Chapter 3

09/05/2011 17:45

As he hugged me he gently stroked my back with his hand, I couldnt believe what was happening but I kinda liked it. As he let go he apologized and said he preferred to introduce himself with a hug as it was more inviting. I just smiled, I could'nt think on what to say I just felt so nervous around him.

So what did you think of the show? he asked 

I thought it was great! I said with enthusiasm. I didn’t know you could play all those instruments.

He smiled, Why thankyou gorgeous.

Now he’s calling me gorgeous??

Can I ask you something. I said

Yea shoot!

Why did you ask me to come backstage??

Why?, do you not wanna be with me? He said with a sad expression on his face.

No its not that, I just wanted to know out of all the people in the audience why did you ask for me?

He looked deeply into my eyes, there was something just so powerful about them everytime I looked into them I started to fall for him more and more.

Because you were the most beautiful he said as he smiled

I smiled but then I thought about what he said then I started to become enraged.

So! You only called me back here because of my looks.

No no… I don’t mean it in that way

Yeah sure you don’t! Listen you may have done this to a hundred other girls at your concerts and they might have gone for it but im not that type of girl you think you can just score with!!!!

I stood up and stormed out of the room.

He quickly followed me and grabbed my hand and turned me around.

Im sorry but I didn’t mean it in that way I—

Before he said another word I quickly butted in

You know my first intuition was right about you.

He looked at me with a confused face.

I don’t understand…..

You are just some guy who thinks he can score with any chick because hes famous and he sings about how much he loves girls and how much he respects them… WHAT A PILE OF CRAP!!!. I screamed

I ran out of that place and quickly got a cab and went home. I could see him standing there from the back window of the cab, he was just standing there.. Good rid dens I mumbled.

When I got home I noticed my dad’s car in the driveway, I paid the cab driver and went inside. My dad was sitting on the sofa with his feet up drinking a car of beer, so a typical Friday night for him. He asked how the concert was I just shrugged my shoulders at him and went into my room. As I walked pass my dresser I saw the picture of mum, I missed her so much! My mum had died when I was 13 in a car accident, we use to talk about everything! Clothes, make-up, boys/ she was more a best friend than a mom, I could talk to her about anything. I so wish I could talk to her about what happened tonight :(  I got undressed and hopped into the shower, I stayed in it for ages just thinking about things, trying to clear my mind but I just confused myself even more so I decided to call Naomi she picked up right away!

Hey Darling….. she said


Whats wrong? Ive been trying to call you for hours

Oh sorry I was taking my sister to a concert

OMG! So you left the house then … she laughed

Hahah so funny! I said sarcastically…. She had been trying to get me out of the house since the break up.

So what concert was it?

I didn’t say anything for a moment, even the thought of saying his name made me angry. *No problem sweetie* OO how dare he call me sweetie >:(  Naomi heard me muttering to myself

Ahhhh you okay sarah??

Oh yea im fine I was just thinking about something!

Your so weird you no that she said giggling But that’s why I love you

Aww I love you too <she really was a great friend>

Sooo… what concert was it?

I finally came out with it, Bruno Mars!

YOU went to a Bruno Mars concert she said trying to contain her laughter , I thought you didn’t like the whole love song thing anymore.

I didn’t really have a choice, Sabrina made me.

Yeah yeah! So was it good? She asked.

It was good as I said under my breath.

It dosent sound like it was! She could read me like a book. What Happened?

I decided to tell her what happened!!

OMG he sounds so full of him self;

Yeah Ino right!

Well least now you can say that a famous person was hitting on you!

Well that’s one way to look at it I suppose..

Hunny I gotta go here but I will talk to you later!

Okay, bye

Byeeeeeee; Hugs&kisses

I felt so much better after talking to Naomi. I went into the living room and saw my dad putting his jacket on.

Are you going some were?? I asked

Yeah im going round to david house to watch the big game but don’t worry I will be back in the morning

Oh okay.

Well you better get yourself to bed young lady.

He kissed me on my forehead and left the house. He was always going some where either to work or to a friend’s house or to a bar, he had been like this since mum died but we couldn’t really do anything about it.

I was about to go to the kitchen to get a drink before I went to bed but I heard the door knock! I though dad had forgotten his keys or something so I went to the hallway and opened the door but as soon as I opened it I regretted it

What are YOU doing here???????????????