Chapter 3

26/05/2011 07:36

"Nothin' at all."

As we finished the last note and I strummed my last chord, I felt a wave of relief wash over me. "And that's us finished!" Bruno called, out of breath. 3 months later.

Life was good.

I carefully put my guitar back on it's stand and sighed, staring around the room. Each and every band member looked to be in a good mood, and that included me. It was a good, tiring day. Even though it was only 2pm, 6 hours of constant music really can tire a chick out. As comfy as my high tops were, I wanted to rip them off and just go to sleep.

"K, c'mere." I turned my head to Bruno. He was sitting at the piano, running his fingers smoothly along each white key. I smiled. This was how he started his songs, always. I started walking towards him. God, he was so beautiful. He wasn't wearing his hat so his curls bounced up. His deep brown eyes were following his hands. I felt myself melt just by looking at him. 

"You just gonna stand there and look at me?" I snapped to his attention, feeling my face go red.

"Scoot over, then!" He laughed and made room for me to sit down. I sat down and watched his hands move across the keys. His foot tapped the ground in syncronisation with mine as he played a new tune. I hadn't heard this one before.

"It's catchy. But a nice song," I commented. "Any lyrics yet?" He shook his head and handed me a pencil.

"Go for it." I looked from his smiling face to the pencil. Was he kidding?

"You, Phil and Ari write the songs," I said, putting the pencil down. "Not me." He laughed at this. I loved the sound of his laugh, it was so warm. He pulled out a tiny sparkly notebook, and my draw dropped.

"Bruno, WHERE did you get that-" He cut me off as he began playing his melody again. This time, he ripped a page out of the notebook and began singing. 

It hasn't been long but it feels like a lifetime, waiting and wondering when truth would come, somehow I kept this fantasy going, is this how it is? Am I not the right one?

I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure I'm right, are you aware of how I feel? Right now I want you to just see, and realise, you mean so much, so much to me...

Oh no he didn't.

"Why do you want this to go with your melody? It's only a crappy song."

"Because this song means something to me."

It's about you.

"Why did you have my song book anyway?" I asked, rather angry. He smiled. Damit, he knew I couldn't stay mad at him when he smiled! I looked down, away from him, trying to keep my sulk.

"You left it here, and the songs in it...they're so good..." I shook my head and tried not to blush. Everyone was in the recording studio, apart from us.

"You shouldn't have had my PERSONAL songbook with PERSONAL experiences anyways..." I muttered, stilll not looking at him. He lifted my chin and looked at me quizzically.

"You mean this song is about someone?" I gulped. Shit! Ignore the question, ignore the question..."Kay. I asked you something."

"Well, yeah," I finally said, playing with my thumbs. "But they don't know it yet." Bruno's face was a mixture of emotions, and I couldn't really pinpoint any of them. He opened his mouth to speak, then closed it again. Just as I was about to say something, Eric entered.

"Kid, it's lunchtime. You comin'?" Eric asked, pointedly leaving out Bruno. Bruno pouted it.

"Aw, it's OK, just leave me out."

I laughed, standing up and hauling Bruno with me. "Come on, Duke. What you feeling?"

"Hmm..." he put his hand on his chin, thinking. "I'll go get us all some lunch from the café." Mmm, that café was good. Every once in a while we sent someone out with our orders and they brought back lunch. It was Bruno's turn this time.

"Hurry back," I said with a wink. He laughed, edging out past Eric and off out the side door.

"So...what did I miss?" I looked up at Eric, who was looking at me expectantly. I sighed.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked innocently. Eric knew better than that.

"What did Bruno say to you?" I shook my head. "Well?"

"None. Of your. Business." He threw his drumstick at me and I caught it, sticking my tongue out.

"You're a real piece of work," he said, laughing. He walked in from the doorway and sat down. I turned to face him. "How've you been lately, K? We haven't talked in a while." I shrugged.

"Been busy. My sister is home, so I'm spending all my free time with her. And I guess all the rest of our time's been consumed by practise for these new concerts," I said, staring at my converse. He kicked my foot.

"Anything else?" I knew what he was saying.

"...No, not at all," I replied carefully. Bruno and I had became closer, but that didn't mean anything really. But, his face today, it was something that made me wonder. He was pretty much acting weird. Normal, really, but when he was singing my song, playing his own melody, talking to me...I don't know. Maybe I was just being a drama queen.

But...all this time I had sat back and watched Bruno, I had never really thought of asking him, confronting him...TELLING him.


I always told people straight. But with something like this, I didn't want to ruin our wasn't worth it.

"I want to tell him, Eric. But I can't."

"Why not?" I sighed.

"It's not that easy."


I stood up and sighed, yawning. I needed to go for a walk, needed to get some air, needed to think straight about this. But as I headed for the door, Phil burst in.

"Oh my God, guys..." he bent over, struggling to catch his breath.

"Phil, bro, what's wrong?" Eric said, rushing to him and patting his back.

"It's Bruno. He was in an accident, and he...he wasn't breathing."


And right then, my whole world came crashing down around me.