Chapter 3

07/08/2011 22:34

 Chapter 3

i was walking backward and bumped. And I stepped to the guy’s foot, I almost fell, but his both hands are on my shoulder, so im leaning at him

Kay: ow ow ow im so sorry, I didn’t see you there

The guy: its alright are you okay?

I didn’t look at his face yet, I was staring down at his foot, his shoes actually, black vans and jeans. I looked at Abb and Dee’s face. They gaped and they had a shock face. I was confuse, so I look back at the guy. All I see is a fedora, big brown eye, curls, a smile, a cute smile; he is wearing a red plaid shirt and jeans and black vans. I look confuse at first, because I think ive seen him before but I dont know where. His hands are still in my shoulder, I look back at Abbs and Dee, and I put my confused look while pointing at him to Abb and Dee. “He is….” Is all that I can manage to say the Abb and Dee. Abb and Dee snapped back and all of a sudden theyre screaming and run towards the guy “OHMYGAAWDD BRUNO MARS!!” I was like shock, when they run, and they pull me, and theyre hugging him. So I was like damn, no need to pull me like that and I notice my right hand had a scratch from Abb’s nail. Theyre very shock and excited to see Bruno in front of them. I was there quiet, looking at them hugging Bruno. “hey hey calm down sweethearts” he said between a giggle. Oh, and I notice that Bruno were not alone, he’s actually with Phil, Phred, Jam, Eric, and Kenji. Trust me, all I know is Bruno had a band, and Phil was his best friend and Eric was his brother. Phil, Phred,Kenji,Jam, Eric laughed at my face expression, cs my face was like ‘what the’ face.

Phil: hey, you alright? The scratch on your hand its mm bleeding.

Kay: huh? Mm what? Ohh yea its fine :)

Phred: your friends are dangerous hahhaa

Kay: YES THEY ARE, hahahaha

Bruno was trying to keep the girls calm down, but his eyes is still lookin at me.

Kay: why are you looking at me like that? Something wrong with me? – I look up and down my body-

Bruno: n-n-nno, I feel bad for your hand there –giggle-

Kay: oh haha its fine :)

Abb said sorry while handing me her camera, she asked me to take a picture of them both. I don’t get the chance to take a picture with him, cs

theyre like “oh no, I look like crap here, one more please” so I waited them to comb their hair with their finger, while im lookin at them from the screen. Phil and the rest were just laughing, and Bruno was smiling. It took so long for them to just get a pic with him, so I started to aim the camera to the street, and take a random picture of a car.

Kay: guys please. You look fiiiine. Don’t make them wait…

All of them just laugh. They took a pic with the rest of the band too. They didn’t even ask me whether or not would I want to take pictures with him. So I just saw them talking to Bruno and the band, while im looking at them, smiling, listening.

Bruno: hey whats your name?

Abb: im Abbey, and she is…

Dee: Daniella

Abb and Dee put their biggest grin everrr. “ how about you right there?” Bruno said. “hmm I am Kiara” I replied. “you haven’t take a picture with me, yo phil, take a pic of us” Bruno said handed his blackberry phone to Phil. Abb and Dee had a jealous look cs Bruno use his phone to take a pic with me, but I don’t care haha. I smiled and I see him smiling at me too with his hand around my waist really tight. And I can smell his cinnamon smell. Damn its addicting. After Phil took a pic of us, Bruno still have his hand on my waist, and we just talk together with the band and abb and dee, in the roadside, not much people are there. Bruno asked us “so are you coming to the show?” “YES! I cant wait for tonight!” abb and dee said. “how bout you sweetheart? Why do you seem so quiet?” bruno said. “hahaha you think so? I cant go” I said. “she’s actually so talkative, and funny too haha” Dee said giggling. I scrunch my nose. Bruno and the band laugh at me while I did that and he let go off his hand around me, and I move a side a bit. “why cant you go?” bruno said. “I don’t have the ticket, fyi, your tickets sold out in 3 hours, sir” I replied with a smile. “and I guess im late to order it so..yeah I cant” I added. “we’re here now..” I look up to Phil in confuse look, “ you just win a free ticket to Bruno Mars concert” Phil said. “oh my god is it for real?, oh em geee” Phred says with a girlie voice and a girlie pose. I burst out laughing and so are the others. “umm you sure youre giving me a free ticket?” I said to the Bruno and the band. “NO!” bruno said. Again im schoked. “oh okay..” I replied, I look down. “you’ll have to pay” Bruno said. “hmm how much will that cost?” I asked, “let me think, if you wanna join us eat then we wont charge you. If you didn’t, you’ll have to pay each of us $10000000. Hows that?” Bruno said. I laughed “I’ll take the eating part hahah”. Bruno and the rest laugh “that’s what I thought” he said.