Chapter 39+40

16/03/2012 10:58


We only have a hour till Bruno leaves, I’m trying my hardest not to cry. These pregnancy hormones are going to kick my ass. When we picked up the kids from school, the same 3 guys were waiting from this morning. Although with Dre there, they hardly made a sound. Then we went home and ordered pizza. The kids are clinging to Bru, begging him to stay. I didn’t realize that this would be so hard on them. “Come on Kens, let me show you something,” he picks her up and sits at the table with her, opening the laptop. “All you have to do is have Mommy or Dre turn the computer on and you can look me up.” He clicks around for a minute, “See, you can find pictures of me, and you can find videos.” “But it’s not the same thing Buno,” she says with her bottom lip sticking out. I walk over and squat down next to them. “What if we make a special movie right now, just for you Kenny? We can have Bru sing to you, or read you a story. And every night before you go to bed you can watch that.” Bruno looks at me nodding his head. He picks her up and carries her to the couch. Then follows me to the bedroom to get his guitar while I grab the video camera. “Where did you get that idea from Lace?” “Bray was 6 months old when Greg deployed. We got the idea from some wives, so that when he came home Brayden would know who he was, because he saw the video every day. I thought maybe it would help all of us to see a video of you, not just some random thing we find on the internet but something that we made all together.”

I sit down on the couch and Kensley climbs in my lap, I put the guitar in her lap and help her hold it, together we play and I sing ‘Just The Way You Are’, we sing a couple more songs quickly and then Brayden asks if he can hold the camera. Kensley jumps up and turns the radio on, and we have a dance party in the living room. Before I know it Dre walks out of the back room and says it’s time to go. I hug the kids and then Lacey walks out the door with me, halfway shutting the door. Dre grabs my bag and walks down the steps to get a cab, giving us some privacy. “I love you Lace, soo much.” “I love you too Bru.” I take her face in my hands and kiss her lips, not wanting to move. “3 weeks, isn’t that what we decided?” “Yeah, 3 weeks, it feels like forever away though.” A little tear rolls down her face. “Lace don’t,” I wipe it away and let my lips follow the trail that her tear left. Dre is calling for me. “I got to go babe. I’ll call you when I land okay?” “Alright Bru, I love you.” I kiss her fingertips, then her lips and I run down the stairs, looking back right before I step through the gate.

Tears are freely flowing down my face as I walk back into the house. Kensley throws herself into my arms, “But momma I love him, why does he have to leave?” Her words break my heart. This is the exact reason I didn’t want to bring a guy into their lives. And look at me now, married to a man that is amazing, but has to leave all the time for his “job”, I’m going to have to pick up her broken heart on a regular basis. We grab icecream from the freezer and climb into bed. Within 30 minutes, both kids are passed out in my bed. I climb out of bed and head to the living room, plugging the laptop into my camcorder. There are videos I never knew we had on there. Me playing the piano, Bruno and Kensley wrestling. Bruno and I in the kitchen, I’m assuming were cooking but he keeps leaning over and kissing me. But one thing I’ve noticed out of all these videos, Brayden isn’t in a single one of these new videos. He’s in some but they are the ones that either me or Bruno have taken. Bray must have been taking these videos without us knowing. I pick a few of my favorites and send them to Bru’s email.


My alarm is going off. Thank God it’s Friday. I get up and jump in the shower. I didn’t sleep well last night, an hour after I finally fell asleep Bru called, and then it took me an hour to fall back asleep. After my shower I just throw my hair up wet, and throw sweats on. I’m going to be a bum today. I head to the kitchen and start breakfast. When it’s almost done I bang on the kids doors, and then I bang on Dre’s. Within seconds he’s flying out of the door, “Are you okay?” “I made Breakfast and we’re leaving in an hour for school. Come eat.” I turn and walk down the hall way, wrapping my arms around my kids as they walk out of their rooms. The kids sit down at the bar and I put their food on plates and pass it to them, along with juice and vitamins. Soon Dre comes walking slowly down the hall. “Sleepy?” “Man this is early. Are you crazy?” “No, I’m a mom. Bruno gets up this early most mornings too, even when he’s spent all night at the studio. You can nap later.” “So you are crazy.” I pass him a plate, and he looks up at me smiling. “I haven’t had a home cook breakfast at 7 in the morning in years! Thank you.”

As we’re heading out the door, my phone rings. “Hey Bru!” “I can’t sleep, I keep rolling over and you’re not there.” “I had the same problem.” “Just get on a plane and fly here, and go on tour with me.” “Summers coming soon Bru, I promise you, when summer comes. I’m not messing up the kids schedule for our sakes.” “You can’t see it but my bottom lip is sticking out, and I’m sending my puppy eyes. How evil is Dre being?” “What are you talking about?” “He hates mornings.” “We’ll I fed him breakfast.” “You are a smart woman.” “I know,” I start laughing, “I need to go babe, go back to sleep. Call me later after you get some sleep. I’m about to make Dre hate me more than he does.” “Are you going grocery shopping?” “Yep.” “Good luck, I love you.” “Love you too.”

After we drop off the kids, I head into the grocery store. “You have got to be kidding me,” Dre says smacking his leg. “Well you can go back home Dre. You don’t have to be here.” “Yes, I do, but you’re gonna make me run around town and do soccer mom shit aren’t you?” “Well I have things that I have to get done. Like I said, you can go home. I’m a big girl.” “Yeah and your husband would fire me. So here I am.” “Well then pull your panties out of your ass and at least act like you’re having fun, I’m boss man’s wife and I’ll send you back to LA if you start being a sour puss.”


‘B your wife is fucking crazy!’ ‘What are you talking about?’ ‘It’s the middle of the night and she’s up in the kitchen making enchiladas!’ I pick up the phone and call Lacey, “Hey Bru.” “Baby, what are you doing up?” “Well why are you calling me if I should be in bed?” “Don’t pull that shit, Dre just texted me and told me you were up.” “I’m cooking.” “Lacey, It’s 4 am there.” “You know what, this very nice looking man bought me a watch, so I actually know what time it is, I was hungry.” “You couldn’t make a bowl of cereal or something?” “Bru, come on don’t give me this shit.” “Will you get on the computer so I can see you?” I hear her banging around for a second and then she I see her sign on. After a second her cam pops up. “There you are beautiful.” She’s in a big night shirt, hair pulled up on top of her head and her makeup is smeared all over her face. “Wow I look like a raccoon.” “A pretty raccoon.” She pulls her face closer to the computer screen and then backs up, “Bru take your hat off.” I pull my red beanie off and her mouth drops. “Peter Hernandez, what did you do?” “Holy shit babe, I haven’t been called that in years! I just took the sides off, the top is still there,” I lean my head down and run my hand through my curls to show her. “I almost had a heart attack!” It’s shorter than she has ever seen it though, the sides and the lower part in the back is almost to the skin. “I miss you Bru, so much. I can’t sleep. Oh! Look what your Mom sent,” she steps away and comes back holding a huge picture. When she turns it around it’s a huge poster sized picture that’s been framed. In black and white, our faces are both covered with cake and I’m licking her. Our first framed wedding picture. 



The weekend is pretty boring, the kids are at their Dad’s and Bru is gone, just me and Dre hanging out. What fun. “Dre will you please go do something, you’re driving me crazy.” “I’m not doing anything, I’m just sitting here playing on my computer.” “I know, that’s why I’m going crazy, you have to be bored?” “Well yeah I am,” “Okay then get out! Go do something! I don’t need a babysitter, I promise I won’t leave the house. I really just want to take a nap or a bubble bath or something. So go find something to do.” “Well you don’t have to tell me more than once.” He jumps up and grabs some stuff out of his room and then heads for the door. “See you later, call me if you want me to grab anything while I’m out.” “Have fun Dre.”

As soon as he leaves I grab my laptop and head for the bathroom, run a bath and as soon as I climb in I search Bru on youtube. I’m pathetic, I know but I miss him, a lot. Then I decide to call him, “Hey baby.” “Hey Bru.” “Whatchu doin dollface?” “Laying in the bathtub, watching Bruno Mars youtube videos.” “That sounds exciting, I hear he’s like a sex machine or some shit.” “There is some interesting stuff on here. I think I just watched 7 different videos of you humping the air. The comments are pretty funny too.” “Why are you watching videos of me humping the air?” “Cause I miss being on the receiving end.” “Where’s Dre at?” “I kicked him out, he was sitting on the couch watching cat videos on here.” “Quit lying,” he starts laughing. God I missed that sound. “But really he was looking pitiful and I just wanted to take a bath and a nap, so I made him go find something to do.” “Well then tell me how much you miss being on the receiving end of my humping?” “What!” “Work with me here.” “We were just talking about Dre and then you jumped straight into sex talk. Kinda threw me off. But it’s not happening Bru, I’m tired. I just wanted to hear your voice without 500 girls screaming in the background.” “Fine, I guess I’ll have to look up some porn then.” “Good luck.” “You suck.” “Your right I do, why don’t you just think about how I suck and that should be enough for you.” I pull the plug on the bath tub and stand up. “I’m climbing out of the tub baby, going to take a nap. I love you soo much.” “I love you too baby girl. I’ll call you tonight.” We hang up and I slip a t-shirt and underwear on and hardly make it into bed before I pass out.  


3 Weeks Later

I’m 15 weeks pregnant today! Bruno has been gone for about 3 weeks, and since right before Christmas we are taking the kids to Hawaii for one of Bru’s shows the kids are spending Thanksgiving week and weekend with their Dad. I on the other hand am flying to Colorado and jumping on the tour bus with the guys for the week! I’m pretty excited! “Mom, can’t we go with you?” Brayden asks, coming into my closet, I’m trying to get things packed, and I don’t have a lot to choose from since my belly is getting bigger by the day and I refuse to go shopping. “Bray, I would love for you and Kenny to go with me, but your dad would be so sad. And you will get to go soon, I promise.” We aren’t telling the kids about Hawaii, it’s a big surprise. “I miss Bruno Mom,” I pull him down into my lap. “I know bub, me too. But this is something we are going to have to get used to. He’s going to be gone a lot. We could try to call him if you want.” He nods his head and I send him after my phone.

I’m lying in bed in my hotel room playing on the internet and thinking about calling home when my phone rings. “Hey baby, I was just thinking about calling you.” “Well you should have, we have puppies that miss you.” I smile a little, “Well I miss them too. Are you busy? Or can we skype?” I hear movement and then Lace groans. “Baby?” “Sorry Bru, I was on the floor in the closet packing, let me get to the living room and I’ll sign in.” She knocks on a door, “Kenny, come on, we’re skyping with your Buno.” I hear Kensley scream and then the sound of her running. The sound of home gives me butterflies. This is the first time we’ve been able to skype with the kids since I’ve left. “Dre, can you switch the tv over so we can use it instead of the computer?” Dre has been staying in what will soon be the nursery. “Okay Bru, I’m warning you, I look like a hot mess.” “Baby, stop! There is no way you look bad.” I click around on my computer signing into my account and within seconds I am connected to my family! “Buno!” “Hi Princess!” Everyone is waving and blowing kisses, including Dre. “Damn B, I miss your ugly ass.” “Kenny, are you turning Dre into a softy?” Dre’s middle finger goes up and Kenny laughs. “Booty, let me see my baby.” She stands up and pulls her shirt up a little. “Holy shit! Baby you’ve grown so much since I’ve left.”

Dre gets up and walks to the other room, I’m assuming to give us some privacy. “I miss you so much Bru.” “I miss you too Baby, but we have like 20 hours and I get to see you!” I nod and wipe the tears that are spilling from my eyes and the kids take over, filling Bru in on all the things he’s missed, like the museums and The Lion King on Broadway. After a little bit Bru says he’s got to get ready for a sound check, and we blow more kisses and he promises to call and say good night. Kenny crawls into my lap and cries. She loves Bru so much, and has a hard time with him coming and going. After a few minutes she gets up and sneaks into Dre’s room, he comforts her a lot these days. I get up and start dinner. After dinner I make Bray practice the piano and then Kenny asks if we can watch our videos. So we sit down on the couch and turn it on, I’m really glad I burned them all onto DVD so we don’t have to watch them on the computer now. After Bru gets done singing one song, Kensley says, “I like that song mommy but you know what my favorite song is?” “What is it Ken?” “I like it when he sings the Brooklyn song.” “I like that song too.” She gets up and starts singing it at the top of her lungs. “Mommy, I think he was singing about you.” “We don’t live in Brooklyn Kensley.” “No, but maybe he thought you did.”


I wake up before my alarm goes off. I hardly slept again last night but I’m leaving for tour in just a few hours! After my shower, I pack my bathroom things, then I hear my phone going off. When I check it, I have a picture message from Bru. His belly is pushed out as far as he can push, ‘Look we’re twins!’ I take a pic of my belly and send it back, ‘Not quite buddy.’ I feel like my belly grew 10x more overnight. About 10 minutes later my phone rings. “Hello?” “Hi, is ummmm Lacey there?” “Who is this?” What I hear next almost kills me,“Yo hookah you gave me yo number at da club last night.” I cover my mouth to stifle my laugh. “I gave my number to a lot of guys last night, remind me who you are again.” I climb back up into bed. He changes his voice, talking all sexy, “Well, I have curly hair, and amazing eyes, and these dimples that make panties drop. I’ve got to be at least 6 foot tall. Oh and I have a big dick.” “Are you sure? I gave my number to a guy that sounds kind of like you, but he was a tiny little dude.” “Nope, I’m definitely 6 foot tall.” “Why are you whispering mystery man?” “Cause my wife is listening on the line.”