Chapter 3

26/05/2011 08:29

3 days later. 2 Days before we go to Fox Theater.


I wake up to a white room and beeping. I look around confused and see Bruno asleep on a chair beside my bed. I can't figure out whats going on. I try to sit up and then painfully remember. Drake hurt my stomach. I pull the covers back and lift my gown up and gasp. My whole stomach is black and purple. I put my gown back down and cover back up. I look over at Bruno and can't help but smile. He looks so peaceful sleeping. I look down by my side and see his hand balled up into a fist and a gold chain hanging out. I turn over his hand and open it. I pull out the chain and see a cross. I flip the cross over and on the back is engraved 'love'. I can't help but go "Awwwww!" It's so sweet. I hook the chain around my neck. "You like it?" Bruno asks. "I love long have you been here?" "Ever since you got checked in." "How long ago was that?" "Todays your third day in the hospital. The doctors said that you would be able to leave today." "Oh....ok your still wearing the same clothes." "I haven't left this chair." "Seriously?" "Yup everyone tried to get me to leave but I wouldn't........hey umm I heard what you said to Drake right before I stepped in....was all the true?" "Yes Bruno I meant every single word." "Do you believe me when I say I love you?" "Yeah Bruno I do."


The Next Day.


"Emily wake up we’re here. We’re in LA" "Huh...wha...oh...ok." I checked out of the hospital yesterday and we drove to fox theater. I decided to stay on the bus and sleep while Bruno performed. As soon as the concert was over he came on the bus and told me that we we’re going back to LA so he could take care of me until I got better and then we would go to Texas and then we would have to start our tour. We get out and everyone piles into a limo. The inside is really nice but the bumping and jerking hurt. The guys get dropped off at there houses until it's just me and Bruno. We get out and Bruno starts unloading our stuff. I walk over and try to pick up a bag but before I can lift it Bruno shoos me away. "I got it I dont want you hurting yourself." "Ugh! I feel so helpless!" "I don't want you hurt any worse ok?" I sigh "Ok." The outside of the house is really nice. The inside is even nicer though. It's really spacios and you can tell it's a man who lives here because you got all your gaming systems and flat screens and every game imaginable. I decide to explore upstairs. I look around and find a loft and 2 bedrooms and 2 baths. I walk into Bruno's room and it's fitting. He has a flat screen a computer and a really big bed! It looks like a california king maybe. I start looking around at all his pictures of his friends and family. Then at the bottom I catch a glance of a picture of him and a girl. I pick the picture up and look at it more closely. He has his arm around her and she’s all over him. I flip the picture over and read the back. Chanel Malvar. I start feeling a little jealous, but why should I? He's with me now not her. I put the picture back and slop down on Brunos bed. It's really comfortable. I yawn and drift off. I dont know how long I'm asleep but I feel Bruno pull the covers over me and kiss my cheek. "Love you." The next two weeks fly by. Since I can’t do much Bruno stays at home with me. Sometimes we'll start cooking and end up getting into food fights and sometimes we'll write songs and sing and sometimes we'll even talk about our fantasies and dreams. Everyday I can feel my stomachs getting better and better until I can finally laugh and sit normal again. Spending time with just Bruno is amazing. It's more than I could of ever asked for. He's always there when I needed him and never left my side. It's 3 days before we leave for Texas and me and Bruno are upstairs packing. I look over at his mirror and see he still hasn't taken the picture of Chanel down. "Bruno would you ever cheat or lie to me?" He gives me a confused look. "Naw what makes you say that?" Should I say something? Or am I just acting jealous? "No reason just all my other relationships ending in cheating and lies." It's not a complete lie I think to myself. "Emily I would never do that to you." "I know." We finish packing our bags and decide to go to the cafe down the street from Bruno's place. As soon as we step outside there are paparazzi. I've gotten used to them but at first they were really annoying. Me and Bruno decided that it would be better if our relationship didn’t get out to the press so we had to pretend we didn’t 'love' each other. But people aren’t as dumb as you think. They already figured it out. We walk into the cafe and I decided to order a beefeater sandwich (Roast beef and melted cheese on bread with chips and Au Jus) and Bruno just orders a steak. Our waitress comes over and takes our orders but sure doesn’t miss Bruno. She start flirting with him and I can tell he's getting really annoying. "Can you just place our orders please? I'm taken." The waitress looks up and see me and shoots me a venomous look. I smirk. "Looks like some of us are just a little unlucky huh?" She gasps and walks away I can’t help but laugh. "Harsh!" "Hey well ya know...." "Wait a minute.....are you....jealous?!" "Who? Me? Jealous?........maybe a little....." He starts laughing. "What?" "I would never hurt you like that."

Our waitress comes back with our food and doesn’t even look at Bruno. We’re just about done eating when Phil and his Fiance Urbana walk in. "Yo Phil!" Phil looks around and sees us. "Hey how y'all been? How's your stomach?" I lift up my shirt and stick out my bottom lip. He cringes. "It's not as bad as it was." Phil and Bruno start chatting so I decide to get to know Urbana a little better. She's really nice and I can tell she’s crazy about Phil. And the way she talk about him! You'd think he was a knight in shining armor. But that’s what she probably thinks about the way I talk about Bruno. We just start chit chatting when Bruno comes up behind Urbana and starts making faces. I try not to laugh but I can’t help it. I start busting out laughing and poor Urbana! She has no idea what's going on. She turns around and sees Bruno making a face and she starts busting out laughing too. We say our goodbyes to Phil and Bruno and head home. Just as we turn onto Bruno's block my blackberry starts to vibrate. I check my caller ID. Marybeth. "Hello?" "Emily where are you get inside now!" Marybeth shouts frantically into the reciever. "What are you talking about?" "It's Drake he's outta jail and he texted me just now and said that he left for LA 3 hours ago and he's coming to get his revenge!" I have to grab onto Bruno's shoulder so I dont fall. "Are you sure?" "Yes positive!" "Ok I gotta go I love you!" I hang up and Bruno looks scared. "What!? What is it!? What’s going on!?" I look at Bruno and the though of losing him kills me. I start crying as I explain to him everything Marybeth told me. He looks around and he grabs my hand "Cmon let’s get home." We start walking really fast. Almost jogging to his house. We walk in and look around. Nothings broken or missing. This let's me breathe a little sigh of relief but not much. He can’t find us.....Bruno doesn’t have a land line I reassure myself. I'm not going to let Drake ruin my time with Bruno. "Let's watch a movie....something funny." "Ok you want me to grab the ice cream babe?" "Please." I decide to watch Larry the cable guy. We sit on the couch enjoying eachothers company the ice cream and movie. The movies almost over when I hear a thump. So quiet that if it wouldn’t of been at a part in the movie where it was quite you wouldn’t of heard it. My heart starts racing and the hairs on my neck stand straight up. I look over at Bruno and he's looking at the stairs. He runs into the kitchen and grabs a knife. "Bruno...." I say hoarsly "Stay here call 911 and if you hear screaming run ok?" "But Bruno...." "No Buts do you understand?" I stand up determined not to lose this fight. "No...." The second thump was much louder and closer to the stairs. Bruno looks at me then at the staris then back at me. He bolts up the stairs.

"Dammit Bruno!" I dial 911 on my blackberry and set it on the counter. I bolt up the stairs and all is silent. I look around and see nothings broken or missing and most importantly no blood. I look in all the rooms until I get to the Master bedroom. I hear a yell and then a thump. Silence. I give a silent prayer and put my shaky hand on the door. I push it open ant the first thing I see is the blood everywhere. I look on the floor and see Bruno laying there with his eyes closed. I keep looking around trying to find Drake. I catch a glimpse of the mirror and see writing. I walk over to it and read it. I sends chills down my spine. "Bitch I hope your happy. Your man was pretty brave he must of really like you. But I did him in pretty good and now it’s your turn. Don’t go near him. That’s right i can see you but you can’t see me. Ready or not here I come! I look at Bruno then back at the mirror then at Bruno then I turn back around and standing right there is Drake. I scream bloody hell. "What the fuck do you want Drake!" "I told you what I wanted but instead you sent me to jail." I slap him across his face so hard it makes my hand hurt. "Agressive much?" "Yup. Now what did you do to Bruno!" "Nothing much....why do you care for him so much?" "Because he loves me and I love him. He would do anything for me and I know I can trust him. Now what the fuck do you want and what the hell did you do to Bruno!" "Damn your stubborn!" He lunges for me and barely misses. I get up and start kicking him but he grabs my leg and pulls me down. He gets on top of me and tries to pin me down. I spat right in his face. "Get the fuck off of me you bastard!" "That’s it! I'm done with you bitch!" He pulls the knife out from behind his back and smiles. I look over at Bruno and he starts to groan. I could of swore I saw his eyes open but it’s probably just me hoping that they do. "Don’t worry he’s a goner too but your first." This is all my fault! I drug Bruno into this! Now he’s going to die because of me! I watch in horror as Drake lines the knife up with my throat, raises his hand, and starts to bring it down.