Chapter 35-38

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Chapter 35

January 2nd, 2011

The last couple of days have been amazing. I am so happy that we got to be in New York for New Years, it actually all ended well. Bruno had promised me so much this year and I honestly believed every word of it. There is still that doubt in the back of my mind, but I’m not going to let it stop me from believing in his words. I had a really good feeling that this year was actually going to be a lot better then the ones before. With Bruno on tour with the guys overseas it would leave me more time with my girls, but at the same time I would miss him dearly. The ring that he got my for Christmas, I don’t leave the house without it. In a way I feel like it does bring us closer, but at the same time we’ve had this crazy bond ever since the stunt he tried to pull back in the beginning of last year. I’m just going to pray every night and make myself a better fiancée and eventually a better wife.

The next month we really don’t have much to do besides him going to Paris. He’ll only be gone a week or so, and I think I can overcome if I’ve done a whole month before. I’m just not looking forward to the spring time where he’ll be leaving for not just one month, but a couple. Going to be so horny. But, I knew that this all mean’t so much to him to be on tour with his guys, seeing new places and meeting new people. He needed it, and I’ve been here all these years so why stop now when things get tough. I was going to be here for him as long as he needed me to be. Forever and Always.


“How are you.. When did you.. Oh my god..” I said looking down to her stomach. “I know! I’m so happy..” I shook my head, “Twins Carla?! What are you going to do with twins?” She rubbed her stomach and Leiyah answered for her, “She’s gonna raise them girl.” I laughed as I turned to her, “Alright.. now I know that.” They both started laughing. “Come on we’re wasting time.. I’m so excited to get everything all set up.” she said going down another aisle. I really loved this baby store but, it only made me want to have kids even more. We continued on shopping for the next 30 minutes, picking up plenty of things. We got some things for the boy, and some for the girl. I had no idea what I would do with myself if I had twins, but I knew they would be damn cute. As we got back to the car I helped Leiyah load most of the things in the trunk while Carla got in. Leiyah had been taking so much good care of Carla since she had been pregnant, and it also made me want a sister. There we’re so many things that I didn’t have, but I wouldn’t change the world for it. “So what’s next..” I said getting into the back of the car. “I don’t know but, I’m tired..” Carla said softly. “Well let’s get you home then boo.” Leiyah said starting the car.

“Ayeee! I love it.” I said smiling from ear to ear. We all bobbed our heads as we listened to a song on the radio. I stood up, “Let me just say that.. this year we gonna do the damn thang!” I announced over the music. They all cheered and hooted and I just smiled. I was so confident about this year, we had already been selling out shows for shows that we’re still in a month or so. The money was really starting to flow in, but it didn’t make me as happy as the music did. We all danced a bit and enjoyed ourselves for no particular reason but that we we’re all well and happy. I looked around to all of them and they all had smilies on their faces and it only made me even more excited for the next year. I was just hoping that the world caught onto me just as fast. “Even better news Brunz!” I heard Phred say from behind his laptop. I turned to him and nodded, “What’s up?” “Grenade is topping the charts right now!” he said smiling ear to ear. “Really? Damn man..” I said putting my hand on my chest. That felt so good to hear. Hard work really does pay off.

Me and Leiyah quickly looked to each as we heard Grenade starting to play on the radio. We both tilted our heads back and started singing the words loud as ever. I put my hand on her shoulder, “But, you won’t do the same!” She laughed, and started moving her fingers on the steering wheel to the beat of the music. As we pulled up to the studio the break down came on. “I got it, I got it!” I said as he started to sing. “If my body was on fire!” I pointed over to her, “You’d watch me burn down in flames!” I smiled, “You said you loved me you’re a liar!” We both sang together, “Cause you never, ever, ever did baby!” We both smiled ear to ear and made dramatic movements as we got ready for the last note. “BUT DARLIN’ I’D STILL CATCH A GRENADE FOR YA’!” we said in unison singing at the top of our lungs. We both burst out into laughter, Bruno’s music just brung us together as a family. She reached down and turned the radio off, “Girl if Phil ever heard me singing that like..” I laughed, “Right?! Bruno would have a heart attack.” We both laughed again, we had been cracking ourselves up all day long, I had missing being home so much. But, at the same time I missed Hawaii dearly.

“Am I the only one trying to drink tonight?!” I said as I kicked my feet up. “Hell na.. who’s gonna go to the store?” Kam said from next to me. I shrugged, “I mean I know I can’t go.” “Oh don’t everyone get up at once now!” Phil said getting up and grabbing his keys off the table. We all laughed, “Thanks Phil, you we love you..” I said threw my laughter. I watched him as he walked out the door and I shifted my attention back to the other guys. I heard laughing and talking and I looked to my left to see Diamond walking in smiling at me. I instantly smiled as well as I opened my arms and she fell into my lap. I kissed her, “Hi babe..” She laughed, “Hi Bru.” “I missed you today..” I said honestly. When I woke up she wasn’t even there, she had been out with her girls all day. She shook her head, “You just can’t stop saying that miss you phrase can you..” “Well.. I wouldn’t have to say it if you would just stay with me..” I shot back. She smiled and shook her head as she got off my lap and slipped into the seat next to me. Her comment made me get a idea and I stood up. I looked around to the all the guys, and I was glad that they weren’t paying any attention to us. I walked towards the kitchen and threw a quick hand signal to Diamond telling her to follow me.

I slowly sat up trying my best not to look suspicious but, I knew that I did. I walked into the kitchen to find Bruno leaning across the counter smiling. “What’s up?” I said as I leaned on it opposite from him. He took a deep breath, “I don’t think that I can leave you here..” I frowned, “What do you mean?” He shrugged and started saying something under his breath but, then stopped. “Bruno.. just say it please..” “I don’t know what I wanna say..” he said softly. I just looked at him like he was crazy and he reached across the counter and grabbed my hands, “Alright babe.. just listen okay..” I nodded, “Listening..” “You know how I’m always saying I miss you right?” he said looking down to our hands. “Right..” “Well every time I say it I mean it.. like I honestly miss your company and everything.. I mean the guys are here they fill in for you.. but I hate being alone. I’ve been with you for so long you know.. and when you come back if you’re ever gone everything feels right again.” I nodded slowly as I listened to him, I knew where this conversation was going, and I really didn’t want to be sad right now. “So what do you want me to do? I can’t stay with you every minute.. I don’t understand why you’re saying all of this right now..” I said shrugging my shoulders. Most of the time, I never knew why Bruno did or said the things he said, but in the end he always made them right. “Just go with me… please?” I shook my head, “To where Bruno?!” I was so confused right now…


Chapter 36

“I want you to go to Paris with me..” I said smiling a bit. She started smiling ear to ear, “Of course I’ll go Bru.. you didn’t even have to ask..” “I know you might get tired of the traveling and the guys you know.. but, I hate not having you by my side through all of this.” I said honestly. Now that she had been on my first U.S. tour with me I realized that it is indeed hard to be without her. I didn’t want to have to go through that again. “I’ll never get tired of the guys, they’re like family..” she said rubbing the top of my hands. I nodded, “Good.. we’re going to have a really nice time out there..” I had promised her a lot this year, and I didn’t plan on breaking any of them. I knew that if she was with me I would have a better chance of not doing anything stupid. I see that I almost turn into a complete different person when I’m drunk.

The next couple of weeks we’re great. Diamond spent her weekend with her girls, while I did with the guys. I was really excited for the Grammys when I came back from Paris. There was so much going on in just this one year. I still couldn’t believe how many nominations I had just my first year attending them. I was meeting people that I had just dreamed about meeting when I was younger. Things we’re finally making a turn for the better. I really couldn’t wait to land here in ‘Parie” as the people who lived here say it. I was set to do so many small shows, and interviews since this was my first time here. I had heard that the media here we’re nowhere near as demanding as the ones back home. That was a relief since if I had the chance I would be taking Diamond out for a really nice date. I mean I was in Paris and they we’re known for it. So why not. I think I had a pretty good idea already of what I wanted to do.

I turned to her and she was already looking at me I smiled. “What we’re you thinking about?” I looked down and laughed and then looked back up to her face, “You.” She laughed, “Alright Bru..” “Do you know how amazing you are?” I asked her seriously. She shook her head, “No .. do you know how amazing you are?” I laughed lightly, “I asked first.” She reached over and grabbed my hand, “Bru.. I don’t have enough time in my life to tell you how much you mean to me.. I’m no where as amazing as you are..” I smiled from ear to ear, “Marry me then.” She laughed, “I’m going too.” “When? I need a date baby.” I observed her face in different spots. She shrugged, “I don’t know.. I don’t want to jump into things yet.” I frowned a bit, “What do you mean?” She squeezed my hand and took a deep breath, “I’l have to make sure we’re ready you know.. it takes..” “Baby.. I need to marry you.. I’m done waiting. I want you and only you, please stop making me wait.” I said cutting her off. She just stared at me. I nodded, “I’m serious, I’m ready to do this.” I said with a straight face. There was no doubt in my mind that I was ready to marry her. I needed her to confirm it, I wanted to look forward to it and think about it, I needed to make her officially mine.

“Okay well..” she started to say before the pilot came over the intercom interrupting her. “We’ll talk about it later alright?” “Promise me.” I said as I let her hand go. She nodded and looked me deep in the eyes, “I promise.” We sat there quietly as we felt the plane landing. I knew I had another jet lag coming my way, at least we had the rest of this night to try and get used to the time here. As soon as we got the clear, she got up and stretched, making a small moan that made my stomach tingle. “Shit.” I said under my breath. She frowned at me, “What?” I shook my head quickly, “Nothing.” She gave me a weird smile an dI turned into the aisle. We all started gathering our things together and we we’re yet again walking out the terminal. I adjusted the strap of my bag on my shoulder as I looked over to Jam. He was already texting away on his phone and I moved over a little closer to him. He looked at me and moved his phone away, “You need something?” I laughed, “I knew you we’re gonna do that.” He shook his head, “Why wouldn’t I do that..” I gave him a look, “Who you texting?” He gave me a sly smile as we walked out into the airport, “I may have met me a nice young lady..” “Na! You know you did!” I said raising my voice a bit. He laughed and pointed over to something and I looked. I frowned a bit, “What am I looking at?” I asked as I turned around. When I turned around he wasn’t there anymore. I bust out into laughter and started looking around for him, and we was way behind hiding behind Dre.

I shook my head, Jam always got out of these conversations with me. As we got outside the view was beautiful everything just seemed to light up the night sky, and the stars we’re out and clear. Diamond came over stood by my side as we waited for our taxi. I put my arm around her, “Look at the stars babe..” She looked up and softly smiled, “I know..” We stood there pointing out different ones that looked like animals, and shapes and we even found the big dipper. “Look that one looks like you!” I joked pointing up to a triangle. She shot me a look, “Really funny Bru.” I laughed a bit as I pulled her into my chest. She put her arms around me and I put my head into her hair, “I’m really glad you’re here..” She looked at me and leaned in and kissed me softly, “Show me how glad..” I widened my eyes, “You don’t wanna do that..” She rubbed my side a bit, “I think I want too..” I licked my lips and tried to keep myself composed at least untill we got to the hotel.

Our taxi finally arrived and took us around 10 minutes to load all our things in and be on our way to the hotel. The entire ride there I was so anxious, she was finally starting to start things off and I loved it. As we arrived we all waited in the lobby as Dre went over to the front desk and got all signed in. The hotel was pretty neat it had all the fountain works going and basically a inside garden. Diamond came over and slipped her hand under my shirt and I closed my eyes. “Wait..” I whispered. I wasn’t really trying to get hard before we weren’t even in the room. Dre came back over, “Alright let’s head up.” Since it was so many of us we decided not to take a elevator and wait forever. After a couple of flights we made it up and I was actually pretty winded, that’s why I really wanted to work on my figure. “Alright you and Diamond in there.” Dre said handing me a set of keys. I took them with the quickest and I unlocked the door and turned on the light as I went in the room. It wasn’t as big as the one in New York but, it had two beds, and a set of dressers. I didn’t think too much about it, I had other things on my mind.

I tossed my bag onto the bed and turned to Diamond as she closed the door. She dropped her bags as well and came for me, kissing me wildly. “I love it when you move fast..” I said unbuttoning my shirt. “I can move fast doing other things too..” she whispered. I bit my lip and started to pull my shirt off of my arms. I reached up and took my ball cap off and tossed it on the bed as well. I felt myself getting harder and harder by the second. As I went in and started kissing her neck the door opened and I quickly looked up to Phil. “Awww shit!” he said dancing a bit. “What are you doing?” I said holding Diamond close to me. He put his hands out, “We’re roommates!” You have got to be kidding me right now…

Chapter 37

This chapter is lightly dirty, you have been warned. o.O But, enjoy!

“Oh my god..” I said quietly. He laughed, “Alright I’ll step out really quick and let ya’ll get all fixed.” He stepped out backwards and closed the door. I took a deep breath and slowly looked down to Diamond. She shook her head and smiled, “Well there goes our sex in Paris.” I shook my head, “I mean he can’t be here all the time.” I let her go and put my shirt back on buttoning it half way up as Diamond went over and sat on the bed. I turned from Diamond and adjusted myself as best I could, I hated that I couldn’t relieve myself right now. “Alright Phil.. you good..” I said as I turned back around. He quickly came in smiling like a fool, “Ya’ll don’t look happy to see me.” I put on a fake smile, “I’m smiling why do you say this.” They both laughed at me, I mean I’m glad Phil was staying in here rather then anyone else, but at the same time that mean’t we really couldn’t do anything. Phil rolled his things in and we all spent the next couple of hours getting things together, talking about our week here and playing a little bit of cards. I looked at my watch and it was damn near 3 A.M. and I wasn’t tired at all.

After our last round of cards Phil got up and stretched, “Alright I’m gonna turn in guys..” I looked over to Bruno and he just had a disappointed look on his face. I took a deep breath and got up and went grabbed some PJs out of my suitcase. I went into the bathroom, changed, and came back out to the almost pitch black room. “Wow I can’t see shit you guys.” I whispered. “Goodnight.” Phil said strongly. I laughed as I felt Bruno grab my arm. “What are you doing?” I whispered. “Shh..” he said as he kissed me on my neck. I pushed him away as best as I could in the darkness, “No.” I could just almost see his eyes, and he was just staring at me. “Seriously Bruno..” I whispered. I really wasn’t trying to relive the time when we we’re teenagers and we woke Phil. “Alright..” he whispered. I felt my way around and crawled into bed and I felt Bruno crawl in as well. He pulled the huge covers over us and I felt him grabbing at my thighs pulling me towards him. He put his arms around me and I smiled as I closed my eyes.

After a couple of seconds I felt his hands rubbing down my back and I smiled even more. As he got down to my lower back he used his thumbs and started digging them into my hips making me laugh. I quickly put my hand over my mouth and held in my giggles. I could just see his smile in the darkness. “Bruno..” I said through a laugh as I uncovered my mouth quickly and then covered it back up. He kept going and went in and started tickling him just so he could stop. He let out a huge laugh and I shot him a look. “That’s a damn shame..” we heard Phil say. We both froze and I held in a laugh and so did Bruno. We both bust out into laughter at the same time and I could hear Phil shifting positions in the bed, “Now I’m gonna try this again..” I shook my head as Bruno reached down and pulled the blanket over our heads. He moved me closer to him again and put his face right next to mine. “Babe.. I am nowhere near sleepy.” I kissed him, “Me either..” He leaned in and kissed me on the lips again this time licking my lips in the process, I closed my eyes and it turned me on like no other.

As I leaned out from the kiss I moved my hands under her shirt, “You know I’m horny right.” I whispered. I could see her smile a bit, “I can tell.” she whispered back. I leaned up a bit and went to her ear, “You got to be quiet though.” I felt her nod her head. I licked my lips as I moved the hair from her neck and started kissing it passionately. I felt her warm breath against my neck and I started getting hard again. I slowly moved my hands into her PJ bottoms, and then into her underwear. “Bruno.. you can’t..” she said trying to whisper but, ended up moaning. “Just let me..” I whispered back. I moved my fingers around trying to find my way inside her. She grabbed my arm quickly, “No.. please.. I can’t be quiet.” I took a deep breath as I moved my hand from out of her pants, “Come on babe.. we gotta do something..” I said as softly as I could. She didn’t say anything and I pushed myself up against her, “You feel that.. I need you..” She laughed a bit, “Oh my god.” “Let’s go in the bathroom..” I whispered. I could see her frown, “No Bruno.”

I hated that if Bruno got too horny he couldn’t control himself. I could hear Phil’s faint snores outside of the covers. “See he’s sleep.. come on…” he whispered. “I don’t know..” I said a bit scared. He continued on anyway slowly pulling my shirt up. He moved his head down to my chest and pulled my bra up and started kissing my breasts softly. I closed my eyes and bit my lip, this was one of my most favorite things that he did. His kisses turned into licking, and before I knew it he was sucking them. I held my moans in as much as possible but, I let one slip every once in awhile. “Shh..” he said as he stopped for quick second. I loved the way his teeth slowly drag against them. I couldn’t help but moan a bit. I felt him stop, “Just let me take you really quick..” he whispered. I put a disappointed face on, “We can’t..” He came up from my chest, “I won’t make you do anything you don’t want too but, I know you want this just as bad I do..” he said moving his hands into my pants again. He rubbed my inner thighs and I closed my eyes. He leaned in and started kissing me again and I reached down and started rubbing him as well. I felt him move his hands into my underwear again and this time I didn’t stop him. I guess he was just going to get me to do things no matter what.

I kissed her as hard as I could to cover up her moans as I started to slide my finger in her slowly. My breathing started to increase as well as she reached into my briefs. We both froze a bit as we heard Phil shifting positions. “Come on babe.. let’s just do this..” I said pulling at her PJs. We could get this done quickly as long as she didn’t let any loud moans escape. I would make sure I went slow. She helped me pull down her PJs and I rolled over on top of her slowly trying not make any noise. I moved the blanket from over my head and peered over to Phil’s bed and I didn’t see anything. I put it back over my head and looked down to her and smiled. She smiled as well and helped me pull down my boxers. I lifted her legs a bit and slid myself into her making her let out a small moan. I put my finger up to my mouth as I thrusted almost painfully slow. I pushed myself up a bit trying to get deeper and she let out a huge moan. “Oh fucking god..” I whispered. “I am just going to put ya’ll out.. this makes no sense..” I heard Phil say after a couple of seconds. I hung my head down in disappointment, “I’m sorry Phil.”

“Ya’ll not sorry.. ya’ll could have at least waited till’ tomorrow when I wasn’t here or something.. ain’t that much damn sex in the world..” he said strongly. I frowned and looked down to Diamond and she was just frozen. “I give up..” I whispered as I rolled off of her and pulled my boxers back up. I felt her get back dressed as well and she came close to me again and kissed me, “I’m sorry Bru.” she whispered. I smiled a bit, he was right I could have waited till’ tomorrow but, when I get started it’s hard for me to stop. “We’ll wait for a better time.. alright?” she whispered. I nodded like a sad puppy and wrapped my arms around her. I just hoped that I didn’t upset Phil as much as I thought I did. I don’t even know how we we’re roommates throughout college. Now I would have to lay here, horny as ever with her. Talk about a fucking tease…

Chapter 38

“Are you guys really wearing those?” I said as I looked down to a pair of checkered vans in Bruno’s hands. He smiled and nodded, “Yeah you like em’?” I laughed a bit, “Sure I guess.” I really couldn’t judge them, but those we’re some shoes that really stood out. He gave me a smirk, “Doesn’t sound like it to me..” “No, no they’re alright.. trust me. You’ll look great in anything.” I said giving him a sly smile. He laughed as he set them on the bed, “Alright.” I was really looking forward to the show tonight, it was again sold out so I knew the crowd would be really into it. We would be leaving here in about 2 days and it seemed that time was just flying right past me. It was almost February and I felt like we we’re just in New York yesterday. I was just hoping time moved just as fast when he went out for his European Tour. I looked down to him sitting on the bed, messing around on his phone. We had been teaching him a couple of new things lately, and now that he was learning he couldn’t put it down. I shook my head and smiled as he started to frown. “Now tell me how?..” he said looking up to me. He stopped talking after he saw my face, “What you smiling at?” I took a deep breath and looked into those beautiful brown eyes, “Oh nothing..” Just you Bruno, just you.


January 24th, 2011

I still can’t wrap my mind around how amazing it is here in Paris. It’s kind of the perfect place to be if you’re in love, or on honeymoon. I would have to think about that when I started planning our wedding. But, I’m still not completely sure YET. I wish I could marry him right now. Our little sight-seeing trip yesterday was more then just fun. We we’re able to roam the city, with Dre by our side of course. I took so much more pictures today, mostly because Bruno was wearing his green and black coat that I had been telling him to wear for awhile. I thought it looked cute on him. I loved the hilarious poses that Phil, Phred and him made just trying to be cute. They we’re all so silly for some reason. It was such an amazing feeling to be able to see the Eiffel Tower in person. Bruno kept telling me to wait till’ I seen it at night, just wait. We we’re out and about just about all day and my favorite part was Bruno talking in his ‘French’ accent. The funny thing about it was that he was so serious while we all just laughed at him the entire time. I loved his curiosity about different cultures.

It felt good to have a time out with him even though it was with all the guys because the days before we really didn’t get to see each other a lot. Since it was his first time in Paris, he was featured on many shows and radios. I was pretty surprised at how much they loved him over here. We both agreed that we would take a date since this was our last night here in Paris tomorrow. I realized that we hadn’t been on a actual proper date in months. I had no idea what would happen if things turned intimate. Every night for the past few days it has been nothing but awkwardness in our room. Phil has been acting weird whenever it’s just us three around. I don’t know if he’s really mad or he’s just being funny. He’s just lucky the lights we’re off. I guess it’s a respect thing, and we did cross the line so yeah. I guess we would just have to hold it in until we got back to L.A. In almost 3 fucking days.

I can hear Bruno’s laughter from the stage. They had a bit of technical problems so they’ve been out there for almost an hour and a half now in soundcheck. I loved how they would always break out into a random song and it would be done perfectly as if they had already rehearsed it. I’ve actually learned a lot about the guys being on tour with them. I guess you can say.. they’ll all different.. and weird. The one thing I did love is that they are all about their music, and that is what makes them true musicians.


“Thanks babe..” I said as I stood up. “You’re welcome about time you let your hair breathe.” I laughed, “It’s just been treating me right while we’ve been here..” I looked over to the mirror and adjusted my tie. I could see her looking me up and down and I turned to her and smirked. “Don’t be checking me out..” She rolled her eyes, “Please..” I bent down a bit and kissed her until she pushed back into the couch, “Please what?..” I whispered. I looked her in the eyes as she looked into mine, and I wanted to just take her right now. Right as I leaned in and kissed her again the door bust open making both of us jump. “15 minutes!” Phred said as I turned to him. I nodded, “Alright, knock next time?” “Knock.. shit.. show..” was all I managed to hear him say under his breath. I smirked, “What?” “I said 15 minutes.” he said he walked away. I turned back to Diamond and she was just smiling. “Now.. where was I?” I said bending back down to her face. She grabbed at my top, smoothing down the wrinkles that I guess she saw, “You we’re getting yourself ready for this show.” I nodded, “Oh right..”

I stood up and started pacing a bit, just getting myself into the right mindset. “Those shoes actually do look good you on.” she said making me stop in stride. I looked down to them and then did a little dance, “What doesn’t look good on me..” I looked over to her as she rolled her eyes again, “Stop it.” I took a deep breath, “Alright.. I’m gonna go over to the other room.. with the guys.. you know..” I said stuttering a bit walking towards the door backwards. “Bye Bru..” she said giving me a little wave. I started to go out the door and then walked right back as I remembered something. I bent down to her face again, closed my eyes, and kissed her deeply, “Enjoy the show babe..” She bit her lip as we unlocked, “I will.” I left the room with a huge smile on my face. It was time to officially launch this album off.

I put my hand over my mouth as they all walked out onto the small stage with their matching suits and shoes. When they we’re all together they looked pretty nice. They had epic music going and huge smiles all around. The crowed cheered and hooted as Bruno sat behind the drums and held his sticks up into the air. I jumped up and down he started playing them wildly with that face that I loved the most. With Eric at his side on smaller drums, Phil being the hype man, and Jam killing it on the base guitar it was an entrance to one of their shows that I will never forget. I looked up to the huge glowing red sign of ‘Doo-Wops & Hooligans’ as Bruno came around and grabbed his guitar. As soon as he started singing I closed my eyes and listened as the crowd didn’t miss not one word. Each show was just so amazing to me. The amount of people who knew his music, the lights, the chills I got, the whole atmosphere each show was different. But, it was a good different and I found myself feeling like a proud mother after each one.

It’s funny how you can look at someone and know them just as much as you know yourself. When Bruno was up on the stage, he gave everything he had. Throughout the show I cried and laughed at his fake strip tease that he promised would be on the second album. I also smiled when he would look over to me and give me look that made me feel like I was the only person there. I don’t know why, but this show became my new favorite. It was memorizing in a way because I had never got this feeling before. I don’t know if I just wasn’t paying attention as much, or if it was the passion he put into each and every song. But, I knew one thing and that was that I fell in love with him all over again. I didn’t think about ‘ifs’ or ‘buts’ anymore, I was no longer unsure about him. I fell in love with his eyes first, but his voice was the thing that put the seal on it for me. I wiped my last tear as he finished off ‘Talking To The Moon’. I needed him to know how I felt right now.

I blew kisses and thanked the crowd countless times for giving me this opportunity. I was on a high tonight, and there was no better feeling then standing in front of all of those people as they cheered for you. I had dreamed and worked so hard just to stand in this place, and put my feet into these shoes. I jogged off the stage and listened as Phil said his final words. I went straight into the dressing room and grabbed a towel and put it to my face. I held it there for awhile just trying to catch my breath. “Bru..” I heard Diamond say from behind me. I took the towel from my face and turned to her. She smiled a bit and shook her head, her eyes we’re squinted as if she was going to cry. I frowned a bit, “Babe what’s wrong?” She walked towards me slowly and put her arms around me. I dropped my towel to the floor and wrapped my arms around her as well. I put my head into hers, “What is it?” I said softly.

She shook her head, “You.. I just love you.. so much.” I smiled, “I love you so much more.” “I don’t even know where I would be right now without you Bruno..” she whispered. I took a deep breath and pulled her into my chest, “All that matters is that you’re here now.. and you’re not going anywhere alright?” She squeezed me as we swayed side to side a bit, “Thank you..” I felt somewhere that something had changed, but I didn’t know exactly what it was. I closed my eyes and said a small prayer for the both of us. I didn’t know if it was bad or good, but whatever it was I wanted it to be right. I didn’t know where I would be without her little did she know. Maybe that was the reason why we both had found each other in the first place. I just had so much to be thankful for right now….