Chapter 3

12/06/2011 12:53

I woke up & I look to see who was calling me, it was Jen. I let it continue ringing, then it stopped. My phone went off again, but this time it was a text message......from Jen. I looked at the message & it said "I know u sat right there & looked @ the phone while it was ringin....CALL ME ASAP" did she know I did that? Well she is my best she knows me very well. I sat up in my bed for 10 minutes then I called her. After that first ring she picked up & said

"What the hell Tori!? I've been trying to reach you all last night! Where have you been?"

"Well good morning to you Jen.....What you mean you have been trying to reach me all night? I didn't even see you call me."

"I was texting you last night"

"What!? I dont see any......oh...."

There were 47 text messages....all from Jen. Then I looked at my ringer & I notice that I had it on vibrate.

" bad Jen....I had my phone on vibrate last what was so important that you had to text me 47 times ?"

"Oh....nothin I just wanted to see if you were home......& NOT at Bruno's house!"

"What...ugh....Jen come on you know me better than that"

"Do I Tori?.....Not after what happen with you & that other guy you was with! oops..."

I sat there speechless....I was so pissed off at her for bringing that other guy. She knows that was a painful past for me & for her to bring that back up was very hurtful.

"Tori Im so sorry I--"

I hung up before she could even finish. I laid there trying to forget about what happen that night with me & that guy. But it was so hard for me to do so. I got out of bed to go shower, when I got out I noticed the bruise I had on the side of my hip . I've had that bruise for a year now & looking at that bruise brings back dark, painful memories. I put on my white tank top, black booty shorts, & my black & white converse. I went out to go find a sexy dress for my date with Bruno tonight. I went into H&M to look for a dress, I thought maybe finding a dress by myself would be much easier but it wasnt. So I decided to call Jen, but she didnt answer & then all of a sudden I felt someone tap my shoulder. It was Jen, she was wearing the same thing I was except her colors were blue & black.

"Tori....look I know I should have never said that...I am so sorry....I dont know what came over me...I was just worried about you...I--"

"Jen its ok im fine now ....yeah you did cross the line when you brought that incident back up....but I forgive you!"

She hugs me so tight that at one point I thought I was going to black out.

"Jen could you help me find a dress for my date tonight?"


We both picked out 4 dress each for me to try on. I tried on all 4 dress that I picked out, & Jen didnt like none of them looked on me. So I tried on the 4 dresses Jen picked out for me, I didnt like the first three. When I put on the last one, I came out of the fitting room & showed Jen. It was a one shoulder red dress that was hugging my curves, a little bit low cut in the front, & stopped at mid thigh.

"Well what do you think?"

"Whoa...." she said as her eyes stretched

"You don’t like?"

"Like it....I LOVE IT! Im the one who picked it out DUH!"

"So this is the one?"

"Hell yeah thats the one" she said with a huge smile on her face

"Now we need to get you some heels"

"What kind?"

"Hmmm I had Christian match that sexy scorpion tattoo on your foot"


We got the dress & heels, went to go get Mani-Pedis together, & had lunch. I looked at the time & it was 2:00pm. We left the restaurant & went back to my house, until it was time for me to get ready. Both of us went upstairs to my room & sat on the balcony.

"So are you nervous about tonight"

"Nervous? why would I be nervous?"

"I dont know....maybe because its your first date in a YEAR!"

"Well im happy about it"

So we just sat there, quietly, watching the sun set. Then I looked at the time.

"Jen, it’s 7:00pm I gotta get ready"

"What time is he picking you up?"

"At 8"

"Girl get in the shower now!"

"Ok im going" I said with a huge smile on my face

I ran to the bathroom & got in the shower, I got out & let Jen do my hair & make-up. I went inside my closet & got the dress so I can put it on. When I was finally done I looked in the mirror & all I could say was "Whoa"

"Ok Tori let me see you now"

I walked out of my room & walked down stairs. I seen Jen's mouth drop.


"Thats what I said"

"What time is it now?"


The doorbell rings

"Ah yes, right on time" Jen said with a huge smile on her face.

"No! dont answer it. I’ll answer it. No, go ahead. Wait!"

"Look Tori! Im gonna answer this door rather you want me to or not!"

I ran inside the kitchen & stood up against the counter.

"Hi Bruno, im--"

"Jen, yea I know who you are, you’re the girl Kenji keeps talking about....oops!"

I peeked around the corner & see Bruno at the door. Damn he was looking good with his baby blue shirt, black blazer, black skinny jeans, & his black oxford shoes.

"Oh wow" Jen said blushing

"Well let me get Tori for you, come on in & sit down"

"Ok" he said as he made his way to my living room

I hear Jen coming into the kitchen, so I quickly walk back to the counter.

"Girl I know you were staring at him around the corner, im not crazy"

"What!? girl....pfft....I was just....ok I'll admit it, I was looking at him"

"Uh-huh...yea" Jen said with a smirk on her face

"Jen I cant go out there im too nervous!"

"Hmmm I know exactly what you need"


"you need a drink"

Jen goes into my liquor cabinet & grabs the bottle of grey goose. She then goes into my refridgerator, grabs the bottle of cranberry juice, & grabs a shot glass. She pours the cranberry juice & grey goose in the shot glass together.

"Here drink this"

"Oh no, im fine"

"Take the damn shot girl!"

I take the shot & look at her. I gulped that shot down so fast, then I started coughing.

"Damn girl you trying to kill me with your little concoction....although it did taste good...I feel a little bit better now"

"See I told you, here have another one"


I took that last shot & I was ready for my date.

"Now come on, lets show Bruno how sexy you look"

We walked down the hallway & into the living room. There he was looking so damn sexy.

"Ok Bruno here she is!"

He turns around, his smile gets huge & his beautiful hazel eyes begin trace me from head to toe.


I couldnt help but smile because that was the first time he didnt have much to say.

"Ummm so you're ready to go?"


"Could you stop saying that & lets go!"

"Ok!" he said with a huge smile

We went out the door, went to his car & he opened the door for me. I got in & he closed it, then he walked to the driver side. Before he got in I seen Jen wink at him & mouth words I didnt understand. Then he got in the car & closed the door.

"Hey, what was all that about?"

"Oh....nothing" He said with a smirk on his face

"Hey Tori!"

I stuck my head out the window

"What Jen!?"

"Have fun"


"Oh & I put a little gift in your purse for you"

I gave her a confused look, then I looked inside my for this so called "little gift". When I found it I couldnt believe what I was seeing, Jen put a condom in my purse. I hurried up & closed my purse before Bruno asked what was it.

"Really Jen!?!" I yelled out the window

"Be safe Tori! Have fun guys!" she said with a smirk

"What was that all about?"

"Believe me you dont want to know.....So where are we going?"

"Well dinner first & the other place is a suprise" he said with a smile

We leave my house & we get to this mexican restaurant. Bruno gets out the car, I was about to open my door until I see him come running to my side to open it for me.

"Such a gentleman" I said with a smile

"Eh...well I try" He says with a smirk on his face

He grabs my hand & we both walk inside. We walk to our table & sat down, I noticed he kept looking at me as I looked at the menu.


"You look really gorgeous tonight" he said as continued to stare at me

"Awww well thank you" I said blushing

The waitress came to take our order & I notice she kept staring at Bruno. I didnt say anything though I just rolled my eyes & kept looking at the menu.

"Hi, im Shelby & im your waitress for the night...what can I get you to drink?" She asked Bruno in a flirty voice

"I'll have a beer sweetheart" He said as he looked at her

"Ok....& you?" She said as she cut her eyes into my direction

"I'll have a Bahama mama...with DOUBLE the vodka please" I said

"Mhmm...Ok well I'll be back with your drinks" she said as she gave me a cold look

"Double the vodka? For what?"

"I have a feeling its gona be a LONG night thats all"

"Yeah a long night with me" he said as he raised one eyebrow up

I couldnt help but laugh a little bit, then the waitress shows up with our drinks. She hands him his drink nice & slowly but slide mines on table & some of it got on my dress. I was pissed I couldnt believe she did that & on purpose! Bruno had this suprised look on his face.

"Can you just order my food while I go clean myself up?"

"Yeah...sure..." he said with that suprised look on his face

I got up & went into the bathroom, clean my dress off the best way I could, even though the smell of liquor was so strong in it, & walked out the bathroom. I made my way back to the table, & I see bruno already eating, I sat down & I started eating. After we were done, we sat there quietly, for like 10 minutes.

"Tori im so sorry that happened, I should've--"

"No its fine, im ok now....So where are going now Bruno?"

"Well I...was going to take you dancing...but your dress got ruined so I guess I'll take you home"

"What are you kidding me!? Lets go dancing now!"

"Are you sure?"


"Well lets go then!" He said as his eyes lit up with happiness

We got up from the table & left by the time we reach the door, the waitress Shelby stopped Bruno.

"Excuse me, I think you forgot something"


"My phone number" she said with a smile

No this bitch did not give him her number in front of me. Who in the hell does she think she is? He had the paper in his hand & she looked at him, then at me with a nasty look.

"Oh bitch he wont be needing this" I said ripping up the paper & giving it back to her

We both walked away hand in hand to his car, he opened the door for me & I got in. When he got in just looked at me.


"I just cant believe you did that"

"Well getting liquor on my dress is one thing, but giving your number to my date & im in front of him thats really fucked up"

He just looked at me speechless, & started to drive away from the restaurant. We pulled up to this building, there was a line of people standing outside & loud music playing inside. We get out the car & make our way to the building. I thought he was taking me to a club but once we get inside all I see is people salsa dancing. He grabbed me by my hand & spin me around until we were on the dancefloor. We just danced our asses off. We didnt leave the place until maybe 12am, we finally made it back to my house & he walked me to the door.

"I had a great time tonight, despite my dress getting liquor on it"

"Im glad you did & again im sorry about what happened I--"

"Would you like to come in?"

"Sure" he said excitedly

We walked into the house, sat down in the living room, & it was quiet for like 5 minutes.

"Would you like some wine?"


"Ok I'll be back"

He grabs my hand & says "I'll come with you"

We both walked into the kitchen, I got the wine & 2 wine glasses. I tried popping the cork on the wine bottle by myself but it didnt work. Bruno came up behind me, puts his arms around me, & helped me get the wine open. I turn around & looked at him, looked into those beautiful hazel eyes.

"Ok...lets go back into the living room now"

He follows me into the living room & we both sat down. We laughed, talked & drunk the whole bottle of wine! then he notices my ipod near my radio & starts going through it.

"You have got to be kidding me!"


He plugs my ipod up to the radio & "This womans work" starts to play

"I love this song! its my favorite song by Maxwell!" we both said together

"May I have this dance"

"Of course you can"

We danced to this song, as we danced he grips my waist tighter & buries his face into my neck.

"Mmmmm you smell so good....vanilla right?"

" did you know?"

"Thats was the scent you had on the first time I met you at the diner"

"Oh...well thank you"

After the song was over, he looked at me & I looked at him, then he kissed me with such a passionate kiss that my knees buckled. He layed me on the sofa & started kissing on my neck, I grabbed the back of his hair. Then he slipped his hand up my dress & I felt him trying to pull my panties down. Then flashbacks started coming back to me.

"Bruno stop...please"

"Whats wrong"

"I just this ok"

"Why not?"

"I just cant..."


I get up from the sofa & make my way upstairs, I come back down with a blanket & a pillow.

"Since you're too drunk to drive you can stay here tonight"

I handed him the blanket & pillow, gave him a quick peck on the lips & make my way back upstairs.

"Can I sleep with you in your room tonight"?


"Why not?"

"Because we both know whats gonna happen if you do"

"Yeah you know I would rock your world" he said in a low voice

"I HEARD THAT!!!!" I yelled at the top of the stairs

I went into my room, took a shower, got into my PJs & went to sleep. All of a sudden I felt someone wrap their arms around me & I didnt hesitate to jump up & see who it was. All I know was that I felt safe in those arms.

"Well what do we have here?"

I opened my eyes.....