Chapter 34-36

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Chapter 34

A week later, a million thoughts had passed through both Marla and Bruno’s heads. They had

spoken on the phone each day. There was a deeper connection between the two of them then

there usually was. They both knew those tests were right.

Marla had scheduled a doctor’s appointment for the middle of the month to get her blood

checked and to get an annual check-up. Her doctor, Dr. Cindy, came in with a smile on her face.

“Mornin’ Marla.”

“Good Morning!” Marla responded.

Marla answered the mandatory questions. How many people have you slept with since your last

visit: 2, Anything weird happen: yes; What?: She explained. How are you feeling: Good; Missed

periods: Well it should have started yesterday… and the lady at the salon said I was pregnant and

so did the tests. Dr. Cindy then had her nurse come in and draw the blood. The nurse made her

idle chit-chat as she started drawing the blood.

“Do you think you’re pregnant?”

“I think so.”

“And what does dad think?”

“We’re both nervous wrecks.” Marla cringed at the site of the blood filling the vile.


She was ushered into a waiting room where they completed the blood test. Thank goodness the

doctor was in a hospital where they could complete the test right then and there. she had friends

that had to wait days to get blood work back. While sitting in the waiting room she flipped

through a People Magazine and an US Weekly. She landed on a rumor page – including one with

Bruno on it. Is this his new “special someone?” The headline read. Below the headline was a

picture of her walking out to her car with her gym bag. “Oh….oh….oh no.” she said loudly.

A 6 month pregnant mother, just a seat over from her glanced at Marla and asked, “Is everything

okay dear?”

“Umm…yes. Thank you.” Marla smiled.

“Damn. I’d leave my husband for Bruno Mars in a heartbeat.” the soon to be mother said to

Marla. “That’s one lucky girl if US Weekly is right.

“I think he’s lucky.” Marla responded.

“Hmmm?” the mother inquired.

“Oh nothing.”

“Ms. Gonzales?” a nurse opened the door to usher her back into the room where she was waiting


She was greeted by more waiting. This time, there were no magazines to keep her busy. She

pulled out her phone to check her text messages. Maybe there would be something would be

waiting for her. Lindsay had texted her words of encouragement. But there wasn’t anything else


There was a quick knock on the door and then Dr. Cindy walked in.

“Well, Marla, I have news. And I’m not sure if it’s good or bad for you. The stylist…was


“Most what?”

“Most right.”

“Oh my.” Marla mouthed. “It was….one night…I mean…I know…I know that’s all…but oh


“I will see you in 6 weeks, Marla. Let me know if there are any troubles.” she said


Marla nodded her head, still in official shock. She scheduled her appointment, finished her day at

work and went home. She looked at the hat, still sitting on the table next to her keys. She

grabbed it, put it on her head, laid on the couch and fell asleep.


Chapter 35

Marla woke up at about 10:30 to take her medicine and to make her way to her bed. She crashed.

Out cold, her phone rang at 3:30 in the morning. Of course Bruno would call her that late at

night. She almost didn’t answer the phone, not wanting to think about what was going on.

“Marrrrlaaaaa.” he said in the phone.

“Brunno…I was asleep!” she yawned sitting up, pushing the cat from her feet.

“I’m sorry.” He said a bit more quietly. “You didn’t call me after the doctor’s appointment,

though. I just wanted to make sure everything was okay. What happened?”

“Oh…I meant to, I just fell asleep after I got home from work.” she responded. “It was positive.”

she finished he sentence simply.

“Oh! Oh! Oh my god!” he screamed into the phone. His reaction got the attention of his brother.

He just shook his head and rolled his eyes. Eric gave him a ‘oh..girlfriends’ look.

Marla pulled the phone away from her head. She hadn’t heard that loud of a voice in a long time.

“Bruno! It’s 3:30 in the morning! You’re going to wake up my neighbors!” she exclaimed.

“But it’s exciting!” he responded.

“Exciting? I’m scared shitless.” she told him.

“Trust me, Marley. Everything will be okay.” he comforted her as she started to close her eyes.

“What am I supposed to do, Bruno? I was supposed to graduate with a Masters degree 3 months

after this baby is born. I have another internship to start in two months with ACS. How am I

going to support all of this? School stress me out enough….you stress me out…a mini Bruno and

school? What am I going to do? What am I going to do? Oh my god oh my god oh my god….”

He let her go on while he sat next to his brother eating a bowl of cereal. He had long since

learned to let her ramble about the things that bothered her, that made her worry and that made

her cry before he started to try to comfort her. She went on as she took a deep breath and

yawned. “Mar…it’s not an “I” it’s a “we” and “we” will not only get you through this, but it will

be the most amazing…” he got up with his bowl not sure if the rest of his conversation was quite

right for his brother to hear yet. “most amazing thing that we have been through together. You

did know I have like 1000 nieces and nephews and cousins. I can change a diaper with my eyes

closed. And I have mad baby-sitting skills. Josh says dad looks good on me.”

“What?” she was suddenly awake. He had never shared this with her. She knew that he would

eventually want to have a family and would be good with children, but she didn’t know that he

was that good. Before these events, she really hadn’t even thought about the next step in their

relationship. She just wanted to get through to the next day.

“Yeah, I was voted number one uncle one year.” he laughed.

“Oh my god. Shut up.” she laughed, still half awake. His unbelievable confidence started to

comfort her. She thought he would be as scared about this as she was. It turned out he was more

comfortable with the idea of having a child than she was.


“When do you go to the doctor again?” he asked her. She didn’t answer his question. “Mar? Are

you awake? I love you. I love us. “He waited for her to roll over onto the phone, she always

rolled over on the phone when they talked early/late in the morning.


Chapter 36

Two weeks later Marla sat on a couch next to her older brother, Travis watching his wife Lisa

and their 2 year old son Zach play with a ball. The whole family was together for a summer

picnic at the park. It was a small get together – just seven people- mom, dad, Travis, Lisa, baby

and Marla. It was incredibly simple. Marla yearned for a time when this was her future. When

she might be able to picture some other random guy – maybe she met him at church, or at the

gym, sitting next to her. Or maybe she met him at school. Oh, wait. She did meet Bruno at


“Marla, you’ve been super quiet all day. What is going on?” Lisa asked her.

“Oh, nothing; I’m just thinking about registering for classes next week. I have no idea what my

schedule is going to be like. I’m stressing out. Big time. I think I might have to quit my job. I just

don’t know what I’m going to do.”

“What’s different from this year and last year? You were working and going to school last year?”

“This internship just feels a bit more intense.” Marla answered.

“Oh…okay. But I feel like there’s something else bothering you.”

“It’s not Bruno is it? He was fantastic when he came over for dinner. He sounds head over heels

for you. Like I would have no problem trusting him where he is now….”

“Oh, I do trust him. I mean. I don’t know. It is something with him I’m stressing about, but it’s

not the girls or anything like that which I’m worrying about…”

“Then what is it, girl?” she perked up. “Are you moving into his swanky house? Are you getting

engaged? Oh my!” she grabbed her baby and sat him on her lap to listen. Suddenly, the whole

family was listening to their conversation. Marla was extremely open with her family. She

called her mother after every seizure. She called her brother after she finished her first half

marathon. This confession, revelation, was somehow just a bit different than the other things

they had shared in the past.

“I’m pregnant.” she said bluntly.


The family was shocked. She expressed the same shock as she did. Marla told her family that

Bruno was with her 100% - or at least today he was. Her father was still somewhat angry at the

situation – although still completely supportive. Her mother was perplexed. Marla’s life had

changed so much in the last year. Marla shared the same sentiment with her mother. But, she told


her, “When you know….you know…” Travis and Lisa were just excited. Together they were

excited. But Marla could see that Travis was a bit upset in the unconventionality of the whole

thing. He had met his wife in college. They got married right after college and waited years to

have children – establishing themselves, buying a house and finally having a child. That’s what

she wanted to do too. It was always the plan. And it was working. But it just got turned upside