Chapter 3

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Beautiful Girls

Chapter 3

Kayla's P.O.V


   It was around 11:30am. I was still a little shocked from that happened at the afterparty last night. My lips still tingled no matter how much I smacked them together or touch them, the soft sensation was still present. Even if that kiss only lasted less than four seconds, it felt so passionate and all that other mushy crap.

    I wanted to tell Ashley, but she would kill me if she found out that the man who kissed me was the same man she won't hesitate to kidnap and force into marrige. Yes, It's exctly what it sounds like. She 'loves' him that much. She's even made a scrapbook that has cut-out pictures of him from magazines, and such, and put them next to her pictures to make them seem like a kayfabe couple. She even has this huge book where she writes stories about him in it and posts them on the internet from time to time.

   Oh Crap! Now I feel guilty about the the whole thing. Maybe I should just end it here before it gets worse, and friends turn into enemies for some guy that probably won't even last more than a week in out  lives. I'll tell her... I'd rather she heard it from me than anyone else anyway.

    I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my body... I watched Ashley's sleeping form on the bed as I got dressed. She really went at it last night. I put on a  simple jean skirt and a red top, I slipped on my red flip flops and started to make lunch for Emily, Trini, Ashley and myself.


I was just about done mixing the ingridents for my grandma's special sauce when I heard a knock at the door.I expected to see my friends, so I just answered it.

"Back alread--" I was cut off with a pair of soft lips crashing into mine. It was sudden and rough but at the same time, sweet and passionate. I so wanted to push him off, but I just couldn't. The shock subsided as my eyes closed on me. I was about to pull him closer in an attempt to deepen the kiss, but he pulled away.

"Too soon?" He asked me. He had a doubtful look on his face, as if he expectd me to shout at him for what he just did.

I tried to look anywhere but at him at the moment.

"Too rough?" He asked again. My eyes flickered from him to somthing else evey second as a smile kept tugging at my lips.

"You liked it didn't you." He laughed as my tanned cheeks turn a darker colour and I kept avoiding his eyes.

I folded my arms. " So what if I did?" I tried dropping the smile from my face, but it just kept comming back.

"So I guess you won't mind me taking another?" He smiled as he cupped my cheek. It took all my stength to be able to resist him.

"Yes, you're gonna make me burn my food"I said as I walked over to the kitchen and took the chicken out of the oven.

"Oh that was that scent I caught when I walked in... Smells delicious." He said sitting on one of the stools at the island.

"Thank you" I smiled widely and pasted the chicken witht the sauce then poping it back into the oven.

"So can I stay for lunch?" He asked picking out a few grapes from the bowl of fresh fruit on the counter top.

"Of course you can, you don't even have to ask."

"Yea because you'll let someone you know for less than a day eat with you at anytime right?"

 "Depends on who that person is..."I chuckled as he raised an eyebrow.

"So where are your friends?"

"Oh Emily and Trini are out shopping... they should be back soon though, and Ashlely's still sleeping off her hangover."

"Seriously? When did she get in, it's almost 12"

"Around 4..." I said taking an apple.

Our heads turned to the door when the other two ladies walked in.

"-- But still you didn't have to do that! It was extremely embarassing" Emily screamed at Trini.

"I don't care if the whole world heard me! I WAS NOT GONNA JUST STAND THERE AND LET HIM TALK TO YOU LIKE THAT"

"Hello ladies..." I smirked as their attention snapped to us.

"Hey girls." Bruno smiled...

Emily had a 'what the f**k' look on her face, while Trini just had an eyebrow raised.

"Uhh...Bruno... Mars?" Emily said slowly...

"Yupp... that's me."

"This isn't another one of Ashley's crazy dreams is it?"

"Nope. He's real" Emily said. " And cute too."

"Hey hey, you have a boyfriend." Trini stated. "So Mr. Mars... don't mean to be rude or anything, but what are you doing here?"

"Trini!!" Emily scolded her

"What? I wanna know... there must be some reason as to why an internation star is in our hotel room !"

"Well, I left so quickly last night, I just wanted to make sure Kay, and Ash were home safe."

"Aww he's a gentleman." Emily smiled at him.

"So what were you guys fighting about?" I asked sitting on the stool next to Bruno.

"Well Trini here decided to go balastic on the mall security guard" Emily said as she put the bags down.

"Why are you trying to make it seem like I was in the wrong here??"

"Because, you were!"
"No I wasn't!"

"Yes you were! you can't just call the man a minimum wage jackass for nothing."

I couldn't help but snicker.

"And look at the idiot laughing at it! It's not funny!" Emily said to me with an unwanted smile on her face.

"Ok, Ok... what happened?"Bruno said

"Ok, Emily and I met up with her boyfriend Randy and his brother John." Trini started.

"What the hell were they doing there?" I asked,only to have Trini sush me.

"Let me finish ok!. So we talked and hung out whatever else, but then we had to leave, so Emily just wanted to run in a store to tell her 'friend' she was leaving. But before she could go in, this security guard started getting mad about how the store's closed and no one's allowed in  and whatever else, but she didn't know because there was no sign that that said 'Sorry we're closed' so because the door was still unlocked and there were people inside, we assumed that the store was still open, Then he started calling her stupid and idiotic and whatever else, so I cussed him out, kicked him in the shins called him a minimum wage jackass and threw him in a nearby garbage can. Thats it!" Trini said in one breath...

" Well, I don't know... I kinda have to agree with her on that one, Trini's not at fault." Bruno looked at me.

"What exactly did Randy do?" I asked Emily, who was taking the chicken out from the oven.

"Smells great! Oh and he just laughed and taped the entire thing... It should be on FaceBook right now."

"Yea, great boyfriend you've got."

"Well, after Trini embarassed the man to hell and back, what could he have done?" Emily said

"But, that was horrible Trini... You didn't have to throw him in the garbage ." I said trying my best to contain my laughter

"Hey, the garbage is where trash belongs... I think I did a good deed."

"Lemme get my laptop so I can check out this good deed of yours." I went to the living room to get the computer.

 I was really surprised at how well Emily n Trini were taking this. I expected them to jump wround and act foolishly, but instead, they took it like women and not little girls.

I set the computer down infront of Bruno, and waitd for Emily tog et to her boyfriend's profile.

"Cute pic" Bruno said to me.

"Thanks." I whispered. I tried my best to ignore the stare that went back and forth between Bruno and I from Trini.


The video was about 6 minutes long, and by the time it was over, we were all breathless.

"Look at all the comments." Emily's eyes widened.

"Lemme guess you wanna do some type of sport?" Bruno looked at Trini.

"Actually, yea, pro wrestling... but then again, looking at some of the pathetic women the WWE has to day, you can forget about it."

"Ok, change of subject, because she's gonna go deep into that soon." Emily laughed.

"What? it's a broad topic!"

"Calling them sluts just because they can't wrestle very well doesn't make it a broad topic."

"Hey look who's up."Bruno said as all our heads turned to a messed up Ashley.

"Morning sleepy head." I smiled.

"Bruno? OMG what are you doing here?" I wanted to laugh at the Shock on her face.

"I just came to see if you guys made it back safely, since I had to leave on such such notice" He smiled at her.

"Hurry up and get dressed so we can eat!" I said to her and she hurriedly closed the door and I heard the shower start running...

Should I tell her? Or should I leave her to find out?


Ashley's P.O.V

I got a major shock when Bruno Mars was in my kitchen with my friends. Laughing about what? I don't know. I just hoped it wasn't me...

Wait... what if it was me. What if they made fun of the way I talk... or the way I dress. Oh yea? I'll show them just how sexy I can be...

And by the end if today... I'll have Bruno wrapped around my little finger!!


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