Chapter 3

10/02/2012 17:03

Joking around, i re-introduce myself to Bruno. “Hey, my name is Laila. Nice to meet you.” I hold out my hand ready for Bruno to shake it. Bruno gets up from the chair and smiles at me. “Whaddup pretty lady, my name is Bruno Mars. Nice to meet you too.” Next i was expecting Bruno to take my hand and shake it but he pulls me in for a hug. A long warm hug. His arms are tight around my waist while i just place and pat my hands on his back. This is both weird and nice at the same time. When we release from each other, Bruno steps back and i go to grab my drink. “Lemme guess, you got a skinny mocha latte huh?”Bruno says to break the ice. “Um yeah. How did you know?” I pull a confused face. “Laila, you ALWAYS got that drink when you and I used to go out.” Way too go to bring in the awkward silence. I just smile uneasy at him. I dont know what to say back to that. I just sip my drink whilst looking into space and Bruno takes off his hat, touches his hair a bit then puts his hat back on and starts up another conversation. “Soo… How have you been Laila?” I nod my head at him. “Good. Yeah i’ve been good thank you. How about yourself? I see you’re here to finish off the album right?” Bruno tilts his head before he replies to me.“Glad to hear you’ve been okay. Yeah i’ve not been to bad myself thanks. About the album, yep, me and the guys just wanna put a few minor touches to it.” He breaks then starts to stutter. “See, um, Laila… Can we talk?” I laugh at him and joke, “Well that’s kinda what we are doing now…” I know what he means, what he is gonna say next. He laughs back. “No no, i mean talk about us. But if you feel.” I interrupt him. “Talk about why you acted like jerk to me? Why you all of a sudden turn nasty on me? I can’t understand, like, did i do something?” I cut to the chase. Bruno goes and sits back on the sofa, puts his hands over his face then looks at me.

“Laila, about that whole situation. I know you have heard this a thousand times from me but i truly AM sorry. I’m sorry for the way i acted, for what i said to you and for how i hurt you. It really was low of me. I don’t know what come over me. I guess i got so over-whelmed with trying to make it in the music world and in the end when i made it, i took you for granted. The one person who was there for me, helped me and loved me, i lost. But you know what gets me? The fact that i lost you, not just as my girl but my best friend. When you left, a part of me left. I knew i had ruined everything and it REALLY hurt me that i was never going to hear back from you or even see you again. Who was the one person i wanted to talk to when i felt low…YOU. Who was the one i wanted to share my happiness with…YOU and who did i want to just ring up when i was bored and just wanted to hear a voice…..YOU.” Bruno looks at me with such a sad but real apologetic look. And i can tell that he is generally sorry for what happened. I can feel his sadness. I look down to the floor then back at him.“Come here.” I move my head to tell him to get up. Bruno makes his way to me. He stands infront of me. I grab his hand. “Bruno, i’m not gonna lie. What you did, said back then was horrible. I’ve never seen you like that before. But from what you just said, i can honestly see how sorry you really are. All that’s been said and done is in the past now. Let’s start over and move on.” I squeeze his hand. “And it killed me not to talk to you too. Do you think we can be best friends again? ‘Cause i missed you, A LOT.” Bruno gives me the biggest smile ever. His eyes glitter too. This is the Bruno i know. The nice, kind hearted, sweetest guy around. Bruno squeezes my hand back. “I think we’ve always been best friends. We just needed time apart to realise we need each other. I missed you more sweetie.” Awww, he’s so cute. I really have missed his cuteness. I’m glad we have become mutal again and have re-met up. I hold my arms out for a hug. “BFFs?” i joke with him. Bruno just laughs and comes in for the hug. “Always was BFFs.” He says. He again puts his arms tight around my waist and this time i can’t resist but to wrap my arms around his neck and feel his hair. DAAAMN i missed touching his sexy neck and curly hair. Feels SO good. We stay in this embrace for a few seconds which actually felt like hours. Eventually when we pull away we both smile at each other. Bruno keeps one of his hands on my waist. “I’m glad we got to talk and put our troubles behind us Laila.” “Yeah me too Bruno. Me too.” “Imma go jam with the guys now. They probably wondering whats happened to me.” Oh shoot. I completely forgot Phil and Ari were here to. “Yeah you better go to them. If you guys need anything, just shout for me.” Bruno starts to walk off and winks at me. “Okay, sure thing.” I smile at Bruno then he leaves the room. I know i shouldn’t be feeling anything right now but all i could think of when Bruno touched me and i touched him, i couldn’t help but get the feelings back i had for him. Yeah i knew i would still have some for him but now i want him back… What am i saying, i’ve got a boyfriend who i’m happy with. Stop it Laila! You’ve just fixed your relationship with Bruno. Just continue being friends with him and be happy with it. Thats it.

Bruno, Phil and Ari have been in the studio for at least 5 hours straight. When those guys work, they work hard. Me and Dan go in the room to see them. Dan being a chatty man that he is, he starts up a conversation. “So guys. How zit goin’?” Bruno answers him. “Yeah, its going good. I’d say give us a week and we could be finished.” Dan looks gobsmacked. “A week you say. WOW! You guys are hard workers huh? Well since progress is going well, how about you join us for a meal tonight guys? My treat?” All of there eyes pop out. They all say in unison “Wow, sure. Okay thank you Dan. We’d love to.” “Great. That’s sorted. See you guys around 8ish? That cool?” “Thats fine with us.” As Dan starts to walk away, “Oh and Laila. You are invited too. Bring Joe too. He’s invited.” Oh dear, did Dan just mention Joe infront of Bruno? I see Bruno give me a sharp look when Joe was mentioned. I smile awkwardly and go to leave the room but i hear “Laila.” Dammit, it Bruno’s voice of course. Sure, i was going to tell him about Joe but later on. We have only just started talking again. I turn to face Bruno. “Yes?” He raises a eyebrow at me. “Who’s Joe?” As if he ‘doesn’t’ know who Joe is to me. I stutter. “Joe. Umm he’s my, my boyfriend. I’ll introduce him too y’all at the meal.” I quickly turn around and walk out the room. And just like BOOOOOM! There comes that awkwardness again. This is gonna be some meal we’ll have…..