Chapter 31-34

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We were sat in the hospital corridor for about fifteen minutes waiting to see what was going on. The whole time my heart was pounding and my mom didn’t stop crying it made my heart break to see her like that. I just sat there listening to the sound of the defibrillator going and going. Was it never going to stop? I just paced the corridor over and over again. I couldn’t sit still. I was too anxious of what was going on with my dad. On one of my ways back down the corridor near where Bruno was sat he grabbed me and took me into his arms. 

“Babe. Please relax. It’s going to be fine I just know it.” He muttered into my ear.
He sat back down and I sat on his knee. People that were in the hospital were starting to recognize Bruno now and they started to ask for picture and autographs but for once Bruno said no. He never says no. Why would he do that? When they left he just placed his arms around my middle and squeezed me tightly.

“Why wouldn’t you get your picture taken Bru?” I asked him.

“Mel, I really don’t want to get up from here and I look like shit. No one likes to see me when I look shitty.” He replied.

I just said, “To me you’re beautiful all of the time.”

Before he could reply the door to room 305 opened and a doctor stepped out. Only now I realized that the sound of defibrillator had stopped. I stood up and moved closer to the doctor.

“So doc. Is he okay? Did he make it?” I asked him my voice shaking on my second question.

“He’s stable for now but he’s in a weak condition. He needs to rest. We’re worried about him and in his state if he gets any worse it could be quite easy for him to slip into a coma. So we advise that visiting hours are restricted from now on. Just until he’s a little better to cope with things.” I felt my heart beat faster as he said we couldn’t see him right now.

“Thank you doctor.” Bruno said when I didn’t reply.

It felt like it was all my fault. I put too much on him too soon. Jasper dying just sent him over the edge. It was all my fault. It was. I shouldn’t have done it. Because of me my dad could possibly go into a coma.

“It’s all my fault.” I muttered under my breath.

“What Mel?” Bruno asked.

“It’s all my fault.” I repeated a little louder this time.

My mom came over to my side and spun me around to face her.
“Don’t you dare blame this on yourself Melanie. You were so happy before you came here, the happiest I’ve seen you in years and I believe that it is all down to Bruno. You’re getting married and you’re having a baby. I couldn’t be any more proud of you Melanie. Your dad reacting like that was a given. You knew he always had a soft spot for Jasper. He was just shocked. He’s going to be fine. I can feelt it.” She said to me looking me in the eyes, but she seemed distant. I felt so sorry for my mom I can’t begin to imagine what she was going through. I know how I would feel if it was Bruno in that position. I was dragged from my thoughts by something hitting the inside of my stomach.

“Ooh.” I gasped.

“What’s wrong?” Bruno asked me with concern on his face.

“I think the baby just kicked!” I replied, my face lighting up with excitement.

I felt the same hitting from the inside several more times to confirm my theory. My hands flew to my stomach as I felt it.
“Bruno the baby’s going crazy!” I shrieked.

I grabbed his hand and put it to my stomach.

“I can’t feel anything.” He said.

“Just try talking to it,” I said, “They love the sound of their parents voice.”

Instead he started singing ‘Just the way you are’ to my bump with both of his hands on it. I seen my mom edge closer from curiosity. When he reached the chorus the baby kicked twice.

“Oh my god!” Bruno exclaimed and the baby kicked again.

“He loves your singing bru-bru!” I said, “Keep going!”

This carried on for about five minutes and my face was aching from smiling. I’m sure Bruno was too, he was smiling so broadly now like the proudest person on the planet.

I took his hands from my stomach and placed them around my waist. I looked up into his eyes and put my hand on his cheeks.

“I love you Petey.” I said.

“I love you too Mellie.” He replied.

Right now. This moment was perfect. This is what I wanted.


5 months later and I felt like I was ready to pop. Things had gone so much better. Me and Bruno flew back to L.A for Jasper’s funeral and it really was a beautiful service. Even though all of his lovers showed up, it was like a hookers convention. No time to make jokes Melanie. It was pretty funny though. My dad got better and he even came to the funeral as he could manage it. He’s starting to warm to Bruno a little now. They even went to a baseball game a few weeks back to do a little bonding. They’ve been on good terms since. My dads gave us his blessing and the clear to get married. The dates set. Were getting married in seven months time. August 13th 2012. The perfect date, it was the day my mom and dad got married. Bruno’s been really supportive throughout the pregnancy even though he has been away quite a bit touring and writing new material, he’s made every single doctors appointment as he thinks that it is crucial for him to attend every single one.

Right now we were headed to our engagement party. This one was organized by Presley, right here in L.A and all of the family were coming! I’m so excited and I think Bruno is too. I think he’s hiding something.

“What are you thinking about?” Bruno asked me as he glanced over to see me gazing out the window.

“Oh not much. Just the last few months and how we’ve progressed.” I replied.

“I know. I’m more excited for the next few months. And for this party. It’s gonna be sick.” He said.

We pulled up outside. Well on the dock.

“A boat. Really?” I asked him using a sarcastic tone in my voice.

“Please just be nice Mel. Pres has put a lot into this for us.” He replied.

We got out of the car and Bruno immediately reached for my hand. We walked onto the boat and Bruno put his arm around my waist as if to support me. It was a good job as I tripped slightly. 
“Thank you baby.” I said to him.

“No problem my lady,” He replied as he bent down to my now huge bump and kissed it several times, “Gotta keep my babies safe.”

Oh that was another thing. We were having twins. We only found out on our second baby scan and Bruno was so psyched about it. He wanted a boy and a girl, a boy so he could teach him how to play soccer and a girl so he could teach her the tricks of the trade as he believed that she would have a beautiful voice like her father.

“Come on then.” He said pulling me inside.

As we entered the room everyone in the room stood up and shouted, “CONGRATULATIONS!” and the room was filled with noises from party poppers and the snapping of pictures being taken.

“Oh my god.” I mumbled as literally everyone was here. I couldn’t believe it. I spotted my mom in the crowd. “MOM!” I shouted and awkwardly ran over to her and took her into the biggest hug ever. “I’ve missed you so much mom!” I said.

“I’ve missed you to Melanie.” She replied.

I heard a throat clear and I turned around to see who it was. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

It was Amrita with a gift in her hand.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” I asked her.

“Language Melanie.” I heard my dad say under his breath.

“I came to apologize for what happened that day at the house. I felt really bad, I guess I was just jealous of what you and Bruno had.” She replied.

Huh. She came to apologize did she? Ugh she really got under my skin!

“Umm Mel?” I heard Bruno ask and I looked towards him.

“What?” I asked him.

He just pointed to the floor where someone had spilled their drink. “Someone better clean that up!,” I said, “It’s hazardous!”

“Mel, it’s not a drink!” Bruno exclaimed.

I looked down at myself and I realized my legs were all wet.

“Shit I think my water just broke! It can’t be! There’s another month to go! No! No! No! It’s too early! It can’t be!” I was shouting at Bruno.

He put his hand under my elbow and guided me back towards the entrance he already had his cell in his hand calling the hospital.

“Dr Callaghan please.” He said into his cell.

He was silent whilst he waited for something on the other end.
“It’s happening.” Was all he said and I felt like crying.

My babies were coming and it was too early. I had a really bad feeling about this.

“It’s going to be fine Mel. I’m going to be by your side the whole way.” Bruno was saying to me but I barely heard what he was saying. The babies were coming and I was scared shitless.

Soon I was going to be a mom.

Oh my god.


Bruno’s POV

“Get these fucking babies out of me!” Mel was screaming. She was 5 hours into labor and her contractions were pretty close now. “I hate you Bruno! You did this to me!” She was screaming as she was getting another contraction.

“Okay Melanie, time to start pushing.” Dr Callaghan was saying.

“About fucking time.” Melanie was groaning, “Get your little ass over here Bruno!” She shouted at me and I did as she wished. She took my hand and squeezed it really hard, “Ow Mel. Please, I like my hand. That hurts!” I said to her.

She grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and pulled me closer. “You have no idea what pain is punk.” She said. Damn she was aggressive in child birth.

Another hour and a half later and I think Mel was getting pretty close. “We’ve got a head!” A midwife exclaimed, “Go on Melanie keep pushing!” She encouraged. Mel squeezed my hand again and again when she was pushing. She insisted on giving me some kind of pain. As I apparently ‘had no idea’.

“Come on Melanie, first ones almost out.” My heart skipped a beat when they said this, I was about to be a dad oh my god. I was interrupted from my thoughts by a loud wailing. I looked to where the midwife was and in her arms was a little baby.

I was a dad. I couldn’t believe it. Before I could see the baby they were rushing it off and wiping it down. I still didn’t even know the sex of my own baby. Damn it.

I was interrupted from my thoughts by Melanie pushing again and screaming. Suddenly the heart monitor machine that Melanie was hooked up to failed and I looked at her just as her eyes rolled back into her head.

“Melanie?” I asked her. Shit. Oh my god.

“We’ve got to get this baby out now, it’s going to have to be an emergency Caesarian.” The midwife was saying and the other midwives were rushing to her side with equipment.

“Someone help her!” I was screaming, “She’s out. Please, she’s not breathing. Her hearts stopped.” I was getting hysterical now.

No, not my Melanie. No this can’t be happening. Not now. I look to the midwife and she was cutting Melanie’s stomach open and moments later a blue baby was being pulled out of her stomach. This one I could see, it was a baby boy. Perfect.

“Take him!” She was saying, “We’ve got to save the mother!”

My heart was beating so fast I just didn’t know what to do. I felt Melanie slipping away from me and I still held her limp hand in me. I started to squeeze it hoping for some kind of response. Of course I didn’t get any. She had to be fine. She just had to.

“PLEASE!” I screamed at the top of my lungs.

This time the doctors paid attention and ran to Mel’s side. Straight away they started doing CPR and they injected something into her arm maybe it was Morphine.

I looked over to where the babies where and something caught my attention. They were still working on my baby boy. Pressing on it’s pale blue chest. It still wasn’t breathing. No please. This can’t happen again. We’ve already lost one baby in this lifetime, this just can’t happen no! The tears started to well up in my eyes as I turned to where the doctors were working on Mel now. I sighed with relief as I heard the beep of the heart monitor once more. My tears spilled over as I relief flooded my body.

They were still working on my baby boy, I started to fear for the worse. My tears were coming stronger now. I couldn’t lose him. He was so perfect. He looked just like Melanie. And he already had a head of hair just like me. I pictured the years we could have together, playing basketball, teaching him all I knew about music. The perfect son.

I was brought back to the present day by crying. The little blue baby was now a rosy pink color. I felt my entire body shiver as I seen that my son was breathing. He was alive. I had two children, my fiancee was alive and they were all healthy.

I couldn’t believe how lucky I was right now.


Melanie’s POV

“Can I see my babies now please?” I asked the midwife.

“Sure thing.” She replied and she walked out the door. I was hoping to get my babies.

Bruno was sat by my side, he hadn’t moved and inch.

“How are you feeling Mel?” He asked me when I looked into his eyes.

“I’m feeling better. How are feeling? Being a father and all.” I asked him, smiling at him when I said the last part.

“It’s amazing,” He beamed at me, “But I still haven’t managed to hold them yet,” He frowned slightly.

“Don’t worry Bruno. Neither have I. One boy and one girl. Exactly what we wanted.” I said and Bruno took my hand into his and kissed them softly.

“I know. It’s too perfect,” His eyes seemed distant, “I thought I’d lost you when you were in labor. I thought I wouldn’t see you again. And then the baby wasn’t breathing….”

He trailed off and I remembered that I had stopped breathing at some point during the labor. “Don’t worry Bru. I’m fine. And so is the baby. Oh. That reminds me. We have two nameless babies!” I exclaimed.

At this point the midwife had rejoined us in the room with a baby on each arm. I still hadn’t seen my babies. So I was shocked when I seen them and they had both already got a lot of hair on their little heads. I looked at Bruno. Definitely his children.

The midwife handed Bruno the little girl and the little boy to me. I looked down at the little boy in my arms and gasped. He was the double of Bruno. I couldn’t believe it.

“She’s looks just like you.” Bruno said kissing her on the forehead.

“Coincidentally he looks just like you.” I replied and Bruno looked up to meet my gaze.

“I think we should call her Faith.” Bruno said to me.

“Faith? Hmm. Yeah I like that Faith. She suits it.” I replied.

I looked down at the little boy in my arms and he squirmed and rubbed his nose with his tiny little hand. I placed my finger in his hand and he squeezed my finger. I felt so proud right now. Of both my children and Bruno. He came through all of this and he was still by my side as faithful as ever. I thought it over and I finally decided on a boys name I liked.

“Peter.” I said simply.

“What Melanie?” Bruno asked.

“No Peter. A name for the baby.” I replied.

“Peter?” Bruno said, “But I’m Peter?” He was joking with me now, I could tell.

“Yeah. He’s the double of you, same hair…” I looked down at my baby and his eyes were wide open staring straight into mine, “Your eyes. He’s definitely a Peter.”

Bruno stood up with Faith in his arms and bent over and kissed me on the lips. I craned my neck up so I could kiss him for longer.

“Thank you,” he said and he rested Faith in one arm and brushed his hand over Peter’s head, “Hey little Peter Junior.” He said.

“Oh please don’t say that!” I laughed.

“Why not?” He asked me.

“Just don’t okay.” I laughed back.

“Sure thing baby.” He smirked.

“Faith and Peter,” He said, “You know I’m so freaking happy right now. I’ve got my dream girl and now I have my dream children, life doesn’t get any better than this.”

“I know.” I breathed and leaned my head against Bruno’s shoulder. He moved closer and rested his head on top of mine. Childbirth was a tiring process and moments later I felt my eyes droop shut and before I knew it I was sleeping soundly.