Chapter 30

20/03/2012 19:49

"What the fuck Ryan? What means you somehow lost her?" I yell into the phone. When I say that Bruno sits up staring at me. Then I hear a quiet giggling in the background. "Who is there giggling? It sounds like... Oh my god I can't believe...did you just prank me?!"

"Hahaha... Sorry Caro but you're out of bed now, aren't you?" Ryan breaks out in a laughter.

"Gosh Ry I almost had a heart attack..." I say my shock turning into relief.

"I knew that's the only way to get you guys out of it..."

"Oh my..." I shake my head and give Bruno the phone. "I can't with this guy..."

He takes the phone grinning. "Hey man why you upset my woman so much?" He says chilled and laughs when Ryan answers. "Oh really? Then blame yourself you douche you have to wait longer now cause I have to fuck her again to calm her down." And with that he hangs up and grins at me.

I just have to grin back. "Have I told you already today that I love you?"

He grabs my hips and pulls me close. "Yeah everytime you came?!" 

I laugh. "Oh god that doesn't count!!!" I press my lips on his and he pulls me down onto the bed so that I fall on him. I run my fingers through his hair my eyes following my hand and end up staring into his eyes. "I love you." 

"I love you too." He kisses me softly when the phone rings again but this time it's his. He sighs and grabs it. "Ry... looks like we really have to go now." He answers it and I stand up. He does so too. I gather all my clothes and put them on before I go into the bathroom fixing myself. After some time he comes and leans on the door frame. "You ready?" I nod. "Fine. Then let's go. They're at Bixby."

I step to him and give him a peck. "Alright. Let's go."

"Oh and you owe Ryan 400 bucks, your niece was in shopping mood..." He says flatly while turning around.

"What?" I say shocked.

He starts laughing. "Baby don't let us fool you all the time."

I slap the back of his head. "Jerk." I say before we head out the door both laughing.  


"You know what if she really got lost? She wouldn't have even known my address... I think I'll get her a phone and one of these prepaid numbers. I just hope she doesn't give the numbers to more of these guys..." I say while we're driving to the mall.

"What guys?" He asks me.

"Oh yeah I haven't told you yet. Yesterday on the beach she got in touch with this wannabe-rapper. His name is Tyler and she was so blown away from him... he performs at Long Beach every friday and she wants to go there to meet him again..." I roll with my eyes. "She got that crazy idea that she wanna lose her virginity here."

Bruno coughs. "What?"

"Yeah cause she want her first time being a special story... but hey don't let her know that I told you, ok!"

"Of course! And this Tyler should be the one?"

"I don't know. I hope not. I mean he was nice but... I don't know maybe I'm just worried. She's 16 now... the last years went by so fast... and now she's talking bout sex..." I shake my head. "This is crazy..."

"Yeah but..." Bruno starts replying when my phone rings and interrupts him. I grab it and answer.

"Hey Kenji." I greet him. "How you doin?"

"I'm okay..." 

"That doesn't sound good. What's wrong?"

"I... I... don't want to talk on the phone. Are you free tomorrow?"

"Hm yeah kinda my niece is here on vacation and I wanna take her sightseeing tomorrow. You know Hollywood, Santa Monica, Farmers Market... but you can come with us."

"Oh ok, if ya don't mind..."

"Of course not! I'm always happy to see you, Kenji! Just come around 10, we have a good breakfast and then head out. Ok?"

"Okay... Thanks!"

"Kenji stop it!"

"Ok. See ya tomorrow."

"Yeah til tomorrow. Bye."


I hang up and put my phone back in my purse. Then I turn to Bruno. "Sorry, so what did you say?"

He shrugs with his shoulders. "I forgot... So you gonna meet Kenji tomorrow?"

"Yes and? Do you have a problem with that?" He looks a bit pissed. 

"No... it's just I don't know this guy..."

"Bruno, please we had this already. He's a good old friend of mine. I don't know all those girls you work with and hang around at the studio as well..."

"Oh so you don't trust me?"

"Urgh." I sigh. "I DO trust you. I was just saying you meet people I don't know and I meet people you don't know that shouldn't be a problem..."

"I don't have a problem... I just wanna know who he is. I mean I'm not alone when I meet girls."

"Me either. Isabella is with us..."

He presses his lips. "Why can't you just tell me what was between you 2 in the past?"

"Gosh Bruno. There was nothing!" He looks at me shortly raising his eyebrow without saying anything. "Okay maaaayyybeee one or two times, but that's ages ago. Since then I was with Tony and now I'm with you. Plus he has a girlfriend..."

"So I was right, he fucked you." He looks satisfied. "I knew it. The way he hugged you..."

"Bruno stop now, ok. This is ridiculous."

"What if he still has feelings for you?"

I laugh. "Oh god he doesn't have feelings for me, except he likes me as a friend... He loves his girlfriend so much, well I think she just plays with him, but he loves her very very much. And now please stop that. The day was so nice..." I lean over to him giving him a kiss on his cheek and run my fingers through his hair. "Especially the last 2 hours... don't spoil this."

He smiles lightly. "Okay. I mean I'm the one fuckin you now and obviously you can't get enough of this..." He looks down on him and pointing all over his body. "So... you're right. Sorry. I'm not jealous anymore..."



"Ok. Fine." I take his hand and intertwine his fingers with mine. "I love you, Hawaiian lion." I say kissing his hand. I really do and he has no idea how much.


At the mall I buy a prepaid phone card for Isabella and after that we drive to Bruno's and he gives her his old phone.

"If you find any pics of naked girls on there just send them to me ok?" He jokes. 

"Oh you know how to take pics?" Isabella says back causing me to laugh. 

"Wha..." Bruno looks at me. "She's only here for 3 days and figured out that already? Hell is it so obvious?"

I giggle. "Maybe I told her, you know I like talking about you.."

"Oh." He steps to me turning on his seductive look. "Are you?"

"Hmhm." I answer nodding with my head and pressing my lips while he wraps his arms around my waiste and kisses me.

"Eeeewwww guys can u please don't do that in front of me?!" Isabella shrieks and turns her head in disgust.

We look at her and then at each other. Bruno raises his eyebrow and nods to her. I grin and nod back. We part and quickly run to her tickling her all over so that she's falling on the floor from all the laughter. She has no chance against us, so we stop and Bruno does a winner pose. I laugh so hard and have to hold my stomach when it starts to pain. Isa slowly stands up still laughing. After we all calmed down we drive back to my apartment. Bruno comes with us although he has to go to the studio tomorrow and he has to sleep on the couch cause Isa and me are sleeping in the bed. But he says he don't mind he wants it cause it's been a while we ate breakfast together. Of course I'm happy but isn't it strange he wants to do it that day when Kenji eats with us, too? Hm I put this thought in the back of my head. Being a bit jealous isn't bad, right?!


Isa and I almost wake up at the same time. While she has a shower I try to prepare breakfast as quiet as I can do because Bruno is still sleeping. I'm about to cut onions for the eggs when Bruno walks into the kitchen.

"Good morning." I say cheerfully.

"Morn..." He says still sleepy and sits down at the table. "Whatcha doing?"

"Preparing breakfast... it's 9.30 and Kenji comes at 10 and this girl is in the shower for 20 minutes already, so I started to do this before I just wait for her coming out..."

"You could have come to me cuddling..." He grins.

"Since when do you just cuddle?" I smirk at him and he looks pouty. "I didn't wanna wake you up..."

"I love to be waken up by you, with a kiss... sweetest thing ever." He smiles to me.

"Aaaawwww." I say and lean to him giving him a big kiss. "Wake up, baby."

"Paahhh now it's too late..." He says back and puts on his pouty lips again. 

I grin and continue cutting onions when Isabella walks out of the bathroom. "I'm finished." She yells and goes into the bedroom.

"Alright then it's my turn." I say and stand up. Bruno stands up too and follows me into the bathroom. "Erm what are you doing?"

"Piss and take a shower with you." He replies flatly.

"Ok the first thing you can do on your own ok and the second thing... NO!" I say while taking off my clothes and stepping into the shower.

"Oh com'on please. I promise I won't start anything." He responses standing at the toilet.

"Fuck, Bruno. Sit down! Or at least put up the toilet seat. This is so disgusting." I yell out of the shower.

He finishes and steps inside the shower as well. "Next time, babe."

"Erm I said no we don't shower together!" I say and try to shove him out of it again.

He laughs and doesn't move. Gosh, sometimes I hate to be a woman and not be so strong like men. "Com'on I said I won't start anything." He smirks and shoves me closer to the wall so that he stands under the water as well.

"Since when do we shower together and you don't start anything?" I raise my eyebrow and grab the shampoo starting to rub it into my hair.

"I love it when you do that." He says back ignoring what I said. "You look so sexy..."

I roll my eyes and do it extra sensual while biting my lips and closing my eyes, letting out some small moans.

"So who is now the one that starts something?" He asks and puts his hands on my head as well. He runs his fingers through my hair and it feels so good. I take the shampoo and put some of it in my hands and start to put it in his hair. This must look too funny when we both shampooing each others hair. After a while we start to kiss and so on and on.

We just stepped out of the shower when the doorbell rings. I quickly put a towel around my body and head out. I push the door opener and say to Isabella she should talk to Kenji until I got changed. Then I walk into the bedroom where Bruno is already and puts on his pants.

"God Bruno why can't we simply shower without having sex?" I shake my head grinning.

"Cause you're too hot, babe." He grabs my towel and throws it on the bad. "Just look at you." He turns me around so that I face the mirror and steps behind me. His hands run over my breasts, stomach and thighs before he wraps his arms around my waist. "You're perfect, babe. I love you."

Smiling like a fool I can't say anything, except I love you too. I turn around and kiss him passionately. "I love you so much, Bruno. Please don't you ever change."

"I won't." He says back and we hug each other tight before we part and I get dressed.

When we go out of the bedroom Kenji and Isa sit at the couch. Kenji brought his guitar and plays a random melody on it. Isa just looks at him in awe and smiles big. This girl really needs some before she jumps on all my friends, I think and greet Kenji. Bruno does so too. I leave them and continue to make the breakfast while Bruno sits down and talks to Kenji. I smile to myself when I hear them soon talking about music and which bands are good right now. Luckily Bruno isn't jealous anymore because I think someone like Kenji fits perfectly in his band, it's like the missing piece. I know he doesn't goof around like all the other guys but he's a talented musician and has much experience.

After the breakfast Bruno leaves to the studio and Kenji, Isa and me head out too. We first drive to Santa Monica Pier. Of course Isa wants to ride with the rollercoaster and off she runs. That's good though, then I can talk to Kenji one-on-one.

"So Kenji what's up? Yesterday on the phone you sounded like something is wrong..."

"Yeah... Maja is pregnant." A small smile escapes his mouth when he says it. 

I smile too. "Really? Wow congrats! I know you want that now for a while and she finally is okay with it... that's great! But why don't you look so happy about it..."

He bites his lip and stares out to the ocean. "Caro I love her so much and all I ever wanted is being with her, marry her, having kids... a family..." He freezes and almost tears up.

I step towards him and put my hand on his shoulder. "Yeah, Kenji and now you get this... she's pregnant..."

He kicks with his feet against the wooden beam and then leans his ellbow on it putting his face into his palms.

I've never seen him hitting something or someone he really must be upset. I put my hand on his back and stroke over it. "Kenji? What is wrong?"

He doesn't move for a while then turns his head towards me. I see a single tear running down his face. "I.. She.. She isn't sure if I'm the father..." He says and puts his face back into his palms.

Oh no! I kill that bitch! I think to myself while my hand keeps on stroking his back. I don't say anything because I know nothing could make him feel better now...