Chapter 35-38

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Chapter 35

After we took a million pictures we went upstairs and dove into the delicious food we ordered. Since our wedding was far from traditional so was our wedding food. Mounds and mounds of cheeseburgers and fries sat waiting for us. “I don’t think this wedding could be any more you and Bruno than it is,” my Mom said stepping next to me in line for the food. “I know Mom, isn’t this perfect?” “I heard perfect, I know you’re talking about me,” Bruno said sliding up behind us, “Watch out now, your head is growing.” He kisses my cheek and runs away chasing after Brayden.

After everyone finishes eating we all sit around and talk, take turns on the piano, lots of singing and dancing ensues. A little while later we “cut the cake”, well a cupcake, yes we had cupcakes! We both pick ours up and go to feed each other and I give Bru a look, “there will be no smashing of cake in faces Bruno,” and at that moment as I’m trying to nicely feed him, a devilish look crosses his face and he smears it all over my face! Of course I return the favor. He leans in to kiss me, and licks my face instead!

Today couldn’t be more perfect, my family and closest friends are here to celebrate with us, my wife, my children, and everything is perfect. After a little while my Mom and Ann take the kids to spend the night with them so Lace and I can spend our first married night together, and our last night alone before I leave for tour. A week from today, we leave on a promo tour for my new album, after the baby is born we head out on our world tour. “What do you want to do tonight Booty?” “Honestly? I just want to spend the night wrapped around you, this is like the last time we will be alone for months!” “That sounds like a perfect idea to me baby,” I pick her up and carry her to the bed room. Lay her down and sit at her knees, pulling her feet into my lap. “Booty, how long has it been since you’ve had polish on your toes?” “I’m not sure, a month maybe, you should paint them for me.” I get up and get her little bucket with polish and files. “Bru, I was joking!” “Well, you can’t ask me to do something and expect me not to do it. How about this, I’ll paint your toes, you rub my feet with some of this stuff,” I say tossing her a tub of foot lotion.

For the next hour I rub Bruno’s feet, I even shape his toenails and clean his cuticles up. He paints my toenails a lavender color, and then paints a B on one big toe and a M on the other. “There now this, this is what you call a walking advertisement!” he says blowing on my toes. “Dang Bru, you did better than my usual guy does, I think I’m going to just start having you do them, it will save me money.” He drops my foot and crawls towards me, “Wrap them babies around me, don’t want to mess up all my hard work!” I wrap my legs around him and he leans down and kisses me, “Booty, I want you to stop being so damn cheap, stop talking about saving money. Do you understand that your rich now, you never have to worry about money again?” I frown up at him, “That doesn’t mean I’m going to change the way I shop or think about money Bruno, the cheaper I am, the more money we have to retire on, Greg with help with Bray and Kenny’s college but we still have one other child that we have to save for now. And I want my children to know the value of a dollar.” He looks down at me and smiles. “You know, this is one of the reasons I love you, you think so logically, and you think about the future.” “Well, women are smarter.” He starts laughing and attacks me with kisses.

His playful kisses turn into passionate kisses, “Today was perfect Lace, if I could do our wedding over again with months to plan, I would still have it the same way,” the way he talks to me when he’s in the mood turns me on, it doesn’t matter what he’s saying, it all comes out sexy. “Me too Bru, now stop talking and kiss me,” I grab his collar and pull him back down to meet my lips. Over the next few hours, we celebrate our marriage throughout the house…  


The next couple days fly by, helping Bru get things together for tour, he is leaving in 2 days to head to LA put last minute touches on his performance, rehearsal stuff for 3 days and then leave for tour. “Baby, what’s our artist of the day?” I ask him as I’m pouring another batch of pancakes in the skillet. He scrolls through his ipod for a second and then says, “Marvin Gaye.” We have developed this, game, I guess you could call it. Each day one of us pick an artist or a group, and if “Bruno Mars’ music” isn’t being worked on, or he isn’t working on someone else’s music then that’s what we listen to. It’s a way for us to feel connected, especially when he leaves on tour. At the end of the day we have to pick our favorite song by that person. He plugs his Ipod into the speakers and then comes up behind me, wraps his arms around me and sways back and forth as he begins singing along with, “Mercy Mercy Me.” He pulls my shirt up a little and puts his hands on my stomach, “Am I crazy, or is your belly growing?” I unbutton my pants and turn around, leaning against the counter, I show him my belly, he sees it all the time but apparently when you’re not really paying attention you miss things. “It is, I had to put bigger pants on, these usually don’t fit me.”

I turn around to flip the pancakes and he puts his hands back on my belly, rocking his hips against mine as “Let’s Get It On” comes on over the speaker. “This was a good choice for today Bru.” “Hmm? Are you talking about Marvin or pancakes?” I turn around and push him away, pulling my spatula up to my mouth I start singing and dancing. “You keep doing that and were gonna be getting it on.” I just keep going, throw one hand up in the air and really get into it. He grabs my spatula, throws it at the sink and grabs my face, kissing me passionately he backs me into the counter and then picks me up. I’m on the counter, legs wrapped around Bruno’s waist, pulling his curls, lost somewhere in his lips when Brayden walks in and says, “Momma, what’s that smell?” “Oh shit! Bruno, the pancakes!” 


Chapter 36

We got through breakfast, and took the kids to school, then headed to our appointment with my midwife. “Hey guys! How have you been feeling Lacey?” “I’ve gotten sick a few times, but other than being tired I feel great!” Julie looks at Bruno, “How are you feeling about this Bruno? And how do you feel like Lacey is handling things?” “I’m really excited. I think she’s doing good, we both quit smoking the day she found out. Is her being so tired normal? That’s the only thing that worries me.” “Very normal, she is growing a baby, her body is working super hard even when she is sleeping. But in the next couple months she will get more energy.” I really like that she is including Bruno in this, asking how he feels, with Bray and Kenny, they hardly acknowledged Greg. I climb up on the table and she presses around on my stomach a little, “You’re starting to show a little I see? You said this was your 3rd pregnancy right?” “Yeah, my youngest is 6.” “Well then, you’re right where you should be.” “Why does it make a difference about how many children she has had?” Bruno asks, looking a little confused. “Well with each baby, you start to show a little bit sooner, and usually you get a little bit bigger. Everything looks perfect so no worries.” She smiles and sits down at the ultra sound machine. “Let’s get you some new pictures to take on the road.”

Julie starts to squirt some of the gel on Lacey’s stomach and then moves the wand thing around. Pretty soon the baby pops up on the screen! I can’t believe how much it has changed in just 3 weeks! “Look right there Bru, he’s got his hand in his mouth!” Lace says pointing to the screen. I get up and look closer. “I think he’s sucking his thumb,” Julie says, clicking a button, for just a second the screen freezes and then a picture starts printing. “Wow Lace, look it’s moving!” I wish I could just take Lacey and this machine with me on tour, I would spend all of my off time just looking at the baby. “Any chance we can know the sex of the baby yet?” I ask, Lace lets out a little laugh, “No, still a little early, 6-8 more weeks. So we could do another scan around Christmas time, could be an early present?” Julie says looking at us. “That sounds great.” She wipes Lacey up and then leaves so Lace can get dressed. On our way out Lace scheduled a new appointment. “I wish I could go to the next one Booty,” I said as we were walking out.

“Well you will only miss the next one, it won’t be anything important. The one right before Christmas will be the one you want to go to!” He has a week break at Christmas and so I’m sure he will be at that one. When we get home he plugs his Ipod back in and turns Marvin Gaye back on. “Can we pick up where we left off when we burnt the pancakes?” He says dancing towards me. “I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about,” I give him a little smile and walk towards him. He wraps his arms around my waist and leans in to kiss me, but right before he whispers against my lips, “I’m sure I could remind you, very easily.” His lips touch mine very lightly and then I feel him smile. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him back, slipping my tongue into his mouth. Slowly he backs me into the wall, moving his hands down my back, over my butt and starts pulling my floor length dress up. He slips a hand into the back of my panties, squeezing my butt cheek. “Dammn baby, I think your booty is growing with your belly.” “Are you calling me fat?” I say pushing against his chest. “Not at all, I love it,” he squats down grabs my underwear on both sides and pulls them down. “What are you doing Bru?” I ask, as he slips the bottom of my dress over his head, and disappears. “I’m hiding,” he says, lifting one of my legs over his shoulders, puts his hand on my stomach and pushes me further against the wall, and puts his mouth into me. After a minute he slips a finger inside of me, I grab my dress and start pulling it up. “Bru,” I say through moans. “Baby, please, don’t tease me.” I finally get my dress over his head, and he looks up at me, never moving away from me, his mouth still busy, he raises an eyebrow and then winks at me and moves his fingers faster. Looking into his eyes, I’m on the verge of an orgasm.

“I know you’re there Lace, let it go,” I say pulling my face away, making my fingers move even faster. I slide my hand up her stomach with the other hand and rub her breast. “Oh fuuuuuuckkkkk,” she moans, her knees start going weak. I slide her leg off my shoulder and pull her down to the floor with me, never taking my fingers out, I keep going as she rides the wave of her climax. In a minute her breathing slows and she pulls her face up from my shoulder, tears rolling down her face. “Baby, are you okay?” I ask, sliding my fingers out of her. “That was fucking awesome,” she says, laughing between her sobs, fresh tears falling. “You’re crying, and laughing over an orgasm at the same time?” I think my wife has completely lost her mind. She grabs the bottom of my shirt and pulls it over my head. “What are you doing?” “I want more,” she says licking her lips, she pushes me back to lay on the floor and kisses me. “Wait is this some crazy mood swing you’re having?” I say laughing as she pulls my pants down, I’m not even kidding when I say she is like a hungry person looking at a candy bar right now. “Bru, I don’t know what this is, but I’m insanely horny right now. So willingly give it up, or I’m raping your ass,” She grabs her dress and pulls it over her head. This aggressiveness is turning me on.

Bruno leans up and kisses me, then starts getting up, he grabs my hands and pulls me up and then wraps his arms around my waist. He’s trying to be all sweet and I want to be rough. “Bru, you aren’t gonna hurt the baby, stop being so gentle with me.” I lower my head and bite into his shoulder, and then run kisses up his neck and when I get to his ear I whisper, “fuck me.” That’s all it takes, one hand runs up into my hair and the other to my throat, and his mouth finds mine as he backs me to the wall again. When we bump the wall he lowers one hand to my thigh grabs it and pulls it up around his waist. Guides himself into me and starts thrusting, slamming me into the wall over and over again. “Lace, is this…” “Don’t, just fucking don’t” I interrupt him and in between both of our moans that is all I can manage to get out. Before long we were both on the floor, sexually satisfied and out of breath.

I pull myself up off the floor, and laugh. “What’s so funny chump?” Bruno says throwing my dress at me. “We hardly made it into the house, we’re like 5 feet from the door. What is wrong with us?” I pull my dress back over my head and walk into the kitchen. “It’s your fault, you horny bastard,” he comes up behind me and kisses my neck. “What are you making love?” “I don’t know. What sounds good?” I’m looking through the fridge but nothing sounds good. Then I find a cucumber in the bottom of a drawer, and I go to the sink and start peeling it and then slice it up. After I have it on the plate I open the fridge and grab the tub of cool whip. “What are you doing with that?” Bruno’s following me to the couch. I look up to him and smile, then I take a slice of cucumber and dip it into the cool whip and pop it into my mouth. “Are you kidding me? Lace, you are sick!” “Hey, don’t knock it till you try it, Baby likes it,” I say patting my belly. He turns the TV on and then tries my food. “Not too bad, Daddy likes it too,” he leans in to kiss me and start flipping through the channels. 


Chapter 37

I woke up sometime later to the sound of the door slamming, and then my children running through the house. “Shoes! Get those shoes off your feet!” I yell at them, they dash back to the door and kick their shoes off. “Hi Momma,” Kensley dives over the couch and lands right in my lap. “Hey baby, how was school?” I kiss her forehead and pull her hair out of her eyes. “It was okay, Buno picked us up! We didn’t have to ride the bus today!” She is so excited, her hands are dramatically flying through the air as she fills me in. “That was nice of him.” “I rode on his shoulders the whole way home, and we ran the last block,” she says frowning a little. “Why did you run?” “Some guys with cameras started yelling at us. Buno said we had to play hide and seek, they didn’t find us though.” FUCK! “Go get a snack baby, I’m gonna go talk to Bruno.” I get up and go to the bedroom, interrupting Bruno’s phone call. “Bru, will you please fill me in on “these guys with cameras and playing hide and seek?” He looks up at me and says, “Dre, I’ll call you back.”

“Lace, I’m gonna have to find you some security. They were waiting at the school when I got there.” I exhale really fast in frustration. “You’re kidding right?” “No, I wish I was. But I’m not. I don’t know how I’m going to find someone fast, so I’m thinking, what if Dre came and stayed while I was gone?” “What about you? Who’s gonna be there for you? Bruno you can’t do that.” She sits down on the bed, and grabs my hands. “I’ll be fine, I have all the guys with me, Ryan can take Dre’s spot.” She looks up at me, the look on her face is almost scared. “Bruno I hate this. I’ve never been put in this situation before, I can handle myself, but when they start showing up at the kids school that’s not okay.” Tears flood her eyes and I wrap my arms around her. How could I do this to her? She didn’t ask to be thrown in the spotlight, and now I’m putting two innocent children in danger. “I’m sorry Love. I’ll figure something out okay?” “I don’t know what is the right thing to do this time, I’m leaving this up to you,” she kisses me and heads back out into the living room. I immediately call Dre back. “Hey, I need you to get on the next plane, you’re on wife and kid duty man. I can’t have them being harassed. When this promo tour is over I’ll start interviewing people to be here when you and I can’t be.” “I’m looking at flights right now, the next flight out is in 2 hours, if I hurry and pack I can make it.” “As long as you’re here by the time I leave tomorrow night.” “Okay B, I’ll keep you updated.” I hang up and bury my face in the pillow and scream.

The kids have light homework tonight, so I start dinner while they are working on that. Bruno walks into the kitchen and starts helping me. I’ve got to say, his cooking skills have gotten a lot better here lately. “Dre is on his way,” he says with a defeated look on his face. “I’m so sorry Lace. I wouldn’t change what we have for the world, but I hate that you and the kids have to deal with my fame because you’re with me.” He pulls a pan down and pours frozen corn in adding butter and sugar to it and turns it on low. “Well, I hate that part too, but we just need to learn how to deal with it, and I guess if we have to get someone to go with us places when the kids are with us to keep them safe, then that’s what we have to do.” “You’re too easy to get along with.” I smile at him, “Am I any different than I was when you met me?” He shakes his head. “Well then I guess you’ll have to get over it.” He pokes me in the ribs as I walk past him to help Kenny with a problem on her homework.

While we’re setting the table for dinner, Brayden turns on the radio, the song playing is coming to an end. The next song that comes on is one of my songs, I think this is the first time one of my songs have been on in this house, unless I was actually playing it. “Today I don’t feel like doing aaaaaaaaannnnnyyyyy thing.” Kensley is singing at the top of her lungs. I look up at Lacey and she has her hand covering her mouth to keep from laughing. “Kenny, do you even know who sings this song?” I ask her. “Yeah, Kelsey told me.” “Well who sings it then?” “Dang what was his name,” she says smacking her hand over her forehead. Lacey and I both bust up laughing. “Oh! I remember now! He had same name as you, Buno….ummmm Brayden what planet was he from?” This just causes more laughing from us. “Mars?” I throw in. “Yeah! That was it, Buno Mars! Do you know him Buno? He should pay you for using your name you know.” She says with her hand on her hip. “Baby, let me explain something to you,” I head to the bedroom and get my guitar and come back and sit next to her, when I start playing The Lazy Song her face lights up. “Hey! You can sing just like him too!” “Kenny, I am him.” “No, your Buno He-nana-dez.” You see, “Mars” isn’t used in this house. We’ve always tried to keep that separate for the kids’ sake. Lacey brings me the lap top and I youtube myself. When I show Kensley, she dances around to the song and then says, “Cool,” and climbs up to the table. No big deal.

“I love Kensley’s reaction, when you showed her youtube,” we’re curled up in bed, watching the news. “’No big deal Buno, now feed me dinner fool.’ 6 year olds are hard to impress. I bet if I showed her a Justin Bieber video she would have gotten more excited,” He says laughing. “She’s 6 Bru, I think all 6 year olds would rather see Bieber than you. She still thinks you are the greatest thing since they started selling yogurt in tubes though. And I would rather have you.” “Well that’s all that matters,” He says, rolling towards me to kiss me. He leaves in less than 24 hours. I won’t see him for 3 weeks. This is the hardest part about being with someone in the entertainment business, yeah the paparazzi sucks, but being gone all the time sucks worse. I snuggle into him and fall asleep.


I wake up before the alarm goes off. Climb out of bed and jump in the shower. Bruno has been letting me sleep in a lot lately, I want him to be able to sleep in this morning. After my shower, I get the kids up, dressed and we dash out to door, to have breakfast at a little diner on the way to school. This would probably be our last time out alone without Dre or someone else. I know Bruno is gonna be pissed when he wakes up, but I just feel like I need some alone time with my children. “Bruno leaves tonight for tour guys, what are we gonna do for the next 3 months to stay busy?” “I say we paint the whole house pink and decorate it like a princess castle! That will take a while,” Kensley says. “Well that does sound like a great idea Kenny, but don’t you think Bru and Bray would get sick of being surrounded by pink all the time?” “Well princes have to deal with it. Do you think Rapunzel just left her castle looking like it did for 100 million years? No.” Brayden just rolls his eyes, “We could go to some museums and see some Broadway shows, that sounds like a good idea to me.” “You know what, I like both of your ideas, how about this, we can go see some shows and go to museums and then when we find out if the baby is gonna be a boy or girl then we can work on the nursery! Then you can both get a little bit of what you want.” They both like that idea. We finish our breakfast and head out. I make the kids pull up their hoodies, and I pull mine up and put my shades on.

When we round the block to the school, they are waiting for us. I freeze in my tracks and turn the kids the other way. “Come on guys we’re going around the block the other way.” “Mommy, why are we going this way?” Kensley asks, I shush her and pull her with me. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. When we get around the other corner, it’s full of students and parents, and we blend in. I walk the kids in to their classes and talk to their teachers, then I walk back out, straight past the people I’m trying to avoid and I think I’m getting lucky for a minute but they start following me, yelling at me, one actually runs past me, gets in front of me and starts snapping pictures. All of the sudden my phone rings, “Where are you?” “Walking home, I just dropped the kids off.” The guy in front of me starts yelling at me, trying to get me to look up at him. “Are you fucking kidding me Lace, you should have woke me up so I could go with you.” “I’ll talk to you when I get home. 5 mins, love you bye.” I hang up the phone, pick up my pace and shove the guy as I walk past him. 


Chapter 38

When I walk in shit hits the fan, “What were you thinking?” “What I was thinking is I never get alone time with my children anymore, I wanted some time with just me and them, and I got it, we were fine, nobody even bothered us until I walked away from the school.” “It just freaks me out, they make you nervous! What if you would have tripped and fell trying to get away from them?” “Bruno, I’m fucking pregnant, not retarted, I can handle myself, yes it sucks that they are there, bothering me, but they aren’t trying to cause any harm. And if you would have gone with me they would have gotten more aggressive.” “You’re going to kill me woman,” he says throwing his hands up in the air. “Whatever Bru, I’m going back to bed,” I walk back to the bedroom, feeling like I’m gonna cry. Have I mentioned that I hate being pregnant? 

I have to leave in 8 hours and we’re mad at each other. Story of my fucking life. I sit down at the piano and start playing. I just played around for a minute but then I started playing ‘ Hard To Say I’m Sorry’ by Chicago. Actually I sang it at the top of my lungs. After a few minutes of me playing the piano as hard and loud as I could, Lacey finally padded back down the hallway. “Bru, please. Can you just,” “No, I can’t.” I get up and walk to her, “I’m leaving tonight and I refuse to leave with us mad at each other. So you either forgive me and stop being mad at me, or I’ll sit back down at the piano and start playing again.” She crosses her arms over her chest and raises her eyebrow, challenging me. “Oh, we’re gonna go there huh?” I walk over to the piano and start playing again. This time I sang in the most annoying voice I could muster.

She’s starin’ at me

I’m sittin’ wonderin’ what she’s thinkin’

Nobody’s talkin’ ‘cause talkin’ just turns into screamin’

And now it’s I’m yellin’ over her, she yellin’ over me

All that means is neither of us is listening


And what’s even worse?

That we don’t even remember why we’re fighting

So both of us are mad for


Nothing, fighting for

Nothin’, crying for

Nothing, whoa

But we won’t let it go


She cracks a little smile, but stays put. “Do I need to continue? I guess so huh?”

Girl, I don’t wanna go on tour mad at you

And I don’t want you to go to bed mad at me

No, I don’t wanna go on tour worried about you

And I don’t want you to go to bed mad at me.


Finally she starts laughing at me. I get up from the piano and she meets me half way, “I’m sorry Bru, I feel like we’re both making a big deal out of nothing.” I put my hands in her hair and pull her face to mine, kissing her. Make up sex is on my mind, and I back her up to the couch, lay her down and climb on top of her. As I start grinding on her my phone buzzes in my pocket. “Fuck!” I pull it out, “What’s up man? Okay well find something to do for an hour. We’re kinda busy.” And I hang up, “Who was that?” Lace asks. “Dre, he’s here, well at the airport he just landed.” I lower my head back down and start kissing her again. “Bru, he’s been on a plane who knows how long and you’re telling him to stall?” “Booty, this is the last time we get to have sexy time for a while. Humor me.” “Your right,” She pushes me up, climbs up off the couch and pushes me back down on the couch. “Stay there puppy.” She takes off to the bed room. I get up to follow her but she yells over her shoulder, “Bru seriously, stay there!” I wait a few minutes and then I go to the bedroom door and try to turn the knob but it’s locked! “Baby! Seriously come on, I said an hour.” “5 seconds Bru.” When she opens the door, she has a robe on, she looks at me and says, “Do you trust me?”

“You’re joking right?” “Do you trust me?” “Yes.” As soon as he says it I pull a scarf out of my robe pocket and tie it around his head, covering his eyes. “Baby, you can’t be serious.” I lean in and brush my lips against his, “You said yes,” I whisper against his lips and then I pull away. I grab his hand and pull him to the middle of the bedroom, where I have my arm chair waiting for him. I turned him around and helped him sit down. Leaning down to his ear I whisper, “Don’t move and no peeking.” I plug his Ipod in and turn it to his “slow jam playlist” which should really just say, ‘sexy playlist’. Then I walk back over to Bru, and put a knee in between his thighs, “You’re killing me babe. Please let me see you.” I can feel him pressing into my knee. I haven’t done a single thing besides turn music on and he’s hard already, well this is gonna be fun! I lean forward to untie him and his hands leave the arm rest and run up my thighs. “What the fuck?” I quickly grab his hands and put them back down. “Here’s the rules. Your hands cannot leave this spot. You cannot touch.” “Lacey, please.” “Do you understand my rules?” He exhales sharply, “Yes baby.” “Okay, be a good boy,” I whisper into his ear. Then I lean back into him. Pressing my breast into his face, I untie his scarf and let it skim his face as it lands in his lap.

No hands? I’m not allowed to touch? She steps back and slowly unties her robe, lets one side slide down her shoulder, pulls it back up, slowly opens one side of her robe, giving me a peek, then closes it! She turns around and lets the robe drop to her feet. My eyes are on the floor, and for the first time I realize that she is wearing heels! I let my eyes travel up….stocking on her legs….BOOOTY! When I look up all the way, she is looking over her shoulder at me. “What do you think baby?” What do I think? I think my wife is wearing lingerie, for the first time. I think this no hands rule is about to be thrown out the window. I’m thinking, I hope she doesn’t like this corset, because I’m about to rip it off of her. “Daddy likey.” I rub my chin and she points to my hand and then points back to the arm rest. “Put that hand back down! You’re not allowed to even touch yourself!” She says turning around. She starts swaying with the music, running one of her hands up her arm. Then she starts walking towards me, but at the last second she walks around the chair instead. I follow her with my head, when she gets behind me I lean my head all the way back, and she bends over me, grabs my t-shirt and pulls it over my head. Then she leans back down and kisses me, running her nails down my chest. I grip the arm rest as tight as I can, it’s the only thing I can do to keep myself from touching her.

She walks back around the chair and grabs my hands, pulling me up to stand, then she raises my arms and puts them behind my head. Lace, runs her hands down my arm, down my ribs and to my pants. As she’s unbuttoning my pants, she bites my nipple, then trails my stomach with kisses, stopping at my hipbone, she looks up to me, with those sexy icy blue eyes. I can’t hardly take anymore. When she pulls my pants and underwear down, she looks me up at me again, bites her lip and takes me in her mouth. “Oh…oh…fuck baby” I can only handle this for a minute, I grab her head and pull her back to me. “Bru,” before she can go any farther, I squat down a little and grab her thighs and pick her up. “Fuck your rules.” I kick off my pants and carry her to bed. “I hope you don’t like this corset baby,” I bend my head down, kiss her deeply, then trail my kisses to her chin, her neck and her collar bone. I lean back and pull her corset open, sending the little snaps flying.