Chapter 3

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I threw myself on the king sized bed and just laid there. I started thinking about my

mom. She was the most perfect woman in the world. She was the pinnacle of what I

wanted to be. She was beautiful, smart, and wouldn't take shit from anyone. She and

my dad were very happy together. Every once in a while they would fight, but, you

know, everyone does. But their fights would last hours. Nonstop yelling and

screaming. Sometimes my dad would break things.

When she was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was too far ahead. Nothing could

save her. Her days were counted. My father and I couldn't take the pain anymore. We

started fighting constantly. I became depressed. Dad started drinking. Soon after she

died, he started doing cocaine. When I tried to take it away from him, he hit me. That

was when it all started. He would hit me everyday. And I wouldn't do anything about

it. When he started to say that mom dying was all my fault, I wanted to hit him back.

But I never did.

My stomach growled. Dinner. Bruno. I sat up slowly. I wanted to take my time with

this. I didn't want to seem clingy. I made my way to the nearest Apple Store. It was

only two minutes away, but since I was walking so damn slow, it took me five. When

I got there, to pass the time, I asked a bunch of random questions. Josh, the guy that

sold me the phone, would answer my question and then start saying other stuff related

to my question. Which was pretty awesome because I learned a lot of new things

about the iPhone. I decided to leave after 30 minutes of talking with Josh.

When I got back to my apartment, Daniel was outside.

"Daisy, how's the apartment?!" he yelled across the parking lot.

"It's absolutely amazing, Daniel! Thank you so much!" I replied. I walked into the

lobby. I took the stairs because that would waste more time. When I got to the 10th

floor, I was exhausted. I couldn't feel my legs. That would be the last time I took the

stairs. I walked into my apartment and ran to my purse. I couldn't wait anymore. I

wanted to hear his voice. I took out the paper with his number on it and just stared. I

punched in the number my phone and pressed call. It rang twice and I hung up. I

smiled. I just dropped called him. He would probably call back. As I waited, I started

buying games. I played Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja. I sucked. I then headed over to

my guitar and opened the case.

"What the hell?" I said quietly. Instead of my light purple guitar, there was a minty

green one. It was a beautiful color. I closed the case and started looking for a tag. I

smiled like an idiot when I found it, and saw the name 'Bruno Mars'.

My phone started ringing.




I was talking to my dad when my phone vibrated. It only vibrated once, so I thought it

was a text. I didn't pay much attention to it so I continued talking. We stopped soon

after, so I checked my phone. One missed call. Daisy. My heart started racing. I went

outside and returned the call. It rang four times then someone answered.

"Hello?" I said. I tried to sound innocent.

"Hi. Did you happen to lose a guitar?" My heart dropped. She didn't sound like Daisy.

"Yes, ma'am. Would you happen to have it?"

"Yes, I do. Would you like me to return it now? Or are you busy?"

"Now would be fine." I said, but I didn't give a shit about my guitar anymore. I gave

her the address to my parents' house.

"Alright. I'll be there in 20 minutes." she hung up. I decided to wait by the porch for





This whole "plugging my nose so I wouldn't sounded like myself" thing was

absolutely genius. Bruno sounded sad, but he'll be happy when he sees me. I threw my

phone on the couch. I ran to the bathroom and took a shower. I was out in four

minutes. My new record. I threw on white booty shorts and a loose floral top. I

grabbed my favorite white fedora and slipped my feet in black ballet flats. I put my

phone and keys in my pocket, grabbed Bruno's guitar and the paper I wrote his address

on and casually made my way out. I flagged down a taxi, handed the driver the paper

and we made our way to it.





While waiting, I was playing Tetris on my phone. I really sucked at it. In the middle of

a game, I heard a taxi pull up. I put my phone away. I stood up and straighten out my

clothes. I looked in the taxi. I couldn't see the lady's face. She was wearing a hat. She

paid the man, and stepped out of the car. She then straighten out her clothes and

reached back into the taxi to get my guitar. She had a really nice ass. She turned back

around. She had her head down so I still couldn't see her face. I met her in the middle

of the yard.

"Thank you so much. There aren't that many trustworthy people out there." I reached

for my wallet. I think she saw me.

"No." she said, handing me my guitar. Our hands touched. The softness of it was

somewhat familiar.

"Alright. Can I at least see the pretty lady who returned my guitar?" I said. She slowly

started to lift her head.




I started to lift my head. I did it slowly for dramatic effect. He bent down to see my

face sooner. His face was priceless.

"Daisy!!" he yelled. He set his guitar down and gave me a hug. I hugged him back. He

then picked me up and spun me around a few times. He was treating me as if he hadn't

seen me in years. When he put me back down, I lost my balance. I would have fallen

if Bruno wasn't still holding on to me.




I was looking for Bruno. We needed to go buy more beer. We only had one case left. I

looked fucking everywhere.

"Does anyone know where Bruno is?!" I asked over the music.

"Check the front yard!" someone replied. I didn't know who it was but it sounded like

Bruno's dad.

"Thank you!" I headed for the front door, but I saw something through the window

that caught my eye. Bruno was outside talking to a fine ass lady. It looked like he

didn't know who it was. I didn't know how he could be so stupid.

"Hey! Ari! Presley! Get over here!" they both walked over to the window and looked


"Is that Daisy?" Ari asked.

"Hell yeah, it is."

"Who's Daisy?" Presley asked, looking at us.

"Bruno's not-yet girlfriend." Ari replied. At this point, Daisy had already lifted her

head. Bruno was hugging her.

"She's pretty." Presley said. She saw Bruno lift Daisy up and spin her around. She

tilted her head and said, "Awwww." Ari and I both looked at her. She walked away.

"How long 'til he gets it?" Ari asked.

"Dude, I'm sure Daisy isn't that kind of girl."

"A week."



"How much?"


"Deal." We shook hands.




"Daisy! I knew it was you!" he said.

"Quit lying! You sounded sad." I made a puppy face. He smiled really big.

"Do you want to go to dinner?"

"Aren't you busy?" I said, nodding toward the house. We both looked over. In the

window, we saw Phil and Ari shaking hands. They looked back at us. I smiled. They

looked terrified as they closed the curtains. Bruno looked back at me.

"No one will know." I looked at him in disbelief. "Oh, come on, girl." I smiled.

"Fine." he smiled and started running inside.

"I'll be right back I have to get my car keys!" he yelled, already at the front door.

"I have my wallet! I can pay!" I yelled back before he got inside. He looked back at


"You are NOT paying for anything." he smiled and went inside. I smiled as well.

"Are you Daisy?" I heard someone say from the side of the house.

"Yes, I am." I saw a lady with very curly hair make her way over to me.

"I'm Presley. Bruno's sister." she held out her hand. I gratefully took it.

"Nice to meet you."

"I just wanted to let you know that Bruno, Phil, and Ari wouldn't stop talking about

you on the way home." she smiled. I smiled back, with a hint of nervousness.

"What did they say?"

"Sweetheart, if I told you that, it would ruin the fun for everyone. Now look, I know

you and Bruno haven't known each other for that long, and you and I have known each

other for a few seconds, but I was just wondering if you would like to go shopping

with me sometime. I think you have a great sense of style." she said.

"Thank you, and I think that'd be great. I didn't bring many clothes with me. My closet

looks pretty boring." I replied. Presley started jumping up and down. I did the same.

We then exchanged phone numbers and hugged. She left to go back inside soon after.

I looked in the window and saw Bruno talking to someone that looked like his mom. I

got tired of standing and made my way over to a hood of a car. Just as I sat on it,

someone honked. I jumped off and looked inside the car. There was a man, and he

look a lot like Bruno, only less tan. Phil was next to him. Phil smiled at me. I

sarcastically smiled back. The other man got out of the car. "Sorry about that. Phil dared me to do it." he said. Phil waved at me.

"It's fine," I said, laughing a little.

"Eric." he extended his hand. I took it.


"Oh, so you're the famous Daisy?"

"I'm famous?" I looked at him, confused.

"Everyone in that damn house knows about you, thanks to these assholes." he said

loudly, as he pointed behind him to Phil and then pointed behind me. I looked back

and Bruno was crossing the yard. Bruno heard and flipped Eric off.

"I love you, too." Eric said, making a heart shape with his hands. I laughed.

"It was nice meeting you, Daisy."

"The pleasure's all mine." I replied. He nodded once and headed back to the car. They

drove away. I turned back to Bruno.

"You ready?" he asked.

"Let's go." he took my hand and walked us over to his car. He opened the door for me.

I got in and reached over to unlock his door. He climbed in and we drove off.

'Billie Jean' started playing on the radio. We both started singing. We then looked at

each other and started laughing. The restaurant we went to wasn't that far away so we

got there before the song was over. Bruno turned off the radio and I instantly turned it

back on. He looked at me and continued to sing with me. When the song was finally

over, we both started cracking up. Bruno stopped before I did and got all serious.

"Daisy, you didn't tell me you could sing, too! You sounded amazing!" he said,


"Stop! You don't mean it." I said, punching him playfully in the arm.

"I mean it! You should come with me to the studio one day so you could sing to Phil

and Ari as well. You could even play the guitar and piano for us. We might give you a

job." I considered this. I had never had the chance to go into an actual studio before. I

only started playing the guitar and piano as a pass time while my parents were

fighting. "Well??" he said. It sounded like he was begging.

"That'd be great." I smiled.

"YES!" he said, jumping out of the car. I looked to my right. The restaurant was huge.

It was called "Indigo". I have never heard of that place. Bruno then opened my door.

He took my hand and helped me out."My mom told me about this place. I had always wanted to come here, I just needed to

find someone special to bring."


Bruno and I had an amazing time at Indigo. We ate so much food, I felt like my

stomach was going to explode. But I couldn't stop. The food was so damn good. We

talked about the most random things. And about ourselves. By the time we were about

leave, it was already midnight. The owner was so nice to us. The restaurant usually

closed at 10, but he let us stay. He told us he'd let us stay because he had never seen

two people more perfect for each other in his entire life. I blushed so hard, I almost

fainted. I'm pretty sure that he also took a picture of us while we were talking. When

we were saying goodbye, he told us to invite him to our wedding. I blushed yet again.

Bruno said we would. I blushed even harder. We left and headed for the car.

"Well, he was nice." I said, breaking the silence.

"Yeah, he was." he said, opening my door. I climbed in and unlocked his door. He

then climbed in, neither of us saying a word, and he drove out of the restaurant.

"Hey, remember when we saw Phil and Ari were shaking hands? What do you think

they were betting on?" I asked, breaking the silence. He looked over at me and smiled.

"I think it was for how long it would take me to ask you to be my girlfriend." I looked

at him and smiled. He smiled back and then started taking a drink of his water.

"I'm not going to lie. I think it was for how long it would take us to have sex." he spit

out all the water that was in his mouth all over the steering wheel, dashboard and

windshield. I started laughing. He did too. While at a red light, he began to clean it up

with a napkin. After he was done, we had both calmed down.

'Darling Nikki' started playing on the radio. Instead of singing it. We started talking

about Prince. We talked about him for about ten minutes. I yawned.

"Oh. So now I'm boring?" he said, smiling. I noticed he was just driving around town.

"No I'm just really tired. Unlike you, I didn't have a comfy pillow on the plane and I

didn't sleep." I said. He looked over at me and smiled. I couldn't smile back at him. I

could barely keep my eyes open. He shook my shoulder gently.

"Want me to take you to your apartment?" he asked.

"Please?" he nodded. I gave him directions and passed out soon after.

I woke up to someone shaking my shoulder.

"Daisy." Bruno's beautiful brown eyes stared at me. "We're here."




I felt so bad for having to wake Daisy up. She looked so peaceful. Just looking at her

sleep made me fall in love with her even more. I took her arm and pulled her gently

out of the car. She stepped out and lost her balance. I caught her by her waist. It was

so damn small. I pulled her back up, and we walked to the elevator. I had her key so I

knew where to go. I pushed the ten and we waited. Around the third floor, Daisy came

up to me and hugged me. I hugged back. Then, I felt set her head on my shoulder. She

wasn't kidding when she said she was tired. She saw her bury her face in my neck. I

felt her steady breathing. And her lips. I felt a shiver go down my spine.

Now at the tenth floor, I decided not to let Daisy walked anymore. I swept her off her

feet. Literally. I walked down the hallway. Daisy threw her arms around me. I smiled

to myself.

Turning the key and opening the door weren't easy tasks with Daisy in my arms, but I

got it. I walked in and closed the door. I locked it as well. I started walking toward her

bedroom. This place was really nice. I got to her bedroom and set her on the bed. I

took off her shoes and hat. That was all I did. I covered her with a white sheet, kissed

her forehead, and headed out.

"Bruno." I heard Daisy say quietly as I was about to turn the lights out. I looked back

at her and she was motioning for me to come back. Like a puppet, I did as she said. I

walked over to the side of the bed and knelt. She turned over to face me. "Bruno.

Don't go."

"Daisy, I have to go to sleep."

"Bruno, sleep with me." she threw her arm to the other side of the bed. I smiled.

"Okay." I saw her smile slightly. I walked over to turn out the light, and then headed

to the other side of the bed. I took off my shoes and shirt. I left my jeans. I carefully

made my way into the bed. I felt Daisy move closer to me. I moved to my right side.

There were maybe six inches of space between us. She opened her eyes slowly.

"Thank you for tonight." she put her hand on my cheek and caressed it.

"The pleasure was all mine." she smiled slightly and moved her face, slowly but

surely, closer to mine. I did the same as her until our lips were touching.

They were barely touching but I felt a lot. I knew at this point that I was, in fact, in

love with her. Our lips were touching for what seemed an eternity. But this moment

was perfect. We both pulled away at the same time. Daisy set her head on the pillow

and fell asleep. I took the hand that was on my cheek and held it. I had no intentions

of letting go. I was going to get so much shit for this tomorrow. Mostly from Phil. But

I didn't care. I knew this was where I belonged. Next to Daisy. I barely knew her, but

something in my heart and soul told me she was the one. I fell asleep next to an angel.