Chapter 32

19/07/2011 11:00

Tears fell from my eyes. Alisia..they found her...Phred found her but is she OK? Bruno sits on the floor next to me and hugs me. Dad walks over and sits on the floor too, his eyes were watering because Alisia is like a daughter to him but then I start to panic, if they found Alisia and Auna where was Gino? I looked at my dad and he & Bruno both helped me up off the floor.

“I can't believe this” Bru said

“I know, it's a miracle” Dad said

“Yeah...I just hope she's...”

I started to shake and look at my dad. Please, oh goodness please tell me that they found her alive. That she's OK, the Alisia is breathing.

“Angel?” Dad asked

“Dad...did they tell you if...” I asked but couldn't go on

“Well, Phred was the one who called but, he was all shook up about it”

“Oh, Goodness I hope...”

closing my eyes they started to water but then I felt a hand on my chin. It was Bruno's.

“No, think positive. I want her to be OK but thinking of the worse, is just going to make you go crazy” Bru said

“'re right” I said with a half heated smile

“Well, did they say where they we're at?” Bru asked

“Yeah, Mercy. Room 183” Dad said

“You, coming?”

“Nah, i'll watch the kids. Just come back with some good news for me”


“Well, why don't Bruno here sober up & you guys visit tomorrow huh?”

“Sounds like a good plan”

“Well there's a gust room if you want to sleep there” I said

“Yeah, that'll do”

Dad gave me a hug and a kiss then looked at Bruno with his fist pointing at him. He went upstairs and we followed. Dad went into the guest room and closed the door, Bru and I went to take a shower & brushed our teeth with out a word. Going to the bed & laying down, There was nothing to say, all I can think about is Alisia. It's like I want to believe that she's OK...iBelieve that she's OK but iBelieve that she's not you know?

As soon as I woke up, I woke Bru up. We both got dressed, brushed our teeth and we're out the door. I didn't even notice the ride over to the hospital. I was so shook up about the condition Alisia is in. I didn't want to think negative but....that was all that came to mind. I just want her to be alive, gosh is that so hard to ask for? Health?

Bruno came to a stop but didn't get off the bike. He was just as scared as I was, I cant blame him for not being in a hurry to see her. I mean, the last time we did Phred was all bandaged up and it just broke my heart seeing him like that. Bru tuned off his bike.

“You ready?” Bru asked

“Not really...but I need to see if she's...ok” I said

“Yeah...i feel the same way.”

“Ok we go.”

Bru got off the bike and he helped me off. I grabbed his hand and we walked into the hospital, once again, hand in hand. This time we didn't even stop at the nurses office, just straight to the elevator. We got off the floor and my heart started pounding, I squeezed Bru's hand as we got closer to her room. Jeeze, I feel like we live in this damn hospital. We're always in here seeing someone or getting admitted our selves.

We got to her room and stopped. We both froze to see who was going to open the door but I couldn't. Just thinking about it just made me really nauseous. Bruno reached for the door knob with a shaking hand and turned it...

“Shh, she's sleeping” Phred whispered

I covered my mouth to keep myself from screaming. Alisia, my golden honey filled with life was no longer. Her hair was thin & greasy like it hasn't been washed in years, her skin that once used to glow was pale & pasty, hollow eyes, fat lip, wraps on her wrist and skeleton thin. You could see her whole collarbone move every time she breathed.

I tuned my head away and laid my head on Bruno's chest. He put his hand on my head as I cried, gosh. She looked so sick, like she was near death...i couldn't stand to look at her anymore. I feel like the other half of me has died a little. Thinking to how Alisia used to look...i always envied her beauty and how she was just so confident and everything to this.

I turned my head back around as I heard a little was Phred. I walked over to him and hugged him. He had Alisia's boney hand in his, with his head down, dreads falling to the floor. Bru sat down on the couch behind us with his hand on his face. I guess he couldn't believe it either, I didn't want to believe she was like this.

“The doctors says, she's lost 30 pounds. Her leg has 243 marks on it...” Phred said

“Oh god no..” I said

“Yeah..that's how long she's been gone...i guess she was keeping track.”

“Golly jeeze..”

“Oh wait theirs more..”


“Yeah, both of her wrist are broken, broken rib and...”

“It's OK Phred, you don't have to tell me”

“'s ok”

“You don't man, we can talk about it later” Bru said

“Naw...i wan't you guys to hear all of what that...bastard did to her” Phred said


“He beat her...doc said, he had to of beat her every freaking day and starved her for days at a time...and when they checked her to see what she last ate, it was damn near raw meat”

“...Oh, my goodness...” I said


Both of our eyes popped up. Alisia was talking, barley talking. She had her eyes closed but you could tell that she was awake because her breathing changed. She turned her head towards him and winced, Phred jumped up so fast.

“I'm here, do you want me to call the nurse for more pain medicine?” He said

“No...i want to stay awake” Alisia said

“Ok babe, what ever you need just let me know.”

“Don't leave me.”

“I'm never going to leave yours or Auna's or Gino's side again. I promise you.”

“Ok, I preeshiate you”

She tried to smile but it didn't work out so well. That made me tear up, she is so strong. Even in her condition she was strong.

“Alisia, guess who's here to see you?” Phred said

“Who?” Alisia asked

“Alicia & Bruno.”

“No...i don't want them to see me like this.”

“Alisia...if you want me to leave...” I started to say

“'s...OK. I may be beaten & weak but I still have my strong mindedness. Where are you?” she said

“I'm right here, next to you.”

I grabbed her hand, goodness. It was so frail I'm afraid that i'm going to break her little fingers but she gripped my hand back. She was barley speaking so you had to lean in when she spoke but i'm just glad that she's able to talk at all.

“Alicia, don't you cry. It'll just make me mad.” Alisia said

“Ok.” I said with a smile

“Where's Bruno?”

“Here” Bru said

“Ok. What about..the other guys? Phil & Maria, Kenji, Jam, E...”

“Not here yet...i just wanted Alicia to see you first” Phred said

“Hmm, well good. I don't think I could handle all of them...Maria get's so emotional.” Alisia said

“Yeah...i know love.”

“Phred...i hate to ask but who did...” Bru tried to ask

“I don't want to talk about it.” Phred said

“Oh, OK my man, cool down”

“Sorry I just...”

“You don't got to explain.”

“It's just...not in front of Alisia.”

“Cool man, it's all good.”

“But I will say this, it's never going to happen again”


“Yeah, let's just say. He's talking care of”

“Did you...?”

“Not in front of her.”


“Preesh?” Alisia said

“Yes love?”

“Who did this to me?”

“Wait what?” I said

“Huh? You mean you don't know?” Phred asked

“No, I don't.”


“It was always dark when he came in.”

“How did you know it was a guy.”

“The way...His voice, deep.”

“The way what?”

Alisia just started shaking her head. I looked over to the monitor and her heart rate was going up a little. Tears started streaming from her eyes and she started chewing on her lip. Her little hand was shaking in my hand and I squeezed it.

“Alisia, it's OK, it's OK” I said trying to calm her

“No...Phred” she said

I let go of her hand and Phred grabbed it and kissing her hand over and over again.

“Babe, shh i'm here!” he said


She started screaming this ear wrenching scream. Her monitors going off and beeping like crazy. Bruno got up and ran outside the room, yelling for a nurse. Alisia continued to scream and started to thrash around in her bed. A nurse and a doctor came in with some needles and other things, they pushed Phred out of the way and started to strap Alisia to the bed but Phred pushed them back.


“NO SHE NEED'S ME” Phred said

“NOOOOO!” Alisia screamed

“BABE IT'S OK, I'M HERE I'M HERE” Phred Screamed

“NOO!!” Alisia Screamed






“NAW MAN LET HIM STAY” Bruno started screaming


I got pushed by the doctor & so did Phred. Phred pushed him back and punched him dead in the face. The security came in, I turned around and they tried to move Bru from the door but he wasn't having it. He swung so fast I didn't even noticed he punched the security as the guy fell to the ground, two more men came in and grabbed Bruno. Picking him up Bru thrashed around trying to get out but the guy was huge. Phred came about and gave the other security the good ole one two combo & he was flat out on the ground as well.

Nurses and other doctors just gasped as this all was happening. I ran over to help Bruno by kicking the guy in his leg, he fell and tossed Bruno into a cart. Bru got up fast, he grabbed my hand and ran towards the stairs. I heard foot steps and Phred was right behind us, running down the stairs with us.

We got to the first floor and busted through the door to the entrance. Hopping on Bru's bike, the cops came and we drove off before they could ask any questions. I turned around and seen that they had Phred's head on the hood with his hands behind his back. I open my mouth to tell Bruno to turn around but Phred gives me this look. I don't understand it but I close my mouth and let Bru keep driving home.

We get home but Bruno keeps driving. I turn back around and see our house getting smaller bye the minute. The thing about motorcycles is that you can't hear anything over the engine, so I guess I have to wait to see where we're goi