Chapter 3

08/08/2011 13:06

Bruno and I find a place to sit in the sand, and watch the rest of the light disappear under the depths of the Pacific. “So tell me about yourself. What do you like to do?” He asks me as I run my fingers through the sand.

“Well, there’s really nothing to tell. Island girl on the outside and city girl on the inside. I live with my mother and older brother. Don’t have a father.” “What happened to him?” “Well, it’s a long story. My mom just didn’t like him and so we moved.“ Wow. Why do I feel like I can really tell him anything? This feeling I have in my gut feels so weird, but I like it. I feel like Bruno will just sit and listen to my stories all night long. “Ok, I’m done. How about you? Honolulu boy, loves to sing and skateboards. Seems there’s a lot of sides to you.” “Naw, not really. I just love to sing and have fun. Speaking of that…” He trails off and gets up. When he takes his shirt off I start to wonder what he’s doing. “Swimming, hello? We are on a beach!” He throws his shirt down and runs off into the black water.

“Come in! The waters so warm!” He splashes around and goes under for 4 seconds, and finally surfaces again.

I start to laugh, “No I’m good over here!”

“Alex! If you don’t come in this water in three seconds I’m coming to get you!”

“No!” I laugh,


“I’m not coming in there!”


“You can’t make me!”

“One! Here I come!” He gets out of the water, dripping wet. I can’t help but marvel over his dripping tan skin shimmering in the moonlight. I felt like I could just look at him all night. Once I notice he’s running full speed over to me, I start to panic and get up. Laughing, I grab his skateboard and use it as a shield against him.

“Don’t touch me you wet boy!” I scream at him.

“Hey there, that’s not nice! Come over here and give me a hug! My feelings are hurt!” he says playfully. When he tackles me into the sand I can’t help but scream. He puts my slender body over his broad shoulders and carries me to the water.


“Yes?” He answers innocently,

“Let me down!”

“Okay!” He flings me back over his shoulders, but what I didn’t notice is that he carried us into waist-deep water!

“I hate you,” I say with a straight face, splash him, and turn around with my arms crossed. “Hey now that’s not nice,” he says in a seductive voice. I try to keep my cool not to laugh. He walks up and back-hugs me and puts his head in my neck. I try to keep my cool and not to hyperventilate. Damn he’s so hot, I say in my head.