Chapter 30

19/05/2011 17:21

"Bruno, what is your problem?!" Alegria ran towards Gabby and helped him to stand up.

"This asshole right here is my problem! Why is he here anyway?!" Bruno said as he pointed at Gabby.

"Bruno, stop it already!" Alegria shouted at Bruno. She sighed and calmed down. She doesn't wanna shout and be stressed, it's not good for the babies.

"What do you mean stop? Stop him from flirting with you?!" Bruno glared at Alegria.

"Bruno, I'm not flirting with your wife." Gabby said as he wiped the blood off of his mouth.

"I'm not talking to you, jerk." Bruno glared at Gabby.

"Bruno, Listen. He. Is. Not. Flirting. With me." Alegria said.

"Then why is he all smiles while you were massaging him?! Why are you even massaging him?!"

"Bruno, I felt lonely and everyone, except him were busy. So I called him and invited him to come over. I also asked him to paint and design the babies room and while we were painting the ceiling, and I tripped, and he caught me. I was too heavy for him, so he got out of balance and fell to the ground. His back hurts, so I massaged him. That's it." Alegria explained.

Bruno calmed down. "Ohh.." He said as he curled his lips.

Alegria sighed. "You finally calmed down." Alegria said. "Gabby, sit down on the couch for a bit, I'll just get the first aid kit." Alegria said as she walked away.

"No, no. I'm good." Gabby said.

"I said, sit down." Alegria said as she looked at Gabby, almost shouting. She too was pissed with Gabby. He was too kind, he didn't even punch Bruno back. 'Ugh.. Men. They make my head ache.'

"O-okay." Gabby sat down on the couch.

Bruno stared at the ground as he too sat down on the couch. He knows he was wrong, but he didn't wanna say sorry. He still didn't like Gabby even though he saved Alegria.

Alegria came back with the medicine kit and sat in between Bruno and Gabby. Alegria sat closer to Gabby and Bruno got jealous. He just stared at them while Alegria treated Gabby.

"I'm really, really, really sorry for what Bruno did to you." Alegria said as she treated Gabby's busted lip.

"No, it's okay." Gabby smiled at Alegria, but his lip ached. "Owww.."

"See? You're not okay! Look at your busted lip. Tsk tsk tsk.." Alegria said, shaking her head.

"You wouldn't have gotten a busted lip if you didn't come too close to MY WIFE." Bruno said, emphasizing the last two words.

Alegria turned her head to Bruno and glared at him.

"What?" Bruno asked.

"Just shut up, 'kay? You wanna get a busted lip too?!" Alegria scolded Bruno.

"Alright.. Alright.. I'll shut up.. But aren't you going to massage me later? My body hurts.. Ahh..." Bruno said as he held his back and acted like it really ached.

Gabby bit his lip as he tried to stop himself from laughing.

Alegria ignored Bruno and continued treating Gabby. Bruno put on a sad face and pouted.

"There." Alegria said as she put the betadine inside the box.

"Thanks.." Gabby said.

"No prob. Your back is aching and now you got a busted lip because of me. I'm really sorry, Gabby." Alegria said as she stood up and walked to their room to put the first aid kit back. She went back to the living room and sat on the couch.

"It's okay. My back and my lip is nothing serious, so don't worry about me." Gabby smiled at Alex.

Alegria sighed. "Why are you so kind? You should've just punched Bruno back earlier." Alegria said.

"Alex?" Bruno looked at Alegria, putting on a sad face.

"What? You deserve it! You shouldn't have punched him in the first place." Alegria said.

"But I only did that 'cause.. I got jealous." Bruno said as he grabbed Alegria's waist and hugged her.

Alegria smiled. "Well you shouldn't be. 'Cause Gabby just tried to help me. And you're my husband. I love you, and you know that." Alegria said as she touched Bruno's cheek.

"I know, I know. I love you too." Bruno smiled at Alegria.

Gabby just watched them while they talked. He was jealous, but he can't show it. He doesn't wanna show it. It would be better if he would just hide his feelings. 'Yeah, I could stay friends with her forever.'

"I'm gonna cook dinner for us three." Alegria said as she smiled and stood up and went to the kitchen.

Gabby looked at his wrist watch. "It's late already. I think I have to go now, Alex." He stood up.

"Aww man, can't you at least stay for a bit? Just until Alegria finishes cooking." Bruno said as he too stood up.

"Yeah, it won't take long." Alegria said as she looked at Gabby.

"No, it's okay. I'm not hungry anyway. And I'm sorry for the commotion that I've done, Bruno." Gabby said.

"Naw, I should be the one saying sorry. I shouldn't have punched you, man. I'm really sorry about that.." Bruno said as he patted Gabby's shoulder. "You sure you're not gonna eat dinner here?"

"Yeah, and besides, I've cause too much trouble already to the both of you, so I shouldn't be staying here for long." Gabby said.

"Don't say that. You can stay here as long as you want. You know that. You're always welcome here." Alegria said.

Then suddenly, Gabby's phone rang, so he took it to see who was calling. "Look, I really have to go now. I'll come visit when I have time. Bye." Gabby said.

"Drive safely, alright?" Alegria said.

"Yeah, bye." Gabby said. Bruno opened the door for him and Gabby went out of the house and walked to his car.

Bruno followed outside and went to his car to get the bouquet of flowers, the basket of fruits and the chocolates that he bought for her.

Alegria continued cooking and noticed that Bruno went out of the house. "Bruno, where are you going?" Alegria asked, but Bruno didn't answer. She just shrugged her shoulders and continued cooking.

Bruno came back in with his gifts, smiling.

Alegria didn't turn around, she was still cooking. "Where did you go?"

Bruno put the chocolates and the basket of fruits on the dining table. He walked towards Alegria and smiled sweetly. "Well.. I just went out to get this so I could give it to you. "

Alegria looked at Bruno and she saw the flowers. She smiled. "Aww.. That's nice. Thanks." Alegria kissed Bruno's cheek. "What's today's occassion? Something good happened?" She said as she looked at Bruno.

"Well.. Nothing really. I just felt that I should buy you these things." Bruno said as he pointed the basket of fruits and the chocolates to Alegria."

"And you even bought fruits and chocolates.." Alegria said, smiling as she walked towards the table. She looked at the basket. 'No strawberries..' She was disappointed, but she didn't tell Bruno of course.

Bruno noticed the bowl of chocolate and the mangoes, kiwis, and the strawberries on the table. "Did you go out to the grocery earlier?" Bruno asked.

"No, Gabby brought them here." Alegria smiled.

"Ohh.." He said. He was disappointed. Gabby get to give her fruits and chocolates first. But at least he gave her the bouquet of flowers.

Alegria continued cooking and when Alegria got finished, they ate their dinner.

"You free tomorrow?" Alegria asked as she ate.

"No, I'm sorry.. I'm kinda busy tomorrow. We got some radio interviews and after that, we'll head straight to the studio. Why'd ya ask? Do you want me to stay tomorrow?"

Alegria was disappointed. She wanted Bruno to come with her tomorrow. She wanted to have a check up and it was scheduled tomorrow. She also wanted to buy some baby stuffs tomorrow. "Well.. Nothing. I just asked if you're busy.. That's all." Alegria lied. She didn't want to bother Bruno. 'Maybe I should just call Gabby so he could could come with me..' She thought.

They talked more about a few things like Bruno's shows, songs, the babies and more. Then they finished eating and they brushed their teeth afterwards. Alegria was doing the dishes when Bruno suddenly hugged her from her back and kissed her neck. Bruno touched Alegria's tummy.

"I hope you kids don't mind if I made love with my queen tonight." Bruno said, smiling.

"Sill Daddy.." Alegria chuckled as she finished washing the dishes. Alegria grabbed Bruno's wrist. "I want you to see this." Alegria dragged Bruno to the babies' room.

Bruno looked around. "Whooaa.." Bruno was amazed. The room was beautifully painted. He looked at the ceiling.

"Well?" Alegria asked.

"This is cool! I love the stars in the ceiling.. I'm sure the babies will be happy once they get to see their room." Bruno bent his knees and touched Alegria's tummy. He put his head against her tummy and spoke gently. "You both should come out quick, so you could see your beautiful room that your Momma designed. You both will sleep, play, eat here, everything. You can even party here in your room and I'll let do whatever you like, but just don't break anything, 'kay?" Bruno smiled.

Alegria chuckled as she stroked Bruno's curls.

Bruno grinned at Alegria as he stood up. He looked again at the room. "Sun.. Moon.. and stars." Bruno said as he turned to face Alegria again. "You never fail to amaze me. I'm glad I married a wonderful and a talented woman."

Alegria's face turned red. Bruno could still make her flush to red even though they're already married.

Bruno laughed. "Why are you turning red? Huh?" Bruno hugged Alegria as he kissed her neck.

"Oh stop it. You know, let's go to sleep." Alegria pushed Bruno as she walked fast to their bedroom.

"Oh no, no. I won't let you sleep tonight." Bruno said as he carried Alegria and kissed her lips.

Alegria smiled as she kissed Bruno. Bruno laid her down on the bed as Alegria unbuttoned his shirt. Bruno rubbed Alegria's back and he took his pants off. Alegria took her dress off while Bruno sucked her tongue. Bruno touched her body gently, then he took her bra off using his right hand while he slid his left hand inside Alegria's panties. He took them off and kissed her collar bone, her neck and her ears. Then he started going inside of her. It all went fast for the both of them. They made love, and fell asleep in each other's arms right after.


Alegria opened her eyes. Bruno wasn't beside her. "Bruno?" She pulled the blanket and looked at the clock. "10:36... Oh my gosh.. I slept too much.." Alegria said as she quickly wore her clothes and went to the kitchen. She saw a bowl of cereal and a glass of milk. Beside it was a note.


To my beautiful Queen,

I had to wake up early, and you were still sleeping when I woke up. So I chose not to disturb your sleep and I just ate cereal instead. I want you to have some more rest since what we did last night was tiring. But it was great, right? ;)

I prepared a cereal for you too. Hope you eat all of it. I made it with all my heart. You better drink the milk too, it's for the babies. Please tell them that I'm sorry cause I had to leave early, but I'll make it up to them next time. I love you Caryl, Caleb.

Oh, and I love you too Mrs. Hernandez. :)


-The King


Alegria smiled while she read the note. She touched her tummy and smiled. "Daddy said he was sorry that he had to leave early in the morning but he also promised that he'll make it up to you guys next time. Daddy loves the both of you, very much." Alegria then sat down and ate the cereal. She just ate three tablespoons of it, but she already felt nauseous. She ran to the bathroom and vomited. She washed her mouth and gargled afterwards. 'Damn morning sickness.' She thought. And Bruno wasn't even there to comfort her. She sighed. Tears started to roll down her cheeks. She felt so lonely, so sad, so alone.  But she had to be understanding. She had to be strong for the babies. Alegria sniffed and touched her tummy. "Mommy just got emotional, don't worry. I'll be a strong, understanding, responsible and a caring wife and mommy to ya'll." She smiled.

She suddenly remembered something. "Strawberries.." She took the strawberries out of the freezer and she melted the chocolate. She ate some strawberries while she waited for the chocolate to melt. The chocolate melted after a few minutes, and there were only five strawberries left. "Aww.. Noooo.. This sucks." Alegria dipped a strawberry on the chocolate and ate it while she walked towards their bedroom and took her phone. She called Gabby and he picked up after a few rings.

"Hello?" Alegria said.

"Good morning Alex.. What's up?"

"Are you free right now?"

"Well, yeah. Kinda. Why? Do you want me to visit you?"

"Yep. And you better bring lots of strawberries or you'll be decapitated. Understand?" Alegria ordered Gabby like he was her servant.

Gabby chuckled. "Yes, my lady. I'll come as soon as I can. I don't wanna lose my good-looking face."

"Okay. Bye. See you later." Alegria said as she hung up.

She smiled and she decided to get ready while Gabby was on the way to her house. So she brushed her teeth, took a bath and got dressed. She dried her hair, and tied it in a bun. She went straight to the dining table to continue eating strawberries dipped in chocolate. She ate them all up. She got bored so she turned her laptop on and surfed the net. She went to her facebook account, twitter, then to youtube. She was searching some Japanese songs when she saw this Korean girl group, Girls' Generation.

"Hmm.. They're pretty." Alegria clicked their "Run Devil Run Japanese Version" Music Video and watched it.

"Wooww..." Alegria said as she watched the video. "Oh my God.. Their voice is sex! And the lyrics of the song is good too!" Alegria said. She noticed a cute short-haired girl, and hell. She was hot. She also noticed a sexy, beautiful girl and so she searched the names of the members in google and looked at their individually-taken pictures. "So.. Taeyeon and Yuri eh? I love them!" Alegria said. She listened to more of their songs and she got mesmerized by their beauty. She saw all these dance versions of their songs, and she decided to learn the steps of one of their songs, Gee. The stepped seemed easy for Alegria, and she thought that the dance steps wouldn't be too bad for the babies, since they don't require large movements.

Alegria had dance lessons since she was in kindergarten. She went with Calyx and Gabby, their parents decided to take the three of them to dance lessons. Her dance partner was always Gabby. She just stopped having dance lessons in high school, when she focused on her piano recitals and competitions.

It took her just two hours to learn the steps, so she decided to memorize the lyrics and an hour after she learned it, Gabby arrived.

"Sorry I didn't come right away. I had to uh... Meet someone." Gabby said as he put the large paper bag full of strawberries.

"It's okay, at least you brought lots of strawberries." Alegria grinned. "Hey, do you know this girl group called Girls' Generation?" Alegria asked as she took one strawberry from the paper bag and ate it.

"Uhm.. No. Why'd you ask?" Gabby said.

"Well, you better get to know them 'cause they're freaking' cool and hot!" Alegria said, walking towards the living room and she sat down on the couch. Gabby followed.

She took her laptop and handed it to Gabby. "Here. Play this song when I'm ready." Alegria pointed the Gee video and stood a few meters away from

"What?" Gabby was confused.

"I'm gonna dance, and I want you to play the song for me, so I could get ready." Alegria grinned.

"Ohh.. Okay okay." Gabby smiled. "Alright. One, two, three, play." Gabby clicked the play button and Alegria started to sing and dance.

Gabby watched Alegria as she danced gracefully. The dance steps were cute, and so is Alegria. Her dress was like bouncing with her as she moved, which made her dance even cuter. Her voice was still powerful even though she was dancing. 'Why does she seem to be good at everything?' Gabby said to himself. The song was finished, and Alegria smiled at Gabby.

"Well? What do you think?" Alegria asked Gabby.

"Hmm.. Good, good. But I'm still better than you." Gabby bragged.

"Oh yeah? Then try learning this dance step and let's see if you dance better than me." Alegria crossed her arms.

Gabby chuckled, "No, I'm just kidding. Your good. You're still good." Gabby said, smiling at Alegria.

"Really?" Alegria's eyes sparkled.

"Yep. But why did you suddenly wanna dance? You're pregnant, you know. Did you even realize that while you were learning the steps?"

"Of course I did. I chose this song 'cause the steps are not too complicated for a pregnant woman." Alegria said as she sat beside Gabby. "Oh hey, can you help me buy some baby stuffs? Bruno's really busy, so I kinda have to do prenatal check ups and choosing and buying baby stuffs all by myself."

"Sure, sure. But you have to treat me to lunch." Gabby grinned.

"Hmm.. Okay. At least I don't have to pay for car fares." Alegria grinned.

"Well then, let's go." Gabby smiled at Alegria as she stood up.


"Uhm, miss, where are the baby clothes section?" Gabby asked.

"Oh, it's right here sir." The sales lady led Gabby to the baby clothes section.

Alegria followed. "Oh, you found it." Alegria smiled at Gabby.

"The sales lady helped me, actually." Gabby said.

"Wow, sir, your wife's really beautiful! I'm sure your baby will be as beautiful as she is! Oh, is it a girl, or a boy?" The sales lady asked enthusiastically.

Gabby and Alegria looked at each other and laughed. "She's not my wife.."

"Oh, I'm sorry about that.." The sales lady said.

"I'm having twins, a boy and a girl." Alegria grinned at the sales lady.

"Oh wow, congratulations ma'am! I'm sure they're gonna be good-looking babies, just like you!" The sales lady said.

"Thank you very much.." Alegria smiled at the sales lady.

The sales lady smiled back as she left.

Alegria remembered Bruno. 'Ahh.. It would've been better if Bruno was here.' Alegria said as she touched her tummy. She sighed and just searched for baby clothes.

They continued to shop for baby stuffs and ate lunch after. They went to Alegria's Ob-gyne for a check up and headed straight home.

"Ahh, my legs are aching.. We did a lot of walking in the mall.." Alegria said as she sat down.

Gabby took the panda bear stuff toy that they bought earlier. "I know I would sound gay if I said this, but this panda looks really cute." Gabby said, smiling at Alegria.

"Yeah.. I bought it 'cause it's really cute." Alegria said.

Gabby looked at the other stuff toys and baby stuffs and after a few minutes, Bruno arrived.

Bruno parked the car in the garage and walked towards the door. Alegria opened the door for Bruno. Bruno smiled at Alegria, then he noticed Gabby was also there, sitting at the couch. "Oh Bruno, you're home!" Alegria kissed Bruno's cheek. "Come here, you gotta take a look at the baby stuffs that we shopped earlier." Alegria said as she dragged him to the couch.

"This one here is for Caleb, and this is for Caryl. See? It's cute right?" Alegria smiled as she showed Bruno the baby clothes.

Bruno just smiled at Alegria as she continued talking. He was a bit hurt. He wanted to do all of these baby preparation stuffs with Alegria. Design the babies' room together, shop for baby stuffs together, do prenatal check ups with her, everything. But he can't give up his job. Bruno sighed and he stood up.

"Bruno?" Alegria looked at Bruno, confused.

"I'm.. I'm going to sleep. Good night." Bruno kissed Alegria's cheek and walked straight to their bedroom.

Alegria lookeda at Gabby. "What did I do?" Alegria's eyes turned red.

"You know Alex, I think I should go now." Gabby said as he stood up.

"O-okay.. Bye Gabby." Alegria said as she sniffed.

Gabby walked out of the house and drove his way home.

Alegria went to their bedroom and she saw Bruno sitting on the bed. She sat beside him and sighed. "Did I do something wrong?" Alegria asked.

"No, no.. I'm just.. Jealous. I wish I could do the shopping with you. But I'm really busy.. So I can't.. And it breaks my heart. Plus it's Gabby who went with you." Bruno said as he sighed.

"Bruno, I only asked Gabby to come with me because he's not busy. Danielle and Rose are working, Calyx is really busy too. And grandma and grandpa? You know that I would also be bored just staying in their house. Gabby was the only free person right now, and I felt alone. Of course I would call him to come visit me." Alegria explained.

"But Alex.. You could've just waited for me to be free. Then we would do that together." Bruno raised his voice.

"Bruno, I'm tired of waiting for you. I'm tired of just waiting here, all alone, doing nothing. Can't you at least understand how I feel, even just for once?" Alegria started to cry. But she sniffed and sighed and laid down. She turned her back to Bruno. "I'm tired. I wanna sleep." Alegria closed her eyes.

Bruno shook his head and he laid down. He looked at Alegria. And closed his eyes. 'I'm sorry..'


Bruno's always been busy. He always wasn't with Alegria when she went to her Ob-gyne for her prenatal check ups. He wasn't able to decorate the babies' room with Alegria. He wasn't able to celebrate Christmas with Alegria and her grandparents or even with his family. Alegria did everything all alone.

Six months have passed, and Alegria's tummy was already big. Bruno was on tour, and it's gonna be his last show. He told Alegria that he's gonna be home this morning.

Alegria waited and waited as she sat down on the couch. And she looked at the wall clock. "6:13pm.." She sighed. 'He always breaks his promises.' Alegria said to herself. She felt one of the babies kick, and she smiled. She gently touched her tummy. "You both are excited too, right? Don't worry, Daddy will be home soon." Alegria said. Then she felt them kicking her tummy, really hard. "Oww.." She felt something wet, and she looked at the couch. "Pee?" Alegria said. 'Oh no..' Then the twins kicked again. "Owww.. Owww.." Alegria said as she stood up and walked towards the table to get her phone. Then she saw blood on the floor, and her tummy ached even more. She dialled Bruno's number, but he didn't answer. She called him again and again, but he wasn't answering. The babies were going mad, kicking her tummy here and there.

"Ahh.. Oww... Owww!" Alegria's knees were weak. She fell to the floor.

She heard a car from outside. 'Bruno..' She said to herself. She gathered all her strength to shout as loud as she can. "Help!" The door opened, and it was Gabby.

"Alex?!" Gabby ran towards Alegria and carried her to his car. "I'll get you to the hospital right away! Just hang in there!" Gabby drove the car as fast as he can.