Chapter 33

09/04/2012 14:57

After some minutes he comes and I get in the car giving him a small peck. 

"Hey did you wait long?" 

"No... So what are we doing now?"

"Hm surprise?!" He smiles big and I have to smirk. I love how he always can make me smile. He's so full of positivity.

"Oh well fine..." I look out of the window watching the houses go by and realise how tired I really am. 

After some minutes of silence he asks. "You're alright?" 

"Yeah just tired..."

"So I did wake you up?"

"No I was awake... I couldn't sleep..." I bit my lips. Great now he knows something is wrong, I only can't sleep when I'm worried and he knows that.

"Oh ok..." He slows down a bit. "Don't worry about the Kalman thing ok?! It's not your fault! And we still can get jobs..."

"It's not about that... well at least not only..."

He looks at me shortly. "What else then?"

"I got some bad news at the office today..."

"What kind?"

"I don't wanna ruin your good mood..."

"But I can't be happy when I see you so sad, babe... I knew something was wrong when you picked up Isa after work. You were so quiet."

"Hm hm..." At least he noticed that.

"Com'on tell me!"

"It's really bad and sad news, Bruno!"

"What? Did you lose your job?"


"Then what?" He starts to tense up.

"It's Mary... she's very ill..."

"Oh no! What does she have?"

"It's terrible!" I feel tears running down my cheeks. I wipe them away carefully.

"Are you crying?" He looks over to me confused and drives into the next parking lot. With one hand he wipes away my tears which flow now one after another and with his other hand he softly strokes my shoulder. "What does she have, Caroline?"

I try to form the words but crying so much doesn't make it easy. I try to get myself together the best I can and say quickly. "A head tumor. There's no treatment against it cause it's already in the final stage and she will die in a couple of months."

Bruno's face freezes just like mine when Mary told me. "Oh my god... I'm so sorry!" He replies quietly stroking over my cheek and pulling me close. I cry in his chest. Some minutes go by and the tears slowly get less. The tight hug Bruno holds me in with his soft voice and his gentle caressing comforts me a lot and when I calmed down I let him go slowly. "I'm sorry." He repeats.

I nod and lean back into my seat. "She told me she wants me to take over the company..."


I turn my head towards him. "You're not surprised?"

"Not at all! Who else should do it if not you!"

"Erm Brad, their son? Or someone with more experience? I don't know anything about administration and all this paper work!"

He looks sternly. "You can learn that. You're so smart! I knew that one day they gonna ask you! It's just so sad that it's under these circumstances! I like Mary a lot and Matt is a good man. They don't deserve that! It always hits the best ones... Damn!"

I nod. "Yeah it's terrible... I still can't believe it..."

"I guess what I planned isn't the right thing now... Let's drive home, ok?"

"No!" I say quickly. "I just couldn't sleep and think too much... Let's do it! Go!"

"Okay..." He starts the car and drives off. 

About 20 minutes later we arrive at the ocean. It's not a part of the coast I normally go to. I prefer the beaches like Venice or Santa Monica. And well it's also ages ago I was at the ocean in the middle of the night. I look at my phone. It's 2:10am now.

"Come." Bruno orders and we get out of the car. He goes to the trunk and takes out the things I brought with and 2 pocket flashlights.

"Where do you get these?"

"Well one I always have in the car. You don't?"

"Erm noooo."

"What? You never heard about the safety-and-emergency-car-set you have to have?" He asks pretending to be serious.

"Babbitt!" I response and stick out my tongue what makes him giggle. God I love his giggling... "And the other one?"

"That's the spare! If I lose the first one... duh... women!" He giggles even more when I punch his shoulder a bit. "Ouch!" I turn on one lamp and hold it under my chin making a spooky face and fail scary noises. "What the hell was that?" He laughs and throws the towel over my head. "Come!"

I grab the towel laughing and follow him. There's a small path which leads along the coast for hikers. We walk on it a bit when Bruno suddenly stops.

"Wait! I think we already passed it... It should be a bit before this tree..." He turns around and so do I. He goes slowly a few steps back looking at the ground. "Here!" He takes my hand and drags me down. It's very steep. "Be careful... There coming steps soon." 

Really after some feet there are small steps which lead all the way down to the water. When we're almost down I see that there is a really little beach. It looks amazing. "Wow!"

"I know right?! I knew you would like that!"

"How you know about that? I thought at this part of the coast there are only rocks..."

"A friend of Ryan told me..."

We finally arrive down there and lay down on the blanket.

"Look at the stars! You can see them so clearly..." I say impressed. "This place is amazing, Bruno! Thanks for bringing me here."

"Anything for you babe! You came short lately cause of all the work. Since you're back here we only had one-on-one time ONCE and that only for sex... I don't want it like that!" He rolls on his side and caresses my cheek smiling softly at me. "You know when I saw Kalman touching you I realised how much you mean to me! Somehow I think it was good that it happened... well beside the fact that I'm jobless now... but it's not the first time right?! And the guys are pretty confident that it won't be long and we have another deal... Anyways that's not what I wanted to say..." He kisses me gentle and I run my fingers through his hair. "I love you, Caroline! And I promise from now on I'm gonna take more time for you ok?!"

I smile. "You're wonderful! I love you so much!" He kisses me again and we start to make out a bit when I stop him. "But Bruno you know that I'm gonna have to work a lot more soon... I think I even have to send Isa back home earlier. I won't have enough ti..."

He interrupts me by putting a finger on my lips. "Don't worry about Isa she can stay with me when you work. I got time now... And the other thing... I meant no nights in the studio anymore and at the weekend! And I wanna support you like you supported me. In fact I think it's very sexy that my girl gonna be the boss of one of the biggest event companies of LA soon. I can't wait to tell everyone and brag!"

"Oh is that so? I'm gonna remind you of that when you whine that I don't have enough time for you."

"Me whining? Never, babe! And if I don't see you enough I can be your personal delivery boy and we gonna have office sex!"

"You're stupid!" I giggle. "It's not like in all those movies." I stroke over his cheek. "Serious now... You know it's gonna be hard, right?!"

"Don't worry, babe! We gonna make this!" He takes my hand and kisses every single finger. I melt instantly. He's so sensitive and caring, it's unreal. 

"Take off your clothes." I say and put off my shirt.

"Babe I tried to go slow..."

I smirk. "Not cause of that..." I stand up and get out off my pants and bra. "Let's go swimming!" I stand totally naked in front of him now and he just stares at me. "Come!" I grab his hand and help him stand up and finally he takes off his clothes as well. I kiss him deeply and push myself against his body my hands running over his back. It's amazing to feel every inch of him. He grabs my ass and squeezes it. I can feel that he slowly gets hard, so I back away and step into the water. He instantly follows me wraping his arms around my waist from behind and we walk together slowly until the water goes right below our arms. We kiss and one thing leads to another. We make love in the ocean at a lonely small beach at night. Can it get any better?

We laid on the blanket for another hour talking about everything and enjoying each other. I feel like in heaven. Before we fall asleep we drive back and sleep on the carpet together. I don't care about the back pain I'll have tomorrow I have to feel him the whole night.


I wake up from noises in the kitchen. I roll on my back and stretch myself when Isa walks into the living room.

"Hey! Finally you're awake!" She leans over me and grabs my hands dragging me up. 

"Isa! No! Let me go!"

"It's already 11! And you know today is Friday!" She yells excited when I only stare at her thinking what she means by that.

"And what is today?"

"Auntie! It's Friday! Tyler performs at the beach!" She yells happy and jumps up and down. "I'm gonna see Tyler again!"

Oh shit...