Chapter 38

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Gasp and screams echoed the beach as mama came running like a mad woman with that damn shot gun in her hand. Now that I think about it, I never remembered mama having a gun in the house when I lived there but no time to reminisce. The Woman in yellow has to be stopped.

As I see my mother running, I drop my bouquet and ran. I ran, more like charge towards mama like a bat out of hell. With all my might I knock mama down onto the sand, the gun flung from her grasp. Mama started to scream and wiggle from my grasp but she wasn't going anywhere.

“LET ME GO!!” Mama Screamed

“HELL NO!!” I Screamed back










Mama get's out of my hold somehow and my heart drops. I see mama crawling over to the shot gun, I lunge for her and like an idiot I miss. Mama grabs the gun and get's up. Tears start to stream down my face because I knew it was over. Mama is only thinking about herself and who ever was getting shot was going to get it.

People scattered like roaches and Bruno came running towards me, Scoped me up and carried me towards one of the tents. I was shaking but not because I was scared but because I was angry. How could she do this to us, to only think of herself.

I watched Mama, run but dad wasn't around. Who was she aiming for? I looked around some more and see her going towards, Oh God No mama no!! I tried to get up but Bruno held me down, wriggling my way free, he just held me tighter.

“Bruno let me go!” I said

“No, you stay here and let me handle this!” Bru said


“Alicia, i'll be OK.”


She let off a shot that scared the fuck out of me, when I looked, She was aiming right at Kim, Maria’s mama. Tears where streaming down her face and as she Looked at her Kim started crying herself. Bruno stayed right where he was, only because I was hold on to him with dear life. With mama already ruining the wedding, I couldn’t bear having Bruno get shot because I let him go out on his man instincts.

“Oh Now you wanna cry!” Mama said

“Please Evelyn, please don’t kill me.” Kim pleaded


“Evelyn please I beg of you!!”

“Oh Bitch Shut up!! You Ruined my life! You Stole the only man I loved!”

“No, I didn't I swear..”


“Please, Evelyn please..”





Mama cocked the gun and slapped Kim down to the ground. She put her yellow flats on Kim's chest and aimed at her. Out of the blue, the miracle of of miracles,dad came out and grab mama by her wrist. Kim scurried away and everyone clapped as he pulled her over towards me and Bruno.

My heart started to race as she came over, I grabbed Brus hand and looked at him, he just stared at mama with anger and disgust. Dad threw her on the chair next to me and she tried to get up but he grabbed her by the waist, mama slapped him and When their eyes met, it was like mama seen hell and was burning in it. I will admit that It scared me a little, just to see the rage and hatred in her eyes like that. When I looked at dad, he was just full of sorrow.

“GET THE HELL OFF OF ME JOHN!” Mama screamed

“No Eve.” Dad said

“NO!! GET OFF!!”

“I said no, you need to stop this nonsense!”





I jumped at the sound of dad yelling. It startled me, I never really heard him yell like that before. Ever. It was like a lions roarer that quiet the whole world, I felt like his anger rippled through me. Mama looked at me and I don’t want to even look at her, I was so ashamed but I kept my head up and stared right back. Tears fell from my eyes but I didn't make a sound, it was as if my body was having a breakdown on the inside but the outside wasn't showing. Plus, I had my pride to keep.

Mama look around at everyone and started crying. Everyone was staring at her and at me and that made my stomach turn. I haven't even properly met brus family and they already see how dysfunctional it it. I balled my fits as my arms shook, I cant believe that she ruined my wedding just to get revenge on Kim but then I looked at dad. He kept his eyes on mama but I knew he couldn't look at me. He was shameful and he should be, what the hell was the story and I want to know now.

“Eve, look what you've done..” dad said

“No! John, you did this to me! You left me for her and I gave you my all John!” mama said

“Look i'm sorry but..”


“STOP THIS NOW!” I Screamed


I swung my arm so fast I didn't realize that my palm hit her face. That's right, I slapped my mama. Mama looked at me with disbelief and put her hand to her face, dad just looked down and Bruno looked at me with his eyebrow raised.

“I'm So FUCKING tired of your shit ma! All you fucking do is think about yourself and how you feel and disrespect me like it's OK when IT'S NOT!! I'M SICK OF IT!” I said

“Angel..” Dad said

“No Dad i'm not done. I am so tired of you calling me a child like im 12 years old, I'M A GROWN WOMAN! START TREATING ME LIKE ONE!! And How Dare you come up in here unannounced and ruin our big day?! All you care about is yourself and you want all the attention well, CONGRATULATIONS MAMA, NOW YOU GOT IT! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!? YOU RUINED MY DRESS YOU RUINED MY WEDDING YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!!”

I slapped her again but this time she started sobbing and like the gentlemen dad was, he pulled out a napkin and gave it to her. She makes me so fuckin mad! She did all of this just for the sake of her own feelings! She ruined my life when she was in it and now she's figured out a way to do it on the supposedly supposed to be the best day of my life. Good job mama.

“Angel, don’t be so hard on her.” dad said


“Angel calm down”


“Look...i know it sounds crazy but right now lets cool down and just talk about it later OK?”

“No! Now!”

“Alicia, please..” Bru said

I looked around and some people were there staring at me. I'm embarrassed but no, fuck it. I'm mad and I need to get this all out. I opened my mouth to say something more when, I stopped myself. I looked at my mama who was crying and then looked at my dad and balled my fist.

“There is so much more that I want to say and do but i'm not Because mama, I'm not you. So what I need you to do is leave. Now” I said

“You know what child, fine. I'll leave but don’t expect me to come back & don’t come crying to me when this little boy leaves you.” Mama said wiping her eyes

“Best believe, that’s not going to happen.” Bru said

“Mhm what ever, you say that now until you do the same thing like your mama did”

“What the fuck you say about my Mom?”


“Whatever Child!” mama said

“Gosh, just go!”

“I'll take her to a hotel, angel just please enjoy your wedding and we'll talk later OK.” dad said

“Fine, just please..” I said

“Damn, didn't he say that i'm leaving!”

“Must you always have to last word mama” I said fed up with her


“Grow up mama.”

“I'm grown that's your job child.”

“Ok, we're going.” Dad said putting his hand up

He took her away and I sat down on the chair she was sitting on and cried. Bruno picked me off the chair and just held me. He let me cry onto his, white tux until I was done. I didn't know why I was crying but I just was. I guess you could say that I was tired of the drama, tired with all of this bullshit.

“Better?” Bru said

“No, because I don’t know why i'm crying.” I said wiping my tears

“Maybe, it was a reliever.”

“Yeah, I guess you can call it that.”

“Then why the long face?”

“Because with everything I said and done to mama, I still feel guilty.”

“That's because you got a heart & unlike your mother you care & that makes you better than her and I'm so glad for that.”

“You really think so?”

“I know so.”

“See this is the reason why I love you.”

“Oh, it's not the sex? Coz that is the only reason why i'm here..” Bru said with a smirk


“Babe, i'm just joshing you.” he said laughing

“Mhm, you better be.”

“Now lets go get married..Again”

He kissed my forehead and puts me down. We walk back over to the Wedding, after convincing people that it was OK to come back out, the wedding was back on again. When I looked around, I didn't see Kim around. I mean if I was her, I wouldn't stick around either. I ran across the street into the church to get fixed up because I know, I don’t look like a bride. More like the drunk bridesmaid. I walk in and head towards the dressing room when I hear a noise and smell a familiar smell.

“Oh papi”

“Oh dios mio Maria”

“Oh Philippe..”

I shook my head and backed away from my room. Well it seems like Phil and Maria made up, the little sinners making love in a church but I guess it wasn't that way because love is love. No matter where it's made.

I walk over, to the bathroom and look in the mirror, jeez, I look like a train wreck that was hit by a car then ran over. My make up looked like I let 2 year old clowns do it with their eyes closed and a hand tied behind their backs. I opened the mirror cabinet and seen that there wasn't any makeup, great. Looking over towards, the toilet, I seen Maria's purse. I walked over and opened it, jeese, this is just not my day. All there was in it was some nude lipstick, lip liner, mascara and bronze glitter. Well here, goes nothing.

After about 15 minutes or so, I finished my face and hair. It didn't even look like I had any makeup on but I liked it. My hair was down and was a little wavy from the curls that were once in my hair but I made a part on the side and cow licked the front kinda like Marilyn Monroe. It was like a natural look but enhanced, kinda like a natural beauty kind of thing.

“Well don’t you look stunning?”

“Oh jeez! You scared me Maria!” I said

“Yeah, don't I always.”

“Yeah, you kinda do sex bug.”

“You heard?” she said with a blush

“Yes and smelled.”

“Oh do I smell?!?”

“Yeah, a little”

“Oh Dios mio!”

“Yeah, that's what he said.”

We busted out laughing, when Phil walked by fixing his tie. I waved at him and he had a big grin on his face. I smiled back, it was good to see them happy again, it was normal. Maria sprayed her self with her perfume that I didn't see in her purse and fixed her hair like new. I always envied her hair, her long brown curls and waves were simply beautiful to me unlike my naps.

“Do I look OK?” Maria asked

“Muy Bonita.” I said with a smile

“Ok, chika, let's get this party started”

“Yeah, let's get this thing rolling”

“Shall we ladies?” Phil said appearing out of no where


Maria and Phil walked in front of me and we were back on the beach. People were settled and looking crazy but as soon as the music started to walk me down the aisle, dad was there. Bruno combed his hair back and put his comb back into his pocket. He stared at me and I looked at him with a worried face.

“You ready, for real this time angel?” dad asked

“Are you ready?” I asked with a smile on my face

“Yes, i'm ready to give my daughter away..again” he said with a chuckle

“I love you dad.”

“I love you more Angel”

Dad started humming Earth Angel as we walked down this aisle. I looked at Alisia and she was standing there looking beautiful as ever. Maria was blowing kisses at Phil and he was catching them. Phred smiled at me and I smiled back. I finally looked at Bruno who was staring at me like I was from another world and it was making me nervous like hell.

We got to the end of the aisle and dad took off my vaile and kissed me on my forehead, then turned towards Bru and gave him a hug. They exchanged words but Bru, didn't take his eyes off of me and I am freaking out. I turn around and smile at Maria and point to my face, she gives me a thumbs up and I turn back around. Bru was still staring at me all crazy.

“Bruno, you're freaking me out.” I said

“Why?” he asked

“Because you're staring at me and it's making me feel like somethings wrong”

“No babe, nothings wrong.” he said with a smile

“Then what is it?”

“You just look...Gorgeous. Like how the sun is hitting you're face ,it seems like you're glowing making you even more beautiful than you already are.”


“Oh? That's it?” he said with a smile

I shook my head and he grabbed my hand. We turned towards the preacher and smiled, he smiled back at up and started with the beginning rituals.

When it was time for vows, I start to become extremely nervous. Since this is our special wedding, I wanted the vows to be special. So I had worked on a poem that I wanted to say to Bruno, I wanted it to say everything that I feel about him. Everything I love and cherish about Bruno the most, I wanted to pour my heart out. But, I came up with nothing. I felt like the worst person in the world.

“Well, when you ready Alicia” the preacher said

“Give her a minute, she's nervous.” Bru said

“Thank you Bruno..” I said

I opened my mouth but fumbled with the words, I'm sweating to much I feel like i'm a stuck a butter melting in the sun. I looked around and seen everyone staring at me with a smile on their faces. I looked back over at Bruno and he was smiling at me at me. The sun was shining on his skin making him glow, the twinkle in his eye and his smile brighter then the sunshine its self. Even though I see him everyday, but i'm taking aback by his beauty and that's when it all came to me.

“God, you're beautiful Bruno.” I say

“What?” Bruno said stiflingly a laugh

“God Bruno, you are just so beautiful, passionate and Strong minded, & at times you can with in yourself be confident, sometimes you can be annoying & arrogant, distant, stupid and a crazy perfectionist, but There is a reason why we have been going so strong, there is a reason why we get along,You are my other half, my completeness, my right,Before you I was keeping myself up with all my might,I only had the strength of my left side,Keeping sane & trying to stay alive,Losing hope because I knew I would always be one sided,But one day I decided,I needed another side to me & so the search began,guys that I tried, just made me cry, so I swept them into the dustpan,Then it’s as if it was out of the blue,Here came…you,& it’s as if you we’re also missing a side too, Then we made contact, & like two magnets,We attract, & for once I felt complete,Because you we’re the side that I seek,The one that would help me stand on my own two feet,Straighten my spine & made me tall, Keeping me balanced & preventing me to fall, Adding what I need giving me that last piece,Bringing me to peace,With this wedding the puzzle will finish, & this puzzle is something we will cherish,You have made me as strong as I can be, & so i thank you for being the right side of me.”

Everyone clapped and Aw'd and Cheered, Maria was crying and clapping while Alisia was Smiling and clapping along with Maria rolling her eyes at her. I laughed and turned back to Bruno, he grabbed my faced but the preacher step between us and laughed

“Um, it's not that part yet” he said

“Can we speed it up.” Bru said agitated

“What about your vows?”

“Oh, yeah about that..” Bru said wriggling his eye brows

“Well then lets continue before, things get out of hand. If you know what I mean.”

“Yeah.” I said with a blush

“Well Mr. Hernandez, go on with your vows”

Bruno looked back at the boys and gave them a thumbs up. Phil, Phred, E, Kenji & Jam all ran around the corner and disappeared. When they came back the were pushing a mini stage behind the family of people. Bruno, jogged over and got on the stage, He murmured a few words to the guys and then grab the microphone.

“Hi, my name is Bruno Mars and if you don’t know that Why the hell are you here?”

We all started laughing, including myself and Bruno stood there smiling at everyone.

“But for real, man, we have been in the studio all month, trying to write my vows but nothing came to mind. Then my man here, ya'll know Phil?”

“No? Well Oh well i'm this guy Bruno found on the street, eating cat food.” Phil said

We laughed and smiled “Ha i'm just joshing ya but he told me to stop thinking and just feel and this is what I came up with” Bru said

E was adjusting his set and Jam was Tuning his bass and Kenji was just waiting to play. Phred was warming up on the piano and looking at Bruno. Bru nodded and looked around everyone with a big ole smile on his face.

I know girl when you look at me you don't know how i feel, cause I'm usually so nonchalant my feelings I conceal,but I want you to know,oh, I want you to know,I must admit I've felt this way for more than quite a while,but I can't hold it no longer when I see that pretty smile,can't wait no more
oh, I can't wait no more,oooh,girl, to tell you the truth,It's always been you,I'm all about you
oh, girl,no one can do me the way you do,It's always been you,I'm all about you..”

Bru sang to me with his all, and I'm standing here in awe. This is why he couldn't help with the wedding, he was trying to find the perfect words to say to me. After all the thoughts of me feeling so alone and feeling as though he only was thinking of himself and his love of music, it was for me. All about me.

Bruno ended the song and everyone stood up to clap and tears streamed down my eyes. Music is and always will be his first love but he made me feel special as though I was his first love and that right there. Made me fall in love with him all over again it also turned me on.

He walked over to me and grabbed my hands, kissing them and my happy tears away from my face. The Preacher went on with the praise and the meaning of marriage but I wasn't paying attention, I just needed to hear those words to make my world complete.

We both had the biggest grins on our face as we looked at the preacher to do the ending, the most anticipated part of the whole wedding.

Do you Peter Gene Hernandez take Alicia Annaliese Bennett to be your lawful wedded wife?” The Preacher asked

Duh, I mean I do” Bruno said putting on his grandmothers wedding ring on mine

And do you Alicia Annaliese Bennett take Peter Gene Hernandez to be your lawful wedded husband?”

I do” I said putting the wedding band on his finger

Then in the power that's invested in me, you are now pronounced..”

I couldn't take it any longer, I just have to have him now. I reached over and as if Bru was thinking the same thing, grabbed my face and kissed me. He scooped me but and the family clapped and praised us with blessings. The Photographer snapped pictures and snapped away like it was the air that he was breathing.

Everyone followed us towards the car and the photographer took pictures of The Girls and I, the Guys and Bruno,Then pictures with family and lastly just pictures of us.

Next came the reception so Alisia, Maria and I ran into the church to change into something more comfortable to wear and dance in. We got into the dressing room and hugged each other crying.

I'm so glad to have my gals here.” I said

You know we wouldn't miss it for the world.” Alisia said

Yeah, you know that well be here even if you have 30 weddings!” Maria said

Thanks guys.” I said


Well, Maria you almost missed the wedding.” Alisia said

Que? What do you mean?” Maria said

Girl, it was all in your and Phils face.”

Oh that..” Maria said blushing

It's OK, i'm glad that you got some.”

We all started laughing and hooting at Maria while she was turning beat read. We all sat on the coushion bench and smiled.

But i'm glad that you two made up.” Alisia said too. I'm glad that I got my Philippe back.” Maria said wiping her eyes

Me too.” I said

Well enough with this, lets go party!” Alisia said

HELL YEAH!” We all said

They helped me get undressed and I helped them out, we put on our party outfits and did our make up. I like how my make up is so I just did a touch up on it and added on some more makeup. When we got done, we all looked in the mirror and I can say that we looked stunning. Alisia had on turqois, knee length dress with thick straps & blue green and purple polka dots all over. Se put on some White wedges. Maria had on a knee length,tight fitting all Red dress with a skinny black belt around her waist, black laced gloves, head band and laced stilettos. I had on short length,string strapped pleated dress with purple orchids all over, White trimming & It had a wide blue cloth around the middle that tied into a bow in the back and I put on some White high heels that had purple trimming.

I walked towards the door with my gals on my arm and swung open the door. There was a large thump and the sound of something falling.

Shoot! What now?” I said

I think you knocked a plant over.” Alisia said

Jeeze that’s one heavy plant.” Maria said with a laugh

Actually you hit me.”

We all stepped from behind the door and seen...