Chapter 39-42

16/12/2011 18:37

Chapter 39

After taking the obligatory wedding pictures on the beach the two got into one of his father’s classic cars to drive 10 minutes to the reception. 

“Why are you so quiet, baby?” He asked leaning over to her side of the car as they drove off.

“I’m just taking it all it, Brunz. It’s just crazy…and perfect at the same time…” her thoughts started to wander.

“Well don’t get too quiet, I want to hear you scream later tonight…” he answered her thoughts.

“Oh, I won’t disappoint you…” she answered flirtatiously then returning to her thoughts.

“Isella….there’s something bothering you. Are you thinking about your mom?” he asked.

“A little… okay, no…a lot.” she confessed.

“I thought about her too…” he told her. “I sat in her chair before you walked down the aisle. I thanked her for bringing you to me.” He told her.

She turned around facing him about to cry as he parked the car. “I just wish she was here…” she said quietly.

“She is baby doll. She is.” he said kissing her underneath the eye where several tears had escaped.  “Now suck up those tears because I feeling like dancing tonight…” he said grabbing her from the side as they stepped out of the car.


off of each other.  By 2 in the morning Isela was sitting in a chair watching Bruno and his friends taking shots. Yuli sat next to her saying, “I’m tired. If I’m tired you must be the walking dead…”

“Oh, I am…but look at how much fun they’re having…” she pointed at Bruno who was laughing so hard some of his drink almost came out of his nose. He caught her staring at him.

“Shit!” she yelled. “You caught me!” He ran over to her picking her up again carrying her and dragging Yuli to the rest of them.

“Two shots and its onnn, three shots, four shots, five shots…”

“Oh shit I’m gone!” the whole group sang. They all finished their shot throwing the plastic shot glasses on the counter.

“Let’s go do it, Isela.” he said loudly in front of everyone.  She took his hand running away from them quickly.  She tried to play it off as flirtation, but in all reality she just wanted to go to sleep. She pulled him in seductively.  He smiled at her thinking he was going to kiss her.

“I’m tired…” she told him bluntly.

“What a buzzkill.” he answered throwing her towards the ground kissing her.

“No. That didn’t even wake me up…” she said as he brought her back close to him starting to slow dance with her.

“I’m going to snore really loud, Isela.” He responded.

“And I’ll sleep right through it. “ she laughed.

“Okay, okay…let’s go do this damn thing.” he said twirling her around walking toward his brother.

“We’re leaving now…” he told Eric.

“Okay, okay…” Eric answered. “They’re ready to get it on…” Eric yelled at everyone standing near the alcohol.

“Bow chicka bow wowwww.” Max mumbled.

“yes, Max. That’s what married people do...does it gross you out?” Isela asked her brother.

“A little..” he rolled his eyes.


Isela fell onto the big cushy bed watching her dress fly up. “I’ve always wanted to do that…” she laughed watching Bruno walk toward the bathroom.

“I swear Bruno…you better not suck tonight because of all the shit you drank.” she yelled at him in the bathroom.

“Mrs. Hernandez…you...”

“I what?” she asked sitting up.

“I was going to be raunchy. But I can’t say what I wanted to say because it would have ruined what I’m about to do…” he said sitting down next to her putting his hands on her cheek looking deep into her eyes  kissing her lightly.

“That was perfect..”

Chapter 40

Isela fell asleep in his arms. He made sure not to let go of her the whole night. But, by 5 in the morning she had wiggled her way out of his arms tossing and turning. She must be dreaming…he thought turning around to face the other direction careful not to get in her way. She always ends up on top of me when she dreams like that…


Isela felt herself falling. She woke up falling from a mountain into the water. She recognized the place, it was somewhere she had been before. She started to scream as she hurled to the ground. But, as she hit the ground she felt a sense of comfort and calm. She wasn’t hurt at all. “What the hell?” she said out loud standing up on the sandy beach. She saw a figure walking towards her…of course it would be mama.

“¿Mama? ¿Has visto todo?”

Translation: Mama? Did you see everything?

“Si, precisosa. He visto todo hoy. ¿Y qué te dices? Todo va a ser bien.” she answered.

Translation: Yes, precious. I saw everything today. And what did I say? Everything will be good.

“Pero, mami…no se todavía. Tengo un sentimiento que hay algo afuera de nosotros que va a arruniar todo…y nadie sabe cómo me siento. Yo he estado escondiendo mis sentinimientos.”

Translation: But mommy, I don’t know still. I have a feeling that there is something outside of us that is going to ruin everything…and nobody knows how I feel. I have been hiding all my feelings…

“Mija…” she sat down next to her daughter touching her face lightly as they continued their conversation. “Recuerdas lo que ya te dicho. Yo sé que va a ocurir, y voy a estar contigo en cada paso.”

Translation: Daughter…remember what I already told you. I know what is going to occur, and I am going to be with you at every step.

“Pero…yo lo necesito en persona. Es como cuando era una niña. Y no sé porque estoy como esto ahora….”

Translation: But, I need you in person. It’s like when I was a child. And I don’t know why I am like this right now…

“Mi amor…estoy con todo de ustedes. Cuando me necesitas puedes preguntarme. “ her mother answered her.

Translation: My love, I am with all of you. When you need me you can ask for me.

“Es diferente ahora. Tuve Tasha y Papi y todo..pero ahora con la boda y la vida no creo que nadie, en vez de ti, puede entenderme…” Isela started to cry.

Translation:  It’s different now. I had Tasha and Papi and everything, but now with the wedding and life, I don’t think that anyone, aside from you, can understand me…”

“Yo te entiendo, Iselita. Yo entiendo. Y me gustaría, con todo mi corazón a estar contigo y sus hermanos. “ Isela caught a tear come down her mother’s cheek. “Pero hay un razón, que no vas a entender porque todo de esto ha ocurido. Pero hasta  que está lista no vas a entender. Necesitas tener la fe. Fe en todo. Porque sin esta nunca entenderé.”

Translation: I understand, little Isela. I understand. And I would like, with all my hear, to be with you and your siblings. But there is reason, that you are not going to understand why all of this has occurred. But until you are ready you will not understand. You need to have faith. Faith in everything. Because without this you will never understand.

“¡Mama!” Isela yelled as she watched her mother disapear.


“Selly…” she heard Bruno whisper waking up from her dream. She squinted to look at him, right next to her reaching out to touch her shoulder. “Are you okay, baby?” he asked rubbing her arm reassuring he was there for her.

“I’m fine...I just…I don’t know. She said wiping the tear that had fallen from her eye wrapping her arms around him to get comfortable again. He kissed her head falling asleep again next to her.

Chapter 41

They settled into their married lives very easily. Actually, not a lot changed in their lives. Isela moved into his house with all her things causing a mess, which they did argue about every once a while, but it really didn’t matter because he was gone most of the time. But, of course, she was okay with that…until she realized the appointment with the fertility specialist was coming up.

“Brunoooooo….are you going to be back to see Dr. Protaska with me?” she asked him while he was in Poland…at 3 in the morning. Of course, it was like 9 in morning her time.

“What day is it?” he asked her.

“How did you forget what day it was? We scheduled it like 3 months ago…” she sounded irritated. “No, don’t answer that you’ll just be a smart ass…it’s on September 13th. “

“Of course I’ll be there…” he responded. “I’ll be home for a month starting on the 7th…” he reassured her.

“Oh…” she felt dumb forgetting his schedule. “You’re right, I forgot your schedule. Don’t hate me…” she said quietly.

He laughed at her. “I will be there. Please don’t stress out. You can’t have babies without me…” he told her.

“Yeah I can. Just give me the goods and I can get it taken care of.” she responded.

“The goods and Bruno’s hot sexy body are a package deal. You can’t get one without the other, sweetie.” he answered her seriously.

“What’s the discounted price on the package deal?” she asked him.

“All you gotta do to get both is get naked.” he told her.

“I can do that.” she smiled through the phone.


“I’m nervous.” she said in his car.

“I’m nervous too, Isela. I think it’s normal…” he tried to comfort both their nerves.

“Maggie said this was the most stressful of appointments.” Isela said grasping his hand as they walked toward the big office building.

“We’ll be okay, Iselita.” he told her grabbing her hand in response.

“Iselita?” she asked.

“Yeah. Why not?” he asked her.

“Abuelita and my mom are the only people that have ever called me that.” she confessed. “It was just different. That’s all.”

“Oh…” he responded. Truth was, he had been trying to learn Spanish since his trip to Puerto Rico a year ago. He was still only able to say basic things, but he was trying to learn it all for her and her family –especially her grandmother who spoke little English.

Isela filled out all her forms for the appointment handing the receptionist her insurance card and ID.

“Oh! I love you on your show!” the receptionist told her.

“Oh, thank you.” Isela said grabbing her cards going back to her big cushy seat.

“Mr. and Mrs. Hernandez?” the doctor, an elderly man with died brown hair and an athletic build came out to get them. They walked back to an office where the doctor was going to ask them a lot of questions. “I know a lot of people say this is the most stressful part of the process…” Dr. Protaska explained to them. He went into questions about their sex lives, health and what, if any, treatment options they had sought in the past.

The doctor wrote furiously as Bruno finished saying “…and I want to have a family.”

“What is he writing?” Isela asked leaning over to talk to Bruno.

“He’s probably drawing little hearts on the paper. He didn’t write anything down of importance…”

“Dumb.” she answered his joke.

“Well, guys…what I want to do is to have you try this on your own for a bit. How does a few months sound? Come see me in January and if we don’t have a little Bruno Mars by then we’ll explore IVF. I want you to keep track of ovulation. That’s the first rule of the game. We’ve got a kit in the front put together for you to track it. A lot of times we find that keeping track of the cycle assists in the process.”

The doctor led them out of the room after finishing the discuss on how to work everything.


They sat on his brown couch looking at the box. “Can’t we just do it…like everyday?” he asked her.

“No, Bruno. We have to use this. It’s going to tell us the exact day…”

‘But that takes the fun out of it…” he told her.

“He never said we couldn’t have non-baby making sex.” she kissed his cheek reassuring him that it wasn’t going to be all about babies..just mostly about babies.

“Now I want to see what it does…” he told her.

“Well, I’ve gotta pee on it…” she told him.

“Go! I want to see the little smiley face.” he told her.

“Okay, okay. Okay.” she got up with the stick running into the bathroom.  A few minutes later she came out holding the stick out as far away from her face as possible. “This is so gross…Now we have to wait 3 minutes….” she said walking to the microwave jumping onto the white counter glancing between the counter and the stick.  He jumped up next to her looking at the stick. They watched it intently together for the whole three minutes. The timer beeped signaling a collective sigh.

“Well, no babies today.” he said getting off of the counter. He turned to her putting his arms around her waist.

“Dance with me Isela…” he told her.

“But there’s no music.” she responded.

“Doesn’t matter. I just want to dance with my wife….”

Chapter 42

Isela woke up three days later in Toronto where she was covering the Toronto Film Festival. She put on a comfy sweater, skinny jeans and UGG boots after eating cereal.

“Holy shit, just because this is Canadian cereal doesn’t mean I should feel this shitty…” she said out loud running into the bathroom. Phew. I hope that was just something random.  I sure don’t need that hanging over me for the next few days….

She went on with her day, feeling fine. She interviewed a few indie film directors and a handful of big name celebrities.  It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary for her. After she and her co-workers finished in the late evening they went to dinner. Arissa ordered a chicken salad putting vinaigrette salad dressing on the top as she always did.  “Eww…I don’t know what the deal is with this Canadian food but I really don’t feel good at all…” Isela told her co-workers. “I’ll be right back…” she excused herself going into the bathroom.

When she returned she heard her co-workers talking about Bruno’s sisters.

“Wait what? They said yes to the show?” Isela interrupted.

“Yeah…I think they’re going to film in February. But don’t tell anyone yet..Murray said they wanted to try a pilot and make it a special before they picked it up….” Victoria told her.

“Oh my gosh! I love that! I think it will be amazing…” Isela told them.

“I think it will be too. His sisters were so awesome at the wedding.”  Chris told the group.


“Brunnno…”  Isela cried walking out of the bathroom into their designated office. He was sitting at the desk typing something. He spun around to smile at her.

“What’s wrong, Isela?” he asked her looking at her pale face.

“I took the test…” she said holding out a rapid response pregnancy test. She sat down next to him in the other rolling chair.

“Well quit stalling…tell me!” he told her. She held it out showing two pink lines.  His look expressed the shock and the awe that she feeling. “Oh my god, Isela!” he said standing up to grab her.  “But many weeks does that mean you are?” he asked her.

“It was before we went to see Dr. Protaska…” she responded.