Chapter 3

29/11/2011 19:12

I Doodle music notes into my note book, when I feel something hit my head. I turn around and it's Gina, pointing to the floor. Oh, a note, I pick it up and open it. “Kisses for my Preesh Love” it says. I turn back around and smile at Gina and she blows me kisses. I pretend to catch them and turn back around. She is so boring. I mean Gina is sweet and nice and pretty but that's it. We don't go out to see the show, don't go to the diner to eat, don't walk in the park don't go to parties, nothing and We don't do anything.

I mean I don't mind the not having sex thing but it's been 6 months now and she just started kissing me but it's only a peck. Like i'm your boyfriend not your brother, damn. & Every time I see the guys they always ask me, did it happen yet and I say no i'm tired of the fellas asking me about it. I'll have to wait a year before she'll do anything else. Thank Goodness i'm throwing this party, or else I would have no excitement in my life.

I glance over and see Alisia with her head down. Her long brown silky hair is covering her face so I can't really see it. I like how it just falls like a waterfall, it's beautiful but that's not the only thing I think is beautiful about her. Her eyes how they like glisten with a glow, it's like you can see the fire in her eyes but I don't get it. When she's around me, she's so..quiet. I try to get her to talk but all I get is a mouth of nothingles words but when I seen her around Alicia and Maria. She's so feisty and I love that.

Gina on the other hand, he eyes are dull and boring. I don’t see the life in them how I see in Alisia. I mean I try to get her to try things but she always complains about how it's not safe or she don’t see why this is fun or she don’t want to get dirty and then that's when we argue. She always saying i'm forcing her to do things but she don’t do ANYTHING!

The guys always tell me to break it off with her but i'm tryna work it out with this girl. I can't just break a girls heart. I'm not that type of guy.

ALISIA!” Mrs. B says

What?” Alisia looks around and says

Sleeping again are we?”

No, I was just counting with my eyes closed.”

The Whole class starts to giggle including myself. Mrs. B had this angry look on her face which just made us laugh harder. She slapped her ruler against the board and pointed it at Alisia.

I Will NOT take that in my classroom! You know where to go!” she said

Whatever.” Alisia said

She picked up her books and purse and walked out the door. I turned around and seen Gina roll her eyes. I just shook my head.

If you don’t turn back around Mr. Brown i'm going to have to ask you to leave.” Mrs. B said

But I didn't do anything.” I said

That's it! Goodbye.”

Alright, see ya tomorrow then.”

I took a look back at Gina and she makes a angry face at me but I could care less really. She wants me to be perfect but perfect is something I don't enjoy.

I grab my bag, walk out the class room and walk to the detention room. I go in and see Mitzi with her feet on the desk and a magazine in front of her face. I look ahead and see no one but Alisia in the room. It's early so it makes sense no one is here.

Her head is down on her desk I guess she's sleeping. Mitzi nods at me and I sit down next to Alisia, damn she's out cold. I open my notebook an continue to doodle, I look over and she's still sleep. It's to quiet so I poke her.

What?!?” she grumbles

Get up.” I say


Come on you shouldn't be sleeping.”


Come on.”

I keep poking at her and she gets more agitated. Now this is entertaining and I wanna see what she does if I don’t. Alisia finally pops up and screams

I SAID LEAVE ME THE FUCK..Oh, Phred, I didn't know. I'm sorry.” Alisia says putting her head down and turning red.

“Naa, it's cool beans. I shouldn't of been messing with you.” I say

“No, it's OK.”

“Ok cool.”

“Wait..why are you in here?”

“Talking. You know how Mrs. B is.”


Alisia looked away and I got this urge to grab her face but I don't. It's real quiet which is making it real awkward. I look at her and she looks at me and then turns red, I smile. she's so shy but I don’t get it. Where's the fire that I see in her when she's with her friends? She still didn't say anything so I guess I got to break the ice.

“So you said you're coming to my party right?” I ask

“Um, yeah i'm coming.” she says

“You sure you can come? It starts at 6, I know that's early but it's over when I say it's over ya know?”


“Do you need a ride? I can come pick you up.”

“Oh no, I got my own car.”

“That Red Chevy right?”


Well good job starting a conversation Phred. Alisia sighs and I notice that she starts to play with that ring on her finger. She wears it everyday faithfully, I wonder why. She puts her head down and her hair falls forward covering her face. I can't help myself but I reach over and tuck it behind her ear. She pops her head up and looks at me. I smile at her and she turns red, once again and turns her head but this time I pull her face towards me. She looks at me and I look at her.

“Hey, you OK?” I ask

“Yeah, i'm good.” she says

“You don't seem so good.”

“Why you say that?”

“You're red.”

“Oh..well i'm always that way I guess.”

“Not really.”

“How do you know?”

“I notice things.”


“Well I notice that you're always red when i'm around, you don't talk much and you always fidget with that ring when you're around me too.”

“'ve noticed all that?”


“So what are you observing me?”

“No, it's like I said. I notice things, I have a great attention to detail.”

“In other words, you're watching me.”

“Yeah i'll admit that.”


“Lucy I'm HOME!”

We both look over and see Maria standing in the door way with her skin tight black shirt and black leggings on. The showed off her curves and man she was like an ocean but that's all really, other than that. She's not my type, she's too much for me. I like to have my middle.

“Hi Maria.” Alisia said

“Hola Phred.” Maria said

“Hey Maria.” I said

“What's up girlie?” Maria said

“Oh nothing just sitting in detention like you are.” Alisia said

“Oh no no no see, i'm about to leave and so are you.”

“No. Maria. I'm staying here.”

“Ugh come on let's just go. Mitzi don't even care.”

“Maria i'm not going with you.”

“Por que?”

“Because, I don't want to.”

“Why, it's boring here. I don't stay here.”

“Well, i'm not you.”

“Why are you...”

“Maria, stop being stupid!”

Alisia paused and gave Maria big ole eyes and Maria looked at me and I looked at her. Maria smiled and I looked at Alisia. What the hell is going on here? I'm so confused.

“Oh!” Maria said

“Yeah.” Alisia said

“Oh yeah! That reminds me of something..” Maria said

“What now?” Alisia said

“Wait wait, I forgot.”

“Oh my god..” Alisia said putting her hand to her forehead

“Oh yeah, I remember now but we can't talk about it here.”

“Why not.”

“Do you really want me to say it now.”

“..Fine i'm coming.”

“I'll bring her right back OK?”

“Um sure.” I said

I am more confused than ever now, I don’t know what's going on but that's females for you and their secrets. Maria winked at me and then grabbed Alisia out of her desk. She looked like she was annoyed with Maria but went with her anyways. As I watched her take Alisia away I could of sworn I seen Alisia turn back and smile at me.


I can not fucking believe how stupid Maria is but then again I can. She just don't think sometimes, makes me wonder if she has a brain at all. She pulls me into the girls bathroom when I see Alicia putting on some mascara. I look at myself in the mirror, yuck. I look gross. I open my purse and take out my lipstick and apply it on. I swear If make up was never made. I wouldn't be alive right now. Maria dumped out her purse, it was full of make up. I love make up but Maria was crazy about it, she never let it leave her sight. Alicia was already done with her face but that's because she only wore mascara but that's all she needed. I think she's beautiful with out it anyways.

“So, what did you want to tell me Maria.” I ask

“Oh it's not me, it's Alicia.” Maria says

“Alicia you know I was just in detention with Phred right?” I say

“Whaat?!? Then this could of waited! All I needed was my lipstick back.”


“Don't look at me, I didn't know!” Maria said

“OOH I could kill you Maria.”

“Lo sientos... I didn't know.”

“Oh don't you start that crying stuff, it don't work for me.”

“What ever.”

“So Alisia, did you talk to Phred?” Alicia asked

“A Little bit.” I said

“What did yall talk about?”

“Oh just the party and other stuff. He wanted to pick me up at home but I said no.”


“Yes, No.”

“You are so stupid!”

“Really girls?!? Think about it, if I had let him pick me up knowing Papi was going to be home. He would of murdered me and Phred.”

“No he wouldn't.”

“Oh please, like he would approve of me bringing home a boy. He would be like see this is proof that you don't care about school & blah blah blah.”

“..Yeah, I get you.”

“So is that all you talked about?”

“Well, he said something that made me happy.”


“He notices things.”

“What?” they both asked

“What do you mean?” Maria asked

“Like, he said he notices when i'm around him I fidget with my grandmothers ring.” I say

“Awh, he notices you're nervous around him.” Alicia said

“No, all he knows is that I play with it a lot around him.”

“That is so cute of him.”

“Yeah, he has a good attention to detail.”

“Is that what he told you.”


“Awh!” they both say

“Shut up.” I say smiling and rolling my eyes.

The bell rang and I finished up my face and then walked out with the gals. We hugged and went out separate ways to our next classes.

I get in my car and drive home. School flew by fast because all I could think about was Phred and his smile and his sexy milk chocolate skin and..the way that he touched my face. So gentle and sweet, the whole time in my head I was screaming KISS ME but I guess he didn't get the memo.

I walk in the door and almost get to the stairs when I stop. I turn around and see Papi with his arms folded and a mean hard look on his face. He still had on his work clothes on and his dark hair slicked back and his glasses on his face making him look even more serious than he already is.

“So you skipped out on breakfast this morning. Again.” he said sternly

“I was in a rush.” I said just as sternly

“And why was that?”

“I over slept.”

“How? I woke you up at 6am sharp”

“I went back to sleep.”


“I was tired.”

“Well if you didn't skip out of breakfast for 2 days in a row, maybe you wouldn't be so tired.”



“I mean, yeah you're right Papi and I apologies.”

“Why are you apologizing?”

“Because I was wrong and it was disrespectful not to join you and Mami in breakfast this morning.”

“Good, now that we understand each other. don’t do it again.”

“I won't.”

“Good, you're dismissed.”

I walk up the stairs with a smug look on my face. Bastard. Don't get me wrong I love Papi but I can't fucking stand him. He's so serious all the time, never does he crack a smile. He always make me fee like like a dog like I should always obey him and follow by his strict rules. You know what I say to that, fuck the rules. You don't own me.

“Oh wait Alisia.” Papi says

“Yes?” I say stopping

“Turn around, I don’t want to talk to your back.”

“Yes?” I say turning around

“Don't think your going anywhere tonight.”


“Don't what me! You know the deal, you break the rules, you go no where.”


“Callate! I don't want to hear it! Do your homework and be down here for dinner at six.”

“Papi that's not fair!”

“Lifes not fair, get over it.”

“I didn't..”

“If I hear one more peep out of you..”


I stomp up the stairs, stomp to my room and slam the door. Who does he think he is?! Punishing me because I missed two breakfasts with him. IT'S FUCKING BREAKFAST NOT A FUCKING FUNERAL! I plop on my bed and scream in my pillow, when I feel a little better I roll over and look at the clock. It's 4 now, the party starts at 6. i'm going to that damn party weather Papi likes it or not.

I do my homework, my piles and piles of homework when I realize that it's 5:15. Shit. I hop out of the bed and run to the shower in my room. I wash up and wash my hair, I get out the shower ad look at the clock. 5:30. Damn it! Why do I take 15 min showers, damn it what am I going to wear! I run over to my closet and open it. Oh my gosh, I have nothing to wear! I pull out dress after dress after dress and still not satisfied with anything when I think of the electric blue dress, with the sequence all I the front and the short sleeves. It kind of looked like there was jacket but no time! I dry off quickly and throw on the dress and put on my all white flats on my feet.

Running into the bathroom I put on my make up, not too much but just enough to where it looks right and I didn't look like a damn clown. Trying to curl my hair I run back into the room and look at the clock 5:50! Damn I got to go! The curls fall and it looks wavy but no time to fix it, I grab my car keys, purse and walk towards the window. When there was a knock on my door. Shit!

“I'm in the bathroom!” I say

“Ok mija I just wanted to let you know that dinner will be a little late , so don’t come down till 6:15.” Ma said

“Ok Ma.”

“Ok sweetheart.”

I wait until I hear her foot steps disappear and open up the window. I climb down using the vine thingy and jump down. Looking around, I don’t see anyone. I run towards my car and thank god I parked it in the back today. Good job Alisia, I open the car door hop in turn it on and drive off to phreds party.