Chapter 3

03/05/2011 16:35

We both got chocolate icecream in a cone and I couldn’t get over the fact how hot his lips looked when he started licking his ice cream. We walked out of the shop and sat down on a bench next to it. I looked at him and his face looked so happy like he did not have a single care in the world.

He looked like a kid without any problems, just licking away his ice cream. I wish I was more like that, I thought to myself as I took a bite of my cone. He turned his head and looked at me as he finished his ice cream and that triggered a million butterflies in my stomach. Am I falling for a guy I just met? Does he like me too? A million thoughts rushing into my head and before I know it he had pulled me up so close to him that I could feel his cold breath on my face. He slowly rubs his nose in mine and as gentle as a butterfly he places his lips on mine. Then suddenly BEEP!!! BEEP!!! I heard a vehicle horning!!!


“what the fuck bro!!! in broad daylight haha!!! We’re late, gotta go to the studio” I heard a guy saying from the vehicle.


I could feel myself cursing whoever that guy was in my head for spoiling the most romantic moment, or rather the most romantic encounter I’ve had in years!!!


“this was fun but I gotta jet!” he said, gave his number, got mine, hopped into the vehicle, waved at me and left just like that.


What the hell just happened? I didn’t even get the kiss because of some dude. Not even a proper goodbye! A good day ruined! I can feel myself screaming in my head. Aww well I’ll just hope he calls me, I sighed.


So I walked back to my car thinking about how amazing it felt being with him, how amazing he looked and how badly I was falling for him. I still had the bag of Mars bars we’d gotten at the store so I opened one and started eating it as I drove my way back home.


As soon as I got home, I fell on my bed and couldn’t stop thinking about him. He was perfect. He had the most gorgeous brown eyes and the curliest hair I’ve ever seen. He was short but sexy and his lips, his lips were like cotton. And his smell was to die for. In short, never had I seen a guy so perfect in my entire life. I guess what they say is true, sometimes people do fall from



I closed my eyes and went into a state of deep sleep. i woke up a few hours later when I felt my phone vibrating!!!


‘DAMN IT!!! STUPID PHONE WAKING ME UP!!! Oh wait…its Bruno J” and I smiled liked a baby


“were you sleeping!! You sound like a grandma” he laughed

“whaat!!! U!!!  I don’t sound like a grandma!! get ready to get punched the next time I see you”

“okay, a sexy grandma! Happy now! Im kiddin! Ashley, im sorry for leaving in a hurry today”

“u should be sucker!! Haha that’s ok” I told him

“im having this gig tonight downtown and I want you to come see me perform”

“awesome, I’d love to go”

“thanks babe, I’ll pick u around 8”


So I told him where I live and hung up. I was excited that I was going to see him perform for the first time and also because it had been a long time since I had went out had some fun. So I rolled over to the side of the bed and walked towards my wardrobe to find me something to wear tonight. After an hour of trying on different clothes, I decided to go with a black and white tube silk dress with my white wedged heels. I could never easily choose what to wear. I’m the type that tries on a 100 different clothes and hairstyles before going out so after I decided on my hairstyle I made myself something to eat because my poor tummy haven’t had anything other than that ice cream a few hours before.

After a few hours, it was time I started getting ready so I went to the bathroom to take a shower. I had been in the shower for quite some time enjoying my bath but I knew I had to step out soon or I wasn’t gonna be ready by the time Bruno gets here. So I hopped out of the shower, dried my natural black hair, put on some make up and got dressed as soon as I can. I was just in time because I heard my doorbell ring. I grab my handbag and run downstairs to open the door.