Chapter 3 - You!

03/06/2011 19:37

“You’re so beautiful you take my breath away, far away.” Johnathan said to me as we walked out of the science room. I was fuming! Every five minutes Bruno kept making remarks towards me! ME! Why not someone else? Oh I know! Because I PISSED him off this morning! That asshole!
         “I’m sorry were you talking to me?” Johnathan looks over at me and starts laughing.
         “No! I got a text from ‘lovequotes’ on twitter.” I look at him and see how he is dressed. Skinny jeans and a pink shirt, with a pair of vans and really different type of hat.
         “Johnathan.. are you gay? I’m sorry, but I’m serious.” Johnathan burst out laughing and he has such a deep laugh that you can hear all through out the school.
         “People have asked me that so many times, it doesn’t even mean anything to me anymore. But no. I’m not. I’m straight as my boner when I see a very cute girl.” Gross! I like this kid he is so funny! In the midst of us laughing we run into a couple people. One that happened to be Bess.
         “Do you mind?” she asks me all snobby like.
         “No not really... hahaha” I say back to her and keep on walking. Johnathan and I finally reach our next class which was MATH: ROOM 117. Once there I accidentally get pushed and pushed Johnathan down onto the floor. “Oh, Sorry!” I help him back up.
He looks at me and says, “ You’re trying to murder me just like you murdered my older brother Jackson.”
“Jonathan you told me you didn’t have one!?” I ask curiously.
“Exactly...” I started laughing and now I just couldn’t stop this guy was hilarious! I was really glad he was my first friend here at Ellis High. I hope he thought I was an awesome friend also. As the day went on it finally came up to lunch and I was starving. Who knew laughing could make you so hungry? I walked my way into the lunch room, without Johnathan his lunch is Period 5 right after mine. I looked around and didn’t see anywhere to sit. I guess someone would have to make room somewhere. I grabbed a slice of pizza and some apple juice and started to look for a good table to sit at.
         “Hello!! Tatty! Over here!” I here someone yell. I look over and see Bess and her crew of wannabe assholes. I walk over and she pulls up a chair next to her. I sat down and tried not to look so confused as to why they would want me to sit next to them.
         “It’s Tatianna.. not Tatty.” I tell them all. ”Last person who called me that ended up with no older brother.” I begin chuckling, but none of them found it very funny. “That was a joke.. but Johnathan isn’t here to laugh..” I feel awkward here, with them. I wasn’t like them. That’s when Bess started laughing really hard. Did she finally get it? No.. only Johnathan would have.
         “You’re hilarious. Let’s hang out today after school.”
         “Why?” I asked.
         “Because we are friends now.” I just didn’t feel okay with hanging out with them.
         “No I think that’s okay.” I say to her as I try to finish my slice of pizza.
         “But you live with Mr. Mars! Please!” So that’s why she wanted to hang out... Bruno was there.
         “Now it’s a definite no. Goodbye.” I push myself out of my chair and throw the rest of my pizza and my apple juice away. If people were gonna hang out with me just because Bruno lived around me. I leave the lunch room and who do I happen to run into?
         “Watch where you’re going!” Bruno yells at me. I look at him shocked.
I smirk at him. “I can’t believe you’re still pissed about this morning!” I go back at him.
I start walking past him towards my locker when he grabs a hold of my arm.
         “ Look, I’m not pissed at you. What I said.. it was wrong. I was just confused about everything. The whole me having a girlfriend... that girl was my cousin Ellen. I kissed her goodbye! And.. yes I almost kissed you. I shouldn’t have even gone that close to you.” I step closer to him until a magazine could barely fit in between us.
         “But you did.. and..” Next thing I felt were his lips pressing so softly onto mine I thought I was kissing a cloud. His lips were so soft and they pushed against mine so hard that I almost collapsed. Instead I wrapped my arms around his neck and that was when he let loose of me and pushed me away from him.
         “I can’t be doing this.” and he walks away. My lover walks away from me?! What is this? I want to run after him but then the bell rung and I just want to stand here forever.
         “Hey cutie!” says Johnathan as he comes by me.
         “Wanna hang out at my apartment tonight?” I ask him. He nods his head and shrugs. I wave bye to him as he walks away to the lunch room. The day was finally over and all I could think about was Bruno’s kiss to me today. It was so amazing. Who knew kissing an older guy could be so much fun?