Chapter 31 - The End :(

21/05/2011 19:56

Bruno looked at his phone. "Five missed calls.." Bruno said, worried.

"What's wrong Bruno?" Phredley asked.

"Nothing, Alegria just called five times, and I missed it." Bruno said.

"Five times? It must have been something important." Eric said, he was worried too. He knows Alegria's going to give birth soon.

"Yeah, you should call her. Besides, you didn't arrive at the time that she was expecting you to. So you also have to explain to her." Kenji said.

"Alright.." Bruno sighed as he dialled Alegria's number. Alegria picked up.

"Alex? Why did you call?" Bruno asked.

"No nothing, I just wanted to talk to you, that's all." Alex said. It sounded like she was upset.

"Come on Alex.. Don't be mad at me.. I'm gonna come home late 'cause we still had to attend raio interviews.." Bruno said.

Alegria didn't talk for a moment. She wanted to cry, but she can't show Bruno that she's weak. She just sighed and spoke again. "So those radio interviews are more important than me?"

"Alex, I'm sorry.. I promise, I'll--"

"Don't you ever promise something you can't do, Bruno. Please, I'm tired of those broken promises. If you can't come home because of those stupid interviews, then fine. Don't come home. I don't care." Alegria said.

"Alex, I.. Hello? Hello!" Bruno looked at his phone. 'She hung up..' He thought to himself. "If you don't want me to come home, fine. I don't care either." Bruno raised his voice. He was now angry at Alegria.

"What happened?" Jamareo asked.

"Ooohh.. Lover's quarrel.." Phil chuckled.

"Stop it Phil." Bruno glared at him,

Phil just bit his lip.

"Eric, I'm gonna be staying at your place for a few days." Bruno said.

"Well.. Okay.." Eric said. He knows something happened. He just didn't want to ask.


A week has passed, and Bruno now decided to come home. He was gonna apologize and he's ready for Alegria's complaints and nags about him when he comes home.

He bought flowers and chocolates for Alegria and he parked his car on the garage. He walked towards the door and breathed deep. Then he knocked. No one answered. He knocked again. Silence still answered. He twisted the door knob, and it was locked. He looked at the window, no one was there. 'Maybe she visited grandma and grandpa..' Bruno then went to his car and immediately drove to Alegria's grandparents' house. He knocked at the gate, and Alegria's grandmother opened it.

She smiled at Bruno, and Bruno smiled back. "Grandma, it's been a long time? How are you and grandpa?" Bruno said.

"Everything's just fine, child. Come in, come in, Gabby and Alegria are here with the babies. You should join them. They're in the living room" She said.

Bruno froze. "B-babies?" Bruno said, flabbergasted.

Alegria's grandmother gasped. "Ohh.. Right.. She didn't tell you.. She gave birth to the twins last week while you were away.."

Bruno then ran inside the house and towards the living room. He saw Alegria sitting on the couch with Gabby, they were both holding the babies. Alegria's grandfather stood at the back of the couch as he caressed the babies' cheeks. Alegria and Gabby looked at Alegria's grandfather, then at each other and they both smiled. Alegria noticed Bruno, and the smile on her face was gone.

Bruno smiled as he walked towards them, looking at the babies.

Alegria's grandfather stood infront of him. "Don't you dare come near my grand daughter's children." He said in a fierce way.

"But.. I wanna see them.. I'm their Daddy, and I have the right to come near them if I wanted to." Bruno said, almost crying.

"You didn't act like one when they still weren't born." Gabby raised his voice.

"I'm not talking to you so shut up." Bruno glared at Gabby.

"You are the one who should shut up! Gabby's been taking care of Alegria since day one, he was even about to leave and go back to the Philippines, but he missed his flight because Alegria was about to give birth. He was the one who brought Alegria to the hospital. And you, Where were you? You didn't even see her give birth to the twins!" Alegria's grandfather said.

"You didn't know she craved for strawberries when she was pregnant, you weren't there to comfort her when she suffered from morning sickness, you didn't see the twin's first kick, you didn't care for Alegria's feelings when she was left alone in your house, you weren't the one who cut the umbilical cord of the babies, and you weren't at the hospital to take care of her. Now, how will you be considered as their father when you didn't even put a single effort on taking care of her while she was pregnant with them?!" Gabby shouted. He knew how Alegria felt. He saw how Alegria suffered. He was always there for her. He never left.

"Maybe it was a wrong decision when I gave you my permission to marry my grand daughter." Alegria's grandfather said.

Bruno was speechless. Gabby and grandpa was right. He wasn't there when Alegria needed him the most. He looked at the Alegria.

Alegria silently cried. She tried to stop her tears, but she can't. The babies then cried with Alegria. "Shh.. Shh.. Don't cry.. Mommy's here.." Alegria said as she caressed their cheeks.

Bruno looked at the floor, and he saw his tears falling. He turned around and slowly walked away. Bruno's heart sank. He didn't even get to touch his babies.

"Wait.." Alegria said as she looked at Bruno. Bruno turned around and he looked at Alegria. Alegria looked at the babies, then at Bruno and smiled. She didn't even have to say a word. Bruno understood what she meant, so he ran towards them and he knelt infront of Alegria. She looked at the baby that Alegria was carrying and to the baby that Gabby was carrying then he looked at Alegria and smiled.

"This is Caryl and the baby that Gabby's carrying is Caleb." Alegria said, smiling at Bruno. "Caryl.. She looks a lot like you.." Alegria said.

Bruno just smiled as she caressed the twin's cheeks. "Shh.. Don't cry.. Daddy's here.. Shh.." The babies stopped crying the moment Bruno touched their cheeks. "They're Daddy's kids, alright." Bruno grinned.

Alegria chuckled as she looked at Bruno.

Bruno then looked at Caleb.. "Wow.. Caleb looks just like you.." Bruno said.

Alegria sniffed and sighed. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier.. I told everyone not to tell you about the twnis, cause I'm mad at you.."

"It's alright.. It's my fault.." Bruno caressed Alegria's cheeks. "I promise, I didn't spend much time with you and the kids.." Bruno smiled.



Bruno said as he kissed Alegria's lips.




"You promised that you would come to Caleb and Caryl's recital." Alegria raised her voice.

"But I can't.. We still have more songs to finish.. And I won't be able to come back home later.. My sched's hectic.. I'm sorry.." Bruno said as he kissed Alegria's cheeks.

"But Bruno, you've already missed a lot of their recitals! It's their first time to perform together, so you should come!" Alegria was not shouting.

"You know, just take a video of their performance and I promise, if I have free time, we would all watch it together." Bruno smiled and walked towards the dining table.

Alegria sighed as she rolled her eyes. 'Promise, promise, promise. Ughh..'

"It's okay Mom, Dad's busy. He's Bruno Mars, and we're his kids, so we understand. Right Caleb?“ Caryl said.

"Yeah, and he said we'd watch our performance all together, so it's okay." Caleb said.

"See? They said it's okay." Bruno grinned at Alegria.

"Dad, you should go now. You still have work to do." Caryl said.

"Aww.. Thanks princess, I promise guys, I'll make it up to you." Bruno kissed their cheeks and he took his jacket. He walked towards Alegria and kissed her lips. "I promise I'll be back as soon as I can tomorrow." He smiled and took his car keys and drove to the studio.

Alegria just sighed as she went to the dining table and sat down.

"I'm really disappointed with your Dad.. He promised that he'd come!" Alegria said.

"Don't worry mom, we understand. Daddy's busy. Besides, there are still lots of recitals to come. I'm sure he'd be able to attend even just one." Caryl said.

"Yeah, and it's not like we haven't been able to perform whenever he's not there. So it's okay mom." Caleb said.

Alegria sighed. Thank God her twins were understanding and patient. "You're right. I guess I would have to call your uncle Gabby to come pick us up." Alegria stood up and took her phone. She dialled Gabby's number and he picked up.

"Hello, Gabby?"

"What? He can't come?"

Alegria sighed. "Yeah.."

"See? I told you he wouldn't be able to come. I won the bet! Gimme me five bucks later."

Gabby was so happy that Alegria can already see his smile on the phone. "Alright alright.. I'll give the money to you later.. Uhm Gab, can you come pick us up now?"

"Sure, sure. I'm on my way."

"Thanks Gabby.. Bye.."


Alegria hung up. Then they started to prepare and after a few minutes, Gabby arrived. They drove to the theater where the recital will be held and they arrived after an hour.

"Alright kids, don't be nervous when you see the audience alright? You just have to look at me and breathe deep and smile." Alegria said. She was nervous for her twins' recital. It wasn't their first performance, but she was still nervous about it.

"It's okay Mom, we practiced a lot so there's nothing to worry about." Caleb said.

"Yeah, everything's gonna be just fine." Caryl said.

Alegria smiled. "Alright, alright. Now you go backstage and prepare now. Do your best, okay? Ganbatte!" Alegria grinned.

"Ne, ne.." They both said as they smiled and walked away.

Alegria then sat down with Gabby. "Ahh.. I'm nervous.. Will they be okay?" Alegria said as she rubber her chest.

"They will be. Caleb's a wonderful violinist and Caryl's a fantastic pianist so there's nothing to worry about." Gabby said, smiling.

"But it's their first time to perform together! What if they messed up?" Alegria said.

"They never messed up in any of their performances, so don't worry. Everything's gonna be fine." Gabby said.

Alegria smiled at him. "Alright, alright. Now, get the camera ready. It's about to start."

The lights on the audience were turned off and the spot light was focused on the stage. Alegria and Gabby walked towards the stage and the audience clapped. Then they started playing Mozart Violin Sonata K. 301 in G Major Movement 1.

Alegria smiled as they performed. Then she sighed. 'It would have been better if Bruno was here..' She said to herself. Their performance was finished and they clapped. Alegria stood up and clapped as hard as she can. Caryl and Caleb stood up and smiled as they bowed.


Bruno was excited to go home tonight. He bought gifts for Caryl and Caleb, and a bouquet of flowers for Alegria. He was going to surprise them.

His phone suddenly vibrated and he saw an unknown number. He picked it up. "Hello? Who is this?"

"You better come back home right away if you don't want your wife to be stolen by her closest friend."

'That voice..' Bruno knew who was talking."Chanel? What are you talking about?" Bruno said, confused. "Hello? Hello!" He looked at his phone, she already hung up. Bruno got nervous and he drove as fast as he can. After just a few minutes, he arrived at their house and he was surprised at what he saw.

Alegria and Gabby were in the garage, kissing each other. Bruno fumed and he immediately jumped out of his car. Alegria then saw Bruno coming, and she pulled away, her eyes wide open.

"Get off of my wife, you fucking asshole!" Bruno grabbed Gabby's collar and punched him.

"Bruno, stop!" Alegria said.

"You jerk! How dare you kiss my wife in my own house?! I'm going to rip you to pieces!!" Bruno said as he punched Gabby to the floor.

"Bruno, stop it!" Alegria tried to push Bruno away.

Bruno then looked at Alegria, and he stood up and slapped her in the face. "You fucking bitch! Don't you dare tell me what to do!" Bruno slapped Alegria again and pushed her to the floor.

"Mom! Dad!" Caleb ran towards them.

"Dad, stop it!" Caryl said as she followed Caleb.

"Stop! Bruno, let me explain! It's my fault! I confessed to her that I love her, but she rejected me, so I forcibly kissed her! She tried to pull away, but I pulled her closer!" Gabby said as he tried to stand up.

Alegria held her cheek. No one, not even her grandparents, ever tried to lay their hands on her. "No, Gabby. It's okay. I'm fine.. You don't have to explain. It's my fault anyway.." Alegria said as she cried. "This?" Alegria pointed her cheek. "This is nothing compared to all the damage that he has done here." Alegria pointed her chest.

"Alex.." Gabby said.

Bruno walked towards Alegria. "Alegria, I'm sorry.. I didn't mean to hurt you.. I was just--"

"Stop. Don't you dare get near me." Alegria glared at Bruno.


"I said. STOP." Alegria then walked inside the house.

"Uncle.. How could you?! We trusted you, we treated you as our second father, and look at what you've done! You've made mom and dad fight!! It's all your fault!!" Caryl said as she cried.

"No, Caryl. It's not Uncle Gabby's fault. If Daddy just attended our recital, then Uncle Gabby wouldn't have been here. If Daddy just spent more time with us, then Uncle Gabby wouldn't have any excuse to come here. If only Daddy understood how Mom felt, then things wouldn't have been like this." Caleb said as he stared at his father. He knew all along that Gabby liked Alegria, he just didn't confess his feelings to her.

"Caleb.. Caryl.. I'm so sorry.." Gabby said.

"No uncle, it's okay. It's a good thing that you kissed mom. If you didn't, then I wouldn't be able to have said all these." Caleb said. Then he looked at his Dad. "I hope you would now realize how hurt Mom is." Caleb said as he walked away.

Caryl stared at Gabby, then at Bruno. She cried even more and she ran inside the house.

Bruno was speechless. He didn't know that Caleb felt that way to him. He buried his head into his hands.

"It's all my fault.."

Alegria and the twins left Bruno. They didn't tell Bruno where they were staying, and Bruno didn't come after them either. It's been two weeks since they've been gone, and Bruno didn't know what to do. He couldn't concentrate at the studio.

"Bro, I think you should call her." Eric said as he patted Bruno's shoulder.

"I don't know.. I don't think she'd answer.." Bruno said.

"Oh come on, you know she'd answer your call. She wouldn't be able to resist you." Phil said, smiling.

"You know, you should eat your pride and go call her right away." Kenji said.

"Yeah, Alegria's just waiting for you to call for sure." Jamareo smiled at Bruno.

"Bruno, Bruno!" Phredley said, as he looked at Bruno's phone.

"What? What is it?" Bruno asked, curious.

"Calyx is calling!" Phredley immediately handed Bruno's phone to him.

Bruno picked up. "Hello?"

"Hello, Bruno?"


"Alegria and the twins are gonna leave to Japan with grandma and grandpa! Now! 8:45pm, go to the airport, right away!"

"Wait, what?!" Bruno said as he looked at the time. It was already 7:36pm. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?!"

"I found out too, just now! Ughh.. There's no time to explain, just go there already! They just left now, so you'd probably still catch them!" Calyx said.

"Okay okay, I'll be right there." Bruno hung up as he ran outside the building. The boys came followed Bruno outside and they all rode his car.

"Bruno, you should buy a bigger car. We're all like sardines here!" Phil said.

"What happened? What did Calyx tell you?" Kenji asked, curious.

Bruno didn't answer. He didn't hear the boys, he was concentrating as he drove the car fast. After just a few minutes, they arrived at the airport. Bruno looked at the time, it was now 8:21pm. He immediately got out of the car and looked for Alegria. The people then started screaming and they ran towards Bruno and they crowded him.

"Are you Bruno Mars?!! Oh my gosh!!! I think I'm gonna die!!" A fan said.

"Please let me through.." Bruno said as he tried to escape the fans.

They were now grabbing Bruno here and there, trying to get his autograph. They wouldn't let him go. Bruno was now looking around, seeing if he could spot Alegria and BOOM. She was there, getting out from the cab with her grandparents and the twins.

"Alegria!!" Bruno shouted, and Alegria looked around, and she saw Eric and the others. She made a confused look and Phil pointed Bruno to her and she just stared at him.

"Please, please let me through!" Bruno said as he struggled to get out from the pool of fans surrounding him. Then the fans saw Alegria, Phredley, and the others and they recognized them, especially Alegria. It was then that they let Bruno go. "Thank you.. Thank you very much.." Bruno said as he ran towards Alegria. "Alex.. I'm really really sorry.. I didn't mean to hurt you that night.. I was just.. angry.. and shocked. Please, please don't leave me!"

"What are you talking about?" Alegria asked, confused.

"Bruno child, what are you doing here?" Alegria's grandmother asked Bruno as she walked towards Bruno.

"Your fans over there are already going crazy." Alegria's grandfather was surprised by the number of people behind Bruno.

"Dad? Why are you here?" Caryl asked as she walked towards her father.

"Caryl.. I'm sorry.. Please, don't leave me.. I love you and Caleb, and I love your mother very much.. Please, don't leave to Japan!" Bruno said as he knelt down, begging them not to go.

"Dad, we're not leaving. What are you talking about?" Caleb asked, confused.

Bruno and the boys were confused.

"What do you mean you're not leaving for Japan?" Jamareo asked.

"Bruno, we just escorted grandma and grandpa here in the airport. They're leaving for Japan, not us." Alegria explained.

"But.. Calyx.. He said.." Bruno stuttered. He was now confused. He got up and took his phone and called Calyx and he picked up.

"Bruno, what happened, did you catch them?!" Calyx said.

"Yeah, but what is this all about? Alegria said that they're not leaving for Japan.."

Calyx then laughed at Bruno, hard.

"Ohh you trickster.. Why did you do that?! You could've just told me the truth!" Bruno said. He felt like he was cheated.

The boys then started to laugh. They now understood what was happening.

"If I told you the truth, would you go and meet Alegria?" Calyx asked.

"....No." Bruno said.

"See? That's why I lied and told you they're leaving." Calyx said.

Bruno then chuckled and smiled. "Thanks Calyx."

"No prob. Now, go kiss and make up with my sis and my nephew and niece. They missed you so much, you know." Calyx said,

"Yeah, I missed them too." Bruno said as he looked at Alegria and the twins.

"Yeah, yeah, enough with the sweet talk. Imma hang up now. Bye." Calyx said as he hung up.

Bruno grinned as he hugged Caryl and Caleb. "Ohh.. I missed you guys.. I'm so sorry.. I'm really really sorry.."

Caryl and Caleb hugged him back. "It's okay. You know we can't get mad at you for too long." Caleb said as he smiled.

Bruno grinned at them. "That's why I love you so much!" Bruno hugged them even tighter.

"Aren't you gonna hug me too?" Alegria smiled at Bruno.

Bruno looked at Alegria and grinned. He spun her around and kissed her lips.

The fans then started swooning and screaming for them.

Alegria pulled away. "I only asked for a hug. Put me down before your fans attack me." Alegria grinned.

Bruno chuckled as he put Alegria down. "The queen always gets the special treatment." Bruno said, smiling as he hugged Alegria. "You're not mad at me anymore?" Bruno then looked at Alegria.

"Well.." Alegria said as she curled her lip.

"Please forgive Bruno, whatever his fault was!" A fan screamed.

"Yeah, accept his apology already!" Another fan said.

Then they started screaming and clapping and swooning.

"You hear them, right?" Bruno grinned at Alegria.

Alegria smiled. "Ohh.. Alright. But you need to promise me one thing."

"What is it?"

"Promise me that you'll never make a promise that you can't fulfill. It's okay if you don't have much time with us, just don't let us expect that you'd do that certain thing, because it doesn't make us feel any better." Alegria said.

"Alright, alright. I promise that I won't promise a certain promise that I can't fulfill as a promise." Bruno grinned.

"Bruno, I'm serious." Alegria said.

"I know, I was just trying to make you laugh." Bruno said as he grinned. "Alright, I promise that I won't let you expect over anything." Bruno said as he stared into Alegria's eyes.

"Cross your heart?"

"Cross my heart."

"Alright, you, Bruno Mars, are now forgiven for all the wrong things that you did." Alegria smiled as she pinched Bruno's nose.

The fans swooned and applauded. Alegria and Bruno smiled at each other.

"Aww.. You make me sound like a bad guy." Bruno smiled. Alegria smiled back and put her forehead against Bruno's. "Hey, you remember the first time we met? It was just right here, at the entrance of the airport." Bruno said.

"Ohh.. Yeah.." Alegria chuckled.

"Really?? You guys met here in the airport?" Caryl asked, surprised.

"Cool.." Caleb said as he grinned.

Bruno looked at Caleb and Caryl. "Yep, and your mom was really crazy about me that time." Bruno said as he looked at Alegria.

"I would have to agree with that." Alegria just smiled.

"Aww... That is just sooo sweet! Group hug!" Caryl said as she extended her arms and hugged Caleb, Alegria and Gabby.

"Group hug!" They said in chorus.

"Group hug!" Phil and the boys said as they joined Bruno and Alegria and the twins.

"Come on, grandma, grandpa. Group hug!" Eric said as he dragged Alegria's grandparents.