Chapter 3

01/06/2011 08:30

As I walked home, I looked around, it was really hot outside. I walked back home, today was a good first day, I made new friends and I had a feeling Bruno and I were gonna be really good friends, or more…

“How fucking ironic!!” I heard someone  yell behind me. I turned around, it was Bruno and Eric. I smiled.

“What? Are you stalking me now?” I said jokingly.

“Probably!” Eric said, Bruno smacked him upside the head.

“No! We live in this street, do you?” he asked.

“Yeah actually, right here” I pointed to my aunt’s house.

“You’re Brenna and Steve’s niece?” Eric asked, Bruno got a huge smile on his face, was he ever NOT happy, haha the kid was ridiculous.

“Uhh, yes? How did you know?” I asked. Bruno ran up beside me.

“Our parents are like BEST FRIENDS” he said, come on, he ran up into the house and opened the door and walked right in.

“Bruno! Seriously! Excuse him, his manners suck” Eric said rolling his eyes. I laughed and shook my head, I followed inside.

Bruno was walking the kitchen, “Hey Brenna!” he said

“Bruno! Hey babe!” she said, hugging him, “how was your first day of 11th grade, gosh you’re getting so-LIV! Hey, you guys know each other?” she asked looking between the both of us.

Bruno smiled, “yeah, we met today at school!” he said.

Brenna smiled and winked at me “Told ya so” she said. Bruno looked at her confused, I laughed.

“Hey Eric! You guys hungry” She asked us.

“No thanks, Brenna, we actually should be getting home now.” Eric said, he was the quiet, laid back one.

Bruno pouted, “Fine, I’ll see ya later Brenna!” he said

“Bye guys! Tell your mom that I said hi, and we’ll have to get together soon!” Aunt Brenna said, smiling.

“Sounds like a plan, see you tomorrow Olivia!” Bruno said pushing my arm, I smiled and waved bye.

And boy, I was excited to see him tomorrow too…