Chapter 3+4

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#Chapter 3 The singer was improvising a "2 times baby, 2 times", I didn't loose a piece of it


During the travel, I didn't stop to ask to the driver to put this or that song of Bruno. I hope he likes him because if he didn't, he really suffered then, poor guy! 

While I was singing at the top of my lung -accompanied by my aunt!- the limo has stopped. I inferred that we arrived. I quickly went out of the car and started to rush in the line when my aunt made a sign which it would say that I had to take the other path, the VIP access. I couldn't control my joy when I saw where our seats were, just in front of the stage! By the way, we were the only one in the hall. Normally, we were supposed to come way after (around one hour later) but people like my auntie don't wait. 


My aunt and I walked to reach our seats when I heard a voice, his voice. My heart suddenly stopped to beat when his look crossed mine, he smiled to me. I couldn't smile back, I was like paralyzed.  


__Is he smiling to me? I discreetly asked to my auntie. 

__Of course it was for you! Do you see someone else around here? By the way, permit me to tell you that he's way too young for me. She screamed in the whole hall empty, which it especially echoes.


I burst out laughing, nervous.


(Don't forget Kaylee and her aunt were supposed to speak french but I translated for more understanding. She's gonna speak with Bruno in english.)


__Why are you laughing? Said the dish right in front of me.


Suddenly, he saw that my auntie was there.


__Oh, Jeannine! I didn't see you! How are you? Bruno asked, leaving the stage to join my aunt. 


He kissed her on the cheek (like we all do in France to say "hi") and smiled to me -once again-. My aunt told me she became friend with him, simply, I must see to believe that. MY aunt knows Bruno Mars?! Pinch me please!


__It's okay Bruno, never mind. 


My aunt stealthily turned around in my direction then she continued her conversation. 


__By the way Bruno, may I introduce you my niece Kaylee, she's from France. 

__Oh Kaylee? Enchanté! I did not know she was your niece! He said with big eyes, looking at me with a smile. It's a good new!


And it's after this flattering sentence that he looked at his watch.  


__It was really nice to talk to you ladies but I need to go back to my "soundcheck" or the fans are going to rebel themselves. He said, grimacing. But don't worry, I'm not leaving far away! He laughed.  


In fact, he only had to treadle to be on the stage. Quite useful. 

Bruno was doing his "soundcheck" whereas I was staring at every single part of his body wonderfully sculpted. His sublime grey fedora with red feathers was put on a side of his head with elegance. He wore a black and red checkered shirt that he had rolled up their sleeves. You could see appears his amazing tanned and muscled arms. For the bottom, he wore a simple black pant and grey converses which it reminded his hat. 

He was testing his mic, saying this sentence :


"I hope you'll have fun tonight baby, all I wanna do is making you happy! YEAH" 


He looked up to heaven, in the cutest way of the world. Anyway, let's say it, no matter what he does I think he's cute. Can't helped? You think so? So am I… It now was the time to test every instrument. Bruno took his electric guitar and asked me what I wanted him to play to tune it up. I answered "Down" by Jay Sean because I liked it so much when he sang it.                 

He did it and made his vocalizes in the same time to warm his voice.


__Did you see that? It's a two in one! Well it's Bruno! A voice said to me, behind my back.


I turned around and saw Philip Lawrence, the "choir singer" and the best friend of Bruno. OH MY GOD! P. Lawrence is talking to me?! 

He looked around and found with the greatest joy too, my aunt's presence. She smiled then said hello to P. Law, starting again the presentations. 


__So she's your niece right? He said, looking at me from the top to the bottom, smiling. Kaylee huh? OK.


Bruno noticed that I wasn't turning my attention on him. He appeared then by force of circumstance when his brother Eric came to test his drums. The singer was improvising a little "2 times baby, 2 times",  I didn't loose a piece of it.


__Do you like it? He asked to me, laughing. He pushed the mic away and pretended to look anywhere else but me to create the effect of surprised when he would come back and shouting "6 times baby, 6 times". I was simply in heaven. 


Then it was the concert time. The bunch of fans rushed in the concert hall noisily, almost crashing on the other people to get the best places, the average "fans" actually. When there wasn't any available seat of all seats right there, not even a small free corner between people totally stick together in the pit, the stage managers have closed doors.


__Everybody is alright?! Bruno screamed with his mic.

__YEAHH!! Silly fans answered.

__Are you sure?! He asked, laughing.

__YEAHH!! They screamed with all their chests.

__OK LET’S BOK! He shouted to fire the frenzied crowd.


It was to Phil to start with his "Bok wit me" rap, with Bruno who was dancing -better like treading water- and Phil grimacing just to make his buddy laugh. And like every time, Bruno bursts out laughing and he turned back not to be forced to look in Phil's eyes. 


I remember this interview where Bruno was saying "I can be serious sometimes" before to laugh. No, really, he can't be serious, not even two minutes and less when Phil's around.


During the concert, Bruno did his "2 times baby 2 times" twice. Same for the "6 times". I was staring at him. And my auntie was staring at him too. 


Yes, this concert had been more than great. But that's not all! Bruno sang all his most beautiful songs, his greatest hits. Bruno was totally rocking, and I wasn't really surprised. Yet, I was when I saw what Phil was doing. When Bruno started to sing "Just the way you are", he told few words to Phil who caught his mic and kept on to sing while he was walking. And when I wasn't looking at, he came in front of me and told me to stand up. I didn't understand why. So he took my hand and picked me on the stage.


My name is Kaylee, I’m 18 and I’m Bruno Mars’s girlfriend.


#Chapter 4 Do we disturb you? my auntie politely asked, a feet in the room.


Bruno put himself straight in front of me to see what was my reaction. He burst out laughing, seeing my disarray while he was trying to sing at the same time. It was a really sexy laugh, like everything from Bruno by the way. A staff manager brought a chair for me, Bruno nodded in a thankful way. My eyes were sparkling, Bruno Mars picked me up on stage?! It was a lot of emotion. I couldn't contain my joy and I covered my mouth with my hands. Bruno Mars put the mic down on the tripod and kept on singing in front of the crowd. He couldn't make jealous girls anymore. I still couldn't believe it. Bruno Mars was singing a song to me, a song simply wonderful, the praise of women! At the end of the song, he hugged me under the thunderous applause of the thousands of people right here. Then it was the time for me to go back to my seat, yet very well emplaced. Bruno still was as amused as now to see that his charming side was making that impression to women. Wasn't it a revenge on his inglorious past? Yet, he became now a genuine sex-symbol.


When the concert ended up, my aunt and I stayed on our seats for at least thirty minutes, waiting for everyone to go out. This concert, my first Bruno Mars's concert was fantastic! 

I stand up to leave when my aunt catch me by the arm.


__Where are you going? She asked me, surprised. 

__We don't leave? I asked her, surprised too.

__Of course not! We going in the backstage!


Suddenly, my face shone. I was finally about to become acquainted with Bruno Mars!

We got up and my auntie talked to the "bulldog" who was the bodyguard : a 6'5 and a big black guy. To sum up, he was a heavyset man built. After ten minutes of arguying and a talky-walky confirmation, the "bulldog" sweet named "The Crusher" let us go to the backstage without complaining.

When we were walking in the corridors looking for THE DOOR, a simple door, to the modest sign, hand made, caught my eagle eye. 


My auntie smiled then she knocked at the door. A melodious voice told us to come in.


Walls were white, simply white. A leather sofa took almost the half of the room and we could see two dressing tables on the left with lights on around the mirror and all the necessary products to the beauty of the artists. 

Phil, Bruno and Phredley were sitting on the couch, a guitar on their lap, ready to play at anytime. 


__Do we disturb you? My auntie politely asked, a feet in the room. 

__No no absolutely not! Bruno said who has stand up, friendly hugging my auntie -the american way- and I to entrainer us on the couch. Sit down! He suggested.

__I really don't want to disturb you all! I panicked. 

__Listen to me dear Kaylee, we all are very happy to see you around tonight. Philip told me.

__You know my name?! I said, surprised.

__Oh, Brunz told a lot to us about "the girl in the crowd" during the break…


He couldn't continue his sentence, Bruno just punched his arm, nonchalantly, as if he would tell him to stop talking. My auntie couldn't contain a little snigger. Phil and Bruno looked like twins, they were so similar.


__So who wants to drink something? B. asked. Waiter! He screamed, pretending to call a waiter. 


He caught two Diet coke and hold them to us, as a waiter in an expensive restaurant carrying a handkerchief on his arm by way of a towel. Everyone laughed. It was quite comic, I have to admit it. Bruno sit down and put down his guitar on his knees, he leaned on.


__Which song you want us to sing? Phil asked, charming-looking, flirting a little.

__An acoustic version of "Nothing on you"? My aunt offered. 


What a genius idea!

In seconds, the room brightened.

"Nothing on you" which is usually a dance and song, was becoming a touching-song. We almost could weep. By the way, I had tears in my eyes. 


__So you make girls crying Bruno? My aunt told him, joking.


He started to get red while smiling, which it made him more beautiful.


__I'm sorry but we have to go. Kay's mom prefer that she sleeps early so if she knows that we're just back from the concert at 1am, she wouldn't be okay with that.


Bruno laughed then nodded. "Ridiculous Kaylee's mom." He should maybe thought.

Bruno walked back with us to the door, he caught me by the arm and clung to me, talking to me in my ear. 


__Call me. he whispered to me, softly. 


Then he took my hand, opened it and he slipped a little piece of white paper with his phone number on. He closed my hand, both gently and quickly, to not make my aunt notice it. He was four years older than me. I turned around towards him, not knowing what to say and saw him smile. The time suddenly stopped. Bruno Mars just gave me his phone number. My aunt -who was saying goodbye as she was walking- quickly pulled me away from my dreams by grabbing me by the hand and walking away from him.


End of the Flashback


My name is Kaylee, I’m 18 and I’m Bruno Mars’s girlfriend.