Chapter 37

04/09/2011 11:40

We pull up to the salon next to the barber shop and seen Alisia standing there with Phred. They're holding hands and I just smile at them. They have a love that can never break & it's rare to see a biracial couple and i'm proud of them for being such a strong couple.

We get out the car and I grab Linda while maria grabs Jojo. Maria starts screaming no and I look over and start laughing. Oh my goodness, Jojo has his hand down Maria shirt and is looking down there but what makes it so funny is that Jojo has this big smile on his face. I hear a weird noise and look behind me, it was Alisia laughing and Phred bending over trying to catch his breath. I smiled at Alisia, it was nice to see her laugh. I feel like it was so long ago that I see that on her.

“Alicia!!” Maria screamed

“Sorry, that was just to funny. Here you take Linda and I'll grab Jojo.” I said

“Yeah, he wont go in your shirt, coz you don't have any tata's!” she said with a laugh

“Shut UP! Bruno loves my tata's.”

“Oh hush, maria i'm surprised Phil doesn't drown in yours” Alisia Said

We Both looked at her and started laughing. We all started laughing and then Phil came out of the barber shop. I looked over at maria and that smile was wiped right off her face and Phil wasn't looking so happy himself. You could tell that he was mad but you could see the hurt in his eyes. They both stated at each other then Phred coughed.

“Ok man, let's get ready to go. I'll drive.” Phred said

“Yeah, that's cool with me man.” Phil said

“Philippe” Maria said

“What do you want?”

“Can we talk? Porfavor?”

“Oh, so now you want to talk Maria?”


“After a whole Month you wanna talk to me?! No fuck that, I don't want to talk to you Maria.”

“Philippe lo siento..Lo Siento..”

“No, Maria I don't want to hear it!”

“You are Such a Hypocrite!”

“What did you just call me?”


“I was maria but now that's changed..”


“I'm tired of waiting Maria..we're over”


“..We're done.”

Maria, handed Alisia Linda, took off her earrings and pumps and charged towards Phil, she slipped through my grip and I looked in horror. If Maria gets her hands on Phil, it's over for him. I don’t care who you are, man or woman, when you see Maria charge at you, you better start running.

Luckily, Phred was there to catch her, Maria started flinging around like a bat out of hell. She was kicking her feet and pounding on Phred and speaking Spanish so fast that I couldn't understand a word she was saying but after a while she stopped and Phred put her down but never let her go. Tears fell from her eyes as she stared at Phil.

Te odio, eres como los demás.” María said

“What the fuck did you say to me?” Phil asked

“You fucking heard me idiota, you're just like the others and there for FUCK YOU!”


Phil stopped what he said and turned around, we walked to his car, got in and sat there. I looked at Maria and seen that the old her had come out. That cold hearted person that I just couldn't stand came out of her just like that and that's when I knew I had to step in.

“Phil get out of the car right now.” I said

He ignored me but I called him again. It took a while but he got out and looked at me, his fist were balled and his eyes were in slits like a snake.

“Phred lets go.” Phil said

“My man you can't just..” Phred said

“Naw man, lets go.”

“Look, ya'll are going to work this out.”

“Whatever man, just get in the car.”

“What ever. Ladies we'll see you later.”

Phred kissed Alisia and gave me a hug, he looked at Maria but she was staring at the car. Phred huffed in anger and then go in the car. They drove off and Maria fell to her knees and started crying, more like sobbing. She loves Phil, I know she does because she wouldn’t be on the sidewalk balling her eyes out.

“Maria! Why did you say that to him!” Alisia said

“Yes Maria why?” I said

“That was so stupid of you, you should of just talked to him about it” Alisia said



“STOP THIS!” I said

“NO FUCK THIS!” Maria said

She hopped in her car and drove off. I screamed and Linda and Jojo stared crying, damn I for got I even had them in my arms. Alisia bounced Linda while I calmed Jojo down, next thing I knew I seen dad coming out of the barber shop with soap in his hair. The twins looked at him and started to laugh at him. I started to giggle myself, he looked pretty funny.

“What the hell is going on here? & I thought I heard my grand babies” Dad said

“Maria and Phil were arguing.” Alisia said

“Oh..yeah I thought so..i feel so bad for them.” Dad said

“Why you say that?” I asked

“Well, let's just say, Phil was in here pouring his heart out about Maria. He really loves her but he's hurting.”

“Well if he loved her so much then why did he break up with her?!” Alisia asked

“Why don’t you ask him on that one, i'm staying out of it.” Dad said

“Oh I will believe me.” I said

“Well, give me my grandson, he should be with the fellas not the ladies.”

“Fine, here's his bag and don’t feed him any sugar dad. I know you.”

“Alright, alright..did she run off?”

“Yeah but I have an idea where she would be at.” Alisia said

“Alright, well lets get going. I don't want to be late for my own wedding.” I said

I gave Jojo a kiss and handed the things to dad. He went back inside the shop while I followed Alisia back to her car. We got in, she started the car and we drove off.

On the way there I noticed where we were going and it all made sense. Gi's grave. He was a father figure to all of us but mostly to Maria, she was the only one who didn't have a father in her life really and the last time she seen him alive,the last time we all seen him alive was at my wedding.

Gi..i missed his so much and as I shed a tear we pull up next to Marias car which was right next to his grave site. Maria was slumped over his tombstone sobbing and sobbing, she was saying a prayer and there was a basket of spices on his grave and I smiled. Remembering that he called maria his spice, it seem so long ago that we hugged him and talked to him.

Maria looked up at us and her makeup was all over her face from all the crying, her lip quivered and she stood up. Maria ran over to us,gave Alisia and I a big hug and started a sob fest while we hugged her back. No matter what we say to each other, our friendship will never break. We all looked at each other and wiped each others tears.

“Laundry?” Maria said

“Si.” Alisia and I both said at the same time

We all turned towards Gi's grave and stared at his tombstone and read what it said out loud. “Live Big, Eat Big ,Love Big.” I smiled thinking about what Gi would say to us now. He would be rolling his eyes and shaking his spoon as us.

If he seen us like this, what would he say?” Alisia asked

What he always says.” Maria said

You guys are the most stupidest group of girls I’ve ever met & i'm stupid for loving you all.” I said

Yeah, something on the lines of that.” Alisia said

And shaking his spoon at us.” Maria said

Then giving us a hug.” I said

And getting flower in our hair which I hated!” Alisia said

Yeah, I remember he used to say the yeast was gonna make you grow.” Maria said

We all started laughing. Maria, Alisia and I blew kisses at him and got into the cars. Driving off back to the salon I smiled. I could feel Him right next to me and that made me know that I had to keep smiling.

The next couple of hours were the bee's knees. Everything went according to plan, my hair was done all nice and so was Alisias and Marias. The coordinator grabbed Linda to get her dressed and given to dad. My dress came and the cake was on time but I couldn't get to see it because Bruno was the one that ordered it. I haven't seen Bruno all day and it was driving me crazy. I wanted to get dressed but I didn't want sand in my shoes and Since the wedding is on the beach, we had to get dressed in the church across the street.

Golly Jeeze Wiz that's to tight Alisia” I said

Oh suck it up, didn't anyone tell you that beauty is pain?” Alisia said

Yeah but who said that it had to be breathless, I can't Breath!”

You're breathing fine if your talking to us” Maria said

Fine, jeeze!” I said

Now, lets help you with the dress.”

I can put it on myself.”

How? You look like your about to fall over?”

That's because this god damn corset is clawing into my skin!”

Fine, i'll loosen it a little but just a little” Alisia said

Jee thanks.” I said

Ok now, bend your head so I don’t mess up your hair.” Maria said

Ok midget.”

Maria popped me in the head. Oh she was so lucky that I didn't want my makeup messed up, other wise she would be on the floor right about now. She pulled the dress all the way down and turned me towards the full length mirror. I smiled and the girls smiled too, Maria and Alisia were fanning their eyes to keep from crying.

Oh dios mios, te ves tan hermosa” Maria said

I so agree with you Maria, Alicia you look so beautiful.” Alisia said

You think so?” I said


Thanks Girls, where would I be without you?”

i don't even know, maybe in a dumpster somewhere?” Alisia said

I rolled my eyes and we all laughed. I love my dress, with the butta cream color and the purple beading at the bottom that looks like waves to match the ocean. Once sleeve with the sleeve all purple orchids design going across my shoulder to the side of my dress all the way down to the back, like a tail. The Gals dressed were like mine but sleeve less and blue beading on the torso part of the dress, Blue orchids in their hair and up in a nice bun twist with a bang and spiral curls on the side.

We all stood in the mirror and looked at ourselves, this was it. This was the true wedding and the last one, I feel so happy that I can't stop smiling. I cant wait to walk down that aisle to the man that I love.

Next thing, I knew there was a bang at the door. We all jumped and turned around, Alisia went to go to the door and cracked it open.

Who are you?” she said

Someone important.” he said

You know no one is supposed to be in here.” she said

I know but I need to talk to Maria.”

Why do you want to talk to Maria?”

“ is that Philippe?” Maria asked

No, it's some guy that looks like Bruno.”

Pete?” I said

Hey, Alicia it's me.” Pete said

What the hell do you want?”

Look, I know you're mad at me..”

Mad isn't even the word how I feel about you right now Mr. Hernandez.”

Well how ever you feel, I apologize. It was wrong of me to question you like that but I just wanted to make sure that you were right for my son.”

What do you mean Right for your son? I am right for him and you just tried to have me all confused and doubt full and I DO NOT appreciate that.”

I'm sorry but I just didn't want you to leave Bruno..i wanted to make sure that you were sure about him.”


I know he'll be OK..”

Well..good, i'm glad that you feel that way.”

Ok, now can I talk to Maria? Please, it's important.”

You're not going to say something stupid to her are you?”

No no no, I just need to talk to her.”

Maria, do you know Mr. Hernandez?”

No, I’ve never met him in my life!” she said

Look Maria, it'll only take a few minutes of your time I swear to you.” he said

I don't even know you!”

porfavor Riarie.”

..Wait what did you just call me?”

Just come out so we can talk.”

Maria stood up but I grabbed her arm. I looked at her with a face but she just shook her head no and I let go of her. Alisia opened the door and Pete had his eyes closed and was sitting on the bench next to the door. Maria walked out the door and closed it behind her.

I ran over to the door to hear what they were saying but they were mumbling. Alisia and I put our ears to the door to get a good listen but I still couldn't hear a thing. All of a sudden, there was screaming in Spanish but it was still mumbling. Golly this door must be made of superman because I can't hear a thing.

What do you think they're talking about?” I asked

I have no idea but they're screaming so it must be crazy.” Alisia said

Why did he want to talk to Maria?”

Beats me, I can't even..”

Shh! I can hear what she's saying..”

What she saying?!?!”


Well don't leave me hanging here!”

Be's in Spanish..”


Something about, this is crazy, this can't be happening.”

Where did you learn Spanish?”

I'm Mexican Alicia.”

What? Really?”

Yeah, I told you like a long time ago.”

No you didn't, I would of remembered.”

No, you always forget.”

No I do not.”

Yes you do.”

No I don't.”

Alicia, sometimes I wonder if you'll remember me the next day.” she said with a giggle

Oh, shut up my memory is not that bad.”

Yeah OK.”

Well are they still talking?”

i'm not sure because someone keeps talking.”

Jeeze! I can't do anything.”

She smiled at me and blew Me kissed, I smacked them away. I don’t want her kisses big ole meanny. Alisia got up real fast and pulled me along with her, the door opened and Maria walked in. she was crying and her makeup was ruined.

What the hell did he say to you?” I asked

..I don't want to talk about it right now.” Maria said

Maria..” Alisia said

Please..Porfavor...just not right now. This is your day and it's almost time.”

Maria you were crying..” I said


OK OK! Jeeze!”

But we will talk later.” Alisia said


There was a knock on the door and we all turned around at it. Mad at who ever was at the door. All at once We screamed.


Uh..i just wanted to see if you were ready?”

Yeah, just a touch up.” Maria said

Or two..” Alisia said

Ok Girls, 10 minutes” coordinator said

Alright, thank you” I said

Maria fixed her make up, once again and I did a touch up here and there. Putting on my avail & Shoes & my girls arm and arm, we walked to the beach.

The closer and closer we got to the beach, the more and more excited I was. The music started and everyone stood up. The Flower girl had already done her job with the white,blue & purple orchids. Alisia and Maria went to there places and there he was, the man of my dreams. All dressed in Butta Cream with a purple orchid in his pocket to match my bouquet, the guys in butta cream tux but with blue orchids to match the girls.

There were big white tents up and seating where the guest were sitting. I looked over on Bruno's side and jeeze! He had so much family, they all stared me down but with a smile on their faces. The poles of the tents were covered with the orchids and everything was just how I wanted it to be. Perfect.

Bruno eyes bugged out even more then they could and he was smiling the biggest smile that I’ve seen in my life. I smiled back and him and I blew kisses at him, he caught them and put them in his pocket. Dad came around the corner and stood next to me.

Are you ready angel?” dad asked

Yes, I'm ready.” I said

Ok, here we go.”

The music started and I walked down the aisle with my dad. The wind blew and made me think of Gi and I smiled. Here I go, this is really happening. With the wedding of my dreams and to get married to the man of my dreams and to have my gal pals here, everything is going so right.

I get half way down the aisle, when I hear a voice. I ignore it, it might just be the kitchen people or something. The sound wouldn't go away but as I looked passed the preacher, I seen someone running. I squinted but the person came closer and my heart dropped. It was my mother, with her shot gun.

Oh Shit.