Chapter 3-5

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Chapter 3+4 Please Forgive me!!! Umm...Sorry??

**5 minutes earlier**

~Bruno’s Mind~

‘This dance is great! I get to hang out with my boy Dylan and the prettiest girl ever which I am proud to call my girlfriend. All of a sudden Raven pops outta nowhere and grabs my hand and tries to dance with me..

“Hey what’s your problem?”

“Nothing cant I just dance with you?”

“No I think it would be best for you to just walk away now before anything bad happens” she wouldnt leave and the song was almost over so I just regretfully danced with her BIG.MISTAKE. When the song was about to end I looked to my left and I saw a heartbroken Sadie…crap. She ran off crying and I felt like a douche…I ran as fast as I could trying to catch up with her..

“Sadie! Sadie! Wait up please just let me talk to you!”

She was really sobbing now abd that made me feel even worse..She turned around and said “How could you?!? You know how much I hate her!!!!”

“Sadie I didnt want to dance with her belevie me she just grabbed my hand and started dancing with me….I told her that it would be best for her to go but she wouldnt leave”

“Then why didnt you?!?”

“…I-I dont know…”

after that she stormed into the bathroom and I could hear her crying…damn…I just sat infront of the door just thinking of the right words to say….

“Please dont let this one mistake that happened that wasnt even intenall…I know I’m not perfect but really no one is we’ve both had our share of mistakes but please dont shut me out for this one mistake…”

“Ok i guess but just promise you wont do anything like that again”

“Ya I promise that I wont communicate with Rayven and that I will try to not cause you heartbreak again”

“Thankyou….It really means a lot’

“Can you come out of there now so I can at least look at you pweeze???”

I was so relevieved to hear her laugh….just to let you know it was a pretty sexy laugh for the record…”Yeah I can”

When she walked out a gave her the tightest hug that I could I just repeated im sorry so many times

“Dont worry about it we all make mistakes…you just have to learn from them”

“You’re right….do you want me to take you home or do you wanna stay?

“Lets get outta here”

~Sadie’s Mind~

Once we got in the car I could see sadness in Bruno’s eyes..

“Hey dont be so hard on yourself”

“I just cant live with knowing that I hurt you Sadie”

“Bruno stop you’re fine..dont worry about it…its ok”

“I know I Know I just feel like a total jerk”

“But your my jerk!” I said that while touching his face

“Hey its getting pretty late I really dont want your dad to kill me..”

“Dont worry about him hes starting to like you…sort of”

He laughs “I really wanna stay with you but i bet if we get in trouble we wouldnt be able to see each other for a while”

”..Yeah i guess”

On the rest of the way home we were joking around the whole way home and when we finally got to my drive way he unbuckeled my seatbelt and said to kiss him..and instantly butterflies rushed into my stomach…When we kissed it was longer than usual WE WERE MAKING OUT!!! And it was awsome!  He smelt like cinnamon and I felt his fingers running through my hair and his strong hand on my waist….Oh my God it was like a dream! I couldnt help but notice that he was now wearing more lipgloss than I was….

“Bruno what if my dad sees?”

He wispers “you should get going before he gets suspicious…”

“Yeah…Bye” I pout playfully

“Bye Babe” then he kisses me softly

If I only knew what I would get before he kissed me…I might not have done it….

**Sadie’s Mind**

When I woke up on Saturday morning I felt really bad headache a sore throat. I sat up realy slowly and held my head. Then Travis knocks on my door and says

“Hey dad made breakfast you want some?”

“Nah I’m not feelin too good”

“Whats wrong?”

“I have a sore throat and a headache” I started getting chills while I was talking

“You know what that sounds like…wait nevermind I’m goin downstairs….just stay in bed”

“Wait what does it sound like I have Travie? Come back…geeze”

Then I got a text from Bruno saying “Hey Babe”

I replied and said Heyyy not feelin too good

Then my dad walks in and says

“Hey how are you feelin?”

“Not to good Im getting chills and i have a sore throat and a headache”

“Well tell me this…Have you kiss this Bruno boy..and tell the truth”


“I think you have mono”

“mono? isnt that like the kissing disease?”

“Yep…you need to stay in bed for a few days so you might not get to go to school Monday”

“great…cant wait to tell Bruno”

“maybe you guys should have some space away from each other while”

“Dad really did your parents make you stay away from mom when you two were dating?”

“…I-I dont want to talk about your mother right now….it was just a thought…,ok I’ll check up on you later…”

”..ya ok” We actually havent talked about my mom since she died a yar ago…i did feel really bad about bringing it up….

then i got a text back from bruno saying “Whats wrong?? ):”

i texted back and said “You gave me mono…good job jerk”

“Lol sorry babe you want me to come over?”

“Yeah I’d like that”

five minutes later and sure enough Bruno was at my house

**Bruno’s Mind**

Crap I kinda feel about this…I gave my girlfriend mono…It is kinda funny if you think about….When I rang the doorbell her dad opened the door and he didnt look happy at all

“What are you doing here boy?”

“Sadie said it was ok for me to come over…”

“O..k? Shes upstairs…”

It was weird walking around in someone elses house..


“In here”

her room was awsome She had blue walls with awards up from things fromw singing to band to sports…she’s just simply amazing…

“How are you feelin?”

“Better because youre here..”

“Hahaha I sorta feel bad about this but I cant help but laugh at you!”

“Ah! You suck jerk….come here”

I was already sitting on the edge of her bed already “where do you want me to be?”

“Just come closer”

I was just about face to face with her ‘What?”

then she kissed me really quickly….”What was that for??”

“I just felt like kissing you….CRAP! now youre gonna get mono now! I’m sorry…”

“Its ok I just hope you would do the same thing Im doing for you”

“Dont worry about it…you can count on me…”

right then I got a call and I looked at the color ID and saw it was Mark Sailling “Hey I’ll be right back I have to take this”


when I went outside the room and I started talking to him and he told me that theyre gonna fly me out to California! This is so great! I can finally get started  on my singing career…. But I really dont wanna leave Sadie we just started dating….I dont know what to follow my love of music or my love for Sadie….


Chapter 5 Really???

**Sadie’s Mind**

I wonder whats taking him so long he’s been out there for a while.

“hey what was that about?”

“Nothing important…..but whats most important is you getting better”

“Awe thanks” then i kissed him forgetting I was sick i drew back and said “Opps! I forgot I’m sick”

“I dont care..”

**Bruno’s Mind**

Crap! What am I supposed to do? Just leave Sadie here in Chicago and go to California…I mean we’ve only been dating for literally a week! I love my music its been a part of me all of my life but I might love Sadie…




“Come here lil bro!”

“What do you want”

“Come talk to me…..How do you like Bruno?”

“He’s…ok??  Why are you asking?”

“Just wondering…because I dont think dad likes him..”

“Are you kidding me! Dad talks about him all th time! Hes always like My daughter’s dating a “

musician! He’s soo polite!!

“Really! Why is his guard up when hes talking to me about him??”

“…He doesnt want you heart broken….and He doesnt want the same thing that happened to mom and him to happen to you and Bruno….”

**Bruno’s Mind**

“Eric! Eric! Can you stop drumming for like five minutes!!” I swear all he does is eat sleep and drum…I’ve been living with him since I moved from Hawii…”Eric seriously I need to talk to you!!!” He stopped when he saw me starting to get mad

“Whats up lil bro why the long face?”

“Mark Salling called…He wants me to come to California to try and get a record deal”

“Dude thats awsome! You know Im comming with you right”


“But why  do you look so down though?”“


“Oh yeah your girlfriend”

“Yeah….I dont know what I should do…we just started dating a week ago…She knows I’ve always wanted to be a profesional singer but it seems like its the wrong time for it to happen”

“Its better to have it happen now then it never happening….Well bro I see where your comming from…Well what to you love more music or Sadie?”

“I dont know. I mean music has always been apart of my life and now I get to make a career out of it…But on the other hand Sadie was on e of the first people who would talk to me and now shes my girlfriend….and I think I love her…..”

“Well all I can really say is your girlfriend may leave you but music will never leave you..”

**Sadie’s Mind**

“Wait what happened….tell me!”

“I cant tell you Dad told me not too”


“Sorry I cant but I cant tell you…Anyway how are you holding up/”

“Holding up? Like with mom?”

“No…Bruno..I heard him talking on the phone in the hallway…..He’s moving to California to get a record deal”

“Wait what?”

“Hes moving to California!”

“Are you serious!” I was getting all kinds of mixed emotions happiness sadness angriness and also hurt…because he didnt tell me the truth…”

**Bruno’s Mind**

I’ve made my descison…Im going to California…