Chapter 32

16/03/2012 10:49

*knock knock* Why is this idiot not opening the door!! *knock knock* I step back and yell at the window. “Yo Ryan!! Let me in!!” I wait but still nothing! This time I start to bang the door before he finally opens it “WHAT!? Oh, it’s you” and he moves away so I can step inside. I look in and see all the guys sleeping on the floor, thank fuck I get the bed tonight. “So where have you been all night then?” He asks me. I ignore him because he knows exactly where I’ve been and walk in the kitchen to get a glass of water. “Did you fuck her?” he asks. “Of course I didn’t fuck her” “Well I thought you wouldn’t fuck that London bitch too, but you did” “Look Ryan, please. It’s the night before my wedding. Can we not do this, I need to sleep” “Oh so she’s still marrying you then?” I stop and sit at the table. “She almost wasn’t going to” I say quietly. “What happened tonight? You don’t look yourself” I take a deep breath and explain everything that happened from me kissing Lucy, to me and Lex having that argument. “You bastard” he replies. It’s ok though, I deserve that. “Bruno do you understand everything that this woman has done for you? You realise she took you from being nothing and has made you in to this international sensation, do you realise that it’s all been her? That without her you would still be writing songs for people and hoping that one day they’ll decide to keep you on that track? She actually changed your life. You’re aware of all she’s done for you right? Because it really doesn’t seem like you do with the way you treat her” I place my head on the table and try to ignore him. “I can’t deal with this now, she said she’d still marry me and I know she still loves me and that’s all that matters” “Yeah, but did she really mean it? Or did she just say that not to disappoint everyone” Shit.

“SHHH SHE’S ASLEEP!! DON’T WAKE HER UP!” “I AM NOT GONNA WAKE HER UP! YOU ARE!!” “Do you both think that whispering loudly outside her door isn’t gonna wake her up? She’s probably awake right now” Jamie says to the others and I hear them all hurry away. I roll over and fall back asleep…

I start to toss and turn again as excitement finally starts to hit me. I open my eyes and just look up. Wow. As if I’m actually getting married today, as if I’m actually getting married to Bruno. Today, in just a few hours! Unbelievable. “Well someone looks happy” my mom says as she walks in and sits and the end of my bed. “I can’t believe my baby girl is getting married” “Yeah me neither. Do you think I’ll be a good wife?” “We all know you will. You can cook! That’s all a guy really wants in life! Someone that can make him a sandwich” she says with a smile. “She’s not up yet!? Lex get up!! You’re kinda busy today!” Mid says as she rushes in. I roll over and look at the time “WHY IS IT 10AM!? I THOUGHT YOU WERE GONNA GET ME UP AT 5!” “Calm it! We were, but we decided that you should sleep, and you’re not getting married till 5 this evening anyway, Oh Lex! You’ll never guess who came early this morning!” “Who!?” “Guess… “ “Or you could just fucking tell me?” “Well, we wanted you to have as many friends here as possible, so…. we invited Karin and Em from the studio” “Em? Isn’t that Bruno’s ex?” “Noooooo!! Karin and Em are our oldest friends from the studio! They’re producers, and hot ladies too, I bet they’ll catch the attention of Ryan” “Yeah I bet they’ll catch the attention of all the guys!” I say as I finally get up and jump in the shower. When I get out I see everyone rushing in and out of the room trying to get ready. I go and sit on the bed and I get pulled every way possible whilst my makeup and hair gets done. “Where’s Bruno?” “He spent the night at Ryan’s last night, is he awake!? Someone call and wake them up!” “Yeah they’re up” Jamie says as she applies mascara. At 12ish my mom leaves to go down to the altar and it’s just me, Mid and his sisters left in the room. Shit I’m getting married in 5 hours. “Lex, how you feeling?” And I know she’s asking about last night. “Were we really that loud?” they all nod. “I’m not in the wrong though right? What he did was wrong, and I shouldn’t be taking him back and I shouldn’t be marrying him” No one says anything. “No you shouldn’t be marrying that jackass” Ryan says as he walks in in his suit. HOLY. FUCK. Maybe I’m marrying the wrong friend. “Well helooooo Ryan” Mid says. “Yeah you like it?” he says as he admires himself in the mirror. “How’s my future husband I say” all excited. “He’s fine. Man even on his fucking wedding day is he a pain to wake up! We had to throw water on him to get him up, then we chucked him in the pool….” and everyone laughs including me. “How does he look in his tux?” I ask excitedly. “He looks good. But not as good as me” he says still looking at himself in the mirror. “Yeah I’ll be the judge of that later” He turns to me and comes and kneels down in front of me and takes my hand “Lex, I’m not gonna say this again because once you two are married then I’m not gonna interfere anymore. But yes, we all know he’s done some stupid things in the past, but last night he came to mine, I could see how hurt he was because he knew he’d hurt you, I’m not gonna get in to what we spoke about, but you know how much he fucking loves you right? *I nod* Then that’s all that matters” “Yeah and if he fucks up again then he’s gonna have me to answer too” Eric says as he walks in. Wow, if Ryan and Eric both look this good in tuxes then I can’t even imagine how good Bruno looks in his… “Lex, you ok?” “Jamie asks. “Yeah but just thinking about Bruno in a tux makes me all wet… SHIT! WHAT AM I SAYING!” I say as I cover my mouth in shock. She just laughs and says “its ok, I was like this too on my wedding day, you’re not thinking right” and she walks away. God I’m such an idiot. I look at the time. 1pm. I get married in four hours. And everyone is still rushing around, why is no one ready yet?! Shit now I’m starting to worry. I get up and look in the mirror for the first time today, am. Am I seeing the same person staring back at me? “Wow” I say out loud without thinking. “Yeah you look beautiful” Mid says. “Is that a compliment coming from you?” “Just this once, now come on and let’s get your dress on!” Oh God… the dress.

It takes us a good 45 minutes to get this dress on. I look at the clock again, it’s getting closer to 5. Fuck. “Wow, you look amazing” I hear, I know that voice anywhere “Phred! Damn, you look good” “I know” he says as he walks up to me and hugs me. “Damn Phred you do look good!!” “Easy Mid, I’m taken” “Oh yeah… Monika..” I ignore them and go back to looking at myself in the mirror, I can’t believe how I actually look, I think for once in my life I can actually look in the mirror and smile at what I see, it sucks that it’s on my wedding day that I feel like this. “Picture time!” My mom yells. “Come on, the three of you, Phred on Lex’s left and Mid on her right. Perfect” “I don’t care, I need to talk to her!” “But you can’t!! It’s bad luck for you to see her on your wedding day!” Presley yells back at Bruno. “Then I’ll talk to her back to back, look it’s important. Mom will you please tell Presley to MOVE!” Oh God, what’s wrong now…. My heart sinks.