Chapter 31-33

01/11/2011 21:20

Chapter 31

I take my raybans off and introduce myself “hi, I’m Bruno” “hi Bruno” she says with a smile. She’s breathtaking. The other guys introduce them selves, to be honest. I forgot that they were even here. “you’re here to work with the sugababes right? I’m working on my own project upstairs but I’ll try to pop in at some point, see you guys later” and with that she’s gone. Her accent is kinda hard to understand but she seems nice. I snap out of it. What am I doing!? I can’t lose what I have with Lex. I can’t cheat on another girl. Not again. We speak to the receptionist and we make our way up to the studio. After about an hour or so of working with the sugababes Roxy walks back in. “Hey guys” and she sits next to me. I wish she wouldn’t. I don’t need her tempting me. “how much work have you gotten done then?” she asks. “quite a lot actually, you wanna hear it?” Phil responds. “play it for me” Phil plays the demo that we’ve been working on. I watch her rise up from the seat and slowly she starts to move her hips to the rhythm. It’s memorising and I feel like I could just watch her for hours. “Come Bruno. Dance with me?” she calls. I go to get up but I feel a hand weigh me down. It’s Phil. He gives me a disapproving look and I know not to get up. “I don’t really dance” I say. I lied. “come on, you sure?” “Mmmhmmm” “awwwh well you can just watch me then” and I do just that. We sit and talk for about an hour with everyone until the sugababes decide to leave and it’s just me, Ari, Phil and Roxy. After talking with Roxy, I discover that we have absolutely nothing in common. Phew. I know Lexii is the one for me. I sigh. I haven’t spoken to her in a while. I pick up my phone, dial, let it ring and wait for her to call back. “that’s strange, why did you do that?” Roxy asks. “it’s so she gets charged and I don’t” I can’t look at Roxy while I’m on the phone to Lex, so I decide to put my raybans on. “fuck me you look hot in those!” Oh shit. That’s exactly the reaction Lex had, although she wasn’t as blunt. When I don’t reply she asks “how much were they?” “no idea. My girlfriend got them for me” it felt good to acknowledge the fact that I have a girlfriend. At that point my phone rings, it’s Lex!! “hey baby, I miss you so much, I cant handle it anymore, I’m thinking stuff that I shouldn’t even be thinking, I can’t take it anymore ” I blurt out at her. “Bruno calm down, close your eyes and take deep breaths. I have good news” “what news!?” “are you calm?” “yes yes I’m calm. Now what is it!?” “Jaq is letting me come out to London for a week!!” “Are you serious!? Baby that’s amazing!! When are you here??” “my flight is in three days!” “I can’t even describe how I’m feeling right now” and it’s true. I can’t. “so you can’t describe how you’re feeling?” “no, I can’t….” she’s getting at something “then tell me what you’re gonna do to me when I get there then” Oh shit. She wants to do phone sex now!? “baby, I’m around people, it’s not appropriate for me to do this now” “whisper it” I say the first thing that comes to mind “Erm, I’m gonna fuck your brains out” “is that the best you could do!?” “I’ll do better later when I’m alone. I promise” “Ok baby, I’ll talk to you later then. Alone” “I love you Lex. Don’t forget that” “I love you too” and we hang up. Roxy gets some alcohol and I celebrate the fact that Lex is coming in three days. We all get drunk. Very. Very. Drunk. I shouldn’t have let what happened next happen. But I did…….

Chapter 32

Phil gets wasted! So Ari decides to take him back to the hotel, and im not completly with it either, I get up to go with them until “Bruno, I need you to sign a few things for the studio, they gave it to me earlier but I only remembered now” Roxy says. “sure, Ari you take Phil and I’ll meet you back at the hotel when I’m done” what could the harm be in me staying to sign a few papers? “Bruno let’s finish this bottle of Jack Daniels first shall we?” “no I really shouldn’t” but she pours me a huge glass anyway. “get that down you” “you not gonna join me?” I ask. “I’ll do anything you want me too” oh shit. She pours herself glass and starts to take small sips. “is it getting hot in here or something?” she says as she removes her cardigan revealing a lacy black thin blouse underneath. Without thinking I take a huge gulp of my whiskey. I shouldn’t have done that. I feel really light headed now. “Bruno, are you not hot? Feel free to take your shirt off. The aircon is fucked in here” “no I’m fine” I manage to get out. I need to get out of here but I can’t seem to get out of my seat, I’m drunk as shit!! I don’t know why. But I continue drinking….. We get so drunk that I can’t even walk anymore so I just flop in to a chair and stay there. As Roxy’s walking she trips up on something and falls straight in to my lap, she’s now straddling me. So what? Theirs nothing wrong in this. We both laugh uncontrollably but she doesn’t make a move to get up. Shit. Now I’m worried. With the music still playing she slowly starts to hum a gentle yet sensual melody. She’s looking in to my eyes but my eyes are fixated somewhere else. Her chest. She realises that’s where I’m staring and she slowly starts to undo the thin blouse she’s wearing, I don’t object. Why am I not objecting? Alcohol. She then undoes her clasp and throws her bra on the floor. As soon as her bra leaves her body my eyes immediately fly upwards and don’t look in that direction. I see nothing. Although I want to. Atleast I think I want to. Before I know what’s happening she starts to kiss my neck and rub herself against me. She’s not kissing my neck in the right place. It doesn’t feel right. She pushes her self up against me and I loose myself in her scent. I can’t think of anything but me and her now. She starts to grind her hips to the non existent music and my breathing increases. She starts to kiss my neck again and works her way down my chest to the waistband of my jeans. She doesn’t hesitate, she undoes my belt and pulls my trousers down. She stops just staring at my boxers. Why is she stopping? In a hushed voice she whispers “babe, couldn’t you get hard for me? No problem. I’ll help you with that” she’s right. I’m not hard, that’s weird, I was always hard when I was with Lex. Oh my God. What am I doing? Or should I say was what am I letting her do!? She pulls me out and starts doing something down their but I really don’t feel anything. She’s no way near as good as Lexii is. I push her off me, fix my self and run out the door. I run down the street still in shock of what just happened. I collapse on a pavement, close my eyes. And pass out to the sounds of my tears falling. I don’t deserve her. Never have. Never will. But I know I’m madly in love with her. Fuck.

Chapter 33

My flight’s in a couple of hours and I can’t wait to see my baby. I miss Bruno so much. I wonder if he misses me? Of course he does. I’ve never trusted anyone so much in my life, I want him, I need him in my life. Without him. I’m incomplete…With only a few hours to spare before I need to leave I remember what I said I’d do for Bruno. Take a sexy picture for him, something to remind him of me. Something so he doesn’t forget me in London……

I decide to surprise him, he’ll like that. I mean he knows I’m supposedly coming in 3 days. But he doesn’t know that I’m gonna arrive earlier than what I said. I’m leaving today. I plan to hide in his room and wait for him. Before I leave I send him the picture I just took of me and leave for London.

I arrive in London and instantly get in a taxi and go to his hotel. It’s about 11pm so he should be inside, but when I get up there he’s not there. He must be staying late or something. No big deal. Ok, it is a big deal, I miss him so damn much and I just wanna be in his arms. Sadly I have to wait here like a fool. I hear laughing coming from the connected room next door. Sounds like Phil and Ari. Bruno must be with them!! I open the connecting door and the smell of alcohol smacks me in the face, I say “fuck me you got wasted!” “actually, I’m fine, but Phil on the otherhand…….although I’d still fuck you if you wanted” “I’ll pass. I don’t think my boyfriend would appreciate it if I cheated on him” Ari and Phil both look at eachother. Why? “why did you both look at eachother like that?” “like what?” Phil splutters out in his drunken state. “Guys, where’s Bruno?” why am

I starting to get scared? I don’t like this. “Lex, calm down, Brunos at the studio signing some papers and shit. He’ll be back soon” Ari says ad he tries to calm me down. He’s right. I need to stop over reacting. “Roxy is fooiiinneeeee, I bet Brunos tapping that ass!!” Phil says before Ari whacks him to shut him up. “Wait. What!? Who the fuck is Roxy and why is my boyfriend alone with her this late. AND WHY IS HE ALONE WITH HER!?” my breathing increases. I start to hyperventilate. No. Wait. I trust Bruno. I trust that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt me like that. “Lex. Are you ok?” and I feel Aris hand on me. “Ari. What do you think is happening over there right now?” I say in a calm defeated voice as I sit on the bed. Ari joins me. “Lex, to be honest. I don’t know. Honestly. Brunos cheated in the past before. He would have cheated with you too if you hadn’t had made him breakup with Emma. But like I said. I don’t know because I know how much Bruno loves you and cares for you. The guys crazy about you Lex” I don’t know how to feel with what Ari just said. What should I do? Should I go to the studio and see that he really is signing papers? Or should I go and see Bruno having sex with her. In the studio. The place where I first met Bruno. The place where I first fell in love with him. His voice. His spirit. His passion for music. The sacred place where we first made love. I can’t. I can’t just sit here and worry. I need to go to the studio. I get up and I just go……

I know exactly where the studio is because I’ve used it so many times before. When I get inside all the lights are turned off. But luckily because I’m head of the L.A studios. I have a key to this studio too. I let myself in. Seems like I’m the only person here until “can I help you?” FUCK. She scared the shit out of me! And she reeks of alcohol “erm. I was just looking for someone” “I can help. I know everyone here” “I was looking for someone called Bruno” “Fuccckk me. Bruno is SEXY! I can see why you want him” she says with a wink. What the hell!! Unless “what’s your name?” “Roxy” I play along. “so Bruno is hot yeah?” “he’s so fuckable! I wouldn’t mind doing him” “hmmmm I bet sex in the studio would be great ehh” “fuck yes!! He’s here for a whole month so I might try my chances” Like fuck you will bitch! “yeah I bet you’ll try your chances, so is he here?” “no, he was. But he ran out. He must not have liked it or something. Maybe he’s gay…….” she says as she walks out the door. “WAIT!! What did you mean he didn’t like it!? Like what?” oh my God. I don’t like the sound of it at all. Breath Lex. Just breath.

Then it hits me! CCTV. I run as fast as I can to the main studio that they’d work in. All the passwords for these computers are the same so I easily log in. I find todays session and I press fast forward and watch their day speeding on the screen. Ok. So I see them enter, I smile like a fool when I see Bruno. He’s wearing his RayBans and he looks so damn fine. Ok, and theirs Roxy. Ew. Then I see him working with the sugababes, they leave and it’s just the four of them. Plus alcohol. Fuck.

I watch them get wasted! I wish Bruno wouldn’t drink this much. Now it’s just Bruno and Roxy. Wait. THE FUCK!? issue dancing for him!? And why is he just watching her? Fuck my life. I try to hold back the tears. I need to watch the rest of this but I can’t bring myself to do it. The video turns off by itself and I feel a hand on my shoulder. “Bruno?”