Chapter 3

22/05/2011 22:17

As they both walked out hand in hand of the club they both looked at each other and smiled.

When they got to their destination, it was a lovely park, her grandma used to take her here when she was little. Her grandma was with her throughout her life since Ashleigh didn’t have a mother. She did but she died when she was 3 years old. She doesn’t remember a thing though.


Michael’s 19 year old heart was broken. The only girl he loved, had children with, dedicated his life to, was now buried underground in a local cemetery in Gary, Indiana. His high school lover, his study buddy and his lunch date, was gone. Gone too soon. She will never see her baby girl grow up and become such a beautiful woman.

Michael couldn’t stop looking at her tombstone; he visited it at least every week. He touched the lettering engraved in her tombstone whilst fighting back tears.

In Loving Memory Of Melissa Wilson.

Daughter, Mother, Sister and Wife.

She Will Truly Be Missed.

As soon as Michael read that he burst into tears. It had been 2 weeks now and he still can’t believe his soulmate has gone. Michael thought it would be better to say ‘wife’ on the tombstone because he was going to marry Melissa once they grew older and because he didn’t want a child with his girlfriend, but his wife.

What could he tell his 3 year old daughter? That her mother died? This is going to be so difficult he was thinking. He can’t look at his daughter, all he sees is Melissa whenever she smiles, cries or just has no expression on her face.

Gosh how is he going to do this he said in his head whilst he was fiddling with the bouquet of flowers plastic wrapper he had in his hands. He then placed it in front of his wife’s tombstone and started walking back to his car before saying ‘I love you’ to her and kissing her stone.

They both grew up to quickly; she was pregnant with Michael’s baby at the age of 16. They sure did have to act like adults from then, and they did throughout everything. Michael always watched what she was eating, held her whilst she walked and rubbed her stomach every day.

Ashleigh was confused about her mother’s disappearance, but she never asked her dad because she was scared of what he would say.


 As they walked under the big bright moon they both noticed a lot of people were out in the park, even though it was 11 in the evening.


‘Wow, there are a lot of people here’ Bruno said sounding a bit shocked.

‘It’s like you read my mind’ Ashleigh smiled.

‘Hmm, is that a sign?’ Bruno chuckled

‘I hope so.’ She winked.

Ashleigh’s POV.

This is so awkward; I don’t know what to say. Why are there so many people out? For some reason I feel like something bad is going to happen. Oh well, just enjoy your night Ash, just say something first…

‘So…What kind of wood do you like?’ what the hell Ash.

I felt like slapping my face just then.

‘Mahogany and Oak.’ Bruno said calmly.

WHAT. Did he just answer that ridiculous question?  He’s definitely a keeper.

I laughed so loud, gosh I hate my laugh.

‘I’m sorry, that was really random. I-I’m just a little nervous’ I stuttered.

‘Don’t be baby, be yourself, that’s all I want to see. The real Ashleigh’ he smiled.

My legs felt like jelly when he called me baby.

‘Mhmm’ was the only sound I could make.

Bruno smiled. Then all of a sudden I see a dodgy looking guy walking towards us. He looked very familiar. Who was it? He was wearing a dark blue jumper on with grey tracksuit bottoms and trainers. That jumper looked very very familiar.

As he got closer and I looked closer I realised who it was.


Our eyes connected for a split second and he glanced back at me…then Bruno and our holding hands.

Oh no he was walking straight at me; he was possibly 3 metres away now.

I tried to hide my face in Bruno’s armpit as he pulled his arm over my shoulder but that didn’t really do much.

‘What’s wrong baby?’ Bruno asked worriedly.

‘Nothing, don’t worry everything’s fine. I just thought I saw someone I know’ I smiled whilst stating the truth.

‘That someone is me.’ I heard a deep, cold voice that sent shivers down my spine.