Chapter 37

20/08/2011 13:29

"Can we know the sex?" i asked.

"One is a girl, and the other a boy."
"One of each?! We have one of each!" Bruno said excited.
"Hmm.." the doctor said.
"Hmm..? Hmm.. what?" i asked.
"The girl's heart sounds a little off."
"Off.." Bruno repeated.
"Off like?"
"A little slow. But it could just be the machine, or because still how young she is."
"Is there anything i can do to help it?"
"No stress, bed rest for a while, healthy foods, and less soda."
"Okay, can do." he wiped off my stomach and printed two pictures. he gave one to me and one to Bruno.
"Now for your head." he walked around and felt the back of my head. "I don't feel anything. The nurse thought that she felt a lump, must have just been hair or something, you feel fine."
"Thank you doctor."
"As for you, we want you to spend a few nights here obviously."
"Can Nicholle stay too?"
"As a patient no, as a visitor yes." he smiled took the machine and left. Bruno couldn’t take his eyes off of the picture, he smiled the whole time. i called Preeti and told her to come up to the hospital with some clothes for me. about 25 minutes later she came.
"What happened?" She asked rushing into the room. she saw Bruno but didn't say a word to him, she sat next to my bed.
"Did he put you in here?" she asked quietly.
"WHAT?!" He asked loud.
"No, Preeti." i said.
"If you need protection you can live with me, i'll protect you!"
"Why don't i believe you?!" She yelled at him.
"HEY! The doctor said NO stress!" i yelled trying to stop them from yelling. "Now stop, both of you!" i got out of bed grabbed my clothes and went in the little bathroom. i came out and sat in one of the chairs.
"So are you ever gonna tell me what happened?" Preeti asked.
"Well, remember Alex?" i asked her.
"Yeah.. she was at the party with Bruno too right. And with Bruno for many other nights in the past?" she said glaring at him.
"Hey, you don't know shit!"
"I know everything asshole!"
"How about i leave!" i said standing.
"You're not going anywhere." Preeti said.
"Then shut up!" she let out a breath. "Bruno wasn't cheating, Alex threatened to kill me and the babies if he didn’t break up with me. She kidnapped him and tried to kill me. Her dad shot at me and Bruno stepped in front taking a bullet for me.” she sat there wide eyed. She got up and walked over to Bruno. She hugged him.
“Thank you for saving my sister.” she said when she let go of him. He starred at her, he couldn’t believe she just hugged him. 
“I will anytime because I love her.” he said sternly. 
“Oh and don’t confuse that hug, I still don’t like you.” she said snobbish and sat down.
“Same to you.” he said flipping the channel. I shook my head.
“Are you guys ever gonna get along?” I asked.
“Never.” Bruno said.
“Not while I’m alive.” she said looking at me.
“You two are childish. What’s gonna happen when I have the kids and their aunt wants to come over?”
“I’ll come when he’s not there.”
“She’s not coming in my house.” Bruno said firmly. “I’m surprised you could even talk to her after the things she said.”
“Well she’s the only sister I have! Who am I supposed to talk to when you’re away, or when I’m craving something and need it? Or if there is a problem and I need someone? It’s gonna be her because you’re at the studio. I’m not blaming you, just telling you I need someone, and I don’t think you want Ryan around more than usual because of our past.”
“I would pick him over her any day!”
“Alright I’ll remember that!”
“But since you’ve said something I’m gonna be there. No more studio for me.”
“What? You can’t quit.”
“I’m not. I’m taking a pregnancy break. I’ll still write songs, I just wont leave the house. Whatever you need I will go out and get it for you. I’m your husband and the father of our children, I’m going to be here for you.” he said looking at me. 
“Only if you’re sure.”
“Positive.” he smiled. I kissed his forehead.
“I’m gonna go get you some food, alright?”
“I don’t want you to leave.” he grabbed my wrists.
“Baby I’ll be alright, here.” I grabbed my phone and gave it to him. “If you get too nervous or want something else, I will have Preeti’s phone. Call or text me, okay?” I smiled.
“I guess.” I kissed him.
“Oh there is one thing I want.” he said smiling.
“Whats that?”
“Bring me a Playboy.” he smiled.
I laughed, “Glad to see you’re making jokes already.” I smiled.
“Yeah…a joke…” he smiled, I shook my head, we left.
We drove around and tried to find something good for him to eat. I wanted to get him sushi, but I didn’t think he could have it yet. 
“What about chicken?” Preeti asked.
“That wont be too greasy?” I asked.
“I don’t know. Arby’s, roast beef?”
“I guess, it’s kinda healthy, right?” she laughed.
We got food for us all and stopped at a store to get Bruno a little surprise. I got a Playgirl, crossed off girl with a black sharpie and wrote boy. I laughed and stuck it back in the brown paper bag. We drove back to the hospital and was surprised to find him up watching T.V and laughing, he was smiling.
“Hey, you’re up.” I smiled and sat the bags down. 
“Yeah I found a remodeling show and it got me to thinking about the new house.”
“What new house?”
“Well we’re gonna need one, there’s blood, glass and god knows what else in that house. And plus when the babies get here it needs to be baby friendly.”
“I love that you’re thinking about this, but we have time.”
“Only a few months!” he smiled. I picked up the food bags and sat it in his lap. We all ate together and watched house shows, it seemed to make him happy, so I was okay with it. After we ate the doctor came in and said we had to go. Preeti left us for a minute. I picked up the brown bag and walked over to him.
“I got you something.” I smiled and handed him the bag.
“What is it?”
“What did you ask for?” 
“You didn’t!” he opened the bag carefully and pulled out the magazine. His smile dropped when he saw the title.
“Play…BOY. Can’t you read?” he laughed at me. He opened it and flipped through the pages.
“This isn’t helping.” he shook his head.
“This is all you get. When you get better it’ll get better.” I kissed him.
“Damn now you’re gonna leave me with that in my mind?!”
“If you were better I could help, but hey, atleast you got your magazine!”
“Call me before you sleep okay.”
“Yeah.” he kissed me and I left.