Chapter 3

18/04/2011 21:15

Damn. Here I am, laying in the bed with a guy I just met. What an idiot I am but as I look at him & smile, I don't feel like one ”Now this your way of saying you forgive me?” He said. I smiled “yeah , I guess you can take it like that.”

He looks at my hair & I realize my wig cam off. “Oh my hair!” I try to get up but he holds me down. “where you going?” he said

“to fix my hair” he traced my face. “why do you wear that stuff anyways?” he said  “what stuff? Oh you mean my wigs?”    “yeah “  “because, that's the style now”

He just looked at me “So?, be different” He took my hair cover off & released the pins from my hair. “see not so bad” he said as he started to play with my hair. I haven't noticed how much it grew since I cut it close to my scalp, it was now shoulder length.

“You know this is all going so fast” I said   “So, life is fast. No point in going slow”

“but what about the consequences?”   “consequences are only things you think are bad” I looked at him like he lost his mind. “what?” he smirked “is that how you life your life?” i said He pulled me off the bed & I covered my self with the sheets,his naked self on the other hand, ripped opened the curtains & screamed out the window “I'm living free!”

I ran over & closed the curtains wide eyed “Have you lost your mind!” He just pushed me back on the bed & crawled on top of me. “see you need to live life & stop thinking.”   “but I can't live like that” “& why not?” “because there are bills to be paid. Jobs to be done”   “what about being happy”  “i'm happy when the bills are paid”  i said  “but are you really happy?”

I was about to answer him when I thought, am I? I’ve never had that question asked me to me before. I think that i'm happy. Bruno rolls off of me & pulls me close to him. I look over at my clock. Shit. It's 1 in the morning & I got to get up for work soon. “well I'm going to sleep, I got to get up in the morning.” I said

“Bet you aren't happy about that.” I rolled my eyes & laid my head on his chest. “Good night Peter.” I tried to go to sleep but, I just had to ask him. “What are we?, a couple?”  it didn't even take a second for him to answer me. “no, we're just....together. couples break up & people stay together.” I smiled. I liked his answer. Just together.

He started humming & I slowly went to sleep.

I woke up, hearing someone talking. I look at my clock. 3am.Great. I put my hand up & realized, Bruno wasn't beside me. I popped up & looked around, then I seen him. He was siting on my roof, looking up at the moon. Was he the moon? I just shook my head, confused & went back to sleep.

The next time I woke up my alarm was going off & Bruno was laying next to me. I get up, take a shower, put on my uniform & grab my wig. I look in the mirror, & you know what. I kind of like my hair natural. “hey” “oh my goodness you scared the ba jesus out of me” he just smiled "whats going on beautiful?"  "i'm just getting ready for work"  He rolled his eys " like fun" I turned over to face him & put my arms around him. "I need to work to keep this house"  "oh i'll show you wrok alright" he said as he pulled me to the bed,

“come on don't go to work today, stay with me.” I opend my mouth but before I could answer he kissed me & laid me on the bed. He started to kiss my neck. Man was this boy like this everyday."Come on baby, don't it feel good babe"  "yes but bruno....."  He kept at it “Bruno” he still didn't stop “Bruno....Peter”

he stopped “what?” “I'm going to be late for work, I got to go” “no you don't stay here with me & have a lazy day” I pushed him off of me “I can't.” he frowned at me & I kissed him “i promise later”

So I ran downstairs put on the hot comb, straightened my hair with little flips on the ends , put on my shoes & was on my way.

I get there & i'm late. Damn it. “ALICIA YOUR LATE!” “i'm sorry Jean, I got..” “I DONT WANT TO HEAR IT JUST START SERVING PEOPLE, WE ALREADY LOST 2 CUSTUMORS” he said “yes sir”. Jean was my big mouthed boss I couldn't stand but I still loved to death, he was like a father to me & he gave me a job so, I can't complain.

As the day went on, It felt like time was moving like a tractor,slow. I kept checking the clock waiting to go home. Twice jean caught me dosing off, thinking about him. I dropped 3 plates, messed up orders, forgot orders..i just wasn't me. Man what is wrong with me. Why am I acting like this. I usually love working at the burger joint but today all I thought about was Bruno.

“SNAP OUT OF IT!,” Jean screamed “I'm sorry sir, i'm just not myself today”

“Well then go home” “What?, no sir I want to stay here” “Go home Lish” “but jean i'm fine” “GO HOME!” “FINE” I screamed as I threw down my apron & pad. Jean just rubbed his temples “look just take a day or 2 off ok Super Woman” he said “Just 2 days jean but I swear i'm fine but ok.” He gave me a hug and I went home.

When I got there. I opened the door & seen him. Laying on the couch with his eyes closed singing. Man his voice was so amazing. It was like he sang so sweetly then hit you with some powerful notes. There was paper everywhere & a Guitar on the floor. “whatcha doing?” He opened his eyes & sat up. “Trying to write a song.” I looked at the papers all over the floor. “what you stuck?”  “yeah I can't think of anymore stuff” I put down my purse, took of my shoes & went to the living room to sit next to him on the couch. “well what do you got so far?” I asked. He picked up his guitar & started singing.

When he was done, all I could do was smile. “wow that was great!”  He stared at me “really? Be honest” he said. I smiled “yes I loved it, whats it called?”   “just the way you are” “i loved it.” “well it's not finished yet”

He seemed kind of moody. “you ok?” I asked. He didn't say anything. “well?”. He got up. “the guys need me to focus” Focus? what did he mean by that.  “well then focus” i said. He put his head down & started picking up the paper off the carpet. “they say I’ve been here for too long” I raised my brows “but you haven't been here for long” he sighed “to them a day is like a month”

“so what are you trying to say?” He put the papers & his guitar into the guitar case, starts walking to the door but stops. “to the group your a bad distraction” I stand up & cross my arms “& what am I to you then huh?” he didn't say anything. He just stared at the floor with a grim look on his  face. Which made me explode. “Last nigh we were 'together' & now your leaving!” He closed his eyes like he was straining to stay. “music is my first love & we want to make up out here”

"So there saying you guys can't make it if we're together or is that what you think?!" He didn' t say anything for a wile & that hurt me. For some reason i  really like this cat but all he dose it confuse the hell out of me. It's like he wants to be here but his group is in the way. i dont care if they were here first in his life, & i dont care if he knew them longer. I have feelings too got damn it!

“I swear I don't get you! One minute your aw baby this & then you completely change on me!” He just sighed & opend the door “Look I got to go, i'll be back in a day or two but don't wait up on me”  I balled up my fist. God i wanted to punch his so bad. “Trust me I wont, so don't even bother coming back here.” i said through my teeth. He just looks at me & then leaves. I bit my lip so hard I start to bleed. I look over to the flowers he gave me, rip them out the vase, Throw the vase against the door & scream. I'm so done with Bruno Mars & his Foolishness. What was I thinking