. “Be careful with the sausage links, they are quite slippery.” At that, all of the guys couldn’t control it. Phil spit out the toast in his napkin and laughed. Ari and Brody laughed while their faces were on the table. Eric pounded the table while holding his belly and gave a hardy laugh. Ryan almost choked on his orange juice while streams of tears poured out his eyes.
“Uh, what’s so funny?” Mom asked us. The girls also looked very confused. My face was burning up with embarrassment while the laughter grew intensely. “I’m not hungry.” I said in a low tone and walked back to the guest room.
I took off the bedsheets and threw them to the side. I quickly added fresh bedsheets and pillowcases to the bed. After making the bed, I sat down and took out the book from the dresser. I got out the envelope and scanned through my letter to her. Then the guys ran into the room, catching their breath from the laughter. Phil sat next to me and patted my back. “Man, I’m so sorry, but I’m gonna remember that for the rest of my life!” The others laughed while I continued to read the letter, ignoring his comment at the same time, making sure it was ready to be mailed. 
“What are you guys doing here anyway?” I asked the guys. “I thought y’all weren’t coming this week?” Brody chuckled. “We wanted to surprise you, and boy did we!” “And we wanted to get here by Fourth of July,” Added Ari. “which is today.” I haven’t realized the date. Time’s just been passing me by. 
“Well, knowing my mom, we’re going to the beach for the annual picnic today.” I said. Every fourth of July, we go to the beach for a cookout with mom’s side of the family and pop fireworks. I honestly wasn’t looking forward to it, since I would be reminded of her throughout the night. 
“Yeah, she’s taking the boys first then she wants us to meet her there with the food.” Eric said. “What food?” Ryan asked. “The food she wants us to buy, then to BBQ.” I said. We all laughed. I stretched out my arms. “Let’s just go now anyway. I need to pick up the photos to mail out in her letter.” I put the envelope back in the book and put it in the dresser. “Thanks again, Phil.” I said while walking out of the room. “For what?” He asked. I smiled. “For taking care of her. I don’t how to repay you.” Phil smiled while we headed towards Eric’s truck. “No problem, man!” He responded. “I’ll do anything to make her happy for your benefit.” 
“And thanks for the letter idea.” I added. “I know she’ll love it!”

Tahiti’s POV
I just couldn’t help it! I peaked into the guest room through the crack of the room’s door and eavesdropped the guys’ conversation. I saw Bruno had an envelope in his hands. “Let’s just go now anyway. I need to pick up the photos to mail out with her letter.” Bruno said while putting the envelope in a book and then in the bedside dresser. I quickly walked into the next room to hide from the guys. I remembered Bruno mentioning he was taking pictures to send to his girlfriend. Oh my God! That letter must be for her too! I needed to read it! It’s been a very long time since I got some dirt on a Bruno girlfriend. I wanted to wait until they left. 
I stayed in the room until I heard the guys leave the house. I got out of the room and went to the hallway window. I saw them drive away. Now was my chance! I got to the guest room and opened the door. 
“Tahiti!” My mom called out. “Help me get the boys dressed! Zyah is being a pain-in-the-butt!” I could hear my sons running around, probably naked. I sighed and rolled my eyes. I guess the snooping will have to wait.