Chapter 3+4

28/04/2011 15:31

Chapter 3

I got home thinking about how my life has forever changed today. God, he's just so amazing to me! And I can't help but be afraid. After what just happened 2 months ago with Brian, I just don't want to fall for any one else. I'm so afraid to be hurt again... I can't afford to be used again. And to think I actually said yes to his proposal! Ughh, I just can't imagine ever loving him or anyone else again. I feel so confused and alone... why now??

B: Heyy :)

A: Bruno? Hi. 

B: Is it too late to talk?

A: No, you caught me at a good time...sorta.

B: Are you alright?

A: Uhm, not really.

B: What's wrong?

A: Alot of things, just thinking really.

B: Whatcha thinkin bout?

A: An old... ex boyfriend...

B: Ohh, uhm, you sure you okay??

A: I really just wanna talk to sum1 bout it

B: You can talk to me. :)

A: It's cool, I dont wanna bother you with my problems.

B: No, come on, tell Bruno all about it.

A: I'd rather not text it all.

B: So, call me.

A: It would really be better in person.

B: I'm on my way.

A: Huh? Bruno? Bruno??!

<no response>

Fan-friggin'-tastic. Not only am I in my ratty old pj pants with a hole near the butt, and my tank top says "UNICORNS!! <SARCASM>, but now he's on the way. Wait... only one who knows where my house is...Phil!! I'm totally punching his face in!

A: Phil! Answer the text RIGHT NOW!!

P: Hey Ansley! :)


P: Why so angry? No sweet lovin lately?

A: You gave Bruno my address!! >:(

P: Well, it's not that bad... 


P: At 2:38 in the morning??

A: So irrelevent! 

P: Well have fun without me

A: Ughh!!!

(knock knock knock)

A: Hello?

B: It's Bruno!!

A: Hey.

B: Hey. I like your pj's. (smiles)

A: (Blushing) thanks. You can come in.

B: Where's the sofa?

A: To your left.

B: Join me on the sofa beautiful! 

A: (SIGH) Alright.

B: So tell me why you're so bummed.!

A: I was thinking about my ex Brian. 

B: What about him makes you so mad?

A: He used me for my money. I was nothing but a paycheck to him. I paid off a lot of his debts, yet he barely acknowledged that I was his fiance to any of his friends. I didn't mean anything to him! But I loved him, so much...! (crying) He even took back the ring! Who does that?!

B: Okay, that's a lot. No wonder you're so mad.

A: (sobbing) He acts like I don't exist! WHY DO YOU THINK I'M IN THIS CRAPPY LITTLE APARTMENT?!

B: I wanna make this better. Will you let me?

A: Bruno, I just don't know how. 

B: Here's a start (leans over and hugs me)

A: (Hugs him back, crying) I'm just so scared!

B: I know, I know, but I won't hurt you Ansley.

A: How can I be sure?

B: (Picks up my chin, kisses me hard on the lips) Because if I didn't love you, I wouldn't have the courage to do that.

A: (Shocked) Bruno, what if I'm not ready?

B: If you would allow me, I'd show you how to love again.

A: I'm just so scared, but, I can trust you. 

B: (Holds me close) I'll do everything in my power to love you right, so that maybe you'll love me just as much one day.

A: Thank you.

B: Thank you, Ansley.

We drift off to sleep, him holding me tighter than a teddy bear.


Chapter 4

I smelled food when I rolled over the next morning. Even the smell of Bruno was enough to make me feel like nothing else mattered. I was quiet, and I went to my room to change. I came back to a shirtless Bruno, eating a breakfast sandwich and humming.

A: Good morning, Bruno.

B: Hello beautiful! You hungry?

A: Yeah, I'll fix myself something.

B: Uh uh uhh! I fixed you a plate, it's on the stove.

A: Thank you!

B: No problem. (smiles)

A: I hope the sofa wasn't uncomfortable. It's kinda old.

B: It was better than a cloud, because you were there with me.

A: Awww, Bruno. (smiles) 

B: Hey, guess what we're doing today??

A: Saving the world with our awesomeness!?

B: YESH! And, we're gonna record a new song!

A: Yay! I'm so excited!

B: so, let me go grab my clothes and change, and then we can be on our way. A: cool. 

B: Oh, Phil's coming! 

A: Fantastic....