Chapter 3

25/04/2011 15:59


I couldn't believe this! I had felt SO lucky to get tickets to Bruno's concert, who would have know I would actually get to meet Bruno. Oh my gosh! What was I going to wear? I hadn't packed anything cute enough to wear and I couldn't drive with my broken arm and even if I didn't have a broken arm it was a six hour drive so I couldn't make it back in time to meet Bruno. I used the phone in my hotel room to call the front desk. I asked the lady at the front desk what some good places to get really cute clothes were. She told me the adresses of some places that sounded cool, I thanked her and hung up. I threw on an old t-shirt and my favorite jeans and my converse. I grabbed my wallet and my phone and ran outside. As soon as I walked outside I realized something, I didn't have a car or any form of transportation. "D*mn!", I yelled(a little too loud). Some random guy walked over and asked me what was wrong. I told him and he offered me a ride. "Um, I'm sorry but I'm not suposed to talk to strangers", I said. He pointed to my car and asked me if that changed my mind. I looked at the car and my jaw dropped. It was a bright red mustang, my dream car. I laughed and said,"actually it does". He smiled and said, "I thought it would". He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards his car. Normaly I would have been scared but there was just something about this guy......he just seemed different. "So, you're being so nice to me and I don't even know your name.", I said. "It's chad", he said. It was silent for a while then he asked me where I wanted to go. I gave him the list of stores and he drove for about thirty minutes before stopping and getting out to open my door. "Why are all guys so nice to me?", I thought to myself. I looked in my wallet before getting out,only twenty dollars. "D*mn!", I wispered. "What's wrong babe?", he asked. Oh great, now he's calling me babe. "Nothing, I just don't have as much money with me as I thought I did.", I said. "You can have my credit card,if you want it. But can I come in?", he said. "What you don't trust me?", I teased. "No, I just don't really like sitting in the car.", he said. I laughed, "Ok, but you're going to have to hold my clothes.", I said. We walked in the store and I was amazed. There were clothes and shoes and jewlery and everything else a girl could want everywhere. I asked Chad how much I could spend. He said, "as much as you want sexy." then wrapped me in his arms and kissed my neck over and over and over again. I should have pushed him away, I should have said that it was really awesome how nice he was being to me but I had to go, I should have stopped him.....but I didn't. He finally let go and backed up a little. "I'm sorry,I shouldn't have done that. You probably have a boyfriend. What am I talking about? Of course you have a boyfriend, you're so beautiful.", he said. "Oh, shut up.", I said. I don't know why but I really didn't feel bad about cheating on my boyfriend, I loved him but Chad was so amazing. I kissed him again and he let pulled me into a dressing room about thirty minutes later someone that worked there knocked on the door and asked if we could leave the store. We walked out and my face turned really red, "I'm sorry", I said. We left in a hurry and when we got to the car he started laughing really hard. I slapped his arm, "It's not funny!", I yelled, "She looked so mad! We didn't even buy anything!". He drove me to another store and this time I bought a bunch of sexy clothes. When I was done shopping Chad asked me where I wanted to go next, "I don't care. Surprise me.", I said. Before I knew it we were at his house. He unlocked the door and kicked off his shoes and I did the same. He picked me up and carried me up to his room, I would have stopped him if I would have know what was going to happen...