Chapter 3

13/05/2011 21:30

The next day I slowly woke up and checked the clock. 7 am in the morning. 7 am in the morning?! I jumped out of bed and ran straight to the bathroom. I should be there at 7.30. I can't believe I overslept! I quickly took a shower, put on a shirt and jeans and ran downstairs. In the kitchen I took a plate, filled it with cereal and milk and started chewing fast. After eating I dumped the plate in the dish and filled my bag with some food and money. I put on my jacket, snapped the keys from the kitchen counter and took off.

As I was outside I quickly looked at my watch. I still have 15 minutes. Can a cap take me there this fast? I questioned myself. I raised my hand up to a cab, that drove near me and it inmiddiatly came to a stop. I ran, opened the door and said:' '700 Baconstreet, please.'' The driver nodded and started the car again. I kept looking at my watch, while we were racing through the streets.

Finally we arrived. I threw some dollars at the man, said: ''Keep the change.'' and quickly stepped out of the car. I ran into 'State of Shock' and there they were. The whole band was complete, waiting for me. I felt embaressed.

''Sorry I'm late.'' ''Finally, you're here.'' Bruno said relieved. ''Yeah, we were scared that you wouldn't show up.'' Phil said. ''Why not? We worked hard on this. I can't let you guys down.'' I said, laughing. ''Guys, our ride is here!'' Kenji yelled. ''Finally. Now let's go.'' Bruno said. They all packed their instruments and walked towards the door.

Outside there was a large black beautiful car parked. The driver was leaning against it. I walked to the back side, helping Bruno and the others loading. Then we all stepped in the car. Wow, is this a limo or something?! It looked so big. I sat between Bruno and Phil. I could smell Bruno's collogne. It smelled so strong and delicious. ''Oke everyone. Picture time!'' Phil screamed. He took out his camera and started taking some random pics. He held it between Bruno, me and him. Bruno cuddled close and put one arm around my shoulders. ''Oke smile!'' and he snapped a pic. ''Aww, this one is cute. Oke, now a crazy pic.'' Phil said and hold the camera up again. ''Ready?'' I looked up, rolled my eyes and stuck my tongue out. Snap! ''Lovely. I''l post this on twitter.'' Phil laughed. Then he went to go sit next to Phred, Kenji and Jamareo to take pictures with them. ''So, still nervous, about to faint or throw up?'' Bruno asked jokingly. ''Naw.'' I said, pretending cool. Bruno laughed.

After like half an hour we arrived. The driver opened the door for us and everyone stepped out of the car. After I was out I couldn't believe what I saw. Hondreds of peeps were gathering outside, infront of a large building. it looked like a cinema. Above it said: Bruno Mars and the band performing tonight- Sold out. I was almost getting blinded by the flashlights of the paparazzi. Bruno gently pushed me inside and the doors closed behind us.

''Oke. We have 30 minutes to get ready to go on stage. Up to the dressingrooms!'' Kenji yelled. A woman leaded us to our dressingrooms. She pushed the boys in theirs and leaded me to mine. As I came in my jaw dropped. The dressingroom was huge and shiny. A woman came up to me and introduced herself. ''Hi, I'm Karen. You must be the new bandmember.'' She said with a smile. ''Hi, yes. I'm Bre Lake.'' I said. ''Uhm. Your clothes are already hanging in the bathroom. So get dressed and I will do your hair and make-up after.'' she said and I walked to the bathroom to get dressed.

After a few minutes I came out, wearing a red shirt, with glitters on it and a black leather pants. Karen complimented me. ''You look amazing.'' She handed me some black bracelets, necklace and some high heels. I took them on and she leaded me to a chair with infront of me a table, filled with make-up and stuff, and a big mirror. I sat down and she asked me how I wanted to have my hair done. ''A ponytail?'' I said. ''Really?'' ''Yeah. I don't really care about how my hair should look like. Just do it in a ponytail.'' I said. ''Oke.'' She started to comb my hair and put some gell in it and some other stuff I didn't know, and finished it in a cute ponytail.

At that moment someone knocked on the door. ''Come in.'' Karen said. The door opened and Bruno stuck his head through the door. ''Ready?'' he asked, looking in. ''Ehm. Almost.'' He walked in, to us and sat down on the chair next to me. He looked up at me, interested. I felt kind of awkward and asked: ''What?'' ''Oh, nothing.'' he asid quick. ''You look cute and stuff, but there is something missing.'' ''What is it?'' ''Well, your hair looks a little too cute. You need a tough look, like: 'I'm bad.' Karen you know what I'm talking about, right?'' he looked up at her and winked. She laughed and searched for some hairdie in the closet and put it on the table. ''Eh, what are you going to do with my hair?'' I looked shocked. Karen took out a scissor and held it up. She looked at Bruno and Bruno looked back, grinning, like they were up to something. I looked at Bruno and saw the look. ''Oh no, no, no, no. I know you guys are up to something bad.'' I said scared. Bruno just laughed very loud and walked out of the room. Karen turned my chair around, away from the mirror and came closer with the scissor. Then she started cutting my hair.


''Oke. 5 minutes now.'' Jamareo said. ''I wonder if Bre is ready.'' Phred said. ''Maybe she got lost or something.'' Eric said. ''We better not hope so.'' Phil laughed. 'We'll see guys. We'll see.'' Bruno said, laughing sneeky.


Karen turned my chair around again and I faced the mirror. I looked in the mirror and couldn't believe my eyes. My hair looked cool. It was cut short, about chin lenght, with a short pony in the front. Coloured black. ''And? What do you think?'' Karen asked excited. ''It looks..great! Very professional.'' I said and flashed a smile. ''I knew you would like it.'' she said and looked at her watch. ''You have 5 minutes left. You better get going.'' she said. ''Oke. Thanks for the amazing styling and wish me goodluck up there.'' i said, getting out of the chair. ''Your welcome and goodluck. Rock the night out! Bye.'' she said. ''Thanks. Bye'' I walked out of the door and around for where I should go now.

''Yo Bre, over here.'' I heard a voice say. It sounded familiar. i turned around and saw Phil, with the rest. I walked towards them.

''wow, is that really her?'' I heard Eric whisper. I stood beside them. ''No way, it is Bre!'' Eric said, stunned. The rest of the band looked stunned too. ''You'' was all they could say. Even Bruno looked stunned. She looks so fine. ''2 minutes!' a guy yelled and they all went back serious. ''Oke, this is it. It's now or never.'' Phil said. ''Hooligans!'' they all yelled and went on stage. Bruno flashed a smile at me. I grinned back and went up.