Chapter 39

12/11/2011 16:27

“Excuse me Bitch!” Alisia said

“Quien diablos te crees que eres?!” Maria said

“Yeah, how dare you be here Eric!!” Alisia said

“Look I didn't come here to start any trouble..” Eric said

“Then why the fuck are you here?” Alisia said

“To make peace, We..”

“We? Who the fuck is we?”

“Wait wait wait, before we get into that, How did you know that I was getting married?” I asked

“Well, you are marrying Bruno Mars.” Eric said

“Yeah, but it's a private wedding.”

“It's all over the papers Alicia.”

“But how..anyways. You said “We” who is we?”

“..Alicia can I talk to you?”

“Um sure.”

“I meant alone.”

“Oh Hell no,Alicia! If he got something to say he can say it here.” Alisia said

“Exactamente! And Alicia, this is Eric. No just some regular hombre.” Maria said

“Look, Alicia. All I want to do is talk to you alone and that's it.” Eric said

“I don't know, I mean I don’t trust you let alone want to be around you and be alone with you.” I said

“Alicia, please. Now I came here to make peace with you and all I want to do is talk with you. That's all I ask.”

“But why should I give you the benefit of the doubt after all that stupid shit you put me through! After, you trying to break me and Bruno apart, after all this shit you expect me to give you the time to talk to you? At My Wedding!?!? Hell No!”

“Please Alicia..all I want to do is talk to you. I swear it to me, look we can even go in that room that ya'll came out of. I swear it to me Alicia..”

“Oh Hell No Alicia! don’t believe this foolishness..” Alisia said

Alisa kept gapping along and the whole time he's going along with himself, I feel like he's different. First off, Eric is a fast talking fella and a sweet talking player but he don't seem like that anymore. He said please, and he don’t say please. Ever. He seems so sincere this time.

Call me crazy but I see a difference in him. As I see him pleading his case just to talk to me and Maria and Alisia, he's just taking it. Taking the word beating and not saying anything. He's different and I see it right in front of me.

“Ok OK gals.” I said

“NO Alicia! Are you stupid or something!” Maria said

“GOSH NO! Golly Jeeze Maria!” I said

“Alicia this is Eric we're talking about.” Alisia said

“Um I am here..” Eric said

“SHUT UP!” Alisia and Maria said

“Jeeze! All i'm saying is don’t talk about me like i'm not even here. That's all i'm saying ladies” Eric said

“See, give him a chance gals.” I said

“Alicia, why are you falling for this? He could be playing just to get you alone.” Alisia said

“Well be right..” Eric said

“I. Didn't. Ask. You.” Alisia said

“Alisia, we're going to be right here in the dressing room. Ya'll can stand by the door just if That'll make you all better. OK?”

“Yo no se chica..” Maria said

“It'll be OK. I'll be OK, I mean jeeze give me the benefit of the doubt.” I said

“..Fine but i'm not moving anywhere.” Alisia said

I turned around and walked back into the dressing room with Eric following me into the room. I fixed my dress and sat down on the bench chair. I'm nervous sitting here with Eric in a room,the last time we were in a room together,we almost had sex.

Eric paces back and forth for about 5mins and I mess with my dress. He sits across from me and crosses then uncrosses her legs. OK this is awkward. All of a sudden there is a pound on the door and I jump.


“Jeeze! Alisia, I am OK. I'm fine, calm down.” I said




Alisia swings opened the door with Maria holding on to her waist. Tears were streaming down her face and arms on the door frame. Her eyes are red and mascara lines running down her face, I get up and walk slowly over to her. Shes looking at me but It was like she was here but she wasn't, she's staring at me but it's not like she was looking at me as who I am.

When I get over to her to Alisia, I wrap my arms around her and she tosses and turns in my arms. Alisia starts screaming and shaking and crying even harder, she gets out of my hold and pushes Maria out the way and runs out the front door of the church.

“Oh Dios mio..” Maria says huffing

“I know..just go find Phred OK.” I said

“Are you going to be OK here, with him,alone?”

“Yeah, I can handle my own Maria.”

“Ok, but here take this just in case.”


“Porfavor Alicia, it'll make me feel better.”

“Alright, OK.”

Maria digs in her purse and pulls out a switch blade and put it in my hand. I look at her and she squeezes my palm and looks me in the eyes. I kiss her on the cheek and she walks out of the church, I stick the blade in my bra and turn around.

I crack the door just in case and look at Eric. He's sitting on the chair still and looking at me,i walk over back to the bench and sit down. He bounces his leg and rubs his chin and he kept just fidgeting with himself just driving me crazy.

“Ok Eric,let's start talking. What is it.” I said

“..Well first off, I came to make peace with you, kinda like a truce with you.” Eric said

“Look Eric, I have nothing against you..”

“Oh Please Alicia, if it was that way, you wouldn't of cursed me out like you did earlier.”

“..True, but I’ve put it all behind me now Eric. I don't think about it anymore,that's in the past and Bruno is my future.”

“Good. Great..”

“But what? You holding back.”

“There's just something that I want to say to you also.”

“And that is?”

“I have to tell you something.”


“I just...i don’t know how your going to take it but now that your getting married again and i'm in a situation right now where, I’ve got to get this off my chest.”

“A situation?..Well whats going on? I don’t understand.”

“..When you came to stay with me and tried with me so that we could be together, I realized that I wasn't making you happy. Even when I though I gave you everything that could make you happy, it wasn't and I realized that. So after the last try,I made a plan..”

“A Plan to what Eric?”

“A plan to fuck up, but I had to be quick I called Adele and..”

“You made a big made it so that you wanted Adele to get with Bruno? You faked it all..”

“..Yeah. You showed me everyday that Bruno was who you wanted and I thought that if I tried harder that you would love me didn't work so well. How did you know?”

“I guessed it because you wouldn't be here telling me this but..Why. You had me and you let me go by hurting me?”

“Alicia, I did this because I felt like you were going. I seen that without you having him you weren't yourself at all. The woman I loved was about to be gone, no more..and that made me fucking hate Hernandez even more. He had your mind, your soul & most importantly, your heart and I couldn't replace him..Which just made me understand I had to let you go”

I don’t know what to say. I mean what can I say? Eric..he always dose this to me, he gives me mixed messages about who he really is. It's like, is he an asshole, or is he really a sweet guy that really cared for me but it don’t make any sense. Why now? Why at my wedding? What in GODs great green earth made him want to do this. I mean it's not like he's doing it out of the kindness of his heart..right?

“You know Eric, I don’t get you.” I said

“What do you mean?” he said

“I mean, this is not like you at all. Is this a joke? Are you pulling my leg?”

“No, Alicia. This is serious.”

“Are you dying or something because for you to do something like this is really dramatic. So just tell me the truth OK?”

“Look Alicia, Im telling you the honest to GOD truth here. I came here for peace. Your missing the point here..”

“Naa, i'm not buying it Eric.”

“Alicia please..”

“You are such full of bullshit that I just cant believe this Change in you. Eric what ever it is you want from me, your not getting it.”

“I am not asking for anything but for peace from you Alicia! What could I possibly want from you that I don’t already have.”

“Me. Eric. You don’t have me, and all I see is you trying to get on my good side and fuck up me and brunos relationship again.”



He balled his fist and stood up. I maneuvered around so that the switchblade could fall into my seat. I grabbed it and popped it open behind my back. He walked passed me and was headed straight to the door. He swung it opened and looked at me, I was expecting a harsh mean face but he was sadden with teary eyes he closed his eyes and chuckled.

“You know, you're still a self centered little bitch. All I asked you if for peace and forgiveness for me and you always turn it on you. I hope he's happy with you, because I know I wouldn't.” Eric said

“Eric, get the hell out of my face. You disgust me, your a pig and you always will be. Your always going to be alone because you don’t know how to love. So take your bullshit peace and get the fuck out” I said

“Shows how much you know.”

He left the room before I could even respond to what he had to say. What ever, I don’t care. This is Bruno and my night. This is about us and i'm tired of the bullshit and unnecessary drama that's been going on but I cant get that image of Eric tearing up. Why would, it was all an act, bullshit.

I close the switchblade and put it back into my bra. I turn around and look into the mirror,fix myself up a little and head back to the reception.

I cross the street and hear the band playing some music and people eating and singing and dancing like a real party. Dad and Kim were holding the twins and dancing with them to the music. Kim had Jojo and he was about to fall asleep and Linda, like always was with her grandfather clapping her little hands.

Maria and Phil were in the middle of the dance floor, tearing it up. She had the biggest smile on her face and Phil looked like he had other plans going on in his head. I just shook my head, they are so nasty. I swear the would out do bunnies.

I sweep the floor looking for Bruno and don’t find him. I look around some more and see him at the bar with a drink in his hand. Watching everyone dance, and as if he felt me coming he put the drink down and turned towards me. Getting off the stool I ran to him, he picked me up and spun me around, he put me down but held me tight and kissed me.

“Why aren't you out here dancing?” I asked

“I wanted to wait for my lady” he said

“Aren't you sweet.” I said kissing him on the cheek

“Like a sugar cane.”

“Cinnamon sugar cane.”

“Yeah but What took you so long babe?”

“I..had to..make sure I looked perfect for you.”

“Babe, you know you're amazing just the way you are.”

“You are so corny.” I said with a smile

“And you make me horny.”

Bruno busted out laughing and I just shook my head at him. Smiling.

“What?” he said with a smirk

“You are so stupid.” I said

“Stupid in love with you babe.”

“Awh, I love you too.”

He put his head down and kissed me, holding me tight. Pushing him against the bar table I felt him pulse against me and pulled back. He pulled me back towards him a little closer that before, he had that same look in his eyes as Phil did with Maria. That instantly made me moist, jeeze I guess we are as bad as they are. I pulled away but Bruno still had his grip on me.

“Where do you think your going Mrs. Hernandez ?” he said

“Save it for the honeymoon Mr. Hernandez.” I said

“How about we skip out on them and go straight to the honeymoon.”

“Hmm..sounds like a plan but babe, that would be so rude.”

“Fuck it, it's our wedding and I mean come on, this is our 3rd one, what haven't we done that we didn't do already at the other weddings?”


“Come one babe, I want you now. As a matter a fact, I need you and I don’t think it be appropriate to take you in front of yours and my family, I mean if they're into that.”

“Eww Bruno no.”

“Well then lets run out on these cats, I got the tickets in the car, our suitcases in the trunk..all I need is you to complete the package.”

I looked around at everyone dancing and having a good time. People were fine if we left them here but I just think that it would be rude. Bruno started kissing my neck and when he licked me, that completely changed my mind. Fuck it, they wont even notice that we're gone, everything is arranged , food and drinks and rides home. It'll be alright. As of right now, I needed him after that Eric episode.

I grabbed his hand and ran towards the car, I jumped in and Bruno got on the other side and hopped into the car. I'm getting such a rush, I feel like a teenager sneaking out the house to see my boyfriend. Bru leans over and kisses me with so much sex passion I had to pull away. Other wise this cars back seat was going to be warn out. He puts the car on and off we drive to the airport.

We arrive there about a half and hour later. Walk inside with out suitcases in our hands, walk over, get our tickets checked and walk through the tunnel to get into the plane. We put our suitcases above us and sit down in our seats. It's mostly secluded so i'm guessing this is first class. Waiting to hear for our plane to be ready to go, just them, my heart drops, I never rode on a plane before. I look over at Bruno and he got his sunglasses on with his head tilted back just twirling his hands. Looking all calm while i'm over here breaking a sweat.

“Babe, i'm scared.” I said

“About what? Going to Hawaii?” Bru said

“Hawaii? That's where we're going?”

“Yeah, I thought I told you when I got the tickets for them.”

“Um, no. I had no idea!”

“Jeeze calm down babe. It's going to be OK.”


“It's going to be OK, the flight wont be long and i'll be right here.”

“How did you know?”

“You're over there sweating like a pig in a blanket.”

“Oh, jeeze...”

He takes off his sunglasses and grabs my hand. I squeeze his hand and he smiles at me then pulls me so that I'm leaning on his chest. Bru puts his chin on top of my head and doesn't say anything. We're the only ones in the first class so it's very quiet, kind of calming, I close my eyes and listen to Bruno breath, in and out. In and out..

“Babe wake up.” Bruno said

“Huh? What? What's going on.”



I pop up out of my seat and hit my head. Bruno bust out laughing and I look around. The planes not on fire. It was all a trick! The little bastard, I pick up my purse and hit him in the head with it but that don’t stop piggy from laughing.

“YOU SHOULD OF SEEN THE LOOK ON YOUR FACE!!” He said holding his stomach


“Well, I had to get you up somehow.”

“Up? What do you mean up?”

“Babe, you fell asleep. You were sleeping the whole plane ride. Jeeze you don’t remember anything.”

I hit him again with my purse. Man, I can't believe I just fell asleep like it was nothing. The whole time I was so nervous, I didn't even get to experience it!

“You better stop hitting me like that.” Bru said

“Or else what piggy?” I said

“Alright you asked for it! Come Here!” Bru said with a squeal

I jumped over Bruno and he almost caught me. Almost. I ran around the room screaming like a mad woman while piggy was chasing me around and squealing at me. Clumsy me tripped over nothing and landed on my ass, Bruno tried to jump over me but I tripped him and he landed on me. We started laughing.

“We haven't done that in a while” he said

“It was nice to see piggy come out huh?” I asked

Bruno just squealed and we started laughing again. A flight attended walked through the curtain and looked at us with a horrified face. She ran over to Bruno and pulled him up off the floor and dusted him off like he was a freaking rug. Mean while i'm helping myself up off the floor no thanks to her over there.

“Are you alright Mr. Mars?” she said

“Yeah, cool as a cucumber.”

“I just wanted to make sure Mr Mars isn't a dirty boy” she said with a smirk

“Thanks Mrs...”

“I'm not married but you can call me Anita.”

“Oh, OK Anita, well it would have been nice if you to help her up also.”

“Oh, i'm so sorry I didn't help your sister.”

Sister. Fucking sister. Is she kidding me right now, I mean come on stupid. It's bad enough that your flirting with my husband but then you say i'm his sister. Bitch, am I curl toped and bronze to you? Fucking stupid ass, if Bruno was going to be famous. I am not dealing with this shit.

“No, i'm not his sister, i'm his wife”

“Oh i'm so sorry I didn't know.” she said in a bored tone

“Mhm but we're fine thanks Annie..”


“Whatever, don't you have to clean up someones puke or something? Or are you just going to gawk at my husband some more?”

Miss Anita stormed her little ass back out of the room and into the other. I smiled, that's what you get you sleazy heifer. She knew who I was, she just wanted to be a smart ass, I looked over at Bruno and he was just grabbing out suitcases and shaking his head with a smirk on his face.

“What?” I asked

“You are crazy.” he said


“Nothing babe..”

“All I did was remind her who I was and sent her on her merry little way.”


“What Bruno?”

“Nothing babe, I didn't say anything.”

He kissed my cheek and I just rolled my eyes.

We got off the plane and I waved goodbye to Anita and that made me smile because she just rolled her eyes at me. I was just trying to be nice but whatever, as soon as we step off, I seen a purple mustang and four girls laied us with purple orchids and kissed us on the cheek.

“Awh babe..” I said

“What? I didn't plan the flowers” Bru said with a smile

“Awh come on, it's OK babe I love it.”

“I have no idea what you're talking about”


“Yeah, mmhm just like I didn't see you wave to Anita to be smart.”

“What? Who me? Never babe.”

He rolled his eyes “Get in the car.”

Bru shook his head and opened the my door. I got in a reached over to unlock his door, Bruno got in and I just laid back while he started the car and drove off to where ever we were headed.

We came to a stop in front of a hotel and Bruno turned off the car. We both got out and a man grabbed out luggage while we were checking in. He walked us to our room and when Bru opened the door, I was breathless.

It was a huge room with dark purple walls and cream panels in the middle, thick purple and white pattern drapes over the window that looked like the were to a balcony. Purple Orchid pedals all over the creamy white satin sheets to the king size bed. Champagne in a bucket full of ice on the table next to the bed. Bowels of strawberries and melted chocolate were on the other table across from the bed,Golly Jeeze,it's the cats meow.

“You like the room?” Bruno asked

“Bruno, I love the room.” I said

“You don't seem so excited.”

“I'm saving my energy from something else.”

“Oh really, and what would that be?”

“You'll see.”

“What are you gonna do to me”

“Oh, you'll see once I get out of the shower.”

“Damn babe, you gonna make me wait that long?”

“Patience Bruno.”

“But I want it now.”

“Shh, wait. Now be a good little boy and call room service to trade that chocolate for some cool whip.”

I kiss Bruno on his lips lightly and he grabs me closer to him. I can feel him yearning for me but he just has to wait until after my shower.

I walk into the bathroom and strip down, jeeze. The shower is big enough to fit in 10 people all at once but I start the shower, wait till it's warm and get it. I grab the soap and washcloth then scrub my body down.

I think about all the things i'm gonna do to Bruno that I haven't done before. With all those treats, I don’t know what to start with first. Hmm, maybe i'll start with the cool whip or maybe i'll tease him with the strawberries.

All of a sudden, the shower curtain opens and all I see is captain ready and his co captain ready to sail this ocean of water. Without a word said to me, he gets in and kisses me on my lips, I wrap my arms around him while he pushes me against the wall. Lifting my leg, he presses himself closer to me and gosh, feeling him pulse up on me was driving me crazy. He started kissing on my neck and sucking on my neck and licking my neck making me moist. He slowly works his way down to my tender twins and pleasures me with his mouth and tongue. I moan slightly as he slowly makes my body temperature rise with pleasure. I grab a handful of his soft curly hair and put my other hand on the wall to keep myself up, I felt my legs shake until I felt that rush of excitement and release of satisfaction.

I pulled him up to my mouth and hungerly kissed him, slipping my tongue to touch his. I pull my leg up and Bru lifts me up so that I can wrap both my legs around him. I moaned as he filled me of what my body wanted. He grinded slowly, pushing all of my buttons from the inside out, I stared into his beautiful eyes as his bore right into mine. I held him so tightly and as My body sang for him as did my mouth, he kept working me up with his love making. I moaned as he moaned while we loved together as husband and wife. With a quiver, i came to my peak again, feeling that excitement ease out of me like a silky river.

He eased out of me but never put me down. I was in his arms looking into his eyes of pure awe and sexual satisfaction while he turned off the shower never looking away. He stepped out of the shower and walked into the bedroom and eased me onto the bed. He got on top of me, giving me kisses all over my body. He reached over for the cool whip and sprayed it all over my yearning body, Bru then reached for a strawberry and put it to my mouth. I bit it,slowly while not taking my eyes off of him, and watched him bite his own lip. He licked me slowly with circles and licks with his tongue and took the fruit and teased me in all the right places, making me hot all over again. He teased and teased as I moaned and moaned until my body couldn't take being teased anymore and with once last flick, my body reacted giving me yet another release of pure pleasure.

He climbed on top of me but I rolled him on his back, I wasn't just gonna lay here and let him do all the work. It's his turn. I guided his screaming manhood to the place it wanted to be but not so nicely. holding on tight, i rode the bull hard and fast like a pro cowgirl that i am. Moans flew all across our room from my mouth and his. He put his hands on my hips as I slowed down and rode with me, it was like we were one and felt as one so with all of this, we released as one.

Hot, steamy and sweaty, I laid down on him and listen to him breath. He put his hands in my hair and played with it. No words needed to be exchanged because it was one of those moments where nothing had to be said. You just felt.

I opened my eyes realizing I nodded off and looked up. Bruno was still playing with my hair and had this great big satisfaction smile on his face. I crawled up for a light kiss and realized I'm a little stiff.

“Maybe we should shower?” he said

“Good Idea.” I said

“I think that was the best sex I’ve had in my life.”

“You think?”

“Yeah, I think.”

“Well excuse me.” I said poking him

“I'm just playing.” Bru said with a chuckle


“I love you too.”

“I love you piggy.”

“You love you some piggy though.”

“Yeah..i'll admit that.”

“Good, by the way, I ordered us some food since we'll be living in this bed tonight.”

“Good coz you're gonna need more energy.”

“Me? You're the one that flopped over screaming for me to stop because you were so tired.”

“Oh you are so full of yourself!” I said sitting up slowly

“What? All I did was tell the truth?” Bru said grinning

“What ever piggy, now lets get in the shower because you've stank up the bed.”

“Yeah and you helped.”

“Whatever.” I said rolling my eyes

We both got out the bed cautiously. I'm weak and that was a good sign,that means the lovemaking was amazing but i'm gonna hate the soreness tomorrow. I grabbed Brus hand and we walked to the shower together slowly. He turned on the water and we both waited till it got warm and stepped in. We started to wash up and I just keep looking at him, he couldn't stop smiling and from the way my cheeks are burning, I couldn't stop either.

After I felt like I was clean, I stepped out of the shower and he soon followed afterwords. Grabbing one of the big towels, Bruno wrapped us both up in the towel and walk back into the room. I stare at the bed and smile then lean up to kiss him.

“I Love you.” I said

“I Love you so much more.” he said

“Naah, I do.”

“Please, you don’t know what I would do for you.”

“What ever Bruno, but lets not talk about that.”

“Yeah, I think that's a good idea.”

“You know what else is a good idea?”


“Getting some new sheets.”

“Yeah I already did because someone made a big ole mess.”

“I know, shame on you Bruno!”

“What? That is all you!”

“Well it's not my fault.”

“Yeah, I know. I'm the man.”

I rolled my eyes and snatched the towel for myself. Bru started squealing I started running, running around screaming like two little kids on the playground. I trip over the rug and fall right on my ass,and little piggy here landed right on me.

We start laughing and I felt so stress free. I love feeling this way, so happy and care free and in love. I look into Brunos eyes and I could see that he was thinking the same thing I was. His gorgeous smile shined upond me and I smiled back. Bru leans down and kissed me but before we could get any further, there was a knock at the door.

“Who is it?” Bru answered

“I got your sheets for you & your food Mr. Mars.” someone said

“Ok, hold on.”

“Well that was quick.” I said

“Yeah it was, but put something on so I can open the door.”

“You too naked butt.”

“Eh maybe it'll be a special tip just from me.” he said wriggling his eyebrows

“Oh Gosh no Bruno.”

Bru got off of me and helped me up off the floor. Our suitcases weren't even unpacked but we're newlyweds. What did people expect us to do. I walked over to my suitcase and pulled out my silky red nightgown with the black lace trimming and the matching shorts that came with it.

Bru looked back at me and raised a brow, I twirled for him and when I turned back around Bruno grabbed my face and kissed me.

“Babe get the door..” I said breathlessly

“They can wait for an hour..” Bru said kissing my neck

“Babe. Clean. Sheets.”

“Your right.”

“Of course.”

He slaps my ass and walks towards the door. Nasty, he is so freaky, no wonder why we had twins. I had my back towards the door and started taking off the sheets, when I heard a gasp then a scream. I spun around and seen the door wide open with a lady standing there, Brunos once bronze skin was now white as a ghost. All of a sudden she started crying hysterically and fell on Bruno, speaking in a language I’ve never heard before. Tears were streaming down Brus face and that's when my heart dropped.

“Babe,this is my Mom.”

My Mouth Dropped..