Chapter 3

27/08/2011 17:57

Chapter 3

I opened my eyes. Its morning. I slept too long. I brushed my teeth and took a shower, changed into a red blouse, three quarter black jeans and a red converse. I walked downstairs and I saw Bruno was waiting for me at my living room. My mom doesnt care if Bruno came to my house. He even sleeps on my bed.
"Good Morning" he winked at me.
"Good morning" i smiled.
"Have you eat your breakfast yet?" he asked with a worried face.
"Go and eat. Your mom cooked scrambles egg and baked beans." he giggled. He knows its my fav food.
"Really?!" I attacked my dining room.
"Wow! Chill!" he laughed.
"Your fault!" i laughed and started to eat my breakfast. Few minutes later, I'm done. I washed my dishes and walked to Bruno.
"Ready?" he asked.
"For what?" i asked back. confused.
"For school, and the prom date?" he winked at me.
"Yeah, maybe, no, maybe," i answered.
"Wow! Pick one will you?!" he laughed.
"Nervous! Damn Bruno! Dont ask me that question AGAIN!" damn Bruno, i hate it when i'm nervous. I said goodbye to my sister and my mother. I walked outside and hopped into Bruno's car. He started the engine and drove away. Few minutes later, we're at school. Like always, me and Bruno walks together. We even took the same subject. We cant be separated. As usual, people will stared at us both while we're walking down the hall. I saw Kevin, I said goodbye to Bruno and walked to Kevin.

"Hey," i said.
"Oh, hey Sasha," he smiled and locked his locker.
"I'm just wondering if you have any prom date." i tried to control my red face.
"Oh, I'm sorry. I would love to go with you. Who could say no to the prettiest girl in town?" my face turned red. Damn Kevin. "I cant go. I have some unfinished business in Malaysia." his face turned sad.
"Its okay then," i turned and started to walk away.
"Sasha! Wait," Kevin grabbed my hand. "But, I promise you one date, after i came back from Malaysia. Deal?" he smiled.
"Okay then, bye." i walked away and i saw Bruno. I walked slowly so he wont notice me.

"Ashley, do you have any prom date?" he's being straight forward.
"Sorry Bruno. I know youre the cutest boy in town, but, I'm going with my boyfriend." she answered, with annoying voice.
"Oh, Alex?" he asked.
"Nope, Alex is my ex, before James. James is before Taylor. Taylor is before Robert and Robert is before Adrian" she stopped. She's a whore! She dated Alex, LAST WEEK!
"Oh, youre going with Adrian huh?" Bruno asked, stupidly.
"Adrian is before Max, Max is before Josh, I'm going with Josh." euww, she's disgusting. How can Bruno fell for her? oh, yeah. he said MAYBE. Good for Bruno, he wont go with a slut.
"Oh okay. Bye." Bruno's in shocked but he tried to hide it. He walked away.

"BRUNO!" i ran after him and punched his shoulder. "Hows your prom date?" I pretend like i dont know what happened.
"Ashley have a date already. How bout you?" he turned to me and faked a smile. Aww, Bruno. I hate it when you faked a smile.
"Kevin have unfinished business in Malaysia. And he cant go to the prom" i smiled.
"Oh, since we both dont have a date, would you be my prom date?" he asked and smiled. showing his perfect white teeth to me.
"Great idea." i smiled. Next thing i know, the school's bell rings and school are over. Bruno sent me home and i jumped into my bed. I looked at the clock, the gift from Bruno when i was 5. The clock with a squirrels cartoons kissing. Its 2:30pm. I'm tired so I fell asleep. I forgot to open my curtain on my balcony because I'm dead tired.