Chapter 11-14

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Chapter 11even: Our first time!! :D


{One Month Later}


Karri: cleaning up "Damnit bruno, why can't you ever pick up after yourself? this just doesn't make any since"


Bruno: playing his guitar "I'm sorry I will make sure I do it next time" continued strumming his guitar"


Karri: frowned up at him and threw his shirt at him "No, the time is....NOW!!!"


Bruno: took the shirt off  his face and put his guitar down "Stop with your bitchin and naggin I said I will get it next time, DAMN!!" walked out the bedroom"


she plopped down on the bed putting her face in her hands and started crying. 3 hours went by and she didn't realize she had fell asleep and bruno was nowhere to be found so she got up and finshed cleaning the house and began to prepare dinner and that's when she felt arms wrap around her waiste from behind.


Karri: stirring up the sauce "where you been?"


Bruno: kissed her neck "over to phils watching UFC what's for dinner?"


Karri: moved away from him and went to the fridge "Oh.....I'm making chicken alfredo with broccoli"


Bruno: "Ooh sounds good I'm gonna go in the basement and pick out a wine for dinner"


Karri: "alright"


she was still mad and upset that he just left and talked to her like that so she grabbed some plates and wine glasses out of the cabinet and fixed the table. bruno got the champagne bucket and filled it with ice and placed the bottle in it. as I was about to get ready and start fixing the plates bruno stopped me


Bruno: taking the pot "No I'll do this you go sit down you have done enough today it's time for you to rest them pretty little feet"


Karri: "ok" sat down watching him fix the food


She was laughing so hard at him because he was steady cursing because the hot alfredo suace was popping on him while he was pouring it from the pot onto the pasta when there clearly was a spoon for that next to the pot 


Bruno: frowning "what's so funny? this shit is hot" popped on him again "SH**!!"


Karri: lol "baby you need some help?"


Bruno: focusing pouring the sauce on the last plate "No" sounding like a little kid "I got it" the sauce popped on him again as he was finishing "WTF!!!" threw the empty pot in the sink


Karri: bust out laughing 


Bruno: mad but laughing at her "that aint funny that sh** was hot" placing their plates on the table and he sat down


Karri: calmed down "I'm sorry, but you know it was a spoon for that next to he pot?" took a bite of her food


Bruno: looked over at the counter "fine time to tell me" eating his food


Karri: "hey, I asked if you needed help and you said *imitating him* No"


Bruno: fake laughed and threw a roll at her head 


Karri: rubbing her head threw the roll and hit him in the forehead while he was eating "Ooops!!"


Bruno: yelled "Ahhh!! what kind of bread is that? damn"


Karri: laughing "It's a french roll" 


Bruno: "anyway I was gonna tell you that I am sorry for talking to you like that and leaving without telling you and that from now on I'm going to help with the cleaning and I know I said I would never do that again and I promise you the next time it won't so after this dinner I was thinking we could know"


Karri: squint her eyes and stop chewing "No, I don't know"


Bruno: "you know music, jacuzzi, kissing" winked his eye and bit his lip


Karri: "Aha!! I don't think so. you are on punishment playboy that means no nookie"


Bruno: whinning "Ah come on we are like thee only couple that I know that haven't been intimate yet. what is wrong with that picture?"


Karri: got up and sat on his lap "what's wrong with the picture is that you never took time to study and appreciate it the only thing you have done is peeked at it you have to admire it's beauty and imagine you were in the picture my love" kissed him and walked towards the living room 


thought about what she said


Karri: "oh and you have dishes tonight love you baby!!!" smiled at him


Bruno: looked at the kitchen "Aww man, can you help me?" whining 


Karri: kept walking "Nope"


Bruno: got up and sighed "dang man" got started


After about an half an hour bruno finally made it into the living room and she patted the couch for him to come lay next to her


Karri: running her hands through his hair "finally done?"


Bruno: had his eyes closed "yes, damn you know you can mess up a kitchen"


Karri: "I did that on purpose I normally don't do that I usually clean up while I cook but I knew I had to get you back" was looking at the tv then at him


Bruno: staring at her "you dirty but no matter what nothing ever stops me from loving you Cruella"


Karri: mouth wide "I'm not that mean.....Am I?"


Bruno: "Aha!! do you really want me to answer that?"


Karri: hit him on the shoulder "Bruno" looked at a upside down faced bruno "Am I?"


Bruno: sat up and scootched her over to him stared into her eyes "you evil as HELL!!" 


Karri: Gasped and hit him turned her head away frowning her face and crossed her arms "No I'm not" in baby voice


Bruno: laughing "Im just kidding baby, but you can be just a tad bit stubborn sometimes you need to just let loose have some fun you know" winked at her


Karr: glared at him "and what's your definition of fun?" kept her arms crossed


Bruno: "no not that even though I would love too but I was thinking we could go to knotts berry farm"


I effn loved that park


Karri: excited "REALLY, I mean really I haven't been to an amusement park in ages"


Bruno: laughed "yeah how bout 2morrow?"


Karri: "yes I can't wait can phil and alyssa go?"


Bruno: "sure why not a day of fun without our besties it just wouldn't be right"


Karri: kissed him "aww I love you so much"  got up and ran upstairs "I'm gonna go call alyssa"


Bruno: laughing "Ok, I just love to see her happy" flipping through the channels


So the next day they all got dressed wearing:










sorry about the misspell in phil's name hehe!!


we all got in phils truck and headed out on the way there we were all singing and dancing having a good time and then we finally made it. me and alyssa was geeked up being the first ones to get out of the truck while phil and bruno laughed at us


Phil: laughing "yall aint nothing but some big kids" taking alyssa'a hand


Bruno did the same and we went through admissions and it was on. we got on this one ride and bruno was like


Bruno: "I'm about to show yall how this ride supposed to be handled"


and we all got on and the ride began moving and this is how bruno handled the ride: 


we literally were dying of laughter (I would hope he doesn't sound like this, ROFL!!!)


Bruno: getting off the ride holding his chest "that's not funny" sounding like a baby


Karri: holding her laugh in "Aww baby it's ok mommy won't let them scare you no more" bust out laughing


Bruno: put his arm around the back of her neck "you're no help come on" he laughed


very hilarious :D!! after we rode a few more rides we went and ate and then it was soaker city time. once we made it over there the boys went and put on there swimming trunks while me and alyssa only had to take of our clothes because our bathing suits were under after we met back up with the boys and had some majah fun. the day was so awesome we didn't leave till it was about closd after we left and phil and alyssa dropped me and bruno off and we finally got in the house


Karri: wrapped her arms around him "Omg baby I had so much fun" 


Bruno: I'm glad you did that's what I wanted is to see you happy" kissed her forehead


Karri: gave him a seductive smile "well in that case I'm not completely happy" walking up the stairs


Bruno: confused "then what else could you possibly want?" drinking some water


after about 5 minutes karri called for bruno to come upstairs and he walked into the bedroom and his eyes were so wide she had on this:


he just stood there and didn't move


Karri: giggled "that's right" walkiing up to him doing my sexy walk "you've been a very bad boy bruno I think it's time for you to take your punishment" sexy voice


Bruno: *speechless*


Karri: grabbed his hand and walking him to the bed while he followed behind looking at her butt "Like what you see?" 


Bruno: slowly knodded his head multiple times *still speechless*


Karri: taking off every piece of clothing off him except his boxers "Ooh I see somebody has come out to play" walking over to the IHome and pressed play "I think we need some music dontcha think?" the IHome begin to play:


She walked over to him and layed him down on the bed caressing every inch of his body following the trail with butterfly kisses from his face to his abs then licked him slowy back up to his lips as she slowly put his hands up over his head and handcuffed him to the bed. at first he was a little freaked out about it


Bruno: "what are you doi.......?" moving his hands around in the handcuffs


Karri: put her finger up to his mouth "Shhh! just go with it" sexy voice


she got up and begin dancing really sexy for him and them handcuffs wasn't even a issue for him looking at her dance and not missing a move as he followed every movement with his eyes watching her grab a chair and start grinding on it at that moment he was getting very happy ;) wishing that chair was him. she could since that he was wanting her BAD so she walked over to him and straddled him and started dancing and grinding and caressing him making him breathe hysterically his heart going 100mph but then he started to think about the other night when she punk'd him 




Damn she got me really going I don't know rather to just stay in the mood or get out of it because of me being afraid that she's gonna leave me handcuffed to this bed and go to bed, man that would really suck so I just continued to watch her.




Once the song was over she kissed him with tongue and pulled away 


Karri: in his ear "I love you" planted a soft but barely touching it kiss to his ear making him shiver


she then got up and placed the handcuff keys in his hand and before she walked into her closet she said


Karri: "I would hurry if I were you" and walked in


he sat there and thought about it for a split second then hurried up trying to get out of those handcuffs in about 5 minutes he was out. she finally came out of the closet and once again he was amazed at what he was seeing:


He couldn't believe that he was having a night like this. he walked up to her and softly placed his hand on her waiste and kissed her just like the other night but then it all became familiar and he pulled away


Karri: confused "baby what's wrong?"


Bruno: looked down "nothing, but you look so good right now I just don't know if I want to fall for this right now"


she thought about the last time and smiled


Karri: put her arms around his neck "Baby I'm not on any b.s. right now and I hope you're not either because....." stepped back" I bought this for you the day you walked out and I figured I'm going to wear this one night and that night IS going to be the night and I'll be DAMNED if you even think about letting this go to waste"


Bruno: looked her up and down "Uhhh, I don't know" 


Karri: *sigh* taking it off leaving nothing but her heels on "still don't know" laying on the bed still sitting up a bit


Bruno: looked at her seductivley and bit his lip "damn"ran over to the IHome


Karri: "Baby what are you doing?"


the Ihome begin to play this: (happen to love this version too, Woo!! :D hopefully after you hear this song I hope that you will still be alive to finish reading the rest of this story LAMO!!!)


Karri: "that's what I thought now bring yo sexy a** over here and give moma some suga"


Bruno: got on top of her "Ooh so dominate I like that. what's my name?" 


Karri: moaned in his ear "Como Decir" sexy voice


Bruno: yelled but not loudly "YEEEEAAAHHHHH!!!!



Chapter 12welve: Who Is She??  >:(


Omg!! last night was amazing I couldn't stop staring at him while he was sleeping he's just so friggin cute awww!! lol. I got up and got in the shower and got dressed for work:


minus the pantyhose lol!! I then flat ironed my hair and once I walked out of the closet bruno was sitting on the bed just hanging up the phone


Karri: kissed him "goodmorning loverboy"


Bruno: blushing but acting cocky "well you know it don't get any better than this" he smiled


Karri: crossed her arms "who said anything about it being good?" 


Bruno: had the dumb look on his face *silent*


Karri: laughed at him "boy I'm just messing with you. and no it don't get any better than this" kissed him passionately


Bruno: pulled away "where do you think your going dressed like that?" looked her up and down


Karri: confused "to work and what do you mean like this?" looking down at herself


Bruno: "you never wore a skirt to work and a sexy one at that" rubbing her thigh


Karri: playfully knudged him "whatever I just thought I'd do something different today I'm always wearing jeans" 


Bruno: tucked her hair behind her ear "material things are not whats important to me it's the fact that I'm just happy and madly in love with you. the clothes and shoes those I don't care about, but just seeing you in your skin and being natural every once in awhile is something I would love to see"


Karri: "Umm when you say natural you mean like no makeup....."


Bruno: chuckled "yes I want to see how you look without the makeup without the flat irons just natural"


Karri: got up "Aha!! wow thats....woo!! but ok I will do it"


Bruno: "you wil...."


Karri: cut him off "someday" grabbed her keys and kissed him" ttyl baby love you bout to walk out the door


Bruno: "by the way nice dancing" he smiled


Karri: peeking back into the room "you were watching me" shocked


Bruno: laughing "I saw the whole thing I was pretending to be sleep. you''re a pretty good dancer with a hint of salsa in there"


Karri: blushing "well thanks"


Bruno: started singing out of the blue "every morning I watch her from behind, but she don't know. I pretend that I'm sleep, but I don't miss a show. my favorite part of the day is when she dance in the mirror dance in the mirror.....(and so on you know the rest don't feel like putting the whole thing lol!! :D)


Karri: blushing harder but playfully hit him "you perv you do this every morning?"


Bruno: "Eh, yeah I do" he smiled "but you let this perv touch you willingly"


Karri: "shut up! I'm gonna go now I'm going to be late for work"


Bruno: kissed her "I have a surprise for you when you get home"


Karri: "ok love you baby"


Bruno: "love you too"


I finally made it to work and when I walked in I saw alyssa just glowing and to my surprise phil wasn't there 


Alyssa: geeked "Hey karri! don't you look pretty today"


Karri: "well thank you why the happy face?"


Alyssa: showed me her hand "phil asked me to marry him"


Karri: shocked "Omg!! wow alyssa" hugging her "that's awesome let me see that again" 


It looked like this:


Karri: "that is so beautiful ally I'm so proud of you. so do you guys know when the big day is?"


Alyssa: "we wre thinking of having a fall wedding and the colors will be inspired from the leaves it's gonna be awesome"


Karri: "well just let me know when you need help planning ok?"


Alyssa: "sure will. now back to you what's up with change of style?"


Karri: "just thought I'd try something different for once that's all"


Alyssa: cheesing "you got some didn't you?"


Karri: laughing "what? what makes you think that?"


Alyssa: "That man got you outta some jeans come on you love your jeans he definitley done put it on you, how was it?"


Karri: "Ally!!......It was....AWESOME!!! he is so romantic I mean it was like the way he was touching me like I was fragile with so much care. the way he was kissing me it was like I was floating and the way he made love to me it was like I could feel his soul pulling at my heart it was just....." begin drifting off


Alyssa: "That's called being in love sweetheart and that my friend you're definitely in love with him"


Karri: "yes I am I love him so much ally"


Alyssa: "yeah I know the philing (yes I know it's spelled with phils name) and that's why I agreed to marry him there aint no one else out there for me he's who I want"


Karri: "yeah I pray that me and bruno be like that. I mean because I see you guys so happy and I barely see you too argue you're always smiling like there is not a care in the world"


Alyssa: "Pssh!! girl please me and phil bump heads every now and then but we always put it behind us by the end of the day we just try not letting negativity get to us"


Karri: "Aha! wish I can let negativity not ruin me lol"


some girl walked in she was fair looking and dressed nice


Girl: "Hi umm which one of you is karri?"


Karri: frowning at her "I'm karri, why?"


Girl: "I'm jazmine bruno's baby moma"


Karri: laughed but got upset "Baby moma? that's impossible he never said anything about any kids to me"


Jazmine: "everything is not your business, but I come to tell you to tell bruno if he don't start coming to the ultrasounds with me he's going to be beggin me to let hoim see his baby" rolled her eyes and walked out the door"


Alyssa: "Oh no she didn't just roll her eyes" about to walk after her


Karri: stopped her "No, she aint even worth it girl. look can you close up shop for me? I need to take care of some business"


Alyssa: "sure ok"


Karri: gave her another hug "thanks girl and once again congrats"


Alyssa: "thanks"


I got in the car and man my face was so red I couldn't believe what I was hearing. A Baby? I mean this can't be true. I'm not even gonna assume anything right now I' want to here his side of the story. I make it home and bruno is still here


Karri: walking through the door 


Bruno: yelling from upstairs "baby is that you" coming down the stairs "I wasn't expecting you for another hour" could tell there was something wrong "baby what's wrong?


Karri: sat on the couch "is there anything you want to tell me bruno?"


Bruno: confused "no why you ask that?" sat next to her 


Karri: "have you been seeing anyone else behind my back?"


Bruno: frowned "No! what the hell baby why are you asking me this?"


Karri: "because there was a girl that came to the store today saying you were her unborn babys father and that if you don't start coming to the ultrasounds with her you're gonna be beggin her to see your child"


Bruno: eyes wide "I don't have any kids nor have I been sleeping with anyone since I've been with you I wouldn't do that to you baby I swear" looking into her eyes


Karri: "then, who Is she Bruno?"


Bruno: getting upset "I don't know who you're talking about" got up and walked toward the kitchen


Karri: still sitting down back facing him "Who is Jazmine?"


Bruno: stopped dead in his tracks.............


UH OH!!!!! 



Chapter 13: You're all that I have 


Bruno: stopped dead in his tracks then turned around with a shocked face


Karri: got up to face him "well, answer me" walking towards him


Bruno: backing away but bumped into the wall "Uhhhhh, yeah I know her"


Karri: "Is it true what she said? yelled a little "are you the father of her child?" got louder "Did you fu**in sleep with her since we've been together" 


Bruno: yelled back..........


I then blacked out before I could hear the answer. about 4 hours later I wake up and once again I'm in a damn hospital I tried to make out who was all there and then I hear alyssa's voice talking to the doctor


Alyssa: "Is she gonna be ok?"


Doctor: "yes she just had a severe anxiety attack she'll be fine just don't let anyone get her upset like that it could be dangerous" he then walked out the room


Phil: "Damn what in the world could have got her that upset?"


and then I hear bruno's voice 


Bruno: "It was me"


Alyssa: "oh yeah about that jazmine girl so what happened bruno?"


Phil: shocked "wait jazmine carlson?"


Alyssa: "wait, baby you know her?"


Phil: "I don't know her I know of her and her rep she's always trying to ruin somebody's love life cause she aint got one of her own"


Bruno: "yeah man she's trying to screw up my relationship. she was at the club (remember when they went to the club after dinner a few chaps pack) and when I was going to the bathroom she was trying to hit on me and I kept telling her that I was taken she just wouldn't take no for an answer and I could tell she was drunk and thats when she threaten to break up my relationship with karri"


Alyssa: "that slut! ooh karri should've let me get her when I had the chance"


Phil: laughed a little "calm down baby"


I then feel bruno grab my hand and kiss it


Bruno: "baby if you hear me I just wanted to say I'm sorry I would never hurt you but I also know I should have told you about this a long time ago. I hope that you can forgive me I don't want to lose you you're my everything I love you karri" started crying


Phil: "I'm pretty sure she heard you man but you need to go home get some sleep it's 12am and you haven't been asleep she will be alright"


Bruno: "I can't go home I wont be able to forgive myself If I leave her here I strictly told her that I would never leave her so I'm staying"


Alyssa: "ok" call us and keep us updated ok?"


Bruno: knodded his head "ok"


Phil: "alright man I'll see you later"


Bruno: "alright"


I couldn't believe what I was hearing so that nasty a** triflin no good hot whanch aint pregnant and she trying to steal my man...Aha!! wait till I get outta here a** whoopin #2 coming right up. so it's been two weeks since I been back home and me and bruno still going strong so he got up and went into his closet and brought me two boxes wrapped in a lavender ribbon


Bruno: "put this on and meet me downstairs"


Karri: shaking it "what is it? smiled and raised an eyebrow "Is it another role play costume?"


Bruno: he chuckled "No! even though that would have been a GREAT idea but no just put it on and meet me downstairs no more questions ok?"


Karri: got up "fine"


So after he left out the room I begin opening the boxes and I couldn't believe what I was seeing it was so beautiful:


I put everything on and walked down the steps when I saw bruno he was looking so HOT!! :


He walked towards me and kissed me softly and stepped back


Bruno: smiled "you look HOT!! damn I'm good" bit his lip


Karri: "you picked this out"


Bruno: "yeah girl"


Karri: "foreal"


Bruno: No! alyssa helped me" he laughed


Karri: "yeah knew you couldn've just picked this out on your own I mean I can't even imagine you in a women store searching through the racks and picking out heels that just doesn't seem to cross my mind"


Bruno: "well yeah I tried it on and everything and even ally said that it looked good"


Karri: lol "I'm pretty sure she was saying on me numb nut. so where are we going"


Bruno: grabbed her hand "you'll see"


they got in the car and 20min. later they pulled up to a club and bruno parked the car got out and opened her door and to her surprise it was a salsa club


Karri: stood there "oh no no no I am not going in there"


Bruno: put his arm around her waist "you'll be fine a couple of drinks you will be dancing in no time"


Karri: "I guess"


so we walked in and everybody was dancing and having a great time we walked to the bar and he ordered two rum and ginger ale's (Dancin Juice haha!!) and we drunk them


Bruno: "you like it?" taking a sip


Karri: "hell yeah this great ok one more" drinking the last of it


Bruno: raised an eyebrow "you sure?"


Karri: "yeah" slammed the glass on the counter "hit me"


Bruno: "alright"


after that second glass I salsa my way to the floor and we were dancing our buts off bruno didn't know that I could do the salsa he was very surprised we took a rest and sat at a table


Bruno: "wow I didn't know you could dance like that"


karri: "well it was only bringing back part of my roots I'm part peurto rican (I really am)"


Bruno: surprised "say what? so am I and the other half I'm filipino what bout you, what else are you mixed with?"


karri: "asian, afro-dominican, african american and indian (haha I am truly a mut in real life)"


Bruno: "Wow!! that is amazing that's why you're so beautiful"


Karri: blushing "Thank you even though I'm mixed with half of the damn world" she laughed "how bout we get another drink and you my love is gonna do the rumba with me"


It's a very sensual and emotional dance


Bruno: "how do you do that?"


karri: "you'll see"


so he got the drinks and we drunk them and headed to the floor but I walked over to the dj and told him to play a certain song then walked back over to bruno as the music starts to play I started dancing


Bruno: "ok where do I come in at?"


Karri: smiled  "just follow my lead" 


Her back was facing him while she put his arms around her waiste and finally bruno caught on. it was like we were the only ones in the room dancing because we was so into it by the end of the song it ended with a sensual kiss


Bruno: "woah that was amazing you just pulling all kinds of tricks out the bag makes me wonder what else you got hiding in there"


Karri: "patience love you will see"


we sat back at the table just laughing and having a great time when that Bi**h showed up


Jazmine: "well hello there love birds"


Karri: about to jump at her


Bruno: stopped her "uh uh baby it aint even worth it. what the hell do you want jazmine?"


Jazmine: "oh stop playing dumb bruno I came to show you the ultrasound pic I just took today"


Bruno: "when could I have possibly gotten you pregnant jazmine?"


Jazmine: "well lets see about a month ago you came over to my house because you and yo girl had a fight and one thing led to another"


Bruno: shocked "wait that's not true baby how do you even know that I was in a fight with her? I never told you that at any time or place"


karri: getting very upset


jazmine: "Aww come on brunz stop actin brand new and just deal with the fact that you're about to be a father. don't you wanna see your baby?"


Bruno: "No just go away thats not my baby"


Karri: upset "let me see it"


jazmine handed it to her with a smile and so I looked at it and there it was saying that she conceived about a month ago 


jazmine: "now don't you believe me?"


Karri:slapped him "you a**hole how could you do this to me" through the pic at him "a fu**in baby foreal? damn you just went all out with this hoe and all I got was a wet a** I fu**in HATE YOU don't even bother coming home" walked out of the bar


Bruno: running after her "Baby wait"


but it was to late she had already jumped in the cab and it drove off. while she was in the cab she couldn't stop crying and it seemed like it was taking hours for her to get home. once she got there she went upstairs and when she got to her room it looked like this:  (minus the TA)


and another box wrapped in lavender ribbon I opened it to fine this:


I couldn't believe he had done all this for me I placed the gown back in the box but I put the neckalce up in a safe place. I took a shower and layed in my bed and closed my eys taking a deep breath and cried myself to sleep. It's been three weeks and I haven't been to work nor have I been answering anyones phone calls I just sat at home crying occasionally when I see something on tv that reminds me of him. I was curious and wanted to know who was calling me and I had 30 messages alone from bruno and 7 voicemail and didn't bother to hear what he had to say and so I had 4 messages from ally so I checked to see what she had to say


Alyssa's Messages


Message 1: hey girl call me I need to talk to you


Message 2: Karri please call me there is something I need to tell you


Message 3: Girl if you don't call me I'm gonna kick your butt


Message 4: See I was trying to be nice I'm walking up to your door now


I just sat there and laughed at her 


Karri: that girl has issues but thats my ally


Ding Dong


the doorbell made me jump so I went to go answer the door and it was ally I thought she was playing


Alyssa: "I'm about to kick your behind I know you seen that I have been trying to call you?"


karri: "well hello to you too" walking back to the couch "I just checked them a few minutes ago, what's up?"


Alyssa: "you need to get dressed and I mean A.S.A.P"


Karri: had a worried look "why what happened to phil?"


Alyssa: "phil is fine it's bruno"


Karri: "what are you telling me for?" stood up



Alyssa: pulling her by the arm "girl come on bruno is in a coma and from the looks of it the doctor said that he don't know if he's going to make it"


Karri: dropped her phone "WHAT?? 


they got in the car and drove to the hospital and once they got to the room she saw bruno laying in the bed not even breathing on his own with tubes every where she brok down in tears 


Karri: on her knees "omg!! please don't take him from me I promise things will get better between us I forgive him please I forgive him" crying "you have already took my father away from me please I'm begging you GOD please!!! he's all that I have"


Phil and alyssa left the room while I got up and walked over to his bedside and watched him being helped to breathe. tears steady falling down my face as I took his hand and I begin to talk to him


Karri: "I remember when we first met you came over to me and made up thee most corniest line I have ever heard" she laughed "but what you didn't know is that I thought it was the most cutest thing. And then the night I punk'd you omg!! that was hilarious because I was never sleep when you came into the room I was listening to everything. oh and you remember when we got on the ferris wheel and as whe got to the top you kissed me and said "If you ever forget how much you really mean to me everyday I will remind you" *crying harder* baby please don't go please I forgive you"


she took her key necklace off and placed it in his hand 


Karri: "you asked me if this was the key to my heart? well yes and I want you to have it" she placed his hand with the necklace in it over his heart "Now breathe please baby breath f*ck that machine you're stronger than that now breathe got damnit bruno BREATHE!!! breathe with me baby follow the rhythm of my heart"


she layed her head on his chest and cried but after about 10min. she heard him gasp for air


Karri: jumped up "omg!! baby calm down just breathe slow it down"


Bruno begin to panic but when he saw karri he started to calm down


Karri: smiling and crying "calm down baby I'm right here I'm gonna go get the nurse" walking out the door and got a nurse


they all rushed in and checked him and took the tubes out and then I walked in as they left out


Bruno: he tried to speak but was very weak (damn that rhyme) "karri" dry voice


Karri: "yes baby it's me"


Bruno: tried to say something but struggled "I......."


Karri: stopped him "Shhh!! it's ok baby I'm here I'm not going anywhere I love you and I can't see myself without you"


Bruno: had tears running down his face "I love you" using sigh language


Karri: crying "I love you too" she gave him a hug then kissed him


phil and alyssa came in the room and hugged him and then me and we just sat and talked and joked around like old times


So bruno is finally out of the hospital come to find out is that my ex had something to do with whole thing even jazmine which he hired to do the whole baby moma thing and then had him ran over but I'm glad my baby is alright and woo!! I paid for all that lost time if you know what I mean. it's now going on a year since we have been together phil and alyssa finally got married and man the wedding was beautiful. he told me that this summer he's going to take me to meet his family in hawaii and I can't wait but in the meanwhile


Bruno: "what are you doing? didn't you just eat about half hour ago?"


karri: eating a sandwhich "So......."


Bruno: "So.......I'm just asking you have been eating a lot lately"


Karri: "I'm just happy baby all the crap we have been going through and it was causing me to eat less and no that we are drama free I have gotten my apetite back"


Bruno: "yeah I'm happy too. well look phil and alyssa is on there way over here because and phil are about to watch the UFC championship fight so you and alyssa can do what yall do best whatever that is"


Karri: " can leave now you're disturbing me and my meal please thank you"


Bruno: chuckled "you're a mess" kissed her forehead"


phil and alyssa finally made it over so me and alyssa went out unto the patio to talk


Alyssa: "so whatcha been up to girly?"


Karri: nothing much Mrs. Lawrence"


Alyssa: "omg!! that sounds funny still haven't got used to it yet"


Karri: holding her chest "ahem you will ahem"


Alyssa: "what's wrong with you girl?"


karri: fanning herself "nothing just feel a little sick thats al.........." running to the trash can


Alyssa: running up to her pulling her hair away from her face "Omg girl are you ok?"


karri: getting the towel next to her and wiped her face and mouth "No, I don't feel so good is it hot or is it just me?"


Alyssa: "no sweety it's just you it's 55 degrees out here and you're burning up" touching her forehead


karri: holding her stomach


Alyssa: "you don't think you're pregnant do you?"


Karri: gave her a straight face "No"


Alyssa: reached in her purse and pulled a test out "there is only one way to find out"


karri: knodded her head


they snuck pass bruno and phil well they atleast thought they did and went to the bathroom. karri did what she had to do and 5min later they both walked into the bathroom and just when you both were about to say something bruno and phil came in 


Karri: looking at the test results


Alyssa: excited "well what did it say"


Karri: "It says I'm......."


Bruno: kinda loud "what yal doing?"


karri hurried and put the test behind her back while alyssa stood next to her


Bruno: "oh so we doing the sneaky stuff again we got some sneaky girlfriends phil"


Phil: "yeah I see that come over here alyssa baby"


Alyssa looked at karri and shrugged her shoulders and mouthed "I'm sorry"


Bruno: walking towards her "whatcha got there baby"


karri: "nothing" bit her lip


Bruno: reached behind her real fast and took it "haha got it" so what do we have her.........."


Karri: looking down "Sh**"


Here we go!!!! 



Chapter 14: Surprise! Surprise!!!


Karri: looking down "Sh**"


Bruno: shocked "omg!! baby we are about to have a baby?" excited


Karri: took the test away from him "these arent always accurate" threw it away


Bruno: put his arms around her "well lets go to the  clinic and get more proof.....NOW!!!


Karri: *sigh* "alright you are really excited about this arent you?"


Bruno: "yes, I mean atleast we know that this baby is mine"


Karri: "yes it is.........or is it?" 


Bruno: smile turned into a frown


Karri: laughing "baby I'm just kidding jeez get ya draws out of a bunch"


Bruno: exhaled "don't do that again"


we finally make it to the clinic and we had to wait about 15min and then they called me back the doctor finally came in and he told me to give him some info and to tell him my symptoms and so I did. he then told me to lay back on the table and put my legs in the foot thingys (forgot what they are called) and relax. so when the doctor put his gloves on and begin checking me and bruno was buggin out


Bruno: whispering to me "uh he's been down there way to long" gettin upset


Karri: "baby he's just doing his job do you want to know if I'm pregnant or not?"


Bruno: "yeah"


Karri: "then hush"


the doctor raised his fingers up and he had a little blood on them and all I know bruno had passed out onto the floor. after I was done bruno finally woke up and he was on time because the doctor came back with the results 


the doctor: looking at the chart "well I see that you had just been treated for an anxiety attack a while back I would definitely be careful with that being that you're pregnant"


Karri: shocked "are you serious? I'm gonna have a baby?"


Bruno: started to dance "I'm gonna be daddy, I'm gonna be a daddy Haha!!"


the doctor: "yes you're pregnant I'm going to have the nurse set up your next appt. for your ultra-sound" walking out the door "once again congrats to you two"


Karri couldn't say anything but bruno was like a happy kid at chuc E Cheese. so we went home and I called alyssa and told her everything and she went bananas I asked if her and phil will be the god-parents and they agreed. so now it's my first ulta-sound and I'm nervous like hell. the ultra-sound tech came in began the ultra-sound me and bruno just watched until the lady spoke 


UT: "well here's your little one"


Karri: "omg thats it? there's another human being in there"


Bruno: "yep ours"


UT: started squinting her eyes "uhh, wait"


Bruno: is there something wrong?"


Karri: "there's nothing wrong with the baby is it?"


UT: "no not all except the fact that your babies are doing excellent"


Bruno: exhaled "that's a relief. Woah wait did you just say babies?"


Karri: shocked


UT: "yes babies you're having twins"


Once again down goes bruno you know all this fainting I'm started to think maybe he's pregnant lol!!


Karri: "omg two babies wow that is crazy"


UT: "from the looks of it you're exactly 3 months so that means you conceived right around october"


Karri: thinking to herself "damn the night of his bday" snapped back "ok then"


UT: ok here is your dvd of your'ultra-sound and I will see you later and I hope he's gonna be ok" pointing to bruno who was still out


Karri: giggled " he will"


I got bruno up and while we were in the car he was very silent the whole ride


Karri: "baby what's wrong? you haven't said anything since the ultra-sound"


Bruno: "I just can't believe it, twins"


Karri: *sigh* "I know I can't believe it either......what the hell were you thinking? I mean people get pregnant all the time twins are rarely born and here you go spitting them out great job loverboy"


Bruno: "yeah my love is potent"


Kari: "whatever"


It's been two months since we have found out and just found out that we are having two boys. so me and alyssa decided to go shopping because bruno told me I needed to get out of the house for a couple of hours and so I did but when we came back bruno told me to follow him cause he had a surprise for me. so I followed and he took me to a spare bedroom and told me to open the door


Karri: shocked and started crying "omg!! baby this is beautiful" turned around and hugged him


this is what she saw: (but with two beds)


Bruno: smiled "I'm glad you like it. it's all for you"


Karri: walked in "this is perfect, but enough drooling over this baby room I'm hungry"


Bruno: "well where do you want to go?"


Karri: geeked "all you can eat please"


Bruno: he laughed "ok all you can eat it is"


so she went into the bedroom and changed into something a little more decent than sweat pants and t shirt and put this on:


and we left and headed to the restaurant and I pigged out I have never ate so much in my life until now as I looked up with a mouth full of food and saw everybody mouth wide open staring at me like they just seen a ghost


Karri: swallowed her food "what?"


Phil: "nothing"


Bruno: "you just ate 3 plates of food and you're asking what"


Karri: pushed the plate in front of her "So, and about to go get another one" walked away


Bruno: put hand over his face "Omg!!"


Phil: laughing "Welcome to fatherhood bro"


Alyssa: "Aww I can't belive you guys are having twins and two boys at that"


Phil: "yeah I can see him holding one and chasing after the other that's gonna be hilarious I'm going to make sure I record every moment when I'm around" laughed that famous laugh we love


Bruno: "you wrong dog and it's sad because I know you will"


karri came back to the table with a plate loaded with food


Bruno: "baby you aint gone eat all that"


Karri: chewing her food "watch me"


and she did and they all where getting sick just watching her. after they all got done they went to the movies to see "Final Destination 5" in 3D and then went home. karri went straight upstairs and ran her a hot bubble bath turned on some calming music and got in


Bruno: "don't you look relaxed? mind if I join you?"


Karri: still had her eyes closed and shook her head yes


Bruno got in and sat behind while she rested her head on his chest


Bruno: kissed the side of her face while rubbing her stomach "to be honest I can't wait til the boys are here"


Karri: smiled "me neither but we don't have that long to go"


Bruno: "have you thought of any names yet?"


karri: "No, I just don't know. you have anything in mind?


Bruno: "No, I think we should go shopping for another car one that's family friendly"


Karri: turned around "really? I mean are you sure?"


Bruno: "yeah I mean can you imagine us riding with the twins in a camaro?" he laughed "I don't think so


Karri: "I guess not but ok"


Bruno: how bout we do it 2morrow?"


Karri: "ok"


they talked a little more then washed up and got out. Karri dried off oiled up and put this on:


she then asked him to put the necklace on


Karri: handing him the necklace "will you do the honors?"


Bruno: "oh wow I almost forgot about this necklace yes I will" moving her hair to the other side putting it on then kissed her neck


Karri: looking at the necklace "I love it and thank you"


Bruno: "anything for my babygirl" 


Karri: "you're so sexy *kiss* Hot *kiss* and about to go to bed cause I am tired" walking around to her side


Bruno: whining "baby why did you do that" pointing to his Ehm "now he needs some love" getting in the bed and started kissing her on neck


Karri: "MmMm his love is what got me like this in the first place"


Bruno: whining "please, just one time" 


Karri: turned to look at bruno pouting "oh come on baby are you serious? I'm so like looking like shamu right now"


Bruno: laughed "I'll get around that" bit his lip


karri: raised up a little "Bruno?" frowned up "you foreal


Bruno: climbed on top of her "MmHm" kissing her neck


Karri: closed her eyes "Oh god wait Oh jesus"


and you know what happened hehe!! so months have went by and she is now eight months


Karri: trying to put her shoes on "bruno I can't get my shoes on" crying


Bruno: laughing "I'll put them on"


Karri: still crying "that's not funny bruno. I can't see my feet I'm tired all the time and I'm fat!!!"


Bruno: tying her shoe "baby you're not fat just a bit wobbly but you're not fat"


karri: crying louder "you think I'm fatttttt!!!!!" 


Bruno: laughing a bit then hugged her "No baby I don't think you're fat you still beautiful aint nothing changed"


Karri: sniffed "Really?"


Bruno: "yes really now come on before we be late for the doctors appt." about to leave out the room


Karri: trying to get up


Bruno: laughing then ran over to her "come on baby" helping her up but still laughing


Karri: about to cry "why are you laughing? I don't understand" (haha got that from bruno)


Bruno: giggled "It's nothing baby lets go"


so they make it to the appt. and the doctor told her that the babies are healthy and that he think it's time for them to come out and karri was freakin out while bruno was extra excited that he called his family to come down


Karri: "they're coming today?"


Bruno: yep they will be here today"


Karri: started to panic "I'm so nervous I haven't even met them yet and what if they don't like me and......."


Bruno: cut her off "you will be fine stop worrying thats not good for the babies ok" kissed her head "now lets get to the hospital


Karri: "ok"


we make it to the hospital got registered and now in my own private room:  (this is a real birthing room)


Bruno: opening the door "ta da"


Karri: "this is amazing are we still in the hospital?"


Bruno: helping her to the bed "yeah I requested to have this room because I want you to have a stress free birth and I wanted it to feel like home"


Karri: "Awww!!!" kissed him "that is so sweet"


Bruno: smiled "anything for you"


next thing I know his whole family came walking through the door


Oh God!!!!!