Chapter 37

12/11/2011 16:48

*** This is not the first chapter with sex in it, but this one is a little more detailed, so if you have a problem with sex.. Don't read lol***


I lean forward and kiss him, playing with his tongue.  He runs his hands slowly up my back, playing with my bra straps.  My whole body tingles.  He starts tokiss my neck and chest, but I push his head back up.  It's always about me.Tonight, it's about him.  I lift his shirt up over his head, kissing his neck.  He starts breathing heavy.  I kiss his chest, sucking softly in some spots.  He leans his head back, closing his eyes.  I lick and kiss his stomach, going further down.  I pull at the waistband of his boxers with my teeth, pulling them down, than letting go, teasing him.  I unbutton his pants and take them off.  I hold in my giggle, seeing he's already hard.  He's so easy.  I slowly sit on top of him again, and he lets out a soft groan.  He leans forward, and puts his hands on my hips.  "Babe, please.." he says, pleading.  I laugh, and run my tongue across his lips.  "Settle down sailor." I tell him.  I bite his lip, moving my hips slowly.  He moans, and buries his face in my chest, his fingers digging into my back.  I'm ready, and he's more than ready, but I make him wait on purpose.  I kiss him, sucking long and hard on his tongue. I love his tongue.  He lets out a high moan and squeezes me hard.  His fingers get tangled in my hair, and he's breathing faster than before.  I feel his fingers unhook my bra.  As he kisses my chest, his hands pull down my panties.  I moan loud and my legs start shaking when I feel 2 of his fingers go inside.  I feel his smile against my neck.  2 can play at that game.  He jumps a little, than bites his bottom lip, moaning when I grab it and stroke up and down.  "Babe, Please! I can't.." he says in my ear after awhile, almost crying. I laugh again.  Instead of feeling him go inside me, like I'm expecting, he 'returns the favor' and starts rubbing me.  It happens so sudden, I scream, and grab the back of the couch.  He rubs faster.  I bury my face in his neck, resisting the urge to moan out loud.  But the way his fingers move, it's impossible.  I tilt my head back, and his other hand plays with my long dark hair.  A loud moan escapes from my lips.  "Babe, I'm gonna c--" Before I finish breathing out the words he stops.  My eyes snap open and I glare at him, while he smirks.  I'm mad and glad at the same time.  He laughs, and I bite him.  "Asshole." I say.  I guide his manhood to where I want it.  My legs are already shaking, and my body quivers when he slides inside.  He moans, and it turns me on more, when he starts making his love faces.  Our fingers intertwine on both hands.  I kiss his neck softly and start riding him slowly.  He squeezes my hands, groaning.  He licks his lips.  "Go faster." he whispers in my ear.  I smirk, but don't obey.  I go slow for awhile.  It seems to be alright, cause he leans his head back and moans louder.  But than I grab his shoulders and ride him faster.  He lifts his head, burying his face in my hair and breaths outloud "Fuck!"  He squeezes me closer to him.  I smile, loving how good I'm making him feel.  He grabs my face and kisses me deep and intensely, moaning and breathing fast.  He puts his hands on my hips, and moves me.  I grab his curls, biting my lip.  "Oh my god.." I breathe in his ear.  It's never felt this good before.  I close my eyes and let myself get lost in how amazing it feels.  I love that I have every part of him, and I know he feels the same way.  My legs start shaking more and he moans louder.  He leans his forehead against mine, and our eyes lock as we both reach our climax at the same time.  Our bodies are pressed firmly against each other, shaking, he keeps his arms wrapped tightly around me.  Just like our first time, we stay like that til our breathing goes back to normal, but this time, when I go to kiss him, he doesn't reject me.  He kisses me back with as much passion as I have for him.  I have butterflies in my stomach.  I feel on top of the world, knowing where we stand.  His warm chocolate brown eyes stare into mine.  "Oh my god, That was great!" he says.  

* * * *

I watch him sleep, like I have so many times before.  Everyday I look at him, and can't believe he's mine.  I think back to the old days, when were just friends. I don't know how I did it.  I've always loved this kid, and no matter what happens in our future, together or (God forbid) apart, I always will.  I snuggle up closer to him, and even though he's sleeping, his arms instinctively wrap around me tighter.  I lay for about an hour, listening to his heart beat and his steady breathing.  He twitches, and I know he's waking up.  I close my eyes and pretend I'm sleeping.  I hear him laugh softly.  He runs his fingers across my ribs and my eyes fly open, while I'm laughing.  "You are the worst faker ever Lena." he says, smiling and moving the hair out of my face.  I fall back on the bed, and start fake snoring.  He climbs on top of me, kissing my neck.  He kisses his way down.  I open my eyes, but all I see is his head under the blanket.  He opens my legs, kissing the inside of my thighs, than without warning, I feel his tongue.  I jump a little, than leave him for awhile, sucking and licking.  I pull my hips in, moving away from him to make it last, but he pulls my legs towards him, his tongue going crazy.  My whole body, not just my legs, shake uncontrollably and I grab the sheets as I orgasm, moaning loud and deep.  His head pops up from under the covers, and he has this goofy smile on his face.  He kisses my neck.  "I wanna hear you sound like that every morning." He says in my ear.  I can't even respond.  I just lay there with a very satisfied smile on my face.  He jumps up from the bed, blanket flying, butt naked and all.  I continue to lay there, staring at him, and all his.... glory.  He raises an eyebrow.  "Lena Michelle, You mind not violating me with your eyes?"  I smirk, and shake my head.  He starts flexing and doing body builder moves, and I get out of control giggles.  "Stop, you look like a tard!" I yell at him.  "You love this tard." He says, laying on top of me.  He starts kissing my chest, and I have my fingers in his hair.  He lets out a low, soft moan when I nibble on his jawline.  He starts breathing faster, when I push him off.  "Enough dude, or I'm gonna get pregnant." I tell him.  His face goes from being turned on and horny, to horror and I can't hold in my laughter.  "Babe, breathe.. You just turned as pale as me." I say.  He shakes his head.  "Lena, we already had one of those scares." he says.  Oh yeah. Duh. How could I forget?  He wraps his arms around me.  "I want you to have my kids, Only you, nobody else in this world, Just not right now." He says.  I nod, completely agreeing.  His phone rings.  We both look at it, and a deep sadness fills me.  We both know what time it is.  He sighs.  "I love you." he says.  "I love you more." I tell him, burying my face in his neck.  He kisses the top of my head than heads to the bathroom to take a shower.  I wrap the blanket around me.  10 minutes later he comes out in a towel.  Water drips down his chest, slowly, onto his stomach and I resist the urge to go and lick it up.  He throws on an Elvis tee, some dark jeans and his leather jacket.  He runs his fingers through is wet curly locks, making a face.  I roll my eyes and throw his brown fedora at him.  The one with a yellow feather.  His favorite.  He smiles and puts it on his head.  "Thanks babe." He says.  "One day, you're gonna have to comb your damn hair, lazy ass." I tell him.  He looks up thinking.  "Never, I'ma have people hired to do it for me." he says, laughing.  I throw a shoe at him.  "I will slap you if you ever get that vain." I tell him.  "You know I'm just kidding babe, I don't have it in my heart and soul to ask for stuff like that.  Like if they ask me what do I want in my dressing room, I can't just be like 'I need fresh socks' The fuck?!" He says, and we both start laughing hysterically.  His phone rings and interrupts our moment.  "Dammit.." he says.  He blows me a kiss.  "I gotta go, I love you!" He says, running out the door.  I sigh, than get up to take my own shower.  I get out and sit in front of the mirror, straightening my hair.  I stare at my reflection, and smile a little.  I'm kind of proud of myself for being brave and stepping out of my comfort zone.  The old Lena would never wear something like that, at least not in front of anybody, and she would never take full control.  It felt kind of good.  I finish getting ready and stare at the clock. Almost 11:00 A.M.  I have off today.  I do have some errands to run, but other than that, I don't have plans.  I grab my phone and call Phred.  He picks up on the third ring.  "Hello?"  "Hey silly goose." I say, smiling.  "What's up chica?" He says, sounding like the biggest white boy ever.  "I was wondering if you could drive me around for a bit, I don't feel like taking the bus.." I tell him, making a face.  He laughs.  "And you just assumed I'm laying around with nothing to do?" He asks.  "Phredley, You are laying around with nothing to do. You don't have work today." I tell him.  "Okay, you're right, Whatever." he says, in a monotone voice and I bust out laughing.  "I'll be right there." he says and hangs up.  I don't see much of him anymore, which makes me sad.  He distanced himself alot since Ahmity and Eric have been together.  I hate that were all not as close as we used to be, but things happen, and as long as he's still in my life, I'm happy.  Few minutes later, and I hear a honk.  I fly down the stairs and jump in Phred's car.  He smiles at me.  "Long time no see chica." he says.  I smile back.  "Where to?" he asks.  I make a face.  "Gotta pay some bills." I tell him.  "Ooohh.." he says, making a face too.  I pull out the wad of money I have and re-count it.  I cringe when it comes out the same as all the other 17 times I've counted it.  I have enough for everything but the rent.  It's always the rent.  I see Phred looking over and I put the money back.  "Everything alright?" he asks.  I smile.  "Yeah!" I say.  He doesn't believe me, but he keeps his mouth shut.  I know everybody thinks were doing okay, but what they don't know and won't find out, is that Bruno gets no income.  At all.  

* * * *

I sigh as I walk back in the apartment.  It's the 12th.  I know he's going to come down here soon.  Seems like I can predict the future, when I hear pounding on the door and George's voice booms my name.  "LENA!"  I roll my eyes and open the door.  "I don't have it." I tell him bluntly.  He rubs his forehead.  "You're gonna make me do it kid.. I need my money." he says.  "I know... I'll have it, but in 2 weeks." I tell him.  He shakes his head.  "No, no no... I need it today!"  "Well I don't have it for you today." I say back.  He reaches in his pocket and slaps a yellow paper on the door.  "You got til next Friday to get all your stuff out." he says, and walks away.  I stare at the eviction notice and feel sick.  I rip it off and slam the door.  Tears well up in my eyes, but I fight them off.  I call my sister.

"I'll borrow you the money." she says.  I sigh.  I knew she was gonna say that.  I don't want to do that.  I've borrowed money from her too many times already.  "No Ahm.. " I say quietly.  "WHY NOT?!" she yells.  I cringe.  "I don't want to always have to borrow money from you.  I should be able to do this on my own." I tell her.  "It's one thing, it's not like you're not paying all of your bills. I can help you out on this one, right?" she says.  I stay quiet.  "Right?" she asks again.  Still quiet.  "LENA!" "YES!" I yell.  I can almost hear her satisfied smile.  "You know I love you.. I'd do anything for you lil sis." she says.  My heart swells and I swallow back the tears.  "Same here big sis." I tell her.  "Things will get better... Yo creer." she says.  "Yo creer." I tell her and hang up.  She's always been my rock, my savior, my protector.  I can't imagine my life without her.  I love her.  I hear footsteps.  I look at the clock.  4:00 P.M.  It can't be Bruno.  The door opens, and I see curly hair.  I stand up and walk towards him.  What is he doing here so early?  "Babe?"  He looks, like he's deep in thought.  He finally looks up at me.  I stare at him.  I don't know what to think.  I've never seen him look like this before.  "You okay?" I finally ask.  He walks up to me and holds my face.  "I love you." He says.  So many feelings go through me when he says that out of the blue.  Happiness, butterflies, nervousness, dread, confusion, questioning.  "I love you too." I say, staring in his brown eyes, searching for answers.  He grabs my hand and pulls me to the balcony.  I follow, not saying a word.  He points to something.  I follow his finger, but all I see is a black truck.  I look at him.  "The truck?" I ask.  "Not just any 'truck'" he says.  I look at it again.  A nice truck.  An Escalade actually.  "Okay, what about it?" I ask.  He pulls something out of his pocket and holds it up.  A title?  My eyes skim over the paper fast.  2005 Cadillac Escalade, Black. Owner. Peter Gene Hernandez.  My heart beats fast.  I look at the truck again, than at Bruno, his smile so wide, his eyes are almost disappearing.  My words get stuck.  "Wh--huh---You? That? h---wait................... HOW????!!!" I scream, as realization sets in.  He throws the paper and picks me up, spinning me around.  He kisses me over and over.  "All--because--of--you." he says, between kisses.  "Me?" I ask.  The confusion is giving me a headache.  I need explanation.  NOW!  "Bruno!" I yell, after he won't stop kissing me to explain himself.  He laughs.  "I left that mutha fuckin piece of shit label!!!!!!!!!!!" He yells.  It gets quiet, and if I was confused before.. I'm in a whole other world now.  I hold my head.  He laughs again, and guides me to the couch.  He holds my hands, his eyes glowing and sparkling.  His voice comes out fast and he's breathing hard.  "On my way to the label today, my heart felt heavy, and I thought to myself, I would rather be anywhere but there.  But than I stopped.  Why did I feel that way?  I'm signed, I'm doing music.. I should be nothing but ecstatic, right?" He says.  I nod.  "It hit me, that I've been with this label for almost a year, and I'm in the same spot I was in, almost a year ago.  And the only person I kept thinking of was you.  How many times you told me to leave, that there's something bigger and better."  I nod again.  "I don't know why I didn't listen to you.  I guess deep down, I was hoping and praying that things would somehow work themselves out, and this whole MoTown Records thing would take off... But it obvioulsy hasn't."  I squeeze his hand.  "Me and Phil were sitting there... Just sitting there."  He says.  I listen.  "I don't know why, but I started singing one of my songs.  Phil stared at me, rather uncomfortably I might add." I smirk.  "I finally asked the fool, If he wanted a kiss, all he had to do was ask." I laugh.  Goofy Bruno.  "He asked me if that was song was mine, not something Mr. Gordy wanted me to write.  I told him %100 mine."  My stomach is flip flopping.  "Within a matter of hours, he made a couple phone calls, some people came through and offered me 30,000."  My eyes bug out.  "Dollars?!"  I say, my jaw dropping.  His face gets serious and he says "No, Lena, cents." I hit his arm.  "Yes Dollars baby!"  We both 'celebrate' screaming, jumping, laughing, dancing.  Than I stop.  "And you went and bought that?!" I say, pointing out the window.  "Fuck yeah babe! No more asking for rides, taking the bus or walking!" he says excitedly.  All I can think of is the eviction notice.  I pull it out.  I hate that I always have to be the downer in exciting and once in a lifetime moments like this.  "George gave me this today.." I tell him and hand it over.  He looks at it, his eyebrows furrowed.  He makes a face, than shakes his head.  I know I look worried, cause he pulls me into a hug.  "Were not going anywhere babe." he says.  He kisses the top of my head and pulls something out of his pocket.  Cash.  A lot of it.  He counts out enough for this month and next months rent.  "How do you have money left over, I know that truck cost a shitload!" I tell him.  He winks.  "Phil knows the guy.. He gave me an offer I couldn't refuse." he says.  I stare at him.  He gives me a goofy smile, til I crack a smirk.  "So that's really ours?" I ask him.  He makes a face.  "What you mean ours? That belongs to Peter baby!" he says, and I smack his arm.  He laughs and kisses my head. "Yes, it is." He sighs.  "Feels so fuckin good not to worry every day about money." he says.  I frown.  "But what happens when it's gone, that's not gonna last us forever, Now I'm really the only one working, What are you gonna do? What are WE gonna do?"  He puts his hand over my mouth.  I glare at him.  "Lena, please.  Shut up." he says.  I obey, and he uncovers my mouth.  "For once, at least for a little bit, Can we please not worry about money, or question everything?  I think we deserve that." he says.  He's right.  I sigh.  "Okay." I say and he puts his arm around my shoulder.  We stare at the truck.  I shift my weight and fidget.  He finally says.  "Wanna test drive it?"  "YESSSS!" I scream and he laughs and throws me the keys.  

The truck is so sexy close up, I wanna lick it.  I slide in the drivers side.  Bruno jumps in the passenger.  I drive around for awhile.  We don't really talk, we kind of just enjoy being with each other.  We haven't done this in awhile.  He takes my hand and squeezes.  "I'm gonna find someway, you know that right?" he says, looking at me with his eyebrows raised.  I nod, knowing he's talking bout the money situation.  He keeps looking at me.  "They offered me something.. But I haven't given them an answer yet." he says.  I almost crash into the car in front of me when he says that.  "What?! Who?" I ask desperately.  "Let's go somewhere and talk about it. I don't want you to crash my new, very expensive truck." he says, laughing.  

* * * *

I let the sand slip through my fingers.  The warmness of it, reminds me of when I lived with Ahmity in Miami.  So many good and bad memories come to me.  Bruno is leaning on his hands, his legs stretched out in front of him, staring at the water.  "So.. A producer?" I finally ask after awhile of silence.  He nods slowly, not taking his eyes off the water.  I wait for him to explain his hesitation.  "I didn't move here to be a producer.  I came to become an artist." he says.  I listen, not saying a word.  "I know I can do it, I'm just afraid that I'll never get recognized as an original artist."  "You know that won't happen.  If anything, this will help you get known, so you WILL get recognized."  I tell him.  He stays quiet.  "It's just not what I came here for." he says.  I hold in my growing frustration.  "No it's not, but sometimes the plan changes, and you just have to go with it and see what happens." I tell him.  Today seems like we switched places.  He's usually the one giving me talks like this.  "I know it's not what you want.. But take a chance Bruno, Don't pass this up.  It's not permanent.  You can leave whenever you want." I tell him.  He looks in my eyes, and looks lost.  I touch his face and he grabs my hand.  He kisses me softly.  "I don't know what I'd do without you.  You're the most amazing thing that's ever happend to me.  You know that right?" He says.  My face turns red and I smile.  My response not only surprised him, but me too.  "Fuck yeah I am!" I say and push him.  He busts out laughing.  I can start to feel a huge change.  In myself.  In Bruno.  In our lives............................................................