Chapter 3

07/08/2011 23:32

3. Death

Alissa’s Mind :

‘THEN WHAT!?’ is what Joelle yelled laughing.

‘then I wanted to hit him in the nuts know, my foot didn’t do what I wanted it to do.’ We laughed harder. ‘god! I’m glad you guys are okay’ is what I heard someone say. ‘wait a second..’ I said. I smiled widely while turning around ‘dude!’ I smiled wider. Joelle looked at me and then at the dude. ‘hiya!’ is what Joelle said. The only thing I could think of was ‘please don’t embarrass me , please don’t !’ she looked at him while he leaned on the door with his hands in his pockets looking smoking hot, as always. ‘AJ,you were right! He’s a fine looking dude!’ she nodded satisfied.  He giggled it was too cute! It wasn’t like a girly giggle, but like a hot male giggle. ‘JOELLE, SHUT UP!’

She laughed. ‘You guys were twins right?’ we nodded at the same time and then we laughed again. He smiled ‘you guys don’t look like each all.’ I nodded ‘jup, that kind exists too.’

‘what’s your name.’ is what Joelle said. He smiled ‘Bruno..’ Joelle responded very quickly saying ‘Hot.’

‘I’m sorry..don’t mind her..she just..thinks out loud, or it’s the medication..’ Bruno laughed ‘or both.’

We laughed.  ‘are you both free to go?’ is what he asked us. ‘nope.’ Is what I said. ‘Joelle still needs to stay in this rat hole full of dying people.’ I laughed at her. Bruno smiled along with me. Joelle looked at me with a death glare and then she threw a pillow at me ‘Thanks for reminding me.’ A doctor walked In ‘visiting time is over people..’ I sighed.  ‘I’ll come back.’  I said and walked towards her to hug her. ‘you better be’ is what she said smiling. ‘Oh…and by the way..thanks for saving our lives.’

She smiled. I smiled at him to. ‘Oh..yeah..right, no problem’ is what he said. I looked at him laughing a little ‘don’t be shy your our hero’  I smiled at him.  ‘no I’m not..’ the doctor looked at us ‘please go now..’ is what he said.  I frowned ‘well..pushy!’ the doctor sighed. ‘..wait..I don’t have a ride home.’  I sighed again. ‘I’ll take you home..don’t worry about that.’ Is what Bruno said. I looked behind me to see the reaction of my sister and she winked at me in a hysterical way.  We walked out the room and went down to the parking lot. ‘Where exactly do you live?’ is what he asked me smiling. I grabbed a little paper out of my pocket and answered ‘Hill street 40C’ he looked at me shocked ‘..You’re kidding me right?’ I looked at him confused ‘ I didn’t’ I looked at him frowning. ‘I mean..I used to live there..three months ago.’  I looked at him saying ‘..that scares the fuck out of me.’ I got in the car when he did. ‘…me too.’ Is what he said. ‘…okay enough about just moved here?’ I nodded ‘we did, we actually were on our way to the house when the accident happened.’ he looked at me while driving. ‘…where are you from then?’ he looked back at the road. ‘Hawaii.’ He looked at me again ‘…me too.’ I looked at him ‘eh, you are kinda creeping me out now.’ He smiled ‘back at yah, we have a lot in comment.’ I smiled ‘we do..’ we looked each other in the eyes. ‘uhm..eyes on the road please.’ Is what I said while laughing. He laughed with me ‘why’d you move to L.A?’ is what he asked me while turning left.  ‘..personal reasons.’ I said. ‘you can trust me..’ he said smiling. ‘I..I..didn’t want to die.’  We arrived, he parked the car in a split second to look at me. I had no emotion on my face but I was scared that they’d find me here. ‘ You….w-what happened?.’ I looked into his soft golden-brown eyes and then I realized something ‘..You know, I barely know you and..I really need to go.’ He nodded ‘I get it. I’m sorry, you know what? Here’s my number’ he grabbed a piece of paper and a pen out of the car locker and wrote his down number on it. ‘Call me if you need me.’ I looked at him again while I accepted the piece of paper, our hands slightly touched as I took the paper from his hand. ‘Thank you..I will.’ He smiled at me then got out the car to open my door. I smiled ‘I know I just got out of the hospital, but there’s nothing wrong with my hands.’ Bruno giggled his manly giggle again ‘I know..but I always do that..’  I stepped out of the car ‘can you teach that to my ex?’ I laughed ‘he didn’t even opened the door for you…anywhere?’ he asked ‘nope..’ He closed the door for me. ‘ what a fake man.’ He smiled ‘Oh no..he had balls.’ Bruno laughed ‘only balls!?’ I laughed too ‘no!’ I slapped his arm playfully and then his phone rang. He looked at the caller ID and then he put his phone away again.  We both stopped laughing. ‘I should get going..’ I hugged him ‘Thank you so much..’  I smiled at him and then walked away. My mind was still full of too much things. I was standing in front of the building trying to find my key in my purse. When I finally got it I opened the door and went to the third floor. I was looking around when an old lady walked by. ‘uhm excuse me?’ the old lady turned around, she looked like this sweet granny who baked a lot of cookies for her grand children. ‘yes sweetheart can I help you with something? ‘ I smiled at her  and she smiled at me. ‘do you know where apartment 40C is?’ she laughed a little ‘are you here for that handsome young man, oh I lost his name..what was it again!’ I smiled ‘Bruno?’ she nodded extremely ‘yes! Bruno, yes! Are you his girlfriend?’ I smiled at the old lady. I wish it was true, I mean I don’t know him but if you look at him everyone would want to be his girlfriend. ‘No I’m not..he moved away 3 months ago. I live here now with my sister’  she frowned ‘I don’t see a sister.’ She smiled again ‘no..she’s…she isn’t here yet.

‘well okay then..well…we are neighbors! I live right next to you’ I smiled at her while we walked at the apartment. ‘Here it is’ she smiled again. ‘Thank you so much’ I gave her a friendly smile and then she left. I opened the door and walked in. It was beautiful from what I could see.  I walked around the house a little and since Joelle wasn’t here I thought it wouldn’t be fair if I  picked a room already. I’ve never been so bored before. I always had something to do in Hawaii but, L.A is a bit different. It’s weird though. I was always doing something with friends or with Joelle. This is scary for me. Being alone is not really something I was good at. Cause the last time I thought I was alone It didn’t turn out to be that way. I’m actually terrified to be here. I grabbed my laptop to distract myself. My head was hurting a little bit, that’s when I remembered to take my medication.  I walked to the kitchen grabbed  some water and my medication. I swallowed it quickly and leaned on the kitchen table. I don’t know but something about this house freaks me out. Who knows what that Bruno guy did in here. But the style of this house wasn’t bad, it actually reminded me of my mother who was buried in L.A. I’m going to the cemetery. I need to talk to her.