Chapter 34

15/04/2012 16:26

I look at Bruno. He's still totally passed out although Isa's yelling around. He looks so cute with his mouth just opened a bit and his arms and legs spread out. Remembering last night I would just wake him up and kiss and fu...

"Auntie, get up now! I made breakfast." Isa says interrupting my lovely thoughts.

I carefully pull my leg to the side that lies under Bruno's, after I hold up his arm and get up slowly. Stretching myself again I walk over to the table. Wow! There stand plates with toast, scrumbled eggs, sausages, tomatoes, fruit salad and pancakes.

"Isa! Wow where did you learn all that?"

"From grandma... I love to cook!"

I stare at her. "Grandma must love you! Your mom and I were always too lazy to help her cooking."

"She doesn't complain..." She says proudly smiling.

"Well maybe I hire you as my housemaid then." I smile back. I still can't get over the fact she really is so big already. Speaking of being big... 

"And you really wanna go meet this Tyler? Don't you rather wanna go to Six flag? That's an amusement park..." She leans her head to the side and gives me this Bitch-Please-Look. "Hey don't look at me like this, Miss!"

She continues giving me that look. "Auntie I'm no small kid anymore. All this amusement park stuff is boring. And I really wanna meet some people in my age. Not only your friends..."

"Oh so I'm too old for ya huh?" I say playfully being mad and she rolls her eyes. "Alright alright we go to his 'show'..." I form inverted commas with my fingers in the air. 

She just smiles big and hugs me. "Thanks Caro. And now.... let's eat. I wake Bruno up." 

Before I could say No she grabs a glass of water and leans over him splashing the water over his face. He startles up totally confused and looks around scared. "Huh? What? It wasn't me..." He mumbles and we burst out laughing. When he realized what just happened he giggles and leans back on the carpet grabbing a pillow and throwing it after Isa. "You crazy bitches..."

Isa walks over to me and we both sit down at the table. "Come baby. Isa made a delicious breakfast." After he stretches his arms and jawns big he gets up and joins us.


"I bet he only tries to impersonate Tupac or so. If he even knows him. Probably more Lil Wayne..." I say haughtily.

"Oh com'on babe don't be mean. There's nothing wrong with impersonating people you admire..." Bruno says back giving me a sly look.

I understand him referring to his own past impersonating Elvis and MJ. "I know but with rappers I think it's different. You can use the beats but should come up with own rhymes..."

"And maybe he does... don't judge before you don't know..."

"Yeah auntie! Bruno is right. He's cute and nice and I bet he's a good rapper too! And he looks so goooooooood..."

"Hey calm your tits young lady! You don't know anything about him!"

"So do you!"

"But I'm not the one who wants to be with him... what if he breaks your heart?"

"Auntie..." She rolls her eyes. "He won't break my heart!"

"How do you know?"

"Cause I won't fall in love with him so that he can break it..."

"Huh? But I thought..." I look over to Bruno who just smirks and back to Isa saying a bit more quiet. "...I thought you wanted to do something with him..."

She giggles and says bluntly. "Exactly! It's not that I wanna be with him... I just wanna sleep with him..."

My eyes pop out shocked while Bruno spits out the sip of water he just drank and snorts with laughter. "Hahahaha god I love this girl!"

Isa burst out laughing as well. "Auntie I'm just kidding, well mostly hahaha... uhhh there's Tyler." She points somewhere in front of her and runs off. 

I look after her and just shake with my head. "If only my sister knew that! She would kill me!"

Bruno puts an arm around my shoulder and gives me a peck on my cheek. "Oh don't feel guilty! I bet she knows her daughter well!" I look at him and kiss him without saying anything back. "And now let's check out this Tyler. Maybe I got a new rapper I can collab with..."

We both look to the bunch of boys and Isa in the middle of them. When we got there Tyler greets us politely and we sit down at a bench. Not much time goes by and Isa comes over telling us that they gonna start now and sits down too. To my surprise he doesn't cover anything. I even have to admit that he's really good. Well his lyrics could have less swear words in it. Luckily I think Isa doesn't understand half of them. But overall he seems to be talented and his crew called Odd Future do a good show. And on top of it for the last song he sits down at the keyboard playing a slow melody rapping about his father he never met. It's sad lyrics and I feel sorry for him and well that he can play piano I didn't expect that at all.

"Isn't he just great?!" Isa says soulfully.

"Hmhm." I response.

"He's dope." Bruno says kind of disappointed. "But not up my alley. No new collabo partner..."

I stroke over his back. It sucks that I can't help him. All I can do is book him for events, but he deserves so much more. Maybe I should try to talk to Kalman again? I think when my phone rings. I look at it. It's Mary.

"Hey Mary." I greet her. "How are you?"

"I'm fine. And you?"

"All good."

"See I spoke with Matt and we like to talk with you as soon as possible."

"Oh.. ok?!"

"Do you have time tomorrow? We would like to invite you and Bruno and Isa for dinner."

"Yeah sure! When should we come?"

"Erm around seven?"

"Ok. Shouldn't we come earlier and I help you with cooking?"

"No sweetie. We gonna have a caterer. Brad's coming too and you know how I hate to cook... I'll rather spend the day at the beach..."

I laugh lightly. "Ok. That's good! Have a nice day then and we'll be there at seven."

"Thanks sweetie. I will! Til tomorrow."



I hang up. She's so damn strong. I can't believe she's really gonna be gone in a couple of months. I stare at my phone in my hands and feel tears forming in my eyes.

"You're alright?" Bruno asks and strokes softly over my shoulder

"Huh?" I turn my head and see his beautiful big brown eyes staring at me with a caring worried look. I smile and nod. "Yeah. That was Mary. She invited us for dinner tomorrow."

"Okay. How is she?"

"She's doing good...As good as you can do when you know that you're gonna..." I look at Isa. Although she seems not to listen to us cause she's too busy admiring Tyler, I stop. I don't want to burden her with these sad news.

I feel Bruno's hand on my cheek caressing it. "It's ok babe. Don't be sad!" He turns my head towards him and kisses me softly. "I love you."

"He's coming to us. Can you please stop, now?" Isa asks us suddenly and strokes over her hair. Bruno smirks and we part. 

"So how do you liked it?" Tyler asks when he reached us.

"I loved it! You're so good!" Isa answers quickly smiling big at him. Bruno and I only nod silently.

"Well thanks. Are you thirsty or do you want ice cream?"

"Yeah!" Isa replies and jumps up. "Can I?"

I nod. "I'd like to walk along the beach a bit anyways. So we'll meet in an hour back here?" 

She smiles big at me not expecting that I let her alone with him. "Yeah! Sure!"

I get up too and pull her to the side. "But you guys stay here at the beach. Do you understand me?! You won't go with him somewhere else! No lonely place or something! You get me?! And I'm gonna call you every 10 minutes!"

She nods. "Yes!"

"I mean that seriously! You don't know this guy! I give you the chance to get to know him and have a bit fun. But you can't trust anything he says, okay?! And most of all you won't go to any lonely place with him! You stay here at the beach!"

"Yes, Auntie! I'm not stupid!"

I nod and squeeze over her shoulders. "I know! Just be careful!"

"I will! Don't worry!"

"Okay." I let her go and she walks off with Tyler. Bruno and I look after them.

"I told him if anything happens to her he can be sure I'll find him." Bruno says seriously after some seconds.

I smirk. "You're cute."

He looks at me with big eyes. "What? Cute?" He puts his arms on my hips and pulls me close. "You think I can't whoop his ass?"

"Oh after I saw you punching Kalman... for sure." I look seductively at him. "I haven't said it yet cause of all the shit it caused but... that was sexy."

"Oh was it that?"

I nod and he kisses me so slowly and passionately that my stomach and also the parts further down start to tingle. When he leans back again my eyes are still closed and I press my lips. I open my eyes and I see him grinning.

"So you really wanna walk along the beach or..."

"Don't have to ask that, but it will take at least 20 minutes to drive back home and we only have one hour..."

"Hm I know but we don't need to drive home..." He says back and nods to something behind me. I turn around and see a sign that says changing rooms. I look at him again and run my fingers through his hair. "I guess that's a yes!" He says grinning and I nod heavy. He takes my hand and drags me over to where the sign leads to. This boy is just pure heaven.


20 minutes later we walk exhausted but happy as ever out of the cabin. We chose the one which was at the very end and luckily noone heard or if so they didn't disturb us. I immediately call Isa and she's alright. The rest of the time we walk along the beach holding hands. We don't talk much but we don't have to. Just feeling his hand and his presence next to me and seeing his beautiful smile is all I need. I cherish time with this man so much, it's unreal.

As if he just read my mind he pulls me close and whispers into my ear. "You know I love being with you! I just can't get enough of you. I never felt that way for a woman. You're everything I ever wanted... I love you!" I smile like a fool before I wrap my arms around his neck and we kiss feeling the water running over our feet. 

"I only can say: I totally feel the same! I want this to remain forever! I'm so happy with you Bruno! I love you so much!" I run my fingers through his hair and kiss him. "You're amazing."

"No you're amazing!" He says back and sticks out his tongue. 


"So you had a good time?" I ask Isa and Tyler. They were punctual at the meeting point and I'm relieved that nothing happened.

"Yeah." Isa replies and smiles shyly. 

"I'd like to see you tomorrow again, if you don't mind..." Tyler says after a bit of awkward silence.

Isa turns her head quickly and nods. "Yeah, sure!"

They smile at each other. If I didn't knew where this all leads to I would find them adorable.

"Dope. So have you been at Six flag yet?"

"Erm no, but I'd love to."

I smirk. Oh in the morning she said amusement parks are only for kids and now... whatever.

"Then let's go." They both look at me waiting for an Okay.

"Well I won't let you go with him alone but we can pick you up Tyler and go together."

Isa looks disappointed but Tyler only shrugs with his shoulder. "That's fine with me." He looks over to Isa. "As long as I see you again."

Oh he's really good.

"Ok then... we pick you up at 10 okay?"

He nods and gives me his address. We say goodbye to him and walk off. I promised Bana to look after Zadeh today so that she and Phil can have a day-for-two. So we drive to their place. It's always lovely seeing Bruno holding him. I can't wait to have kids with him, but he's nowhere close to even think about having children and with me taking over the company now I can forget my plan to have my first baby with under 30. But I know if I should have the luck one day to have kids with this man, they will have the best dad ever. Okay I really should stop thinking like that. After eating I put Zadeh to bed and come back to the living room finding Bruno and Isa watching a movie. Well Isa isn't really watching cause she's texting back and forth I guess with Tyler... I smirk at her and sit next to Bruno.

"Babe?" He starts after a while.

"Yeah?" I look at him curiously.

"I think I really now have to find a proper job. I mean the apartment and the car, I could afford it when I was signed but now..."

"I can help you out for a bit..."

"No. I don't want this."

I shrug with my shoulder. "I'm just saying. I don't mind..."

He shakes his head strongly. "No!"

"I mean only as long until you found a job..." I try to avoid talking longer about this money topic. "What kind of you thought about?"

He lets his head hang back. "Urgh I don't know. Maybe at the radio? Or as a music teacher?"

I nod. "I can see you doing that. Ladies will love your radio voice." I smirk. "I can ask Kenji. He applied as a teacher too."

"Oh he did?"

"Yeah cause of the kid... He won't do all the touring anymore..."

"Oh... but didn't you say it's not sure if it's his?"

"Yeah but no matter what he wanna stick with her and the kid."

"Crazy! I'd never pay for a kid that's not mine! Plus she cheated..."

"I know I also can't understand him but he loves her so much..."

"Hm but still... I love you as well but I would never do that for you! Never! I'll be gone before you know." I swallow. Why does these words hit me so bad? He's totally right but only the thought of losing him makes me worry. He looks at me. I must have a serious face. "Hey babe I didn't mean to scare you!" He takes my cheek in his hand. "I know you'll never play that way with me! So this will never happen."

I put my hand over his on my cheek and try to smile. "I know. It's just... Let's change the topic. So radio huh? 

He nods and gets up. "Monday I start looking for a job but now... I need a drink. You too?"

I shake my head. "I still have to drive home."

"Hm your loss." He smirks and goes into the kitchen. He comes back carrying a tray. "So that's mine." He says putting a glass and a bottle of whiskey on the table. "And these are for my lovely ladies." He says grinning and puts two glasses and a bottle of orange juice in front of me and Isa.

"Thanks, Bruno." Isa says and takes the glass starting to sipping on it.

"Thanks." I say too and watch him pouring a big glass for him and emptying it in one gulp and pouring another one. "You know that this is Phil's?"

Without looking at me he empties the second glass as well before he pours a third one. "He won't mind. He's my partner in crime... Relax!"

I lean back and try to relax. A couple of drink won't her, will they?


"Hey ho we're back!" Phil says when he came through the living room door.

I turn my head towards him. "Hey! How was your day and evening?"

"Wonderful!" Bana answers wrapping her arms around Phil's stomach from the back. Phil turns his head and kisses her on her cheek. They're so lovely together.

"And you guys? Everything went fine with Zadeh?"

"Yeah he instantly fell asleep and only wake up once. He's so easy to handle!" 

"Well like father like son..." Phil says proudly while Bana rolls with her eyes. I smirk. "Oh..." Phil starts walking over to the table and takes the bottle of whiskey. "Wasn't that like almost full?"


"That is fuckin good expensive whiskey! Where's that bastard?"

"Erm... he said he'll buy you new one!" I lie.

"Where is he?"

"In the garden, smoking..."

"I hope cigarettes..." He mumbles and walks to the patio door.

Bana looks at me questioningly and I look down kind of embarrassed. I know he doesn't smoke cigarettes...