Chapter 31-40

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Chapter 31

Evie felt something vibrate against her arm in early December. She glanced down at the phone seeing a text message from Bruno. Dana grabbed the phone from her side. ”Who the hell is this guy, I mean…really…he texts you at the weirdest times. is he Italian?”

”What do you mean, is he Italian?” Evie asked.

”He just told you you’re beautiful and I miss you in Italian.” Dana answered her.

”Ha…no. He’s not. And that’s all you need to know…” Evie answered.

”You’re so mysterious…” another classmate, Paul, told her.

”He’s a mysterious guy….I guess.” Evie answered.

”It’s kind of like you’re embarrassed about him…honestly..” another classmate, Gina told her. ”He didn’t come to the end of the year thing and he wasn’t at your mock trial…everyone else was there…”

”He’s just a busy guy. He wasn’t in town.” Evie answered.

”Because he’s Italian!” Dana told them.

”He’s definitely not Italian.” she answered becoming a bit upset at their prying. She flipped to a picture of them Lucy had taken in the apartment. ”Here…and don’t say anything.  Client confidentially…please.” she said handing Dana the phone.

”Holy shit! I thought he had a girlfriend…” Dana said.

”Um…yeah…so…” Evie tried to come up with an answer.

”He said she was kind of a hooch. That’s all I know.” Evie answered Dana.

”Oh..alright…and this has been him the whole semester?” Gina asked.

”Yeah…for the most part.” Evie answered.

”But the drugs..Geneva…that’s like…you…” Gina asked.

”We all makes mistakes. You have to see through that.” Evie answered.

”Yeah..but…” Gina was confused.

”It’s really just better that you don’t understand it. It’s really complicated and hard to understand. One day when he has more than five minutes to breath I’ll introduce y’all. But you have to promise not to freak out….Gina?” Evie asked her friend who had been known to be obsessed with all things popular culture.

”I can’t promise, but I’ll try my best.” Gina laughed.


Evie heard her phone ring as she started to pick Lucy up from the couch. Shoot..just wait a few minutes. She thought to herself feeling Lucy falling out of her arms. ”Mommmm…tell Bruno I miss him.” she told her mother.

”I will. Good night, Lu-boo.” Evie said covering up her daughter kissing her good night. ”Don’t let the bed bugs bite..” she said pushing her daughters feet under the blanket.  She walked out the room taking a hold of her phone.

”Hey babbbyyyy…I miss you. Call me if you can get away from your other boyfriend.” Oh god. School is my other boyfriend.  She picked up the phone and hit the button.

”Hey…my other boyfriend  and I got in a fight. He said that he was sick of all the bullshit I was writing about him…” Evie told him.

”Oh…see that’s the difference between the other boyfriend and me, Eve…I don’t care about the bullshit.”

”Bruno?” she asked him.


”Can we not talk in metaphors? I’m tired of thinking and not as quick as you are…” she told him.

”Yeah…but I thought you liked that…” he answered her.

”Not now, though, Bruno.” she yawned.

”You is almost over for the semester…” he answered her.

”And you know what else? You’re not going to be here at all during my break.” she sniffed pretending to be upset.

”I know, Evie…” Bruno told her.

”I wasn’t trying to make you feel bad, Bru.” she replied.

”But I  do feel bad. I knew this was going to be hard but I just want to be the best for you and I can’t do that because I can’t ever see you…” he admitted.

”Bruno…it’s okay…it really is..” she answered him.

”Evie…come to New York with me for New Year’s.” he blurted out.

”New York? Bruno…you’re performing and it’s New York for goodness sakes. It’s a big deal…you don’t need me there to be all distracting and shit.” she told him.

”No…come with…it’s only three days. The 30th to the 1st. You’ll be home by the second…”  he pleaded.

”I’ll think about it.” she responded. ”My other boyfriend might get upset”

”Tell your other boyfriend that it’s my turn to have you.” he laughed at her.

”Okay, Bruno.” she answered him.

”I can’t waaaittttt to seeeee yoooouuuuuu…” he sang to her.

”I can’t either….” she answered.


Bruno told Evie to invite a few of her friends to New York. She could only think of a handful of trustworthy people to bring with her that already knew about them- including Gina and her boyfriend John. Evie had to practically tie Gina’s hands behind her back as they walked up to the hotel that Bruno and his band were staying at. ”He’s over there…” Evie told everyone pointing her eyes to a corner of swanky leather couches where Bruno, Dre, Phil and a few other people sat…including a few girls. She could put a name to one face, but recognized the two other girls from his big party in October. She walked in front of her group catching his eyes. His eyes popped out not realizing that the conversation they had just had about her being close meant that she was standing right outside the door. He stood up walking past the girls that were surrounding him to embrace her. She grabbed him tightly feeling his warm body against her windblown body that had just come inside. She closed her eyes feeling his breath against her. She glanced at the girls sitting on either side of Bruno hearing them talking to each other. ”That’s the slut from the party…”


Chapter 32

Evie pulled him toward her body noticing that everyone’s attention had been diverted to something else. ”Who is that girl?” she asked him.

”It’s just Carrie. Don’t worry about her. She wouldn’t hurt a fly.” he told her.

”Bruno…” she paused looking at him. ”She keeps giving me dirty….like…you’re her boyfriend not mine.”

”She’s just a friend, Eve. She’s okay. Please don’t worry about it.” he told her. ”Don’t worry..” he repeated taking her hand pushing the girls out of the way for her to sit next to him. Carrie looked her up and down giving her a death stare. Evie tried her best to block it out as they sat there.

”Help me bring my stuff upstairs, Bru?” she asked him after a few minutes.

”Oh…yeah…” he said excusing himself. He pressed the elevator button opening the door for her. He let her step in first rolling her small suite case behind him.

”Lucy wanted to come so bad, B. She’s probably still crying.” Evie told him.

”I’ll make it up to her.” he told Evie leaning in toward her smelling her shirt.

”What are you doing?” she asked him watching his hand move toward the stop elevator button. She felt his lips against her neck moving her.

”Nothing…” he said pushing her against the wall kissing her so hard she was slightly shocked by his intensity.

”Bru…there’s a camera right there…” she said pointing up to a little circle in the corner.

”Let them watch us…” he whispered to her continuing to kiss her. She stopped kissing him pulling away from him.

”Just wait a few minutes…” she told him pressing the button again to go to the 12th floor. He sighed knowing he was being a jerk. She didn’t answer him. Shit. That was stupid. He thought to himself.

”Sorry.” he told her as they walked down the hallways to her room. She slipped the key in to the keycard thing hearing the door unlock. She held the door for him watching him put the suite case against the bed without saying anything. She threw her coat on top of the clothes grabbing him by the waist pressing herself into him.

”Where were we?” she asked smiling on his lips feeling him run his hands along her back reaching for her butt squeezing it making her jump. He never does that…She ran her fingers along his back reaching her arms up along his hair beginning to kiss his neck he reached around her back to take off the heavy cardigan she had on over a light cami.He pulled away from the kisses to look at her. He looked her up and down almost starting to laugh.”What?” she asked. He shook his head grabbing her waist again placing her on the bed lifting up the cami she had on creating a trail of kisses up to her bra. ”Oh….oh..Bruno…” she felt his hands move up to her chest holding her tightly yet carefully. She grabbed his shirt grasping it tightly as he continued to kiss her neck and collar bone. She moved her hands to his shirt pulling it off. ”Bru…oh….” she could feel the excitement in his body and the pent up warmth within her own body. He threw off his shirt moving down her stomach playing with the button on her jeans. He slid her jeans off her body slowly running his fingers along her thighs.

”Eve…shhh…” he whispered to her feeling her legs start to tense up and her breathing increase.

”I…oh…Bruno….” she looked over to the side of the room knowing that something would happen.

”What?” he asked her laying his head on her chest.

”I hear footsteps…” she answered him as they heard a knock on the door.

”Bruno….” they heard Carrie through the door. He jumped up grabbing his shirt throwing her his long sleeved plaid shirt to put on.

”Who the hell is she, Bruno? Don’t lie to me…please…” she said putting on the shirt over the bra she found on the floor.


Chapter 33

”Bruno…come on…” she jumped up blocking the door. ”We’ll be there in a minute, Carrie…” she told the door pushing Bruno to the chair near the table that had a fruit tray sitting on it. ”We’re gonna finish this fruit and then we’re gonna go talk to her.” she told him.

”Are you keeping me hostage?” he asked her.

”Yeah. Until you tell me about her…she was at the last thing we went to..Bruno..she hates me…” Evie told him.

”Geneva…” he pulled her on top of him. ”She is just a friend. I swear on this amazing watermelon…” he said taking a bite of the watermelon dripping some of the juice on her shirt making her give him an ugly face.

”Why does she look at me that way? No one else has ever looked at me like that. And I’ve met some pretty shitty people in my life…”

”Geneva…we dated way long ago…like…2005…it was like two dates. She told me I was an idiot…I’m not attracted to her at all…but we’re still friends. She’s a sweet girl. She’s probably just coming to tell us that they’re going to dinner…”

”You fucking dated her? Bruno! That’s like me bringing Sean with me…” she told him.

”It is not, baby….we went on two dates….like they were utter shit…we knew we wouldn’t be a good couple….”

”Bruno…that’s weird…” she told him.

”She’s like another sister. I promise you.” he said handing her a piece of fruit.

”I don’t need you to promise me anything Bruno…I trust you…but why does she hate me?” Evie asked.

”She does that to all the girls.” he answered her.

”She calls them sluts and whores?” she asked him. ”Because that’s what she called me not an hour ago…” Evie replied.

”She said that?” Bruno asked trying not to laugh.

”Bruno! I’m serious!” Evie responded.

”I’ll talk to her…she’s just really critical, Eve.” Bruno told her obviously not satisfying Evie’s need to understand Carrie.

”Whatever…” Evie said standing up slipping on her jeans opening door.

”Phil told me to come get you…” Carrie said glancing down the hallway seeing him walking down the hallway. ”We weren’t sure if you had died or something…” she said touching his now bare arm. She glanced at Evie wearing his shirt buttoned up. ”Oh…okay…” she started to blush. ”Y’all go ahead and finish that…” she said turning around trying to get away as fast as possible running into Phil.

”Oh….” Phil knew instantly what was going on. ”We were gonna go get something to eat. Y’all wanna come?” he asked.

”Yeah..let me get my coat…” Evie said going back into the hotel room forgetting that clothes were still all over the place. Oh my god…she thought to herself

”We’ll be downstairs…Evie your friends are waiting too.” Carrie told them.

”We’ll be down there in five minutes.” Bruno told them as the door started to close. She unbuttoned the shirt throwing it in his direction turning around to put on her shirt.  Shit. I keep fucking this up. Bruno thought to himself watching her face go from shock to sadness. ”Eve…come over here…” he held out his hand for her to come over to him. She took his hand wrapping his arms around her hugging her.

”It’s just harder than I thought.” she told him laying her head on his shoulder. He ran his fingers through her hair trying to comfort her.

”I know.” he answered her pulling away looking into her eyes. ”I’m sorry.” he said kissing her lightly.

”Thank you, Bruno…” she said leading him out of the room.


Evie sat toward the middle of the secluded table with Bruno on one side of her and Eric on another. She occasionally looked over at her friends talking to them about  random things. ”I need to pee..I’ll be right back..” she said between their salads and the main dish. She looked at Allison asking her with her eyes to go with her.

”Oh..I have to go too..” Allison told the table. They walked back to the bathroom stopping in front of the mirror. ”Oh my god! Eve! I hate her!”

”I know…I still don’t know if he’s telling me the truth…like why does she look at me that way? And at the party…like really…sure it was obvious but oh my god…” Evie said.

”The girl doesn’t even know you. I wouldn’t get upset…” Allison said.

”I can’t help but get upset. She’s obviously baggage that I have to deal with…” they heard the bathroom door open…Carrie and another girl, Nicole, looked the other two girls over like a slow motion scene in a teen drama.

”We need to talk…now.” Carrie told them.

”Umm..yeah we do.” Evie answered standing her ground.

”I know I was pretty mean. He told me I was a bitch. And I haven’t seen him for longer than 10 minutes since July. I had no idea he was actually dating you.” Carrie started to explain. ”You’re not the first person he’s done that with…” she paused waiting for Evie to figure out what she was saying.

”Oh..I had no doubt that I wasn’t.” Evie answered flatly.

”Just so you know.” Carrie answered. She started to turn around not really needing to go to the restroom. ”He likes you a lot though. He’s changed.”

”Wait what?” Evie asked. She might be a good ally….she thought.

”Yeah. He just..I don’t know. It’s good though.” Carrie answered. Nicole nodded her head in agreement.

”Are we okay?” Allison asked.

”I think so.” Carrie answered leading the four girls out of the bathroom.


Chapter 34

Evie sat down next to Bruno who was staring at her dinner plate. ”Well take a bite if you want to…geez.” she laughed at him as he held up his fork picking right at the middle of the chicken she had ordered. As he pulled away he leaned in to her ear.

”Did she say she was sorry?” he asked her. Evie nodded her head. But she didn’t mean it.

”Was it good?” she asked him.

”Yeah…but I know mine is better…here…” he said holding up a piece for her to taste.

”Oh…that is good..but I don’t know..this looks better…” she said reaching over taking food off of Allison’s plate. Allison instantly responded by taking a piece of food off her plate.

”How do you like, you stealer!?” she asked.

”I could go all night long.” Evie answered seductively.

”Oh my god!” Allison answered. ”You have already been around him for too long.”

”Umm…that’s what she said?” Bruno perked up to give his input. Ruben raised his hand up giving him a high five. Evie laughed at him finishing her meal leaning over to take his food every few minutes.

”Eve…which one was better?” he asked her.

”Ummm…” she started to talk with her mouth full. She pointed her fork to Ruben’s food. ”That one…” As they finished eating and talking Evie felt Bruno’s hand go on her leg clutching her thigh. He touched her gently making her feel all warm and fuzzy- something she hadn’t felt since he left before Thanksgiving. She put her hand on his knee making him jump. She watched his face go from shock to a smile as he continued to talk and laugh with Phil. Suddenly she heard her phone ring. Shoot. It’s Lucy..she heard the familiar ringtone letting go of Bruno. ”I’ll be right back.” she told them. Bruno turned around watching her walk out the door.

”Quit fucking my friend with your eyes, Bruno. Geez.” Gina told him.

Evie sat down on the edge of one of tables on the loud New York City street redialing her daughter.

”Mommmmaaaaa….when are you coming home?” Lucy asked.

”In two days, my love.”

”But mommmmm…I miss you. And dad isn’t fun. We haven’t done anything.” she told her.

”I thought you were going to go ice skating and go to the zoo?” she asked.

”He said that he couldn’t. Mama…all he’s doing is sleeping.” Lucy told him.

”Lucy…is Hector over there?” she asked about someone who used to bring Sean pot in college.

”Yeah…and they won’t let me play with the wii. I wanted to play Mario Kart. They’re playing that stupid game with the guns…” Lucy answered. This girl has no idea how much she knows..Evie thought to herself.

”Is Yaya there?” Evie asked. ”Let me talk to her…”  Evie heard her daughter yell for her grandmother.

”Yes Geneva?” she asked.

”Is he smoking again, Michelle?” Evie asked feeling someone come sit down next to her. She turned feeling Bruno put his coat around her.

”It’s cold..” he told her. She nodded her head looking at him concerned.

”I don’t think so…” Michelle answered.

”Michelle..he’s playing modern warfare all day and he didn’t take her skating like he promised. The last time he did that was the last time he was getting high every day. I don’t want to have to call Christina again..or even report it anonymously. It would just make things worse…” Evie explained.

”Geneva..there is absolutely no need to get upset about this. I’re dating a coke head.” Michelle answered her.

”No! No I am not. My mother will be picking Lucy up in a few minutes. Please get her things together.” Evie answered feeling someone take the phone from Michelle.

”Eve…get off your high horse. You’re being a fucking bitch. God damnit. We’ll go ice skating tomorrow.” Sean yelled at her.

”Please use a lower tone when you’re daughter is in the back.” Evie answered. She heard Lucy starting to cry making her want to cry. ”Sean…let me talk to Lucy…please…please…” she pleaded.

”Whatever. You’re going to be a bitch no matter what, Eve.” he handed Lucy the phone.

”Baby girl…shhhh. Don’t cry, please. I will be home as soon as I can…Mimi will come and get you in a few minutes, okay?” Evie said.

”Mommy…come quick…I miss you.” she cried.

”I will be there, sweet heart. It might be tomorrow, but I’ll be there…” Evie answered trying not to cry. Bruno hugged her tightly taking the phone from her. ”What are you doing?” she asked him.

”Lucy…” Bruno started to talk to her.

”Bruno!” she screamed.

”Lu-lu….do you remember that song I taught you?” he asked her.

”The one about sleeping?” she asked him.

”Yes..that one..”

”But Bruno…it’s still sunny outside…”

” mom also taught me a song to sing when I missed her when she was at work. And I sang that all the time…” he told her.

”What are the words to that one?” she asked him.  He started singing some random song that she knew his mother didn’t make up to her.

”Can you sing it back to me, Lucy?” he asked her. She returned the song. Bruno moved the phone over to Evie to hear her singing her heart out. She took the phone from him.

”Lucy…do you think if you sang that song until Mimi came that you would be better?” Evie asked.

”Mommy…I can do it.” she answered.

”Lucy…I love you. I think you can do it. I will see you in two days, okay baby girl?” Evie reassured her daughter.

”Can I talk to Bruno again?” Lucy asked.

”Of course…” Evie answered handing the phone back to Bruno.

”Bruno! When do you come over again? I want you to read me the funny story.” Lucy asked.

”Not for a while, Lucy…but you know what I’ll do for you?”

”What, what?” she asked.

”I will make you a cd of me reading it. Would that help you, Luc?” he asked.

”Yeah, yeah! And mom can bring it home with her?” she asked.

”Yes. She can bring it home with her.” he told her.

”I can’t wait!” Lucy screamed. Evie took the phone from Bruno’s hand again.

”Luc..I need to call Mimi and Bruno needs to go sing…I will see you in two days, okay?” she asked.

”Okay, mommy. I love you.” Lucy said hanging up the phone.

”Oh my god..Bruno…he’s high in the fucking house…” she said starting to dial her mother. ”Mom…I need you to go get Lucy. He’s doing it again..and I can’t have him  around her like that. I can’t…”

”Evie..I will go get her right now. Okay? I will call you when I have her in the car..okay?” she responded.

”How fast can you get there?” Evie asked.

”Give me 10 minutes.” Katie answered.

”Thank you mom.” Evie answered turning off the phone turning to Bruno who was watching her from the curb smoking a cigarette. ”I need one of those…”

”Eve…” he handed her the cigarette looking at her with concern in his eyes.”How many times has he done that? Why aren’t you calling Christina?”

”He does it when he can’t get any. I don’t think he’s gotten laid in months…and when he wants to get back at me/” she answered.

”What he can’t just go jerk off?” Bruno asked crassly.

”I don’t know, B. But that’s what he does. This isn’t the first time I’ve had to have my mom go get her.” she answered.

”Baby…I’m sorry you have to go through this…you deserve so much better.” he told her moving in closer to her throwing his cigarette butt on the street smushing it so it went out. She turned her face starting to cough.

”I never smoke..” she told him. He took the cigarette from her hand throwing it away.

”It’s a bad habit.” he told her kissing her cheek. ”You should probably stop.”

”Oh..yeah. I should stop?” she asked him.

”Okay..I should too, but it’s just so hard.” he answered her making her laugh through the tears that were coming down her cheek. ”You should probably stop crying too because it’s only 10 and we have the whole night ahead of us…” he said hearing her phone ring making them both jump.

” have her?” she asked picking up the phone.

”Yes, Geneva. She’s fine and with me and your dad.” she answered. ”Now, please. Have fun.” Katie answered.

”I’ll try mom.” Evie answered.

”And thank Bruno for us…because she’s singing that song like crazy.” Katie answered.

”I don’t think I would have been able to get her to stop crying without him, Mom.” she answered.

”He’s a keeper, sweetie.” Katie answered.

”I know. Give her a kiss for me, please.” Evie answered.

”I will. Good night, Evie.” Katie said hanging up the phone. Bruno looked at her as he stood up from the sidewalk holding out his hand for her. She took it being lifted up by his embrace. He grabbed her holding her tightly. He heard her sniff trying to hold back her tears.

”Don’t cry…please…don’t cry. He’s not worth it, Geneva. He never was.” he told her.

”Thank you, Bruno.” she said against his shoulder. ”That would have been a lot…” she was suddenly interrupted by someone clearing their throat behind them.

”We’re ready to go…” Nicole told them.


Chapter 35

Evie let go of Bruno walking back into the restaurant. Gina handed Evie her small purse as they walked out. Bruno grabbed her hand walking in the middle of the group. ”You look amazing tonight.” he told her. She smiled laying on his shoulder as they walked to their next destination only a few blocks away.

”I’ll be back after I kick ass…” Bruno told her watching her sit down next to Allison and Gina.

”She still fucking hates me..” Evie said looking at Carrie laughing with one of Bruno’s band members who she still couldn’t remember.

”I think you’re imagining things…” Ruben told her.

”Yeah? Why do you say that?” Evie asked.

”Dude…she’ll flirt with anything with a dick..” he said looking at her.

”You think so?” Evie asked.

”Yeah..I mean…yeah..for sure…” Ruben answered. I’d be worried…he thought to himself taking a sip of his drink. She tried to forget the nasty looking girl off to her side through the few drinks waiting for Bruno to perform. She watched him from above in the VIP section watching his passionate eyes and dedicated soul. Oh my god. He’s such a babe. She thought to herself watching his fingers and sweat. He looked up taking a deep breath before starting to play Grenade to wild applause. He winked at her and started to play. She looked over at Carrie who was also staring at Bruno. What the hell is she doing? Evie asked herself pushing herself out of the crowd she was standing with. Ugh. I don’t even know what to do with her. I have gotten angry at plenty of people..but she just rubs me the wrong way…

”Carrie…” Evie tapped her on the shoulder.

”Yes?” she turned sounding slightly perturbed by Evie’s interruption.

”Stay away from him. Please.” Evie said turning around to go back to her friends. She saw Carrie shake her head saying something under her breath. ”Excuse me?” Evie asked.

”I said you’re being a bitch.” Carrie answered her.

”I’m being a bitch? You’re the one going after my boyfriend. You had your chance. He didn’t pick you.” Evie told her trying to control her temper. I’m not going to yell, I’m not going to yell…

”You’re right. I did have my chance. I could have had better.” she snapped back.

”You’re not even worth it.” Evie said turning around to walk away for the final time running into Bruno as he walked up the stairs. ”Oh sorry…” she said looking up to him. He grabbed her by the waist holding onto his drink.

”What’s wrong?” he asked her.

”Her.” Eve said bluntly. ”I’m not…I don’t know…” Evie said not sure how to express herself. Bruno looked at her trying not to laugh again. He grabbed her face forcefully kissing her. He pulled away as she caught her breath.

”Forget about her.” Bruno told her.

”Umm..well after that I guess I have to.” she laughed walking with him to a couch where he sat his drink down taking her hand to dance with her. They lost themselves in the music feeling the music and the drinks. Suddenly, in the middle of the dance she felt Carrie push her way behind Bruno to dance with them. ”Fuck. Get away from him…” Evie yelled. ”Seriously. Go find another dick to jump all over. Calling me a slut..look at you…” she shouted over Bruno’s shoulder as he tried to keep them away from each other. He put his hand on her shoulder pushing her away as Dre held onto Carrie.

”Stop, Geneva. Jesus Christ. Come on. Let’s go…” he said dragging her away from the group to sit her down in a secluded part of the club.

”How can you not see what she’s doing! Bruno! Come on!” she yelled at him.

”Eve you’re stronger than that…I know you are. Don’t do anything like that…please.” he tried to calm her down. She shook her head at his attempt.

”I just..why is she like that?” Evie asked.

”I don’t know…” Bruno answered her. ”I don’t know.” he answered watching Carrie walk up toward them.

”I’m sorry,  Geneva.” Carrie said.

”Whatever.” Evie said standing up to go back to her friends.

”Carrie…you have to stop. I love her, not you.  Please. I don’t want to see you tomorrow.” Bruno responded walking past her.


Chapter 36

”Come on…let’s go…” Evie said standing up taking Bruno’s hand a few hours later. ”I’m tired…and I’m still on LA time…”  She pulled Bruno’s hand pulling him away.

”But only because everyone else is leaving…” he told her walking with the rest of their group. Evie turned around to see who was leaving with them glancing at Carrie who was listening to someone on the phone. I know she hasn’t done anything to me…but ugh. Just crawl in a hole and die..Evie continued to think to herself.

They walked through the hotel trying to be as quiet as possible. ”Shh…Eve…geez.” Bruno pushed her off to the side.

”You shhh.” she returned hearing Carrie’s conversation on the couch.

”She doesn’t know…I know. I will. Oh, you know it, baby.”

”I thought she wasn’t dating anyone?” Evie asked.

”Ummm…I don’t know, Geneva. Quit obsessing over her.” Bruno told her walking into his hotel room flopping on the bed.

”Come on…come and sleep with me.” he told her.

”But you’re not going to take off your hat?” she asked him.

”Naw. I’m good. Come on…” he said patting the bed.

”You might be able to sleep in your clothes but I can’t…” she responded taking off her dress revealing her pink strapless bra and matching panties.

”You know…” he said sitting up taking her by the waist. ”I don’t really think I need clothes either…”

”Bruno…just give me a shirt. I’m tired.” she replied turning around.

”Eve..if I keep giving you shirts I’m going to be out of shirts.”

”Oh calm down, Bruno Mars. You can afford more.” she rolled her eyes taking a plain grey shirt out of his suitcase throwing herself on him.

”I can live with that..” he answered kissing her on the head. ”Good night, Geneva.”


Evie felt Bruno put something next to her as the light started shining through the curtains of the room. ”Where are you going today?” she asked him.

”The studio. But I’ll be back. ” he answered kissing her on the head. ”Don’t sleep all day, Eve.”

”Ha..yeah right. I’m gonna sleep all day.” she looked up at him squinting through the daylight.

”Okay, fine. Sleep all day, but you’ll miss the amazing breakfast downstairs.

”You said amazing?” she asked sitting up

”It’s pretty amazing. Put on some pants and we can have a breakfast date.” he said throwing her a hat to cover up her hair.

”Oh, no, no, no. Not like this…” she said running to the bathroom to put her hair up and brush her teeth quickly.

”Eve…hurry up.  Ari’s going to come up here and get all up in my shit. I’m always late..” Bruno told her from the doorframe.

”Okay..okay…I’m  ready.” she responded walking out of the room wearing the same grey shirt and jeans with UGGs. He opened the door for her following behind her looking at her butt. ”Quit staring.” she laughed at him.

”Eve…” he stopped in the elevator. ”Thank you for coming. I really missed you.”

”I missed you too, Bruno.” she said holding onto him as they walked out of the elevator seeing several people at a big table.

”Well, thanks for coming…” Allison said looking at Evie through Bruno’s sunglasses that she had taken from his room.

”Good morning.” she said taking a sip of orange juice.

”Eve…” Gina looked at Evie with a concerned look. ”Can I talk to you?”

”Of course…” Evie answered looking at Gina pointing to an empty area.

”Like really…” Gina told her. They both stood up walking over to the empty area.

”Evie…I think Carrie knows Sean.” she told her.

”She knows Sean? Like how?” Evie asked.

”Like I think she’s trying to fuck everything up…” Gina answered.

”Well no shit she is…” Evie answered.

” she and Bruno were cool…but now Sean somehow..I don’t know. It’s weird.” Gina answered.

”What?” Evie asked.

”I heard her on the phone last night as we came back…she was talking about she doesn’t know. She almost hit me. I think it’s working.” Gina answered.

”Now that’s just not realistic…” Evie answered. ”Why would he even do that?” she paused for a second. ”No..why wouldn’t he do that? Damnit.”


Chapter 37

Evie felt Bruno walk up behind her as she finished her statement.”Eve…we’re going to go to the studio…here…go shopping.” he handed her a card with his name on it.

”Umm…no.” she told him.

”Take it. And buy whatever you want.” he told her pushing the card back her way. She gave him a hard stare indicating she didn’t want it.

”Shit..give me the card…” Gina said grabbing it. ”Let’s go shopping.”

”Eve…go with Carrie and Nicole, too. It will help y’all.” Bruno said leaning in to her to whisper something in her ear. ”Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.” She smiled at what he said taking the card from Gina.

About two hours later the girls walked down the street pointing at stores trying to figure out where they were going.  ”Carrie?” Evie walked behind everyone finding a moment to confront her new frenemy.

”Yes, Geneva?” she asked her.

”Do you know a guy named Sean Greene?” Evie asked.

”It doesn’t sound familiar…what does he look like?” Carrie asked.

”He’s like 6’2…black…kind of like a combination of Chris Brown and Omarion?” she tried to find a way to describe him so Carrie couldn’t find a way to forget that she knew him. ”I think that you might go to the gym he works at…”

” know I go to that gym? How?” Carrie asked.

”I saw one of your texts to Bruno last night.” Evie answered.

”You look in his phone? That’s not very cool. Do you not trust him?” Carrie asked.

”I was checking my e-mail on his phone. That was it.” Evie replied.

”Oh..well..I don’t know..when does this guy work there?” Carrie asked.

”He’s there most days..I think in the morning…but I don’t know.” Evie explained.

” he in the front? He’s a trainer though, right?” Carrie continued to ask.

”Honestly, Carrie..I don’t know. I just want a yes or no from you.” Evie turned on her previous lawyer practices.

”I think we’ve had a few sessions together.” Carrie answered.

”Did you know he has a daughter?” Evie  responded.

”He does? Oh my gosh. I bet she is the cutest darn thing in the world.” Carrie exclaimed.

”Yeah. She sure is…” Evie said pulling out her phone showing a picture of them at Disney.

” know him too? What a small world!” Carrie answered shocked.

”No bullshit, Carrie..what is going on with you and Sean?” Evie said stopping at the door to the store they were going into. ”Go ahead y’all. Carrie and I are in the middle of something.”

”Eve…he told me to keep an eye on you. That was it. I swear.” Carrie answered.

”That’s not like him….Carrie…what does he want you to do? I’m serious. He’s not a good guy.” Evie told her.

”Geneva…I don’t know what he wants. I know you heard me talking to him last night. I don’t know anything about the two of you. Shit, until a few days ago I didn’t know you two had dated..shit. I didn’t know you had a daughter. He clearly does not like Bruno. I mean he was talking about how he was a horrible guy and he didn’t want you around him and that you betrayed him by going to someone named Christina about Bruno…”

”Oh my fucking God, Carrie.” Evie said taking out her phone.

”Are you going to call him?” Carrie asked.

”Umm…yeah. But this is between Sean and me. Not you right now. I don’t want you to get in the middle of this. I am so sorry he drug you into this.” Evie said sitting down on a bench. ”Sean Michael Greene…what the fuck are you doing?” Evie screamed into the phone.

”Eve..your head isn’t in the right place right now….I don’t think I want to talk to you.” Sean mocked her.

”Shut the hell up, you asshole. What are you doing to me? I swear to God. I will call Christina right now. She will have your rights terminated so fast you won’t even know what hit you.” Evie told him in a horrible tone. Carrie started to walk away not knowing their past at all.

”Go ahead and tell her. Then I’ll tell her that you’ve been charged with assault against Carrie. And then you’ll have to answer to her.” Sean replied.

”What the hell are you talking about, Sean?” she asked him.

”I know you hit her last night.” Sean answered.

”I didn’t lay a god damn finger on your little spy, Sean.” Evie answered.

”It’s your word against her word, Eve.” he snapped back at her.

”Sean….” Evie calmed down. ”This has to stop. Why are you acting like this? What do you want?”

”Geneva…he’s not a good guy. You don’t need to be with him.” Sean answered her. ”Eve..I miss you…we can fix things.”

”Sean…you don’t know anything about him aside from the things you read. You’re only acting like this because I’ve dated someone longer than 2 weeks.” Evie answered him.

”Whatever, Eve. Just keep Christina out of this. You don’t want to know what’s coming if she gets involved.” Sean answered.

”Or what? What are you going to do, Sean? What?” she asked.

”Hell, Geneva. For you, your daughter and your pretty little coke head boyfriend.” Sean answered.


Chapter 38

Evie walked into the store seeing her friends holding up outrageously expensive clothing and laughing. Even Carrie and Nicole were laughing.

”Evie…is everything okay?” Allison asked.

”Yeah. It’s the same shit, different day.” Evie answered. ”I like this one…”

”Sean?” Allison asked glancing at Gina who then looked at Carrie.

”Yeah…but whatever. It’s New Year’s fucking Eve and we’re going to be in Times Square. I mean…I’m not letting him the satisfaction.” Evie answered picking up more clothing to try on. ”This is 2 thousand dollars? He better not have a limit on this card…”

”I don’t think he does…” Carrie told her handing Evie the dress to try on.

”Well, if there’s no limit…new dresses for everyone!” Evie danced around the store handing the sales girl her dress to try on.


Bruno sat down next to Evie as she put on her fake eye lashes for the evening.

”Brunz…stop staring at me. You’re going to make me poke my eyes out…” she said turning to look at him holding eye lashes in one hand and the little tube of glue in another.

”You’d be hot with one eye…you’d be a pirate…” he said in a silly voice leaning down to kiss her. ”Tonight it going to be amazinnngggg.”

”Bruno…when are you going to be home again?” she asked him changing the subject.

”In February…” he told her walking back toward his clothes picking his ipod up from the floor. ”Eve…listen…” he said handing her his headphones.

”What am I listening to?” she asked him.

”Just listen…” he pressed the play button. She listened to his silly voice reciting the book that he had read to Lucy. She looked up at him trying not to cry.

”Oh my god, Bruno….” she said.

”She’s going to need it if I’m going to be gone all year.” he told her taking the head phones back from her. All year. All year…oh my god. I know it’s coming..but…oh my god…Evie thought to herself. ”Eve…what’s wrong?”

”It’s just that it hasn’t really sunk in yet…like you’re gone and then you’re back…but you’re going to be gone from March until June…that’s a long time…” she replied. Bruno took her hand lifting her up from her chair.

”It will go so fast you won’t even remember it come next New Year’s Eve…Eve…” he smiled at her hugging her tightly. He kissed her head leaning toward her ear. ”I love you.”

”I love you, too.” she responded not letting go of him holding on to the moment by holding on to the end of his leather jacket and smelling his hair. Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

”Go away, I’m fucking my girlfriend…” he yelled making Evie laugh uncontrollably. She opened the door to see Phil standing at door.

”Wow…that was quick. You even got dressed.” he answered.

”There was no fucking going on..”Evie answered sitting back down to finish her eye lashes.

”Bruno…we have an hour until we need to leave. I just figured I’d come by instead of Carrie or Nicole…” Phil said referencing the night before.

”Oh…thanks…” Evie answered. Fucking Sean…god. She thought to herself as she blinked to fix her eye lashes. ”There…” she stood up twirling around in her jeans and t-shirt. ”I need to go get dressed. I’ll see you later tonight, boo.” she kissed him quickly closing the door behind her.

”I like her, dude. She’s all firey and shit.” Phil told Bruno.

”I like her too.” he answered.


”Oh my god…look at all these famous people…” Evie said holding on to Allison.

”I know…it’s crazy…” Allison answered holding onto her drink.

”Oh..look..sushi..” Evie said pulling Allison and Gina toward the tray. As she made her way through the crowd she saw Bruno off to the side. She pretended to bump into him smiling at him. ”Fancy seeing you here, Mr. Mars.” He grabbed her by her waist kissing her on the cheek. ”It’s not 2011 yet, Bruno.”

”Doesn’t matter..I’m gonna kiss my girlfriend.” he said turning around to face her.

” got the skinny tie and everything…” she said taking a piece of his sushi. ”Mmmmm…delicious.”

”What’s delicious? The tie or the sushi?” he asked licking his lips.

”Both.” she answered seeing Eric come up behind them to drag Bruno to the stage.

”I’ll be back, sexy.” he winked at her holding onto his guitar starting to talk to the crowd.

”Holy shit…he’s so good.” Gina told Evie.

”Oh my god. I know he is. He has so much fun. He’s just..he’s like a 5 year old who gets all the candy they want on Halloween.” she laughed watching him look over to them. She started to blush. He smiled at her again turning back to the other side of the stage.  She got lost in her thoughts seeing him perform. As he finished up his set she was jolted back into the reality of the new year.

”Sorry it’s late…” he came up behind her looking at her like he was going to do something wrong or dangerous. He touched her face looking into her eyes trying not to laugh.

”What are you do….” his lips touched hers gently. She felt his smile against her lips as he dipped her toward the ground.

”I’d wait all year for another kiss like that.” she said pulling herself up toward his face.


Chapter 39

Evie sat on her couch talking to one of her friends on facebook wasting away the few days before the next semester was to start suddenly jolted out of her virtual reality by her phone ringing.Christina.”Oh…oh…okay…” she said to herself picking up the phone. ”Hello?”

”Ms. Wilson..I just wanted to call and give you an update on the background check.”

”What’s that?” Evie asked.

”Well, we have all the references and the other tests were all okay…so now we just have to wait for everything to come back and for it to clear.” Christina explained.

”…it could be soon?” Evie asked.

”Most likely not, though.” Christina answered. ”I would estimate maybe March or early April at the earliest.” Christina answered.

”Wow…why?” Evie asked.

”Just the way things work. They go through several steps.” Christina answered.

”Oh. Well, I guess I’ll have to accept that.” Evie answered.

”Aside from that I also wanted to check up on things. Are things with Mr. Greene improving?” Christina inquired. Shit. Shit. Shit. How do I deal with this? Evie thought to herself. Hell. What does he mean by that? Do I let it go or do I just tell her for Lucy’s safety…”Ms. Wilson?”

”Oh..I’m sorry. We did have an incident over New Year’s Eve…I cannot confirm it in anyway…so I don’t know..and I know once I tell you this will go down and it will change everything… scares me…” Evie told Christina what happened and that she had her mother pick up Lucy.

”You did the right thing. I am glad I know and we will go over there with the officers later today.” Christina answered. ”I mean…now…”

”Christina…if you find the stuff what is going to happen?” Evie asked. ”Please tell me you won’t arrest him.”

”Ms. Wilson..he will be arrested. There is no way around this.” Christina answered.

”Oh…okay…”Eve replied defeated.

”I know this will mean that we will be getting involved in your life again, Ms. Wilson. And I’m sorry for that.” Christina answered.

”Just please don’t tell him I called about it.” Evie answered. ”Please.” Evie almost started to cry.

”Ms. Wilson, these are always anonymous. So please be assured that there will be no mention of your name.” Christina responded.

”Thank you…” Evie said. ”Will you call me after you do the visit?” Evie asked.

”Yes ma’am.” Christina answered hanging up the phone.

Evie closed her eyes sighing heavily as she thought of what was going to happen. They’re going to find something. They’re going to arrest him. He knows it was me. Hell. What the fuck does that even mean? Oh my god…the thoughts continued to run through her head as she tried to clean the house and look through books for her first week of class. She glanced at her phone at the end of the room. It’s going to ring…it’s been hours since I talked to her..she stared at the phone suddenly realizing she needed to go pick Lucy up. She grabbed her purse, her shoes and keys running out the door.

”Lucy! Come on, let’s go to mimi’s for dinner!” Evie said to her daughter who was in a corner playing with her friends.

”Mom! I told them Bruno made a CD for me. They want to hear it!” she told her mother taking her hand as they walked out the door.

”Oh, Luc…I don’t think that’s a good idea. That’s a one of a kind thing. You should keep that at home.”

”But Moommmmmm…” Lucy cried.

”You can cry all you want, Lucy. The CD stays at home, okay?” Evie answered over her daughter’s cries. Throughout the cries she heard her phone start to ring. Without looking to see who it was she picked it up.

”Evvieeee….” she heard a cry into the phone.

”Stacey?” she asked.

”Aunt Stacey! I want to talk to her!” Lucy screamed stopping her tears.

”Luc…shhhh.” Evie yelled to the back of the car.

”Christina is here with the police. What did you do? What happened?” Stacey started to cry.

”What are they doing, Stacey?” Evie asked.

”Oh..oh…shit…”  Stacey gasped.

”What is happening?” Evie asked pulling into a parking spot.

”They found something….” Stacey answered. ”You should probably be over here…”

”Umm…” Evie wasn’t sure what to do. Stacey was the only level headed one in the family. She wasn’t at the house the night of the incident and was a perfect angel compared to everyone else in the family. ”I will be there soon.” Shit. I can’t take Lucy over there. I can’t…as she was thinking about what to do she saw Bianca walking past her building.

”Hey…Bianca…can I talk to you..please?” Lucy looked at her friend concerned.

”What’s going on chica?” she asked walking over with her kids. Evie opened the door to let Lucy out of the car watching her run off to the play area close to the mothers.

”I called Christina about something that happened over the holidays and now they’re arresting him. I need to go over there..” Evie told her.

”Don’t worry..we’ve got dinner all ready and having Lucy there won’t be a problem. You call me when you can come and get her…” Bianca said. Evie walked over to the playground with Bianca calling Lucy over to her.

”Lu-boo…come over here for a second..” Evie called her daughter. Lucy ran up to her mother giving her a hug.

”I love you, mommm…” she said kissing her mother on the cheek.

”I need to go run somewhere real quick, sweet heart. You’re going to stay here with Bianca and the kids…okay?” Evie asked her.

”Mommy…are you sad? Bruno will be home from Hamburger soon…” Lucy told her mom talking about his trip to Germany.

”Yes, Lucy..he’ll be home soon.” Evie answered.

”Okay…but don’t be sad mama. I’ll be okay.” Lucy told her mother.

”Okay, Lucy. I’ll be back.” Evie said hugging her daughter good bye waving to Bianca.

Evie got back in her car, turned up the radio and drove the fifteen minutes to Sean’s mother’s house to see several police cars and Christina’s signature red Ford Focus in the driveway. Before Evie could get out of the car she saw the door opened by a police officer. Right behind him was Sean with his head down. Evie got out of the car slowly to see what was going on.

”Wait..let me talk to her..” Sean said looking up at Evie. She walked up to the group keeping her distance. She stared right in his eyes not saying a word.

”You wanted to talk to me?” she asked.

”Eve…you’re a god damn fucking bitch who would do anything to ruin my life…” he took a few steps toward her. A police officer let go of Sean’s uncuffed hands to scratch his nose forgetting what he was doing for a moment just to see Sean’s hands lift up to her face hitting her in the nose with a small crack. Evie fell back toward the grass feeling herself lose her balance. She caught her footing within seconds shocked by what he had done. Holy shit. Owww. That fucking hurt. She thought touching her nose feeling blood coming down her face.  She felt another police officer catch her holding on to her.

”Holy shit!” Stacey came out of the house. ”Evie! Oh my god! Sean! What the fuck?” Sean was hurried away from the front of the house into the police car.

”What just happened?” Evie asked through her tears.

”Ms. Wilson..we need to get you to a hospital…” Christina came up to her.

”Call my mom…please…please…” Evie asked.

”I’ll call her.” Stacey said looking at Evie’s phone. Stacey called Katie telling her what happened. Katie said she would be at the hospital as soon as she could. Eve sat in Stacey’s car holding onto the gauze the police officers had given her to keep her nose from bleeding.

”Fuck…this hurts…” Evie told Stacey.

”I can’t believe he did that…’re phone is ringing…” Stacey said handing Evie the phone withHeartless playing.

”Bruno….” Evie got out in a shaky voice.

”Eve…I don’t even know what to say….Eve…” Bruno said to her in a sleepy voice.

”Bruno…it hurts..” she started to cry only wanting to hold onto him. ”Oww…”


Chapter 40

”Eve….” Bruno paused trying not to freak out. ”You’ll be okay. I know I can’t be there…” she started to cry even harder as Stacey led her into the hospital.

”I can’t do this…” she gasped. ”It…oh…”

”Baby…you can….I know you can…” he told her speaking softly almost melodically. He started to sing to her the same way he had sung to Lucy. She cracked a smile through her pain.

”I understand why Lucy feels better after talking to you.” she told him. ”I’ll be okay. I just wish you were here.”

”I know, Evie. I know…” he said sadly. ”I love you. You can do it.”

”I would just be easier…” she answered him taking a piece of paper her mother was holding. ”B…I have to go…” she reacted to people pulling her toward a room.

”I love you, Eve.” he told her.

”I love you, too.” she answered ending the call.


Bruno threw the phone on his pillow. ”Shit.” he looked up at his bandmates who were looking at him.

”Is she okay, bro?” Phil asked.

”No. I don’t think she is.” he answered.”But there’s really not much I can do.”

”You did the best you could do, Brunz.” Eric told him.

”I hope so.” he answered taking a sip of his orange juice.


Evie sat down on the bed watching the doctor come closer to her. ”Oh my god..what are you going to do? It hurts just looking at you…” Evie told the doctor.

”It will hurt. Hold on to your mom’s hand..” he told her looking at Katie. The doctor touched her nose and then ran his fingers along the small bruises below her eyes. ”It’s definitely broken.”

”What does that mean?” Katie asked.

”It means we need to schedule her for surgery…” the doctor answered.

”When? I have class next week. And how long will it take me to get better?” Evie asked getting upset.

”It will take some time…you will have to recover for about a week…you’ll need to have surgery as soon as possible. Tomorrow morning…” the doctor told her. ”If you wait it will set and you’ll have the chip..and it won’t heal right.”

”Oh my god.” Evie gasped. ”Oh…oh…owww…” she sniffed. ”I need someone to pick Lucy up from Bianca’s…”

”I’ll have your dad go get her. We’re staying here…and you’re resting…” Katie told her daughter wiping the tears off her face. ”Geneva..I know things are hard. I wish I could make it all go away like I used to for you. Like you do for Lucy…like Laura does for Bella..but Evie…this is something beyond your father and me…”

”Mom..I have to break up with him.” Evie told her mother.